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Novo-passit is a herbal preparation with sedative properties, which is used to eliminate the symptoms of the nervous system in patients. Indications for the use of the medication describe the possibility of prescribing for insomnia and some other disorders. The medicine is available in the form of drops and tablets for oral use, which allows each patient to choose the most convenient option for themselves. Its cost ranges from 300-570 rubles.

Indications for use

The medicine in the form of drops can also be called syrup. The medicine has sedative, hypnotic and tonic properties due to the presence of guaifenesin and herbal extracts in the composition. Many ingredients have a positive effect not only on the nervous system of patients.

The main indications for the appointment of a remedy include the following conditions:

  • Neurocirculatory dystonia at various stages. With such a deviation, patients are often worried about sleep disturbance and pain, for the elimination of which it is enough to take herbal medicines.
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  • Unreasonable fear and anxiety arising in patients against the background of the absence of any mental or neurological diseases.
  • Acute and subacute neurasthenia. The medicine is included in the course of the main treatment as an auxiliary method.
  • Arterial hypertension. The sedative properties of the drug have a positive effect on the condition of patients, prevent a critical increase in blood pressure. The presence of hawthorn extract in the composition has a beneficial effect on the work of the heart.
  • Menopause syndrome in women. Patients often talk about unreasonable fear, anxiety, anxiety, fluctuations in blood pressure and tachycardia. The remedy helps to normalize the functioning of the central nervous system, which leads to the elimination of symptoms from other systems.
  • Dermatological diseases in which the patient is worried about severe itching, which negatively affects the state of the nervous system. Chronic eczema, dermatitis, or hives often cause these problems, but the use of synthetic sedatives is not recommended.
  • Headaches of unspecified origin that cannot be relieved by other means.
  • Migraine. In this case, the drug is used as part of a complex treatment. Experts recommend choosing exactly the syrup that acts faster than tablets.
  • Insomnia is considered the main indication for prescribing funds in various forms. But neuropathologists draw the attention of patients to the fact that the drug is effective only in a mild form of such a disorder.

Novo-passit can be used not only for neurological disorders. Indications for the use of the drug suggest an appointment in the case of diagnosing disorders of the digestive system. Usually, with neurasthenia and some other pathologies, the patient has diarrhea, indigestion. Taking herbal medicine can eliminate such reactions.

Often drops or tablets are prescribed to patients who suffer from constant emotional stress associated with professional activities. The use of the drug is possible in long courses due to the relatively safe herbal composition, while synthetic medicines cannot be used for a long time without the risk of developing severe complications.


Novo-passit (indications for the use of the drug are described in the instructions attached to the tablets and syrup) has contraindications, despite the herbal composition and relative safety for patients. The main obstacle to treatment is considered intolerance to any ingredient in the composition.

Doctors draw the attention of patients to the fact that herbal ingredients often lead to the development of allergies.

Other barriers to treatment include:

  • Epilepsy with frequent seizures.
  • Severe myasthenia gravis.
  • Persistent hypotension and bradycardia. The remedy can lead to an aggravation of the manifestations.
  • The recovery period after surgery on the abdominal organs.
  • The patient has a history of brain injury.
  • The age of patients is up to 12 years.
  • Acute pathologies of the digestive tract, for example, gastritis, peptic ulcer, colitis, enteritis.

The period of lactation and pregnancy is not considered an absolute contraindication for treatment, but the drug is rarely prescribed when the potential benefit outweighs the possible harm. In each case, during the examination, individual contraindications that are not in the official instructions can be determined for the patient.


Novo-passit (it is better to study the indications for the use of the medication before taking it) has analogues with similar properties used for insomnia, anxiety disorders and some other disorders of the nervous systems. Often, substitutes have a different composition, but doctors prescribe them if they consider it appropriate.

Name of the medicine Peculiarities
Alora One of the most popular oral syrup and tablet substitutes. The medicine has a herbal ingredient in the composition, which has a sedative and hypnotic effect. Like the original, the medication is indicated for mild insomnia, anxiety disorders, headache. Often it is prescribed for women during menopause, patients with neurasthenia against the background of professional activities. Neurocirculatory dystonia is also treated with a remedy if it is mild. The dosage of the product and the duration of use are determined individually, as in the case of the original prescription.
Persen Novo-Passit. Indications for use, contraindicationsA popular and effective herbal preparation based on extracts of mint, lemon balm and valerian. The drug is available in tablet form, it is used internally when certain indications appear. Usually tablets are indicated for insomnia and anxiety disorder, causeless fear and anxiety, headache and migraine against the background of neurological disorders. The tablets are taken orally in the dosage prescribed by the neuropathologist. They are considered relatively safe due to their plant composition.
Motherwort Forte by Evalar Tablet based on motherwort extract with sedative and hypnotic properties. The medication additionally contains pyridoxine, which enhances the positive effect on the peripheral nervous system. The drug is prescribed for insomnia, increased excitability, and arterial hypertension as an auxiliary method of therapy. Like the original, it can be used for a long time if the neurologist considers it appropriate.
Sedavit Medication in the form of a solution and tablets for oral administration, containing several components of plant origin. It is prescribed for insomnia, anxiety disorders and neurasthenia, helps to normalize psycho-emotional state, reduces the likelihood of complications in the form of cerebral disorders blood circulation.

The cost of analogs slightly differs from the price of the original and ranges from 300-600 rubles. The dosage of drugs and the duration of their use are determined individually after the examination.

Novo-passit is an effective herbal remedy with sedative properties, which is actively prescribed for patients over 12 years old in order to improve the functioning of the central nervous system. Indications for the use of the medication describe the possibility of prescribing women during menopause, but the decision is always made by a neurologist after a preliminary examination.

Video about the drug Novo-Passit

Novo-Passit. We treat anxiety with phytotherapy:

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