Blemaren with urolithiasis. Reviews

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  1. Indications for use
  2. Chemical composition
  3. Release form
  4. Pharmacodynamics
  5. Pharmacokinetics
  6. Application
  7. For children under 18
  8. For adults
  9. For pregnant
  10. For the elderly
  11. Contraindications
  12. Overdose
  13. Side effects
  14. Special recommendations
  15. Drug interactions
  16. Storage conditions and periods
  17. Conditions of dispensing from pharmacies
  18. Analogs
  19. Phytolite
  20. Rovatinex
  21. Video about the drug Blemaren

Blemaren is an effective medicine for the treatment of kidney pathologies of different origins and severity. Often it is prescribed for urolithiasis and associated deviations. Reviews on the use of the drug may be different, depending on the severity of the disorder, the body's response to one or another component. Depending on the neglect of the pathology, the features of therapy with the drug may differ, as well as the dosage of the drug.

Indications for use

The medicine is a combined medicine with pronounced therapeutic properties, allowing to improve the condition of patients when diagnosing kidney pathologies accompanied by education calculi.

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The main indications for prescribing the drug:

  • The presence of uric acid and calcium oxalate stones in the kidneys. The tool helps not only to destroy calculi, but also prevents their formation in patients who are prone to such complications.
  • Uric acid oxalate stones that do not dissolve with other drugs. In the chronic stage of the pathological condition, the medicine can also be used.
  • The need to alkalize the patient's urine when taking drugs that increase its acidity. For example, cystostatics can lead to such deviations, and the use of special drugs reduces the likelihood of complications.

Sometimes the medication can be used in diagnosing porphyria of the skin as an auxiliary method of treatment. Other indications not specified in the official instructions are determined on an individual basis.

Chemical composition

Blemaren with urolithiasis (reviews on the action of the agent can confirm its effectiveness) is often used due to the combined composition, including several active ingredients. The main ones are the following:

  • Dehydrated sodium citrate helps dissolve kidney stones and prevents re-use.
    Blemaren with urolithiasis. Reviews
    Blemaren for urolithiasis
  • Potassium bicarbonate takes part in the alkalization of urine, which has a positive effect on the course of the pathological condition.
  • Dehydrated citric acid improves the general condition of the urinary system, and, in combination with other substances, stimulates the secretion of urine.

As auxiliary ingredients in the composition of the drug there are inactive substances in the form of starch and talc. Auxiliary components do not have medicinal properties, they are necessary to preserve the chemical formula.

Release form

The drug can be found on pharmacy shelves in the form of effervescent tablets, designed to be dissolved in a small amount of water. The tablet form is placed in small plastic tubes. Each of them contains 20 tablets.Blemaren with urolithiasis. Reviews

The tube is placed in cardboard boxes. The package contains not only a container with pills, but also a description, indicator paper and a special calendar that allows you to control the scheme of drug use.Blemaren with urolithiasis. Reviews

The cost of a medicine depends on the pharmacy and the region of distribution. The average price ranges from 1200-1800 rubles.


Blemaren with urolithiasis (patient reviews confirm the effectiveness in the case of prescription for various forms of kidney pathologies) acts on calculi and the acid-base balance of urine. As a result, certain forms of stones are destroyed and the patient's condition is improved.

The drug also significantly reduces the likelihood of disease progression in patients with a tendency to form calculi. The drug stimulates the urinary function, increases the daily volume of urine.

Alkalinization of urine also has a positive effect on the condition of patients who do not yet have calculi. The beneficial effect on the body of patients taking potent drugs is especially pronounced.


After taking the tablets inside, the components of the composition are rapidly absorbed into the systemic circulation. This is due to the fact that a tablet dissolved in water allows you to achieve a therapeutic effect much faster.

The bioavailability of the drug reaches almost 100%, which also explains the effectiveness. The maximum concentration of substances in the blood is reached after 2 hours. After that, it gradually decreases. Recycled components are evacuated by the patient's kidneys. Only a small part is excreted with feces.

Pharmacokinetic features may differ from patient to patient, depending on the response of the body and the duration of treatment.


The tablet dosage form is used only as directed by a doctor and after a preliminary examination. Depending on the age of the patient and the severity of the symptoms, the therapy regimen is different.

For children under 18

The product can only be used for patients over 12 years old. There is no data on the effect of the components of the composition on the body of children under 12 years old, therefore the use is prohibited.Blemaren with urolithiasis. Reviews

Effervescent tablets are prescribed to patients from 12 years of age with caution and under supervision. This reduces the likelihood of complications. The dosage for children is 2 tablets. It is allowed to divide the rate by 2 times during the day, or use it immediately. It is recommended to use the solution after meals to reduce the negative effect of the components on the walls of the digestive tract.

The duration of the course is 10-14 weeks, but the correction of the duration is carried out individually, depending on the body's response to the components.

For adults

Blemaren is often prescribed for adults with urolithiasis of varying severity. Patient reviews confirm the effectiveness if used only according to the scheme and after the examination. The dosage may differ based on the severity of symptoms and the presence of concomitant complications from other organs.Blemaren with urolithiasis. Reviews

The tablet is preliminarily dissolved in 200 ml of water, juice or tea. After that, it is taken orally.

The severity of the disease Dosage and duration of use of tablets
Light form With a mild course of a pathological condition, it is usually enough to take 2 tablets of the drug per day. Experts recommend dividing the norm into 2 doses during the day, which will allow to have a uniform effect on the work of the urinary system. After 2 weeks of regular admission, the patient visits a doctor who, if necessary, adjusts the dosage and duration of therapy
Average degree of neglect With pathology of moderate severity, the dosage of the drug per day is 4 tablets. It is divided into 2-4 doses, it is not recommended to use the entire daily rate at a time. As with therapy in other cases, the medicine is preliminarily dissolved in 200 ml of water. The duration of the therapeutic course is determined taking into account the symptoms, usually 10-12 weeks
Heavy current In acute and severe course of the pathological process, the dose of the drug per day is 6 tablets. It is divided into 3 doses, consumed at approximately equal intervals after dissolving in water. The duration of treatment is 12 weeks, but application is often necessary for 6 weeks

Blemaren with urolithiasis. ReviewsBlemaren with urolithiasis. ReviewsBlemaren with urolithiasis. ReviewsThe patient alone cannot adjust the dosage and duration of therapeutic use. With the onset of the therapeutic effect before the end of the course, it may be prematurely terminated according to indications.

For pregnant

The drug is not prescribed for lactating and pregnant women. To date, there is no data on its effect on the body of the mother and child.

If necessary, patients may be prescribed other medications that are safer and less likely to provoke negative reactions.

For the elderly

Old age is not considered a contraindication for drug therapy. Experts do not insist on adjusting the dosage, as well as reducing the duration of the course. Despite this, therapy should only be carried out under the supervision of a physician.

The dosage of the drug per day for patients is 2-6 tablets, depending on the symptoms and the presence of concomitant deviations. The duration of the course ranges from 8-12 weeks, but sometimes the treatment is carried out within 6 months, if the need arises.Blemaren with urolithiasis. Reviews

The daily dosage should be divided into 2-3 doses during the day. If the course of the disease is severe, it is better for patients to undergo treatment under the supervision of a doctor. When an improvement occurs, it is allowed to take the pills at home in the dosage prescribed by the doctor.


Blemaren with urolithiasis (reviews about the effect of the drug on the body are usually based on the experience of course use) can not always be prescribed to patients, since it has contraindications. An absolute obstacle to therapy is considered intolerance to any component in the composition of the drug.

Other contraindications include the following conditions:

  • The metabolic form of alkalosis.
  • Indicators of acid-base balance of urine more than 7. In this case, the use of the medication can only aggravate the condition.
  • The need to comply with a strict salt-free diet. Often, such restrictions are introduced for patients suffering from severe heart disease and advanced arterial hypertension.
  • An acute form of renal failure, accompanied by a violation of the functioning of the organ. In the chronic course of the pathology, the drug is also not used, since patients often have relapses.
  • Internal bleeding against the background of damage to the tissues of the stomach and intestines.
  • Shock condition with injuries or diseases of internal organs.
  • Exacerbation of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer. In the chronic course of the pathological condition, the drug can be used with caution.
  • The recovery period after undergoing surgery on the internal organs.

Relative contraindications include acute infectious pathologies, severe neurological diseases. If the patient has a liver damage of viral origin, it is better to refuse to take the medication for the entire period of therapy. Individual contraindications can be determined during the examination. They are not always indicated in the official instructions.


The pharmaceutical product does not provoke an overdose, even if taken for a long time in large quantities. Despite this, doctors cannot rule out the likelihood of complications while taking an increased dosage of the drug.Blemaren with urolithiasis. Reviews

Doctors suggest that in case of an overdose, the general condition of patients worsens, and negative reactions from the kidneys and other organs appear. Over the course of several hours, the condition worsens, especially in the absence of therapy.

An overdose is considered a reason for an immediate refusal to use the medicine and see a doctor. Treatment for patients is selected individually, since there is no specific antidote that helps to eliminate manifestations.

Side effects

Blemaren with urolithiasis (reviews of the medicine may be negative if complications arise during the treatment period) are used only according to the scheme determined by the doctor. If the patient violates the recommendations, he has negative symptoms from the internal organs and systems. Compliance with the recommendations does not guarantee the absence of complications.

Frequent complications:

  • Dyspeptic disorders often bother patients. They talk about nausea, bouts of vomiting, pain in the abdomen. Many people report heartburn, indigestion, and lack of appetite. In the presence of pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract of a chronic form, the symptomatology can significantly worsen the patient's condition, does not disappear on its own after the end of the drug administration.
  • Puffiness is often observed when using the drug, especially in patients who have vascular abnormalities. Symptoms appear in the evening and morning, especially in the face, but may affect the lower extremities.
  • Allergic manifestations do not appear so often, but can significantly worsen the condition of patients. At the initial stage, a rash, irritation and peeling appears on the patient's body. After a while, patients talk about severe itching, as well as burning. Allergies can spread to the mucous membranes of the eyes, mouth and nasal passages, accompanied by swelling and redness.

Negative symptoms rarely affect blood vessels and the heart, and in exceptional cases disrupt the functioning of the nervous system. During the treatment period, headache, dizziness and insomnia may appear. The appearance of negative reactions is the reason for refusal to use. Sometimes patients need special treatment to improve their condition, in some cases the symptoms disappear on their own.

Special recommendations

Special indicator strips are attached to the medicine, which are used to control the level of urine acidity. It is necessary to carry out the test at least 3 times a day throughout the entire therapeutic course.

For the test, you must dip the strip in urine. It is recommended to carry out the manipulation 10-20 minutes after taking a single dose of the drug. The data obtained is checked against a special scale and entered into a special calendar attached to the medicine.

Drug interactions

The drug is not recommended for use with medicines based on citrates and aluminum. This leads to increased absorption of components and the development of complications. When treating, it is worth considering the ability of the drug to weaken the action of cardiac glycosides. It is necessary to take this into account when prescribing at the same time.Blemaren with urolithiasis. Reviews

The excretion of potassium when used simultaneously with analgesics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, potassium-sparing diuretics is reduced.

Storage conditions and periods

The drug should be stored only in a dark and cool place, away from children and direct sunlight. The storage period is 4 years.

After the expiration date, use is prohibited. Before starting to use it is necessary to study the information on the package.

Conditions of dispensing from pharmacies

The tablet is dispensed in different pharmacies without presenting a prescription form from a doctor. This is not considered a reason for uncontrolled use without a doctor's prescription.


If it is impossible to prescribe the original medicine, the specialist selects substitutes with similar properties. They may contain other ingredients, but have similar effects.


The drug is in the form of tablets and capsules for oral use, which contains extracts of medicinal herbs and has diuretic properties. The medication stimulates the washing out of small stones, prevents the appearance of new stones, and has analgesic properties.

The antispasmodic effect of the drug is noted. The cost of the medication is approximately 1400 rubles.


A combined medication based on several synthetic components, which is used for urolithiasis of varying severity. Enteric capsules are used in short and long courses, they are usually indicated for mild pathological conditions.Blemaren with urolithiasis. Reviews

The product stimulates the excretion of calculi from the kidneys and bladder, prevents the formation of large stones. Despite its different composition, it can be used as a substitute if it is impossible to assign the original. The price of an analogue starts from 1200 rubles.

Blemaren is considered an effective medication that is used for urolithiasis of varying severity. Reviews about the action of the drug may be different, since they depend on the patient's reaction to one or another ingredient of the composition.

Video about the drug Blemaren

Blemaren with urolithiasis:

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