A remedy for pigmentation on the face at the pharmacy. Reviews


  1. The mechanism of action and effectiveness of drugs for pigmentation
  2. Forms of release of funds for age spots
  3. Cream
  4. Gels and Serums
  5. Composition of preparations
  6. Rules for choosing funds
  7. Pharmacy ointments and preparations
  8. Synthomycin ointment
  9. Salicylic zinc ointment
  10. Clotrimazole
  11. Retinoic ointment
  12. Zinc ointment
  13. Belosalik
  14. Sulfuric ointment
  15. Heparin Whitening Ointment
  16. Skinoren
  17. Akhromin
  18. Dietary supplements
  19. Beihekang Brand
  20. Mummy
  21. How to use the funds correctly?
  22. Anti-pigmentation videos

According to statistics, many women after 35 years of age begin to show increased pigmentation. It is mainly located on their face. Skin tone becomes uneven, which is very uncomfortable. Getting rid of such a problem is not easy, but it is possible. To prevent it, it is recommended to use special protective equipmentthat lighten age spots well.

The mechanism of action and effectiveness of drugs for pigmentation

The active ingredients in anti-pigmentation brighteners (alpha-arbutin and azelaic acid) minimize melanin production and inhibit tyrosinase. The exfoliating elements of the preparations remove cells with accumulated dye, and retinoids renew the skin.

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Further, the table presents and describes the main and mandatory components of depigmenting drugs, as well as their properties:

Components of anti-age spots Mechanism of action of elements
Dandelion extract Vitaminization, disinfection, bleaching
Niacinamide Skin regeneration and lightening
Arbutin Stopping the spread of pigment on the skin
Retinol Decreased production of melanin
Tretinol Stimulating cell regeneration
Azelaic acid Antibacterial effect, inhibition of melanin synthesis
A nicotinic acid Participation in oxidation and reduction processes
Kojic acid Whitening, regeneration

Pigmentation remedies are especially required if:

  • there are post-traumatic scars;
  • dark spots are uncomfortable;
  • there is an unpleasant effect from an unsuccessful tan;
  • the skin has an unattractive and very dark complexion;
  • there are numerous freckles on the face.

But depigmenting products are contraindicated for:

  • recent salon procedures;
  • thin skin;
  • dermatological diseases;
  • inflammation on the face;
  • microtrauma;
  • the presence of moles and warts;
  • rosacea;
  • pregnancy and lactation.Remedies for pigmentation on the face in the pharmacy. Reviews

Good anti-pigmentation preparations:

  • perfectly brighten the skin;
  • protect cells from free radicals;
  • have renewing properties;
  • inhibit the synthesis of melanin;
  • reduce the brightness and size of spots;
  • even out skin tone.

The anti-pigmentation remedy along with good care provides the skin with amazing results. To achieve it, salon treatments are also included. With the help of all this, darkened areas of the skin are well lightened, and there is no trace of hyperpigmentation. This effect is due to the content of fruit acids in the preparations.

Forms of release of funds for age spots

Depigmenting agents are produced in the form of:

  • gels;
  • serums;
  • creams.


Pigmentation whitening creams can also:

  • smooth out fine wrinkles;
  • remove acne;
  • relieve inflammation;
  • moisturize and nourish the skin;
  • remove stretch marks.

Gels and Serums

Pigmentation gels are lighter in texture than creams. These products are suitable for those who have combination or oily skin on their face. Brightening serums are lightweight and concentrated in their main components. They are used as a separate product or applied before the cream.

Composition of preparations

Pharmacy products that remove age spots are divided into:

  • Hormonal, with a pronounced and fast action. These drugs are different:
  • a striking result that destroys melanocytes;
  • toxicity with long-term use;
  • preventive effect.Remedies for pigmentation on the face in the pharmacy. Reviews

Natural, containing natural ingredients.

They may include:

  • kaolin;
  • parsley;
  • licorice;
  • Strawberry;
  • cucumbers;
  • lemon.

Natural preparations do not contain:

  • flavors;
  • silicones;
  • dyes.

Organic, with sulfur and zinc compounds.

Such components struggle with:

  • excessive oily skin;
  • pigmentation;
  • redness and inflammation.
  • Vitamins that:
  • lighten;
  • improve the appearance of the skin;
  • even out the tone.

Pigment whitening preparations are filled with the following ingredients:

  • arbutin (organic glycoside from bearberry leaves);
  • hydroquinone (a natural antioxidant);
  • gluconic acid, which is produced by jellyfish;
  • kojic acid found in cereals and mushrooms;
  • beta carotene;
  • ascorbic acid;
  • retinol;
  • glycolic and salicylic acids;
  • niacinamide;
  • hydroxyethylpiperazineethanesulfonic acid.

The composition of depigmenting pharmaceuticals can also include oils and extracts:

  • jojoba;
  • grape seeds;
  • aloe;
  • mulberries;
  • licorice;
  • chamomile;
  • parsley;
  • cucumber;
  • lemon.

The pigmentation remedy on the face is designed to weaken the formation of melanin and renew cells. Preparations with lightening elements remove dead skin particles and also reduce the synthesis of the darkening dye. Such products, especially pharmaceutical products, may additionally contain hormones or vitamins.

Rules for choosing funds

A suitable bleaching agent for age spots should be sufficiently oily and gentle. High-quality clarifying medicines are sold by pharmacies and branded cosmetics stores. Effective depigmenting preparations are always marked with quality certificates.

Whitening creams for oily skin should have:

  • matting effect;
  • kaolin;
  • acids;
  • ceramides;
  • talc;
  • retinol;
  • caffeine;
  • soothing plant extracts:
  1. aloe;
  2. turns;
  3. chamomile;
  4. tea tree.

For dry skin, select funds with:

  • hyaluronic acid;
  • fats;
  • thermal water;
  • glycerin.

For women with normal skin type, depigmenting products with antioxidants and vegetable oils are suitable. Vitamins and natural extracts will work well with the combined epidermis. For sensitive integuments, anti-inflammatory and protective elements will be needed. All whitening medications should have a normal duration.

Pharmacy ointments and preparations

Pigmentation drugs from the pharmacy are more effective than cosmetic whitening products. They not only mask dark spots on the face, but also treat them. Some pharmacy ointments and other anti-hyperpigmentation drugs are described below.

Synthomycin ointment

Antibacterial synthomycin ointment has a mild therapeutic effect.Remedies for pigmentation on the face in the pharmacy. Reviews

It quickly and easily removes:

  • age spots;
  • comedones;
  • acne.

The tool is also able to cope with:

  • irritation and inflammation of the skin;
  • allergic rash;
  • dermatitis and acne.

A drug with synthomycin in case of an overdose can cause:

  • burns;
  • burning;
  • itching;
  • irritation.

Synthomycin ointment does not enter the bloodstream, but only affects the skin. However, the antibiotic contained in the product is contraindicated in liver and kidney diseases.

A pharmaceutical preparation consists of the following components:

  • liniment synthomycin, spreading over all layers of the skin;
  • novocaine, relieving pain;
  • castor oil, which moisturizes and softens.

A remedy for pigmentation on the face in the form of pharmaceutical preparations is more effective than cosmetic products. Such serums and ointments have medicinal and whitening properties. They are natural and organic. Sometimes vitamins or hormones are added to them. All of these supplements regenerate and nourish the skin.

Means when using:

  • dries up;
  • relieves suppuration and inflammation;
  • whitens age-related and old pigmentation.

Salicylic zinc ointment

The ointment is contraindicated for:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • purulent infections;
  • dry or sensitive skin.Remedies for pigmentation on the face in the pharmacy. Reviews

The drug is indicated for:

  • hyperpigmentation;
  • skin diseases;
  • dermatitis;
  • acne;
  • eczema.

The active ingredients of the product are zinc oxide and salicylic acid.

An overdose of the drug leads to such side effects as:

  • allergy;
  • burning;
  • rashes;
  • itching and irritation.


The depigmenting ointment, which additionally treats allergies and acne, quickly lightens age-related dark spots on the face and freckles. It also fights enlarged pores and acne. Clotrimazole is formulated to protect against ultraviolet radiation and get rid of inflammation. It should not be used by people with dry or sensitive skin. The side effects of the drug are itching and irritation.

A remedy with clotrimazole is applied 3 times a day to clean and dry skin of the face. The ointment is very effective and does not smell. The whitening effect of the drug, by the way, is a side effect. This effect was revealed after its application for fungal infections.

Retinoic ointment

Pharmaceutical ointment combats:

  • irritations;
  • acne;
  • pigmentation.

Retinol, the main ingredient of the product, if there is no allergy to it, evens out the skin tone, and also painlessly and effectively removes:

  • freckles;
  • dark spots;
  • comedones;
  • acne.
  • Remedies for pigmentation on the face in the pharmacy. Reviews

Retinoic ointment is applied to dark marks at night and only 2-3 times a week. Immediately after applying it, the skin on the face begins to peel off and redden. But then she gets used to retinol, a synthetic analogue of vitamin A, and gets rid of these side effects. During therapy with this product, sunscreen is always applied to the face before going outside.

Zinc ointment

Strong therapeutic and brightening agent with zinc oxide:

  • effectively and instantly relieves inflammation;
  • evens out the tone;
  • heals damaged areas;
  • regenerates water balance;
  • reduces and cleanses pores.Remedies for pigmentation on the face in the pharmacy. Reviews

Zinc ointment is not used for:

  • purulent diseases;
  • hypersensitivity;
  • burns.


Belosalik with salicylic acid and no contraindications:

  • relieves pigmentation and rashes;
  • evens out the tone;
  • soothes irritations;
  • moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

Sulfuric ointment

This powerful sulfur-containing product has the following properties:

  • drying;
  • protective;
  • whitening.

When applying the ointment, you should remember some points:

  • the drug is applied pointwise;
  • peeling before treatment is not used, so as not to increase the risk of burns;
  • the product is not mixed with other cosmetic and pharmaceutical products;
  • medication with sulfur is not applied to people with allergies and children under 3 years of age.

Heparin Whitening Ointment

Hypoallergenic and safe heparin ointment with a brightening effect does not contain:

  • harmful substances;
  • fragrance;
  • dyes.Remedies for pigmentation on the face in the pharmacy. Reviews

Heparin and sodium benzocaine in the composition of the product:

  • whiten age spots;
  • restore the skin;
  • nourish and moisturize.

Brightening ointment includes:

  • benzyl nicotinate, which dilates blood vessels and enhances blood microcirculation;
  • anesthesin, which has a sedative and local anesthetic effect;
  • heparin, which inhibits blood clotting.

The therapeutic effect of the whitening ointment is manifested:

  • increased blood circulation in problem areas;
  • an increase in the number of nutrients received by tissues;
  • activation of regenerative processes in cells;
  • restoration of the skin;
  • regulation of melanin synthesis.

The pigmentation remedy on the face is slow but effective. They need to be used constantly and for a long time. Such preparations have various forms of administration. They should be appropriate for the nature of the problem and skin types. Anti-hyperpigmentation creams contain antioxidants and moisturizers. These preparations are applied to clean skin of the face 2 times a day.


High quality skinoren with azelaic acid and tocopherol:

  • restores;
  • nourishes;
  • moisturizes;
  • whitens.


The product removes any age spots from the face, and also protects it from harmful sun exposure.Remedies for pigmentation on the face in the pharmacy. Reviews

The cream called Achromin contains:

  • citric and salicylic acids;
  • licorice oil;
  • vitamins B3 and E;
  • lactic acid.

Dietary supplements

Among the dietary supplements for pigmentation are:

  • Askorutin, saturates the skin with important nutrients and increases vascular strength. When taking pills, the complexion evens out well. This is due to the content of rutin and vitamin C in the product.
  • Aevit with vitamins E and A, which are the strongest natural antioxidants. The main components of the drug:
  1. intensively moisturize the skin;
  2. stimulate metabolism in the deep layers of the epidermis;
  3. weaken the harmful effects of the environment;
  4. accelerate cell division;
  5. nourish tissues and activate blood circulation;
  6. smooth out wrinkles.
  • Folic acid. These pills are useful for those women who are already 40 years old. Folic acid contributes to:
  • slowing down the aging process;
  • increasing stress resistance;
  • stabilization of the central nervous system;
  • accelerating the renewal of skin cells;
  • regulation of metabolism.
  • BAA Manzhishta from Khmalaya Herbals, it is effective for:
  • psoriasis;
  • any pigmentation;
  • poisoning with parasites;
  • disturbed work of the sebaceous glands;
  • complex mycoses;
  • skin infections;
  • dermatitis.Remedies for pigmentation on the face in the pharmacy. Reviews

Active substances of the drug:

  • relieve stagnation;
  • improve metabolism and blood circulation;
  • remove toxins.

Pigmentation is formed by 2 types of cells. It arises in melanocytes, and its dye is then transported through the body by keratinocytes. To prevent the formation of pigment, medications and pharmaceuticals with a whitening effect have been created. Such preparations have a complex effect on the skin of the face, constantly renewing it and protecting it from hyperpigmentation.

Beihekang Brand

Beihekang Brand capsules from China are designed to effectively get rid of age spots.

They consist of:

  • clean spring water;
  • ferulic acid;
  • beeswax;
  • angelica extract;
  • iron oxide;
  • vitamin E;
  • soybean oil;
  • sage;
  • glycerin;
  • pearl powder;
  • extracts from the sheep placenta;
  • gelatin.

With this dietary supplement:

  • the protective level of the skin rises;
  • the hormonal background is normalized;
  • the production of its own elastin and collagen is activated;
  • general health improves;
  • inflammation is stopped;
  • evens out skin color.


A natural mountain resin called mummy includes:

  • nutrients;
  • essential oils;
  • a huge number of vitamins.Remedies for pigmentation on the face in the pharmacy. Reviews

The use of the drug is capable of:

  • remove toxins;
  • relieve inflammation;
  • narrow and cleanse pores;
  • soothe itching;
  • remove rashes;
  • regulate the work of the sebaceous glands;
  • smooth out skin relief;
  • accelerate cell renewal;
  • stimulate the production of elastin and collagen;
  • give velvety;
  • decontaminate.

How to use the funds correctly?

Products created to brighten the skin of the face must be correctly selected and applied. Strict adherence to the instructions for use negates all the side effects of such funds.

The set of rules for the use of depigmenting products is as follows:

  • Before using the products, they are tested for the possibility of allergies. To do this, the drug is applied to the inside of the wrist or elbow and left for 2 hours. If, after this time, any irritation does not appear on the skin, then the cream or ointment can be safely used further as intended.
  • Creams are applied only to clean face skin. They are distributed thinly and evenly. The product that has not been absorbed is removed from the skin with a cotton pad after 10 minutes.
  • Whitening medications are best used before bedtime and from October to March when sun activity is at its lowest.
  • During the day, the skin is protected with sunscreen.
  • Whitening ointments are used for 21 days (2 times a day) and more, if the instruction allows it.
  • To enhance the brightening effect of the products, the face skin is additionally cleansed with the help of special sponges and scrubs.
  • If side effects appear, then the number of procedures is minimized.

Special preparations from the pharmacy are able not only to get rid of pigmentation, but also to treat skin diseases. These products also remove the effects of acne on the face and moisturize it perfectly. They are no worse than cosmetics, they care for the skin, providing it with reliable protection from an excess of melanin.

Anti-pigmentation videos

The best pigmentation remedies:

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