Feeling of fever without fever in women, men. Causes

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  1. Possible reasons
  2. Food
  3. Emotional problems
  4. High ambient temperature
  5. Exercise or hard work
  6. Hormonal changes in a woman's body
  7. Vegetovascular dystonia
  8. Allergy
  9. Thyroid disease
  10. Arterial hypertension
  11. Diseases of the central nervous system
  12. Other diseases
  13. Treatment methods
  14. Medications
  15. Folk remedies
  16. Non-drug therapy
  17. Operation
  18. Treatment in the absence of a pathological factor
  19. Possible consequences and complications
  20. Video about illness without fever

There are many reasons why the person feels the temperature, but without the manifestations of heat. The fact that a fever appears without a temperature is explained by a variety of factors. Perhaps the problem is the environment, lifestyle, or diet. But there are also some pathologies that manifest themselves in a similar way. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to additional symptoms and, in case of prolonged sensation of heat, consult a doctor and undergo an examination.

Possible reasons

There are several more common reasons a person feels like they have a fever, but the temperature is not actually elevated.

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As a rule, after a person eats a spicy or very hot dish, for some time after that they experience increased sweating, facial flushing and a feeling of heat. The symptom manifests itself directly in the process of eating and lasts 10-15 minutes at the end of the meal. The skin can also be quite hot to the touch.

The same thing happens when drinking strong alcoholic beverages. Alcohol has a warming effect, or rather, a person feels heat, which spreads throughout the body, starting from the chest. An additional symptom of a fever from alcoholic beverages is facial flushing, a noticeable shine in the eyes. If a person drank too many alcoholic beverages, then this can provoke intoxication of the body.Feeling of fever without fever in women, men. Causes

Then he may develop hives, bouts of vomiting and nausea. Alcohol also has a warming effect, but it lasts for a very short period of time. For example, if a person goes out into a cooler room, then, on the contrary, chills may begin. At the same time, this would not have happened in a sober state.

Emotional problems

Feeling of temperature without temperature is considered a normal reaction of the human body when it is very worried or afraid of something. At such moments it seems that the whole body begins to burn, the face turns red, the skin is hot to the touch.

With severe stress, tremors in the hands and palpitations may additionally occur. Typically, the feeling of fever goes away when the person completely calms down. People of any age can face such problems.

High ambient temperature

At elevated air temperatures, fatigue and irritation appear, and it becomes harder for a person to concentrate. After prolonged exposure to the sun, many people experience a sensation of heat throughout the body. In the most difficult situations, sunburn or heatstroke occurs.

In the first case, we are talking about serious damage to the skin. A person complains that the skin is painful enough. Heatstroke occurs when a person is in the heat, does not drink water, and at the same time loses too much fluid and salt during the process of sweating.

Feeling of fever without fever in women, men. Causes
Heat and sunstroke

Also, heatstroke is accompanied by dizziness, headaches and muscle weakness or cramps. To stop this condition, you need to go to the sun in the shade, drink as much liquid as possible and in no case perform heavy physical activity. If the symptoms persist within 1 hour, then you should immediately seek help.

Exercise or hard work

If during the day a person is faced with serious stress, then in this case he also has a feeling of heat in the body. As a rule, those people who have not been involved in sports or heavy physical work before, or who perform activities in a very humid and rather hot environment, encounter such a problem more often.

Also, professional athletes suffer from such problems, who overexert themselves in training. In hot weather, it is better to give up such exercises and try to drink as much water as possible.

Hormonal changes in a woman's body

Fever can be one of the symptoms of the approaching menstruation, that is, we are talking about the so-called premenstrual syndrome. This means that a few days before menstruation, some women experience a violation of the vascular tone.

This is because the balance of hormones changes during this period. This explains why some women experience increased emotionality and fever without fever before menstruation. Fever is predominantly paroxysmal in nature. That is, the fever appears for about 5-10 minutes and goes away for several hours.Feeling of fever without fever in women, men. Causes

If there is a feeling of increased temperature mainly in the face area, then this may be a sign of menopause. During this period of restructuring of the female body, a variety of disorders occur. One of the first violations is a strong sensation of heat in the face. Additionally, there is a strong sweating, problems with sleep occur. Also, some women may develop tachycardia, problems during urination, increased dryness in the vagina.

Typically, this condition can last from several months to several years, depending on the specific situation. Manifestations of such heat are usually called tides. They cause serious stress, especially if a woman is at this moment in a team or in a public place.

Against the background of the fact that she begins to get nervous due to severe reddening of the face and sweating, the situation is only aggravated. As a rule, to solve such problems, doctors prescribe hormones that help restore balance. Thanks to this, menopause is almost asymptomatic.

Vegetovascular dystonia

Feeling fever without fever can be a symptom of a syndrome characterized by many different symptoms. They develop against the background of problems in the work of the autonomic department of the central nervous system of a person. It can also lead to malfunction of internal organs. Hot flashes are one of the symptoms of VSD.

Additionally, panic attacks, sweating, tachycardia can be observed. Some patients have high blood pressure. In addition, psychological problems may arise. To carry out the correct treatment, it is necessary to determine what exactly provokes such syndromes. Sometimes drug treatment for VSD is completely useless.


As a rule, a strong sensation of heat can appear in the body in the case of the so-called pseudo-allergy. It is characterized by the fact that when a person is ingested some foodstuffs, histamine is released. At the same time, there is no real temperature, but the person may complain of weakness and a feeling of fever. Additionally, the skin may turn red and itching appears. Some patients complain of shortness of breath, headaches.Feeling of fever without fever in women, men. Causes

It is very easy to confuse pseudo-allergy with a true allergy, so only a doctor can accurately clarify the reasons for the development of the appearance of heat.

Thyroid disease

Fever can appear if this organ is very hormonal. Thyroid hormones T3 and T4, which are responsible for stimulating basal metabolism and energy production, can be produced too intensively, which causes a person to constantly feel hot. In this case, it does not matter at all what the temperature is in the room, as well as whether a person is experiencing stress.

With thyroid disease, patients experience fever even if they wear light clothing during the cooler season. Additional symptoms of this disease include redness of the skin, but there is no high sweating.

The suppression of the work of the sweat glands is a symptom of the hyperfunction of the thyroid gland. Additionally, sometimes there may be a frequent heartbeat, increased irritability. Thyrotoxic goiter, tumor of the gland and some other abnormalities can also be diagnosed.

Arterial hypertension

If a person suffers from changes in blood pressure, then a feeling of heat in the body is a common symptom. Additionally, skin redness and shortness of breath may appear. Patients describe their condition as if there is less air in the room, although in reality this is not the case.Feeling of fever without fever in women, men. Causes Such attacks quickly disappear after taking medications that help normalize blood pressure.

Diseases of the central nervous system

The main center, which is responsible for thermoregulation of the human body, is located in the hypothalamus. Therefore, if brain damage has occurred, then the patient may complain of a constant feeling of heat or attacks of fever, which gradually disappear. Such diseases also have nothing to do with the environment. As a rule, general hyperthermia is an additional sign of damage to the hypothalamus.

Other diseases

There are several more common pathologies that cause similar symptoms.

Pathology Peculiarities
High blood pressure Typically, people suffering from hypertension often complain of hot flashes. In addition to the sensation of high temperature and high blood pressure, patients also experience shortness of breath, frequent heartbeats. Some have pains in the area of ​​the heart. In no case should such a condition be ignored, since there is a high risk of developing a stroke.
Anhidrosis This pathology is characterized by the inability of a person to sweat. Usually the symptom extends to a specific area of ​​the body. Anhidrosis can be caused by another medical condition or drugs that the patient is taking. Also, a similar condition is observed in case of damage or blockage of the sweat glands. If a person is not able to sweat at all, that is, sweat is not released by any part of the body, this is a very dangerous condition.
Diabetes Feeling of fever without fever in women, men. CausesPatients suffering from this condition often complain of sensitivity to heat. This is due to dehydration, as people with this disease become dehydrated much faster, especially in hot weather. With insufficient fluid intake, the glucose level rises, and the person goes to the toilet more often. During the development of diabetes, complications can appear that lead to damage to blood vessels and nerves, and the work of the sweat glands can also change.

Treatment methods

Feeling of temperature is a symptom of many deviations and diseases. If the fever appears without temperature, then it is important to find out which factor triggered this condition. If the patient suffers from infection and subsequent intoxication, then it is important to start treating the disease itself. In the event of a hypertensive crisis, you must immediately call an ambulance.

If the feeling of fever appears against the background of vasodilation, then drug therapy is usually not used. However, the patient may be prescribed measures that will restore vascular tone. For example, these include a contrast shower, exercise, diet.


The selection of medicines is carried out according to the symptoms, as well as the exact diagnosis made by the doctor. If a woman complains about the appearance of hot flashes due to the development of climacteric syndrome, then in this case, hormone replacement therapy is indicated for her. In the course of such treatment, the state of health is normalized.

Women note the absence of seizures and other symptoms characteristic of menopause. The drugs are selected on an individual basis after the specialist determines exactly which hormones are lacking in the woman's body, and which are in excess.

If a patient is diagnosed with arterial hypertension, then rational antihypertensive therapy will be required. It is also selected depending on many factors. For example, the doctor determines the necessary therapeutic measures depending on the age of the patient, as well as the complexity of the disease.

Folk remedies

If it is necessary to reduce autonomic reactions, then sedatives are most often prescribed.

For simple forms of disease, you can start with traditional medicines, for example, herbs:

  • Hypericum. For internal use, it is necessary to brew 1.5 tbsp in an enamel container. l. herbs and pour a glass of hot water. After that, the container must be covered and heated over low heat for half an hour. After that, the product should cool for 10 minutes. The finished product must be filtered and squeezed. After that, add a glass of warm water to the broth and take 15-20 ml three times a day before meals.Feeling of fever without fever in women, men. Causes
  • Motherwort. The product can be purchased ready-made. The tincture is required to take 20-30 drops 1 hour before meals 3 times a day. Since the finished tincture contains ethanol, it cannot be taken for a long time or given to children. With caution, drops can be taken by people suffering from liver disease.
  • Valerian. It is also sold as a tincture. It must be taken in 20-30 drops about half an hour before meals. If a folk remedy needs to be given to a child over 12 years old, then drops are needed as much as he is. Valerian needs to be diluted in a little water. Children under 12 years old should be given such an infusion only on the recommendation of a doctor or choose a valerian-based product without ethanol content. Usually the drug is recommended to be taken three times a day, but if the patient complains of sleep problems, the doctor may recommend another dose before bedtime. \

If treatment with natural remedies has not been effective, then a specialist may prescribe mild tranquilizers. If it is necessary to improve the psycho-emotional background, antidepressants show the greatest effect. Also, the doctor may prescribe neurometabolic stimulants and some vitamin complexes.

Non-drug therapy

Feeling fever without fever can be a sign of emotional lability. In this case, the patient needs psychotherapy. You will need to attend individual and group classes. For problems with the nervous system, physiotherapeutic measures are most effective. For example, the patient may be shown neurosedative massage or reflexology. If possible, the patient is sent to a sanatorium for treatment.

Neurosedative massage differs in that the massage therapist affects precisely those receptors that directly bind to the central nervous system. In this case, different techniques are used, which are usually not repeated, but are selected exclusively on an individual basis. Today this type of massage is widely used in traditional medicine and psychotherapy.

Relaxing activities like this:

  • It has a tonic effect on the muscular, circulatory and other systems of the human body. After massage procedures, many patients note that they experience weakness and constant drowsiness.
  • There is a complete relaxation of the back muscles.
  • It is possible to quickly and effectively get rid of the pain syndrome. During the massage, the doctor finds the client's pain points and, acting on them, quickly relieves the patient of unpleasant symptoms.
  • Massage quickly relieves stress and anxiety. People report that they become much calmer.

Another plus of such procedures is that the body does not get used to the manipulations of the master, as with a regular massage. This means that the effect of the activities will continue after 5-7 sessions.


Feeling of temperature without temperature can be a symptom of complex pathological processes. In case of problems with the thyroid gland (for example, tumors), surgery may be prescribed. In this case, resection, partial or complete removal of the organ is performed.

Also, surgical intervention is required in case of a brain tumor. If problems arise in the hypothalamus, then a neurosurgical operation is performed. The doctor excises the pathological formation, after which you need to undergo a course of radiation therapy.

Treatment in the absence of a pathological factor

If the feeling of fever does not appear against the background of any diseases, but because of environmental conditions, then in this case you need to reconsider your daily routine and diet. For example, avoid hot or overly spicy foods that can trigger hot flashes. It is also recommended to stop drinking alcohol, coffee drinks.

Feeling of fever without fever in women, men. Causes
Feeling of temperature without temperature

The room must be ventilated periodically, if necessary, use a fan or other devices that allow you to increase the humidity of the air, and, accordingly, slightly reduce the temperature in room. It is also worth reducing visits to closed spaces with a large crowd of people. Additionally, doctors recommend more time to rest and less time at the computer or TV.

If a person lives in a very hot climate, then you need to avoid long exposure to the sun, use special protective creams and wear hats.

Possible consequences and complications

If the attacks of heat are caused by any pathology, then this can lead to its further development or transition to the chronic stage. Heat attacks, which are caused by the development of a tumor or vasoconstriction, are of great danger.

If such pathologies are not treated in a timely manner, this can lead to very serious complications and death. Therefore, if the symptomatology lasts for a long time and the person is sure that it is not caused by the conditions of his residence and habits, then it is worth contacting a therapist who will give referrals to other highly specialized doctors.

Thus, if a person has a feeling of temperature, but at the same time he really does not have a temperature, then one cannot do without diagnostics. Do not self-medicate in such situations, especially if you have additional symptoms. This can lead to a deterioration in the condition and loss of time during which it was possible to cure the pathology with medication or in another way.

Video about illness without fever

Illness without fever:

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