Nimesulide suspension for children. Instruction, price, reviews


  1. Composition and form of release
  2. Terms of sale, prices
  3. Pharmacological properties
  4. Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics
  5. Indications for use
  6. Contraindications
  7. Method of administration and dosage
  8. With increased body temperature
  9. For pains of different origins
  10. Side effects
  11. Overdose
  12. special instructions
  13. Drug interactions
  14. Analogs
  15. Storage conditions and periods
  16. Video about Nimesulide

Nimesulide - an effective suspension for oral use, prescribed to patients with a diagnosis of fever and other symptoms. The drug is often used for children with inflammatory diseases accompanied by pain, fever.

It is considered to be quite effective and relatively safe when used only as directed by a physician. The trade name of the drug is Nimulide, but the suspension is often called Nimesulide, due to the presence of such a component in the composition.

Composition and form of release

The medication is available commercially as an oral suspension. It is yellow and opaque. The aroma of the product is pleasant, the taste is sweet, somewhat specific.

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The suspension is placed in small dark glass vials, the volume of which is 60 ml. A description is attached to the medicine, placed in a cardboard box, which also contains a container with a suspension. The composition of the drug includes the main ingredient nimesulide, which is why many doctors and patients call the drug that way.

The medicine contains auxiliary ingredients:

  • Glycerol.
  • Sorbitol solution.
  • Citric acid as monohydrate.
  • Vanilla and mango flavors.
  • Sodium benzoate.
  • Yellow dye.
  • Purified water.Nimesulide suspension for children. Instruction, price, reviews

Additional substances have no therapeutic properties, but provide the taste, aroma and color of the suspension. The amount of active substance per 1 ml of the drug is 10 mg.

Terms of sale, prices

Nimesulide is a suspension for children, dispensed in pharmacies after presenting a certified prescription from a doctor, which reduces the risk of complications when used uncontrolled without a doctor's prescription.

The price of the medication is approximately 300-360 rubles. per bottle, but may differ depending on the region of distribution and the specific pharmacy.

Pharmacological properties

The drug has anti-inflammatory and pronounced antipyretic properties, helps eliminate pains of various origins that bother patients against the background of diseases of internal organs or external fabrics.

The medicine quickly reduces body temperature, helps to alleviate the condition of patients with colds and viral diseases, pathologies accompanied by severe symptoms from internal organs.

Often, the drug is prescribed in combination with other means to obtain a more pronounced result, since its action only helps to eliminate some of the symptoms, but does not affect the course disease.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

After taking the suspension inside, its action begins rather quickly. The active substance nimesulide belongs to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory components, therefore it helps to quickly stop the symptoms of many diseases.

The ingredient lowers body temperature and is considered more effective than many antipyretics based on other ingredients.

The medicine has other properties:

  • The main component has an anti-inflammatory effect, as it blocks substances that provoke the development of the inflammatory process. Despite this, the remedy cannot completely eliminate the signs of inflammation, since it eliminates the consequence, but not the cause of the manifestations.
  • The medicine helps relieve the patient of pain, which is often present when diagnosing colds and viral pathologies. When taking the medicine, the elimination of pain in the muscles and articular joints is noted.
  • The medication prevents the recurrence of symptoms for a short period of time. Unlike other antipyretic drugs, Nimulid acts for a long time, which allows you to use only the minimum effective dosage when necessary.

Nimesulide suspension for children. Instruction, price, reviewsThe agent is well absorbed in the digestive tract and is distributed throughout the body after taking a single dose. The components enter the bloodstream through the walls of the small intestine and are concentrated in the affected area. Quite a large amount of nimesulide is found in synovial fluid and other tissues.

The therapeutic effect is observed 30-40 minutes after taking a dose of the drug. It lasts for 6-8 hours, depending on the characteristics of the patient's body. Many products with similar properties work for 4 hours.

The processing of the basic substance occurs in the patient's liver, and the decay products are excreted with the help of the kidneys. Throughout the day, there is a complete processing and removal of components from the body. In the presence of diseases of the digestive and urinary systems, there is a slight slowdown in these processes, which can lead to the accumulation of ingredients in the blood and tissues.

Indications for use

Nimesulide is often used to treat children of all ages.

The suspension has the following indications for the appointment:

  • Fever of various origins. The remedy is indicated when the body temperature rises against the background of a cold, viral infection, exacerbation of any chronic disease.
  • Toothache and headache. In this case, the drug is shown to be used only as part of complex treatment and in short courses to eliminate acute manifestations.
  • Diagnosing rheumatoid arthritis in adolescents. It is in adolescence that such diseases often occur, accompanied by severe pain in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčlarge articular joints.
  • Pain against the background of injuries and the formation of purulent foci on the skin. The drug is not used so often, but with severe symptoms, its use helps to alleviate the condition.
  • Prolonged preservation of an elevated body temperature of unspecified origin.

The medicine can be used in combination with other drugs or as the only method of therapy if the patient has no other complications.


The medicine is not allowed to be used when detecting intolerance to the components of the composition or a tendency to such reactions.Nimesulide suspension for children. Instruction, price, reviews

Other obstacles include the following conditions:

  • The patient's age is up to 2 years. For patients under 2 years of age, doctors select safer drugs with a different composition. Sometimes it is allowed to use the medicine for patients from 1 year old, but the pediatrician makes the decision on an individual basis after a preliminary examination.
  • Exacerbation of gastric ulcer, the presence of erosive and ulcerative foci on the mucous membranes of the intestine.
  • Increased acidity of gastric juice, frequent heartburn.
  • Blood clotting disorder, hereditary abnormalities, in which there is a frequent occurrence of bleeding against the background of a decrease in the number of platelets and coagulation factors.
  • Severe renal pathology, accompanied by a violation of the excretion of metabolites of the drug from the body.
  • Liver failure and viral liver pathologies in the acute stage. The medicine can be used only after the elimination of acute symptoms.
  • Diseases in which the functioning of the red bone marrow is impaired.
  • Cerebral circulation disorder.
  • Traumatic brain injury in the patient's history.
  • Recurrent form of bronchial asthma, especially when the patient has a history of intolerance to drugs based on acetylsalicylic acid.
  • Polyps in the nasal passages. Chronic paranasal sinus pathologies are also considered a contraindication for treatment.
  • Vascular disease in a child.

Despite the long list of contraindications, many conditions are rarely seen in children. Allergy to the ingredients is usually considered the most important obstacle to treatment. During the examination by the pediatrician, individual barriers to treatment may be identified.

Method of administration and dosage

Nimesulide is a suspension for children, which is intended only for oral administration in a prescribed dose by a doctor. Depending on the purpose of the admission, the features of drug therapy may differ. The dosage is determined taking into account the child's body weight.

With increased body temperature

Fever usually develops in children with colds or viral diseases. Experts recommend giving the child a remedy only when the indicators increase and refuse to take it if there are no symptoms. This means that there is no standard course duration for this deviation.Nimesulide suspension for children. Instruction, price, reviews

Doctors draw the attention of parents to the fact that in order to lower body temperature, it is allowed to use the drug for no longer than 3 days in a row. The minimum interval between doses is 6 hours, but the effect of the suspension can last up to 8 hours. The dosage is determined depending on the severity of the condition and body weight.

Baby weight Dose of funds
7-9 kg Children with such a body weight are rarely prescribed a medication, but if necessary, a single dosage is 1 ml. It is taken no more than 3 times a day, but only when there are symptoms. It is not worth repeating the use if a single dose is enough to improve the condition.
10 to 12 kg Patients with such a weight are allowed to take 1.5 ml of suspension 3 times a day at regular intervals. As in the case of other patients, the admission is repeated only if symptoms are present. If a single use is sufficient and the indicators do not rise again, it is worth stopping the use.
13-15 kg A single dose for such patients is 2 ml. Reception is repeated 3 times a day, observing equal time intervals.
16-19 kg The dose for patients for 1 dose does not exceed 2.5 ml. It is allowed to take the medicine 2-3 times a day if the indicators rise again.
20-23 kg Patients with this weight take 3 ml of the product at a time. As in the treatment of other patients, it is allowed to repeat the use 3 times a day if certain symptoms are present.
24 to 26 kg A single dosage for patients is 3.5 ml. The reception is repeated no more than 3 times per day.
Body weight from 27 to 39 kg The dosage of the suspension for such patients is 5 ml. Usually, doctors do not recommend repeating the use more often 2 times a day, but if the body temperature rises again, they can take it 3 times.

Children weighing more than 40 kg take the medication in a dosage prescribed for adults, that is, 10 ml of syrup 2 times a day. Sometimes it is allowed to use up to 3 times a day with approximately equal time intervals.

For pains of different origins

Nimesulide is a suspension for children, which is actively used in case of pain due to injuries and other deviations. As with fever, dosage is based on weight. Single doses do not differ from those prescribed when the body temperature rises.

Nimesulide suspension for children. Instruction, price, reviews
Nimesulide suspension for children

In case of recurrence of pain, it is allowed to take the remedy again. If the drug is taken for the purpose of treating headache or toothache, the treatment is continued for no longer than 1 day, so how constant pain relief without eliminating the cause of discomfort can provoke an aggravation symptoms.

In case of pain in the joints, it is allowed to take the drug in courses of 5 days in a dosage determined depending on body weight.

Side effects

The medication can provoke negative reactions from internal organs and systems, even if all the doctor's recommendations are followed.

Complications can manifest themselves in an acute or subacute form, depending on the general condition of the patient and the duration of the medication:

  • On the part of the cardiovascular system, complications can occur mainly in adolescents. There are fluctuations in blood pressure indicators, pain in the region of the heart, tachycardia and arrhythmia. Symptoms usually disappear within 1 to 2 days after stopping the medication.
  • The most acute symptoms affect the patient's digestive tract. The condition is accompanied by nausea and heartburn, pain in the stomach and exacerbation of chronic diseases, if they have a history. Children may develop diarrhea, flatulence, and bloating is often noted. Frequent loose stools lead to dehydration, which is life threatening.
  • Bronchospasm and coughing rarely bother the patient. Only in some cases do these symptoms appear during treatment. If the patient has concomitant respiratory abnormalities.
  • A temporary deterioration in vision and hearing is noted in violation of the instructions and taking the drug in high doses.
  • On the part of the urinary system, in some cases, there is a decrease in the daily volume of urine, tissue edema.
  • Allergy to the components of the composition is often manifested, even in patients who do not have a tendency to such reactions. The condition is accompanied by the appearance of a rash on the body, itching and irritation. The standard reaction of a child to such complications is considered to be combing the affected areas, which aggravates the course of the pathological condition.Nimesulide suspension for children. Instruction, price, reviewsNimesulide suspension for children. Instruction, price, reviews

The appearance of negative reactions is considered a reason for contacting a doctor, who in most cases cancels therapy and prescribes symptomatic treatment depending on the manifestations.


Nimesulide is a suspension for children, which can provoke an overdose with prolonged use of high doses or the accidental use of a large amount of the drug at a time.

In case of an overdose, all negative reactions are aggravated, severe weakness and severe headache are observed. The condition worsens with the addition of disorders from the digestive tract in an acute form. If a child or adolescent has concomitant deviations from the digestive system, internal bleeding may develop against the background of perforation of the intestinal wall or stomach.

Such disorders can be accompanied by acute allergic reactions. In this case, the patient not only has a rash on the body, but also there is a pronounced swelling of the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose and mouth. The most dangerous manifestation of an overdose is considered to be swelling of the mucous membranes of the throat, which can provoke choking. An overdose is treated in a hospital, but the therapy regimen is selected individually, depending on the manifestations.

special instructions

It is important not to consume the suspension on an empty stomach. Its main ingredient is quite aggressive on the mucous membranes of the stomach, so it can provoke gastritis and even peptic ulcer disease in those children who already have inflammation of the stomach tissue in anamnesis.Nimesulide suspension for children. Instruction, price, reviews

If, after the initial admission, the symptoms disappear and do not reappear, you should not continue treatment. The drug is used only for symptomatic therapy, since it does not have a direct effect on the pathological process.

Drug interactions

You should not prescribe a medicine at the same time as drugs with the same properties or composition. Many non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs contain a different ingredient, but are also classified as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Do not prescribe a suspension in combination with anticoagulants, as the risk of bleeding increases. The effect of some diuretics is weakened when taken simultaneously with Nimulide. If a child needs a combination of drugs, doctors take this feature into account.

In the case of constant intake of any medications, it is important to visit the pediatrician first, who will determine the appropriateness of prescribing Nimulid.


Like other drugs, the remedy has analogs with similar properties, which are prescribed in case of impossibility of using the original drug.

The most popular ones are:

  • Nimesil is considered the most popular substitute based on such an active ingredient. Unlike the original, it is produced in the form of a powder, which is used to obtain a suspension for oral administration. The remedy is prescribed mainly to patients over 18 years of age, but it can be used for the treatment of adolescents over 12 years of age.
  • Nise in the form of dispersible tablets is indicated for children over 7 years of age. Like the original, the drug contains nimesulide in the amount of 50 mg per tablet. The dosage of the medicine is determined depending on the body weight. The drug is considered effective and quickly relieves pain, eliminates fever and inflammation.Nimesulide suspension for children. Instruction, price, reviews
  • Nimegesic contains nimesulide as the main component, is available in the form of a suspension for oral administration and is indicated for children over 12 years old. The drug is highly effective, it can be taken longer than the original, if necessary.

Substitutes have about the same cost as the original remedy, so the specialist makes the choice based on the patient's complaints.

Storage conditions and periods

It is allowed to store the product for 3 years in a dark and cool place. It is important to protect it from children and direct sunlight.

After the expiration date, the use of the medicine is prohibited.

Nimesulide, or Nimulide, is an effective suspension with anti-inflammatory and antipyretic properties, used for children of different ages to relieve symptoms. The drug is considered effective, but often provokes complications if used correctly.

Video about Nimesulide

Instructions for the use of Nimesil:

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