Alive vitamins for women. Instructions for use, price, reviews


  1. Release form
  2. Chemical composition
  3. Pharmacological properties
  4. Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics
  5. Indications for use
  6. Contraindications
  7. Instructions for use, dosage
  8. Adverse Reactions
  9. Overdose
  10. special instructions
  11. Drug interactions
  12. Analogs
  13. Terms, conditions of sale and storage
  14. Price
  15. Video about Alive vitamins

Alive - vitamins used by women with a deficiency of nutrients in the body. The tool has immunostimulating and tonic properties. It is used not only for the prevention of vitamin deficiency, but also as part of the complex treatment of certain diseases. The complex has pronounced properties, helps to improve the general condition, prevents the progression of pathologies, which can be aggravated by a deficiency of vitamins.

Release form

The vitamin is sold in the form of oral tablets. They are oblong and white. Outwardly, the tablets resemble capsules, have the same size, which is why many call the product capsules.

They are packaged in standard plastic bottles of 60 or 90 pieces. They can fit in small cardboard boxes. The box contains a description indicating the features of the application and possible complications with prolonged use. The tablets do not have a specific aroma and taste, which makes them easier to use.

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Chemical composition

Alive - vitamins for women, which contain many active ingredients that provide a complex effect on the body.Alive vitamins for women. Instructions for use, price, reviews

The composition of the product includes vitamins and minerals:

  • Retinol and Tocopherol.
  • Vitamin B group - thiamine, pyridoxine, riboflavin, cyanocobalamin, pantothenic acid.
  • Ascorbic and folic acid.
  • Vitamin K and D.
  • Magnesium, copper and zinc.
  • Selenium, manganese, molybdenum.
  • Biotin.
  • Iodine.
  • Iron.
  • Calcium.

The tablets also contain extracts from fruits and berries, some plants and vegetables.

As auxiliary ingredients, the tablets contain talc, starch, lactose and some other substances. They have no medicinal properties.

Pharmacological properties

The drug has general strengthening and immunostimulating properties, helps to improve the condition when diagnosing pathologies developing against the background of vitamin deficiency. When it is taken, it is noted that the deficiency of the most important components that do not enter the body as a result of the influence of natural factors is replenished.

The vitamin complex allows you to improve the condition of the skin, hair, nails. It has a beneficial effect on the state of the reproductive system, digestive tract, heart and blood vessels.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Pharmacokinetic features of the drug are due to its constituent components. After oral administration, the tablet dissolves quickly, and its components enter the systemic circulation and spread throughout the body. The action of each of them is different.

Calcium is necessary for patients of different ages, but especially often its deficiency is noted in women during menopause. This is due to a decrease in estrogen production and an intense leaching of calcium from bone tissue. Taking pills helps to fill the deficiency of the component, which reduces the likelihood of progression of dependent pathologies.

Alive vitamins for women. Instructions for use, price, reviews

Other vitamins and minerals have therapeutic properties:

  • Iron is essential for women who are prone to anemia. Reception of it in the event of symptoms of the disease can somewhat reduce the risk of complications.
  • The presence of B vitamins in the composition allows you to improve the conduction of a nerve impulse, improves the condition when diagnosing neuritis and neuralgia. Taking vitamins has a positive effect on the state of the central nervous system.
  • Magnesium helps to improve the functioning of the heart, nervous system, prevent the progression of pathologies of these organs, if they are present in the patient's history.
  • Ascorbic acid is necessary for vascular pathologies, with its deficiency, diseases of the circulatory system develop. The component reduces the permeability of the vascular walls, makes them elastic and strong, and reduces the likelihood of bleeding.
  • Tocopherol is one of the most important ingredients for the proper functioning of a woman's reproductive system. With a deficiency of the substance, there is a violation of the menstrual cycle, the development of diseases against the background of hormonal imbalance.
  • Retinol is important in diagnosing pathologies of the visual apparatus. The component has a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin.
  • Zinc, copper and some other mineral components are important for maintaining the health of the heart, respiratory system, and digestion.
  • The tool increases efficiency, reduces the frequency of colds and viral pathologies, improves concentration and memory.
  • The vitamin complex has a positive effect on the work of the digestive tract, improves food processing, prevents the development of indigestion and other complications.

The complex effect of the components of the composition on the woman's body helps prevent the development of complications, especially in the presence of chronic diseases. The drug is well absorbed in the body after oral administration, its substances do not accumulate in the blood and tissues, which allows, if necessary, the use of tablets for a long time period.

After processing, the remains of some ingredients are evacuated with feces and with the help of the kidneys. If the functioning of the digestive system is disrupted, the processing of ingredients slows down somewhat. This can reduce the effectiveness, but does not lead to the accumulation of substances in the blood.

Indications for use

Alive is prescribed to patients of different ages, but in most cases, vitamins for women are indicated for people over 40 years old.

Alive vitamins for women. Instructions for use, price, reviews
Alive vitamins

The main indications for the use of the drug:

  • Deficiency of the components that make up the drug in a woman's body.
  • Diseases, the course of which is aggravated by a lack of vitamins and mineral components. The tool can be included in the course of the main treatment.
  • Malnutrition.
  • A deficiency of components that develops when patients, for medical reasons, are forced to adhere to a special diet for an extended period.
  • The need to undergo a prophylactic course in order to prevent vitamin deficiency.

The tool can be used by women who lead an active lifestyle. It helps prevent exhaustion, deterioration of the myocardium.


Despite the presence of many useful components in the composition, the vitamin remedy cannot always be used by patients.

Contraindications include conditions:

  • Intolerance to any ingredient in the composition. Even with an allergy to auxiliary components, the medicine should not be used.
  • Severe renal and hepatic failure.
  • Acute gastritis and peptic ulcer disease. Particularly dangerous is the use of a tablet drug with the development of complications in the form of gastrointestinal bleeding.
  • Acute colitis, enteritis. The inflammatory process prevents the absorption of components and weakens the therapeutic effect.
  • Acute myocardial infarction, cerebrovascular accident. The use of tablets is allowed after the elimination of acute symptoms.
  • The period of rehabilitation after undergoing surgery on the internal organs.
  • Severe pathologies of the thyroid gland, in which there is an increase in the level of iodine in the blood.
  • An increased level of any components in the blood. Revealing their excess is possible in laboratory research.Alive vitamins for women. Instructions for use, price, reviews

The period of lactation and pregnancy is not considered an absolute contraindication, but in most cases, for such patients, agents are selected whose composition is safe for the mother and fetus.

The tablets are used with caution for women who suffer from an acute form of heart failure, uncontrolled arterial hypertension. In each case, individual contraindications may be identified that are not in the official description, but should be taken into account when prescribing.

Instructions for use, dosage

Alive - vitamins for women, which are prescribed after examination and exclusion of contraindications. The daily dosage in most cases does not exceed 1 tablet, since this number of components is sufficient to fill the deficit.

The duration of the use of the pill depends on the purpose of its appointment:

  • If the patient suffers from vitamin deficiency of various forms and severity, the duration of the course can be up to 2 months.
  • The prophylactic admission is continued for 4 weeks.

Individual correction of the duration of use is carried out by a doctor after a preliminary examination.

Alive vitamins for women. Instructions for use, price, reviewsTaking pills should only be done with meals. This helps the active substances to quickly enter the systemic circulation. Eating separately from food is considered less effective. The tablet can be taken at any time of the day, as this does not affect the therapeutic effect. During the reception, patients need to listen to their own feelings, pay attention to the condition. If negative reactions appear, it is better to visit a doctor who will determine the appropriateness of further use.

Adverse Reactions

A vitamin agent can provoke negative reactions if instructions are violated. Compliance with all recommendations does not guarantee the absence of complications. They can affect the work of internal organs and systems.

Damage area Frequent negative reactions
Nervous system When using funds for long courses, complications from the nervous system may occur. Some patients report headache, dizziness, weakness and fatigue. The condition is aggravated by continuing to take the drug, sometimes special treatment is required, which helps to normalize the condition.
Heart and blood vessels From the side of the cardiovascular system, disorders do not appear so often. Sometimes women talk about tachycardia, arrhythmias and fluctuations in blood pressure. Sometimes the disorders aggravate the symptoms of chronic pathologies, so the patient needs medications to improve the condition.
Digestive organs The digestive organs do not suffer so often when taking a vitamin complex. Some patients report upset stools, abdominal pain, heartburn, and nausea. The drug can lead to a change in the consistency and color of feces, which is usually not considered a deviation, within a few days the condition normalizes. With prolonged persistence of symptoms, dehydration may develop, the appearance of additional disorders on the part of the nervous system.
urinary system When taking a pill, an increase in urination, pain in the lower abdomen is possible. Such symptoms most often appear when the patient has chronic kidney and bladder diseases.
Skin and mucous membranes If the patient is prone to allergies, complications from the skin may appear. A rash and irritation, peeling, redness appear on the body. Symptoms are accompanied by severe itching, which only worsens the condition and can provoke other complications. With the progression of an allergic reaction, there is swelling of the mucous membranes of the eyes, mouth and nasal passages. Patients may talk about allergic rhinitis and conjunctivitis.

Alive vitamins for women. Instructions for use, price, reviewsThe appearance of negative reactions is considered a reason for the immediate discontinuation of therapy and a visit to the doctor. Sometimes complications disappear on their own after a few days, but often special treatment is required to normalize the condition.


Alive - vitamins for women, overdose of which is unlikely, provided they are correctly used as prescribed by a doctor. The absence of reactions cannot be guaranteed when taking a large number of tablets at the same time. If the patient accidentally uses a high dose of pills, it is worth visiting a doctor immediately.

Overdose may be accompanied by:

  • severe nausea;
  • bouts of vomiting;
  • upset stool.

Impaired intestinal absorption of water can cause dehydration. The condition of patients with an overdose may be aggravated by severe headaches and impaired coordination of movements.

The condition requires immediate medical attention. It involves gastric lavage, the appointment of drugs to eliminate symptoms.

The drug does not have a specific antidote, therefore, in case of an overdose, the therapy regimen is selected individually, and the treatment is symptomatic. Depending on the symptomatology and its severity, the most effective medications are selected.

special instructions

Vitamin preparation in tablet form should only be used as directed by a physician. Despite the benefits for the body, self-administration often provokes negative reactions.Alive vitamins for women. Instructions for use, price, reviews

If complications appear, you should not use any medications on your own, as well as ignore the symptoms. It is not worth prolonging the course, since prolonged use unnecessarily can lead to disruption of the functioning of internal organs.

Drug interactions

Alive are vitamins for women that can be used in combination with other medicines from different groups. The drug does not affect the action of systemic drugs, therefore, the development of complications when combining several drugs is not noted.

The complex is not prescribed in combination with other vitamins, as this can provoke complications as a result of an increase in the level of components in the body.


If it is impossible to prescribe a vitamin complex, specialists select substitutes for patients with a similar composition and properties.

The following tools are considered the most popular analogues:

  • Doppelgerz Active - means, the composition of which is specially designed for women of middle and old age. The complex is prescribed in case of a deficiency of ingredients, contains the most important substances necessary for the health of women. The drug is taken orally according to the scheme determined by the doctor. The duration of the course is determined individually, depending on the patient's condition.
  • Tool Alphabet presented in several versions, tablets are also available, designed specifically for women of middle and old age. The tablets are taken in courses of 30-60 days, they help to improve the condition and make up for the deficiency of necessary components.
  • In the line of vitamin complexes Complivit there is also a remedy for women. It contains the optimal amount of vitamins and minerals for the health of middle-aged women. The tablets can be used in short and long courses, depending on the purpose of the appointment.

The choice of the remedy is made by the doctor after examining the patient. You should not take substitutes on your own.

Terms, conditions of sale and storage

You can buy the complex in pharmacies without a special prescription form. It can be stored for 2 years from the date of production in a dark and cool place.

After the expiration date, it is prohibited to use the medicine.


The cost of the complex is approximately 800-1500 rubles. depending on the number of tablets in the package.

Alive - effective and relatively safe vitamins for women, which are used in case of deficiency of vitamins and minerals. The product contains important components, helps to compensate for their deficiency and prevents the development of vitamin deficiency.

Video about Alive vitamins

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