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Corvalol is a remedy from the group of vasodilating and sedative medicines used in Gilbert's syndrome in combination with other drugs. This group of medicines helps to dilate blood vessels, relieves stress on the heart, and inhibits the production of some liver enzymes.

Drugs are often included in the course of treatment or used as the main method of providing assistance not only for heart disease, but also for damage to some organs of the digestive system.

Characteristics of Gilbert's syndrome

Gilbert's syndrome is a pathological condition in which the patient's blood the level of indirect bilirubin rises and external, systemic disorders of varying degrees appear severity. The disease always proceeds in a chronic form, it is not considered dangerous for patients, provided that it is regularly monitored by a specialist.


The reasons for the development of pathology have not been precisely identified, but doctors note that pathology is about 10 times more common in men. Moreover, about 5% of the total number of patients have a hereditary predisposition in the history.

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Corvalol with Gilbert's syndrome. How and how much to take

People of the Caucasian race are somewhat less likely to suffer from a similar disorder, but in Africans it occurs much more often. In the studies, it was found that about 3% of the sick were Europeans, but about 36% were Africans.


Corvalol with Gilbert's syndrome can be used, since one of its components belongs to the group of barbiturates. The mechanism of development of a pathological condition is based on a violation of the capture of bilirubin by hepatocytes. As a result, not only this process is disrupted, but also the transport of the component. Experts identify 2 forms of the disease. In the first case, bilirubin rises against the background of hemolysis, in the second - in its absence.

Indirect bilirubin is poorly soluble in water, but well soluble in fats, which explains its toxicity to the human brain. The component binds to phospholipids of the cell membranes of the nervous system, provoking various symptoms that require the appointment of sedatives.

As a result of the prolonged course of the pathological condition, deviations appear not only from the digestive system, but also from other organs.

Symptoms and Signs

The disease is characterized by the appearance of several pronounced symptoms, as well as additional signs that differ in different patients.Corvalol with Gilbert's syndrome. How and how much to take

Type of violations Peculiarities
External signs The most pronounced external sign of the disease is considered to be a change in the shade of the skin. In the initial stages, it becomes yellowish, but gradually the shade becomes more saturated, the yellowness of the sclera joins. In many patients, icteric papules of small size, irregular shape appear on the skin of the eyelids. A feature of the course of the disease is considered to be the periodic disappearance of symptoms and its reappearance after a while. In patients, periods of remission last for a different amount of time. The condition of the skin always worsens, the skin becomes dry, peeling and itching are observed.
Systemic disorders Among the systemic reactions, one can distinguish severe weakness, rapid fatigue, irritability and sleep disturbance. Against the background of constant drowsiness, patients note a deterioration in the quality of night sleep. Productivity decreases, physical weakness is observed, even in the absence of exertion. Appetite deteriorates significantly, vomiting and upset stools are often observed. Weight loss is considered a common symptom, but some patients report weight gain and edema. The decrease in productivity is observed not only when performing physical manipulations. Patients report a deterioration in memory, concentration, and a decrease in mental performance.

Corvalol with Gilbert's syndrome. How and how much to takeDepending on the presence of other complications in the patient, the clinical picture may differ. Not all symptoms appear at the same time. In the initial stages, only external signs are present, after which systemic disorders join.

At advanced stages, complications from the heart appear, manifested in the form of tachycardia and arrhythmias, fluctuations in blood pressure indicators. Swelling of the limbs and face is considered a common manifestation of the disease.

When to take Corvalol

Corvalol with Gilbert's syndrome is used as part of a complex treatment, since one of the components of the composition refers to barbiturates, which have a positive effect on the level of bilirubin in the blood. The remedy is usually prescribed in case of persistent sleep disturbance and other neurological symptoms.Corvalol with Gilbert's syndrome. How and how much to take

The drug helps to eliminate irritability, normalizes sleep and prevents scratching of the skin. The medication can be used as part of a comprehensive treatment, even in the case of a severe course of the disease.


The drug can be purchased at the pharmacy in the form of tablets or drops for oral administration. In each case, the specialist individually decides on the appointment of one form or another. Drops are used to achieve a pronounced result. In the absence of acute symptoms, tablets are prescribed.

The product is taken in liquid form before bedtime. The dosage, depending on the severity of the symptoms, ranges from 15-20 drops. In advanced cases, it can be increased to 40 drops. It is allowed to add the solution to a small amount of water or drink it with water after ingestion.Corvalol with Gilbert's syndrome. How and how much to take

Corvalol tablets for Gilbert's syndrome are also taken before bedtime. The daily rate does not exceed 2 tablets. As with drops, the drug can be taken with a sufficient amount of water. The medication has a specific taste, as well as herbal ingredients that can increase the acidity of gastric juice, so it is better to take the medication after meals.

The duration of the therapeutic course is 10-14 days. The medication is capable of provoking addiction, so it is important not to exceed the dose and not to prolong the course on your own.

Gilbert's syndrome is considered a common pathological condition in which there is an increase in the level of bilirubin in the blood and the development of external, systemic disorders of varying severity. Often, with such a disease, Corvalol is prescribed to alleviate the condition, reduce the risk of disease progression.

Video about the drug Corvalol

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