Tinnitus at VSD: in the head, ringing, with vascular dystonia, causes, treatment

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Tinnitus at VSD often occurs due to dysfunction of the central nervous system. If you experience this symptom should begin treatment immediately, because such sounds facilitate the growth of neural stimulation in a patient and lead to the progression vegetososudistoy dystonia.

Noise in ears


Tinnitus (congestion or noise in the ears) from VSD may provoke the following diseases:

  1. Osteochondrosis of the cervical spine. By having this disease are pressed blood vessels, resulting in an insufficient supply of oxygen to the brain nerve tissues.
  2. Hypotension or hypertension. Raising or lowering blood pressure often accompanied by noise or pulsatile tinnitus.
  3. Strong emotional shock. When stress occurs krovoottoka breach in the inner ear, causing tinnitus.

Furthermore, the ringing at the ear and nasal vascular dystonia may be present due to:

  1. Inflammatory disease affecting the upper respiratory organs.
  2. diseases of the spine.
  3. Cardiovascular pathologies.
  4. Traumatic brain injury.
  5. brain tumor.
  6. Excessive physical or mental overwork.
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  8. Use of large amounts of coffee, alcohol and salt.
  9. Smoking.
  10. Excessive amount of sulfur in the ears.
Osteochondrosis of the cervical spine

What to do

If there is noise in the head at VSD need as quickly as possible to see a doctor because this symptom may indicate the development of the autonomic innervation of the blood vessels of the ear skin, resulting in inflammation of the trigeminal branches can begin nerve.

the following guidelines you can use in the event of tinnitus before treatment to the doctor:

  • drink a little liquid or just swallow saliva;
  • close your nose and try to breathe out through it;
  • move the lower jaw.

It is forbidden to put pressure on the ear, and use of aspirin.

conservative therapy

To eliminate noise in the ears of the VVD, the doctor prescribes the patient intake of drugs, such as:

  1. Psychotropic or anti-anxiety agent, has a mild effect. Selecting the drug depends on the severity of depressive states.
  2. Antihypertensive medications. Take in the event that the noise occurs due to high blood pressure.
  3. Anti-inflammatory medications. Assigned for inflammatory diseases of the ear.
Help with tinnitus

In some cases, it can be used manual therapy and acupuncture. In severe forms of vascular dystonia when medikametoznye agents are not effective, the patient can direct a psychotherapist.

Traditional methods

To get rid of noise in the ears, you can use folk remedies. Well help compresses infusion and warm.

If concerned about tinnitus at VSD it is recommended to compress the alcohol. For this purpose, in 200 ml of water necessary to dissolve 1 tbsp. l. ammonia, and then apply the liquid to the cloth and apply to the forehead. Hold compress required for 45 minutes. The procedure is performed daily for 5-6 days.

Effective with tinnitus infusion. To make it, you need to take 1 tbsp. l. melissa leaf and pour 250 ml of boiling water. After that required by this part of 60 minutes and taken orally instead of tea, adding a little honey infusion. It is recommended to use the tool for 3 weeks.

Good curative effect decoction laurel leaves. For its preparation 5 g of raw material to pour 250 ml of boiling water and insist 2 hours by a water bath. Take a decoction three times a day until the disappearance of tinnitus.

For heating, you can use the bags with warm salt. They need to be applied to the mortgaged the pinna and leave to cool down salt.

If dystonia occurs hum in the ears, you should take 1 onion medium size onion, then cut it to deepen and fill it with cumin seeds. After that onions should be baked in the oven. Warm juice, formed in the process of baking, is used for instillation into the ear cavity. The procedure is done 2 times a day until complete recovery.

Tinnitus - bad sign indicating the malfunction of the central nervous system. If you experience this symptom it is advised not to self-medicate and consult an audiologist for a medical examination and proper treatment of the pathological process.

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