Visceral massage of the abdomen. Reviews, contraindications, before and after photos


  1. Description of the procedure
  2. Who is it shown to?
  3. Who is contraindicated for?
  4. Possible complications
  5. Preparing for the procedure
  6. Deep visceral massage technique
  7. Acupressure massage of the abdomen
  8. Can I do it myself
  9. the effect
  10. How often to do
  11. Pros and cons of the technique
  12. Massage videos

Visceral abdominal massage - massage of internal organs through the outer wall of the stomach, which helps to fight spasms and changes in the ligamentous apparatus, leading to a displacement of the anatomical position of internal organs.

Although, according to reviews, it is a rather unpleasant procedure, from the first session it helps to restore the work of the gastrointestinal tract, improve sleep and improve the general well-being of a person.

Description of the procedure

The massage technique known since the time of the Persian doctor Avicenna was widely used in China and India, and in Russia it was called "Old Church Slavonic" and was widely used as a sparing effect on the body to improve blood circulation and the work of internal organs.

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Visceral massage of the abdomen. Photos, reviews, contraindications

Visceral abdominal massage, considered an effective alternative to medical and surgical treatment, is used to normalize the functioning of the internal organs of the gastrointestinal tract.

Visceral massage of the abdomen (reviews of the procedure are given below in the article) - external massage of internal organs, used with the purpose of relieving pain in muscle spasms, changing the position of internal organs, reducing the effects of adhesive disease.

The technique consists in a gentle hand effect on the area of ​​the intestines, kidneys and abdominal cavity, which helps to get rid of pain, flatulence, diarrhea and constipation.

The technique of visceral abdominal massage was developed by the manual and therapist A. Ogulov, who took the classical massage technique as a basis.

Visceral massage of the abdomen. Photos, reviews, contraindications

In inflammatory processes, infectious pathologies, injuries and surgery, changes occur in the ligamentous apparatus, leading to a displacement of internal organs. During visceral massage, the doctor manually relieves spasms of the ligaments, returning the internal organs to their anatomical position, as well as improving lymph and blood flow.

Developed by Dr. A. Ogulov the technique of visceral massage consists in sequential, step-by-step manipulations on the internal organs:

Internal organs The method of exposure and the effect of the procedure
Stomach Palpation is performed in the umbilical zone, pancreas and stomach, helping to normalize digestion and improve bile duct.
Intestines The specialist presses first on the intestine itself, and then on the ileum, which runs along the colon. Consistently in this area, the area of ​​the stomach and spleen is also worked out.
Genitourinary system The pressure in this area allows you to normalize the uterine and intestinal processes.
Kidney The most painful area, requiring alternating its study with pressure in the intestinal area.

Depending on the degree of impact on internal organs, modern manual therapy differs:

  • Deep visceral massage, carried out according to the Ogulov technique and consists in strong manual pressure on problem areas.
  • Acupressure visceral massage, carried out according to the Japanese technique and consisting in a point effect on painful areas.

Visceral therapist, hirudotherapist, masseur, leading specialist of the center for complementary medicine "Ecomed" Elena Simanova notes that due to the vibrating, stroking and massaging movements of the specialist's hands during the visceral massage:

  • there is an improvement in the work of the digestive tract and metabolism;
  • blood circulation of internal organs is restored;
  • the work of the lymphatic and respiratory systems is getting better;
  • the membranes of internal organs soften;
  • the pressure in the abdominal cavity decreases;
  • the exchange of fluids improves;
  • the process of splitting and removing the waste products of the body is being established;
  • delivery of hormones to organs is carried out;
  • there is a decrease in inflammation and pain.
Visceral massage of the abdomen. Photos, reviews, contraindications
Visceral abdominal massage helps to solve many problems

In addition to the therapeutic effect, visceral abdominal massage, according to the specialist, also:

  • enhances tissue regeneration processes;
  • increases the elasticity of the muscle tissues of the stomach and intestines;
  • helps to strengthen the skin and faster burning of fat in the abdomen;
  • fights against the appearance of cellulite;
  • fights puffiness by improving lymph flow and removing accumulated fluid in the body;
  • reduces the severity of headaches.

By affecting the nervous system, visceral abdominal massage helps to improve metabolism and mood, and also fights against intense hunger that appears against the background of stress.

Who is it shown to?

The main advantage of visceral abdominal massage, according to visceral therapist Elena Viktorovna Simanova, is its the ability to reduce pain and inflammation in internal organs, stimulate oxygen metabolism and restore metabolic processes.

Visceral abdominal massage is used for:

Indications Description
Digestive tract disorders: The application of the technique is shown when:
  • bloating;
  • constipation;
  • nausea;
  • acid reflux;
  • gastroesophageal reflux disease;
  • dysfunction of swallowing.
Chronic cystitis Massage allows you to cope with the adhesion process and the loss of elasticity of the lining of the internal organs.
Gallbladder problems The procedure is prescribed for biliary dyskinesia, allowing you to ease the spasm and improve the work of the gastrointestinal tract, preventing the appearance of:
  • constipation;
  • heartburn;
  • sour or bitter belching;
  • bloating;
  • heaviness after eating.
For reproductive health problems in men and women The technique, which consists in the gradual development of the genitourinary system, effectively copes with:
  • chronic pelvic pain;
  • endometriosis;
  • myoma and cyst of the uterus;
  • dysmenorrhea;
  • urinary incontinence;
  • dysfunction of the prostate;
  • reflected pain in the testicles;
  • the consequences of menopause.
For children's problems For children under the age of 18, visceral abdominal massage is prescribed for:
  • constipation;
  • gastritis;
  • constant vomiting;
  • vesicoureteral reflux;
  • colic.

The use of visceral abdominal massage is also recommended as an aid in chronic pathologies of the kidneys, liver and gallbladder.

Visceral massage of the abdomen. Photos, reviews, contraindications

In addition to the therapeutic effect, manual action on the abdominal cavity, according to the specialist, allows:

  • cope with excess body weight and fatty formations in the abdomen;
  • improve the condition of the tissues;
  • prevent the further development of cellulite.

Visceral therapist Elena Viktorovna Simanova notes that massage of internal organs is also indicated for people who have survived surgery and abdominal trauma or forced to lead a sedentary lifestyle as an effective technique that allows you to cope with the adhesion process without surgery, leading to problems in the work of the intestines and severe pain.

Who is contraindicated for?

Despite the tremendous benefit received by the client after completing the course of visceral massage, doctors forbid such manipulations to be carried out when:

  • acute infections and inflammatory processes of the abdominal cavity and pelvic organs;
  • recent injuries;
  • malignant neoplasms;
  • bleeding;
  • thrombosis;
  • perforated ulcer;
  • enlarged lymph nodes;
  • unexplained weight loss;
  • aneurysm;
  • cardiovascular disease or infections.

Possible complications

Visceral abdominal massage (patient reviews note the appearance of unpleasant, painful symptoms accompanying the procedure) should be carried out only by an experienced specialist.

Visceral massage of the abdomen. Photos, reviews, contraindications

Otherwise, the likelihood of side effects is high, including:

  • headache;
  • intoxication of the body;
  • increased symptoms of pathology;
  • muscle soreness.

Preparing for the procedure

Visceral abdominal massage is preceded by a preliminary consultation with a physiotherapist, during which a specialist will assess the patient's condition and give recommendations on the amount required to obtain a stable effect, sessions.

Visceral massage of the abdomen. Photos, reviews, contraindications

Before the start of the massage sessions, the patient will need to undergo an ultrasound of the abdominal and pelvic organs. The results of the study must be shown to a specialist in order to study the state of health and exclude possible contraindications for the procedure.

Deep visceral massage technique

Visceral therapist, hirudotherapist, masseur, leading specialist of the "Ecomed" center Elena V. Simanova notes that visceral massage is performed on a "soft stomach", therefore before the procedure itself, the patient will have to stop eating for several hours and empty the intestines, which will reduce the severity of painful sensations that occur during procedures.

The specialist's task is also to relax the client and prepare him for manual manipulation by turning on relaxing music and creating a comfortable temperature in the room.

Before the procedure, the specialist conducts manual palpation of the abdominal area to determine ligamentous injuries, and in the process of work with special methodologically correct movements returns them into place.

Procedure progress:

  1. The masseur applies a small amount of massage oil on the palms and warms it up in the hands, and then strokes, in a circular motion (moving strictly clockwise) warms the skin on the patient's abdomen at a distance of 3-4 cm from navel.
  2. Then, using both hands, the specialist rubs the skin on the abdomen, warming it, as well as starting fat burning and regenerating (increasing tissue elasticity) processes.
  3. After the skin is prepared, the specialist locates the painful area and begins to gently press on it. For each area, no more than 3 seconds are allocated, while the patient may feel a slight, unpleasant pressure, not accompanied by severe pain.
  4. If, in addition to painful sensations, the client wants to reduce fat deposits on the abdomen, the specialist proceeds to kneading, during which he works separately with each fold on the abdomen.
  5. At the next stage, the massage therapist conducts vibration, passing his palms over the entire surface of the abdomen and completing the massage with stroking and soothing movements of the skin.
  6. After the completion of the procedure, the remaining massage oil is removed from the skin with a towel.
Visceral massage of the abdomen. Photos, reviews, contraindications

The whole procedure takes no more than 30-40 minutes on average. In this case, for the first session, it is permissible to allocate no more than 15 minutes. The duration of one type of manipulation should not exceed 3-4 minutes.

During the massage, the patient will be disturbed by unpleasant painful sensations caused by pressure on the internal organs. That is why, before each subsequent manipulation, the doctor should take a break of 3-5 minutes.

The "bubbling" movements in the abdomen that occur during the session are caused by the specialist's attempt to normalize the work of the bile ducts and intestinal motility, and it is considered, according to doctors, completely normal.

A full massage course consists of 10 sessions with an interval of 1-2 days.

Acupressure massage of the abdomen

A type of visceral therapy is the acupressure of the abdomen, carried out according to the Japanese technique. with fingertips, pressing on certain points, and allowing you to cope with serious pathologies abdominal cavity.

Procedure progress:

  1. Visceral acupressure begins with stroking, warming movements, after which the specialist begins to work from the area located 2 cm above the navel.
  2. First, the specialist puts pressure on the points near the navel, and then gradually moves away from it.
  3. The massage is completed by stroking movements.
Visceral massage of the abdomen. Photos, reviews, contraindications

The procedure is carried out every day for 3 weeks and requires the use of a small amount of massage oil, removed after the session with a napkin.

Can I do it myself

Visceral abdominal massage (patient reviews note a significant improvement in the general condition after the first session) should not be carried out at home on your own, because of the danger of causing an exacerbation of pathology and intoxication organism.

Despite the fact that on the Internet you can find a large number of training massage techniques, a specialist in the field of applied kinesiology, massage, improvement of the body and body shaping Andrei Zubenko does not advise practicing them on yourself or your loved ones because of the danger of developing side effects.

Deep or acupressure massage, according to a specialist, should be entrusted to professionals with medical education and practical knowledge in the field of anatomy. a person, and it is permissible to independently carry out only lymphatic drainage massage, which consists in carrying out leisurely circular movements (strictly clockwise) 3-4 cm from navel.

Such a procedure, according to the massage therapist Andrei Zubenko, will allow not only to accelerate the outflow of lymph, but also to normalize intestinal peristalsis, as well as slightly tighten the abdominal muscles.

the effect

Visceral abdominal massage (reviews of patients who have tested a popular technique on themselves note the complete disappearance of problems with emptying the gastrointestinal tract) allows you to notice the result after the first session.

The correct hand technique allows you to:

  • improve mood;
  • normalize sleep;
  • stabilize the work of internal organs.
Visceral massage of the abdomen. Photos, reviews, contraindications

After completing the massage course:

  • blood circulation, lymph flow and bile secretion are normalized;
  • muscle spasms pass;
  • digestion is normalized;
  • the work of the kidneys and bladder is stabilized;
  • the general condition of the skin is normalized;
  • the body is cleansed of toxins.

How often to do

Experts recommend visceral abdominal massage to be carried out in a course of 10-15 procedures performed with an interval of 3-4 days. For acupressure, let's say a course of 15 procedures performed daily.

Svetlana Demidenko, a practicing specialist at the Kolibri massage parlor, recommends performing visceral abdominal massage as a preventive measure. This technique, according to the specialist, allows you to correct the position of the internal organs, helping them to take the optimal position and relax the spasmodic ligaments.

For prophylaxis, the masseur recommends to carry out 1 course of massage annually, in order to prevent the development of internal pathologies and detoxify the body. In case of chronic diseases, according to experts, the massage course, carried out once every six months and consisting of 10 sessions, will be optimal.

Pros and cons of the technique

Visceral abdominal massage is considered, according to manual therapy specialists, one of the most effective alternative techniques to cope with the problems of the gastrointestinal tract, chronic pathologies of the liver, kidneys and biliary bubble.

Also, the manual technique helps the patient recover faster from injuries and prevent or reduce the severity of the adhesion process.

Specialist in the field of applied kinesiology, massage, body improvement and body shaping Andrey Zubenko notes that upon completion of the course of the procedure:

  • internal organs will take their natural (correct) position;
  • the nutrition of the tissues of the internal organs will improve;
  • the tension of the ligaments (adhesions) will weaken;
  • spasms of internal organs will be eliminated, and their function will improve (inflammation will pass);
  • pain and discomfort will stop;
  • mood and sleep will improve;
  • discomfort and problems with the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) will disappear.
Visceral massage of the abdomen. Photos, reviews, contraindications

The disadvantages of this technique, according to patients and specialist of the massage salon "Kolibri" Svetlana Demidenko, are:

  • its quite high price, ranging from 650 rubles. in one procedure;
  • soreness of the technique, requiring the specialist to take breaks during the treatment of zones in 3-5 minutes;
  • the need for massage only by a specialist with medical education, due to the risk of deterioration of the patient's condition and the appearance of severe pain.

Visceral abdominal massage is a modern method of manual influence, known since ancient times. Based on the effect on internal organs due to external pressure, the massage technique helps to fight against pathologies of the intestines, urinary and gall bladder.

However, according to reviews, unpleasant painful sensations, and can also be carried out only by an experienced specialist with medical education, since with inexperienced exposure it can provoke the appearance of severe pain and intoxication organism.

Massage videos

The worst mistakes when massage the abdomen:

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