Heart Attack

Spleen infarction: the symptoms, what it is, treatment, causes, because of what happens

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Myocardial spleen represents a state, extended as a result of clot formation spasm or at overlapping vascular lumen foreign particles occurs death of body tissue (necrosis). All this is caused by blockage of the splenic artery. Thus minor infarct volume portions may not cause symptoms. The spleen is involved in hematopoiesis, regulates metabolism, promotes the immune process. The disease is diagnosed in both men and women, mostly after they reach 60 years of age.

spleen necrosis

Because of what happens

The pathology occurs when partial or total occlusion of the main artery. In myocardial spleen causes associated with embolism caused by the following conditions:

  1. heart disease (including myocardial infarction, arrhythmias, endocarditis). They provoke inhibition of blood flow velocity, resulting in a damaged segment of the vessel are formed thrombi. Clots migrate throughout the body through the bloodstream.
  2. Blood cancer.
  3. Vascular pathology or systemic inflammatory nature: endarteritis, vasculitis, atherosclerosis.
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  5. Some parasitic infestations and infections.
  6. Injuries to the abdominal cavity and rib fractures.
  7. Pathology of the spleen.
Blood cancer

Parenchymal necrosis develops as follows: body location predisposes to spasms splenic artery, whereby blood circulation, and cell death occurs after prolonged ischemia. Consequently necrotic lesions are formed in the splenic parenchyma. Prevention of the disease is to eliminate the occurrence of the above factors, the conduct of a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet.

Symptoms and how to diagnose

When the disease symptoms were determined by the scale of damage. Single foci of necrosis cause malaise. But the spread of the pathological process results in myocardial spleen to symptoms other than intense expression. If the process is accompanied by a pathological infection, the spleen is formed an abscess.

The main symptoms are pain and intoxication. Pain may be either blunt or sharp and cutting. Often she gives in the chest, waist, upper abdomen, left shoulder blade. Localized discomfort in the left upper quadrant. In addition, symptoms supplemented by the following manifestations:

  • digestive disorders;
  • temperature rise above 39 ° C;
  • increased heart rate;
  • dyspnea.

Diagnosis is made after the inspection and ultrasound. On palpation revealed an enlarged spleen size, and patient manipulation, this causes pain. If in doubt assigned tomography and X-ray contrast-administration.

How to treat

Myocardial spleen must be treated in a hospital. The therapeutic strategy is made individually depending on the patient's condition and the extent of parenchymal organ. Therapeutic measures preceded the establishment of the causes necrosis. It is assumed as drug effects, and invasive procedures.

In mild myocardial patient bed rest is shown, for attachment cold place splenic location analgesics. Mental and physical stress are contraindicated.


Patients with myocardial spleen prescribed drugs that reduce blood clotting. Their action is directed against an obstacle thrombosis. When minor injuries may be limited to reception analgesics.

warfarin tablets

Drug therapy is necessary and in the postoperative period. When the cause of the disease is to change the basic properties of blood, which often happens in the therapy of cell anemia with erythropoietin are assigned anticoagulants. Drugs in this group inhibit blood clotting speed. Warfarin or Heparin is often used.

After surgery always administered antibiotics with a broad spectrum of action such as Azithromycin, ofloxacin, cefazolin, ceftriaxone, erythromycin. Also shown receiving fibrinolytic agents, they contribute to the destruction of the already formed clots. It streptokinase or Fibrinolizin. anti-inflammatory agents and immune stimulants are also appointed.


Operation cavitary or laparoscopic method is carried out at a scale spleen tissue damage.

The operation involves resection or splenectomy. In the first case, removed the part of the body that is damaged necrotic processes. In the second case, a complete removal of the spleen. Preferred is a laparoscopic method because it is less traumatic.

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