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Mucofalk is a laxative manufactured by the German pharmaceutical company Lozan Pharma, Hamburg. This drug is available in the form of brown granules for self-preparation of a drinking suspension. The finished medicine has a pleasant aroma of citrus fruits.

Mucofalk is a phytopreparation based on the seed coat obtained from oval plantain. The concentration of the active substance in 1 sachet of granules (weight 5 g) is 3.25 g. The average cost of this product is from 420 to 528 rubles. per package (20 pack.). Cheaper domestic and imported analogues of this medication are sold in Russian pharmacies.

Domestic and imported analogues of the product

Mucofalk - it is an effective drug for the normalization of the functions of the large intestine, which is used to treat patients of the adult age group. There are imported and domestic laxatives with similar properties. At the same time, these medicines are cheaper.

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The drug Guttalax is produced by the Italian pharmaceutical company Instituto de Angeli, and the owner of the registration documentation is the company Sanofi Russia. This tool is an analogue of the Mucofalk drug, but only in terms of its therapeutic properties. These medicines have completely different active ingredients.Mucofalk and analogues are cheaper. Price

The following pharmacological similarities are distinguished between the drugs Guttalax and Mucofalk:

  • both drugs belong to the same therapeutic group of drugs with a laxative effect;
  • these drugs activate the peristalsis of the large intestine, stimulating more active movement of feces towards the anus;
  • Guttalax and Mucofalk help to soften the stool, and also reduce the time intervals between the next act of defecation;
  • the constituents of these medicines lead to the accumulation of fluid and electrolytes in the large intestine, which can cause the concomitant effect of bloating;
  • both drugs are indicated for use in patients who have disorders in the digestive system;
  • Guttalax and Mucofalk are effective for the symptomatic treatment of severe bedridden patients who are unable to empty their bowels on their own;
  • both laxatives can be used in the postoperative period when the surgery was performed on the tissues rectum or in the anal area (in this case, these medications reduce trauma to the membrane of this part intestines);
  • Guttalax and Mukofalk have the same contraindications regarding the prohibition on the use of these funds in in relation to patients with intestinal obstruction, as well as inflammatory damage to the walls of the thick intestines;
  • laxatives of these types are not used to treat patients with attacks of acute abdominal pain, as well as inflammatory lesions intestines (at this stage, measures are taken to stop the focus of the pathological process, and only then drug-based cleansing of the gastrointestinal tract from excess feces);
  • the purchase of these drugs does not require a prescription from the attending physician;
  • during treatment with the means of Guttalax and Mucofalk, the patient's body should be provided with an abundant drink.

Mucofalk, analogs (cheap medicines are of no less quality) of which are sold in most city pharmacies, is quickly distributed to all parts of the intestine.

Mucofalk and analogues are cheaper. Price
Guttalaks - an analogue of Mukofalk

This tool has the following pharmacological differences from the drug Guttalax:

  • laxative Mucofalk is produced in the form of granules for further preparation of a drinking suspension, and Guttalax is produced in the form of drops and tablets, enteric-coated;
  • the active ingredient of Mucofalk is a shell of ripe plantain seeds, and therapeutic the properties of Guttalax drops and tablets are provided by the synthetic sodium compound picosulfate in the form monohydrate;
  • Mucofalk is prohibited for use for the treatment of children, and Guttalax can be prescribed to a child aged 4 years and older (the medication is taken in drops);
  • the mechanism of the laxative action of the drug Mucofalk consists in irritation of the mucous membrane of the walls of the large intestine with hydrophilic fibers, obtained from the outer shell of plantain seeds, and the manifestation of the therapeutic properties of Guttalax begins after the bacterial cleavage of its active substances;
  • during the period of therapy with the laxative Mucofalk, a gel-like mucous lubricant forms in the patient's gastrointestinal tract, which reduces pain sensations during bowel movements in patients with hemorrhoids, chronic constipation, anal fissures, and the drug Guttalax does not have a similar action;
  • Guttalax can be used for the course or symptomatic treatment of constipation caused by dysbiosis, and the Mucofalk medication has no such indications for use.

Therapy with drops or tablets Guttalax is prescribed to patients with individual intolerance to phytopreparations based on seeds or outer shells of plantain. The advantage of using Mucofalk is its natural composition, as well as the minimum number of side effects.


Mucofalk, analogs (cheap drugs with laxative effects are produced by domestic pharmaceutical companies) which contain plant and chemical components, has similar pharmacological characteristics with the drug Lavacol.Mucofalk and analogues are cheaper. Price

These types of drugs have the following similarities:

  • the drugs Lavacol and Mucofalk belong to the same pharmacological group of laxatives;
  • these medicines can be used for the symptomatic treatment of constipation in patients of the adult age category;
  • both medicines are intended for oral administration in the form of a drinking suspension, which is prepared independently by the patient or medical personnel;
  • laxatives Lavacol and Mucofalk activate the peristalsis of the large intestine;
  • medicines of these types are not used to treat patients with acute inflammatory processes in the intestine;
  • both drugs belong to the category of drugs that can be purchased without presenting a prescription from the attending physician;
  • drinking suspensions Lavacol and Mukofalk promote the liquefaction of feces for their softer passage in the structure of the gastrointestinal tract and directly in the anus.

The laxative Lavacol is produced by the ZAO Moscow Pharmaceutical Factory.

This drug has the following pharmacological differences from the drug Mucofalk:

  • the therapeutic effect of the laxative Lavacol is to create osmotic pressure inside the large intestine, and Mucofalk irritates the gastrointestinal mucosa;
  • during symptomatic therapy with Lavacol drinking suspension, the patient's body does not lose electrolytes;
  • the form of release of the drug Mucofalk is granules, and Lavacol is produced in the form of a white powder, on the basis of which a drinking solution is prepared;
  • the active ingredient of the drug Lavacol is not a shell of plantain seeds, but a synthetic component of macrogol 4000 at a dosage of 12 g, which is also known as polyethylene glycol 4000;
  • laxative Lavacol acts not only as an osmotic medication for symptomatic use, but also helps to restore the reflex of evacuation of feces from the intestinal cavity (Mucofalk does not possess such properties);
  • the drug Lavacol has a wider range of applications, as it is used to treat constipation, as well as in preparing a patient for endoscopic diagnosis of the colon.

The advantage of the drug Mucofalk is its safer and more natural plant-based composition. The laxative drug Lavacol has a high therapeutic effect, but at the same time it has a greater number of contraindications and side effects.

Mirrolla (oil)

Mucofalk (cheap analogs have exactly the same laxative effect) has the following most similar pharmacological characteristics with Mirroll's drug:

  • both medicines contain an active ingredient of plant origin;Mucofalk and analogues are cheaper. Price
  • the active ingredients of these laxatives are obtained by industrial processing of plant fruits, with medicinal properties (shells of ripe plantain seeds and essential oil from grains castor bean);
  • these drugs belong to the same pharmacological group of laxatives for natural basis with a minimum concentration of chemical components that perform helper function;
  • Mirrolla and Mucofalk have the same effect on the mucous membrane of the large intestine, provoking its systemic irritation (due to this effect, the mechanism of activation of gastrointestinal motility is triggered);
  • dosed intake of these drugs causes the liquefaction of feces with their more rapid evacuation outside the digestive tract;
  • Mirrolla and Mucofalk are indicated for use in people who suffer from chronic constipation, hemorrhoids, have undergone surgery on tissues near the anus;
  • violation of the prescribed dosage regimen with these medicines leads to the occurrence of similar effects in the form of spasmodic pain inside the abdominal cavity, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.

Mirroll's laxative is characterized by the following differences with the Mucofalk medication:

  • Mirroll's drug is available in the form of gelatin-based capsules, each containing 0.3 g of castor oil;
  • Mirroll's drug is approved for use by children over the age of 14, and Mucofalk is used only for the treatment of adult patients;
  • the maximum duration of therapy with Mirroll's drug is 3 days, and Mucofalk has no such restrictions;
  • Mirroll's laxative is distinguished by an inconvenient intake schedule, since a person suffering from constipation must take at least 10 capsules throughout the day;
  • the principle of action of the constituent substance of the Mirroll preparation is to irritate the receptors and intestinal walls with biochemical components of castor oil, and the drug Mucofalk acts on the gastrointestinal tract system exclusively with hydrophilic fibers of plant origin.

The advantages of the drug Mirroll include a pronounced laxative effect, which occurs 5-6 hours after taking a standard therapeutic dose. The disadvantage of this medication is its oil base, which creates additional stress on the pancreas and liver tissue. An incorrect dose of this drug causes cramping pain in the central abdomen, which is worse during the urge to defecate.


Slabikap is a drug produced by the domestic pharmaceutical company Sintez OJSC.

This medication has the following pharmacological similarities with Mucofalk:

  • both agents have pronounced laxative properties;
  • drugs Slabikap and Mucofalk stimulate gastrointestinal motility, and their main therapeutic effect extends to the large intestine;
  • these medicines are indicated for symptomatic use in relation to patients with chronic constipation, hemorrhoidal disease, proctitis, as well as anus fissures;Mucofalk and analogues are cheaper. Price
  • laxatives Slabikap and Mucofalk are contraindicated for use in the treatment of patients with intestinal obstruction, inflammatory processes in the digestive tract;
  • already after taking the first doses of these drugs, the fecal masses are liquefied with their faster evacuation outside the body;
  • medicines Slabicap and Mucofalk provide painless bowel movements for patients who have undergone surgery on the rectum or tissues located in close proximity to the anal hole.

The drug Slabikap is an analogue of the drug Mucofalk, but only in terms of pharmacological action on the organs of the digestive system.

These medicines have the following differences:

  • laxative agent Slabikap is produced in the form of a colorless viscous solution, which is taken orally in the form of drops, and on the basis of Mucofalk granules it is necessary to prepare a drinking suspension;
  • the active component of the drug Slabicap is a chemical substance of synthetic etiology sodium picosulfate at a dosage of 7.5 mg per 1 ml of drip solution;
  • the mechanism of action of the drug Slabicap consists in the preliminary hydrolysis of its main component by bacterial microorganisms, which live in the large intestine (only after the formation of decomposition products of sodium picosulfate, the process of stimulation of receptors is started Gastrointestinal tract);
  • the laxative effect after taking the drug Slabikap occurs no earlier than 10-12 hours later, and Mucofalk after 8 hours;
  • during the period of treatment with Mucofalk medication, the patient needs to drink at least 1.5 liters of ordinary water without gases, and the laxative Weakikap does not have such indications;
  • the drug Slabikap can be used not only for the treatment of constipation or liquefaction of feces, but also with the purpose of cleaning the intestines before carrying out instrumental studies of the digestive system (for example, endoscopy intestines);
  • the drug Mucofalk is prohibited for use in relation to patients under 18 years old, and Slabikap drops are approved for use for the treatment of children who are already 4 years old.

Weak-up is a high-quality laxative of Russian production, which is 2 times cheaper than the imported analogue of Mucofalk. The disadvantages of this medication include a long time interval that passes from the moment it is taken until the onset of a therapeutic effect.


The table below shows the average cost of imported and domestic analogues of the laxative Mucofalk.

Drug name Price
Guttalax from 257 to 383 rubles. for 1 bottle of a drop solution with a dosage of the active substance of 7.5 mg
Lavacol from 149 to 206 rubles. per pack of 15 sachets, 14 g each
Mirroll from 70 rubles. for 100 capsules of 0.3 g
Weak-up from 126 to 203 rubles. for 1 bottle of a drop solution with a capacity of 10 ml

Mucofalk is an effective German-made laxative that softens the stool, accelerates the evacuation of feces outside the human gastrointestinal tract. A distinctive feature of this medication is its natural composition. The active ingredient of this drug is dried shells from ripe plantain seeds. On the basis of a plant ingredient, granules are produced with the addition of a pleasant orange aroma, which are subsequently dissolved in water to prepare a drinking suspension.

Cheaper analogues of the drug Mucofalk have similar pharmacological properties, but may have a different biochemical composition. A characteristic advantage of this medication over other laxatives is that it can be taken for 4 weeks without the risk of developing medication addictive.

Video about Mukofalk analogs

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