Imoferase or Contractubex: which is better for scars, post-acne, burns

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  1. Comparative characteristics of Imoferase and Contractubex. Commonality and differences
  2. Chemical composition
  3. Pharmacological properties
  4. Indications
  5. Contraindications
  6. Instructions for use
  7. Application in special cases
  8. Side effects
  9. Compatibility
  10. What is better for scars, post-acne, burns?
  11. Drug prices
  12. Video about the drug Imoferase

Imoferase and Contractubex - These are 2 products for external use, which are often used in dermatology. The drugs have been shown to be highly effective in treating skin problems. It is better to use them immediately after cosmetic procedures or with fresh scars and scars.

Comparative characteristics of Imoferase and Contractubex. Commonality and differences

Each drug has its own distinctive features, rules of application and other characteristics. It is recommended to use this or that remedy on the advice of a specialist (dermatologist), since only a doctor can choose the most suitable method of treatment.

Chemical composition

The drugs have a different composition and form of release. Imoferase is produced by a domestic pharmaceutical company in the form of a cream. The second product is produced in Germany in the form of a gel or a patch.

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The active ingredient of the cream is immobilized hyaluronidase.Imoferase or Contractubex: which is better for scars, post-acne, burns

The gel contains the following active ingredients:

  • onion bulb extract;
  • sodium heparin;
  • allantoin.Imoferase or Contractubex: which is better for scars, post-acne, burns

Contractubex is more natural in composition. However, this does not affect the patient's well-being and efficiency in any way.

Pharmacological properties

Imoferase or Contractubex (it is better to use the drugs separately) show the same therapeutic effect, but differ in pharmacological properties and mechanism of action. The cream belongs to the group of cosmetics, the gel belongs to the group of medicinal (dermatological) preparations.

Imoferase helps to suppress excess formation of connective tissue, reduces swelling in the damaged area and changes its structure. This improves the appearance of the scar, increases elasticity and reduces redness. The product eliminates unpleasant symptoms in the damaged area and enhances the protective properties of the skin.

Gel Contractubex is a combined drug and has a pronounced anti-inflammatory, fibrinolytic, keratolytic and antithrombotic effect. It stimulates the regeneration of skin cells and inhibits the formation of keloids.

At the same time, the active components of the gel inhibit mitosis, increase tissue hydration and slow down the production of collagen during its pathological acceleration.

According to the studies carried out, the gel penetrates into the deep layers of the epidermis within 4 hours, which is what a pronounced therapeutic effect is achieved. At the same time, the concentration of penetrating components has a clinically significant effect.


The funds have similar indications for use.Imoferase or Contractubex: which is better for scars, post-acne, burns

Thus, the cream is used for various skin lesions:

  • trauma;
  • post-acne;
  • the period after cosmetic or surgical procedures;
  • burns.

The indications for the use of the gel are the following violations:

  • scars resulting from various injuries and injuries;
  • stretch marks formed after pregnancy;
  • various types of contractures;
  • atrophic scars (post-acne);
  • prevention of scar formation after surgical procedures or other injuries.

Kontraktubex has a more extensive application, since it can additionally be used to eliminate stretch marks and contractures.Imoferase or Contractubex: which is better for scars, post-acne, burns

It should be borne in mind that drugs are prescribed for mild and moderate development of pathological processes. With severe injuries and dermatological diseases, drugs are used as an auxiliary therapy and are not able to cope with the disorders on their own.


Imoferase or Kontraktubex (it is better to first study the contraindications to the funds and check their tolerance) have overlapping restrictions on use.

Imoferase has no contraindications, with the exception of intolerance to the components (individual sensitivity). However, when carrying a child, you should first consult a doctor. Unless absolutely necessary, it is recommended to refrain from using the cream for the entire period of pregnancy.

The gel must not be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as in children under 1 year of age. It is also contraindicated if the patient is allergic to the components.

In this regard, the first agent can be widely used in pediatric practice, which significantly expands the age group.

Instructions for use

The drugs have different dosage regimens. However, they also differ in the duration of use.Imoferase or Contractubex: which is better for scars, post-acne, burns

Application rules (for Imoferase): apply to problem areas with light movements 2 times a day. The first results are visible within 2-4 weeks. The duration of therapy is 1-2 months.

Scheme of application (for Kontraktubex): apply to damaged areas 2-4 times a day (for children no more than 1-2 times). The duration of treatment varies depending on the severity of the pathological process and ranges from 1 month to 1 year.

Application in special cases

The gel has some precautions that must be followed during the entire treatment period. Thus, during the treatment of fresh scars (scars), it is necessary to avoid exposure to sunlight, temperature changes (especially cold) and any massage actions in the face area.Imoferase or Contractubex: which is better for scars, post-acne, burnsImoferase or Contractubex: which is better for scars, post-acne, burns

Both drugs can be prescribed to elderly patients.

During the carrying of a child, the gel is completely contraindicated. The cream can be prescribed at a given time, taking into account the potential risks and expected benefits of such treatment.

Both drugs are intended only for local use, therefore they do not cause negative effects on the part of the psyche and visual functions. In this regard, when using them, it is allowed to drive a car or carry out other work related to increased concentration of attention.

Side effects

Imoferase, unlike Contractubex, is a cosmetic product, so it has fewer side effects. Moreover, the drug is tolerated much better than its analogue.

When applying the cream, sometimes there may be reactions such as redness, itching, peeling, and a feeling of tightness.Imoferase or Contractubex: which is better for scars, post-acne, burns

Side effects (for gel):

  • Skin manifestations: itchy elements, erythema, atrophic changes in the scar or skin, the formation of age spots or skin areas. In extremely rare cases, papules, itching, irritation, urticaria may occur. There is also a burning sensation and tightness of the skin, peeling and contact dermatitis.
  • Infectious lesion: the formation of a pustular rash.
  • The immune system: the development of allergies.
  • Nervous system: violation of sensitivity (paresthesia).
  • Local reactions: swelling, pain syndrome.

Due to the large number of negative manifestations, Kontraktubex is recommended to be used with extreme caution in childhood and to monitor the reactions that arise.

If any undesirable effects develop, including those not specified in any of the instructions, it is necessary to stop further use of the cream or gel and seek advice from specialist.Imoferase or Contractubex: which is better for scars, post-acne, burns

The gel at the beginning of therapy can lead to the development of itching. This reaction is normal and associated with scar remodeling, therefore drug withdrawal is not required.


Imoferase does not interact with other drugs, therefore it can be used in conjunction with creams and ointments with similar effects and indications.

The interaction of Kontraktubex has not been studied. In this connection, with its simultaneous use with other similar drugs, you should first consult with a specialist. This will facilitate more effective treatment and prevent the accidental development of drug incompatibilities.

What is better for scars, post-acne, burns?

Imoferase or Kontraktubex (it is better to clarify individual indications for drugs with a dermatologist) can be used in the treatment of scars, post-acne and burns.

Both tools help to cope with the violations indicated in the instructions. Despite the fact that one remedy is cosmetic and the other is medicinal, they allow with proven effectiveness to eliminate scars, burns and post-acne.

The cream is a domestic analogue of Kontraktubex and is prescribed for minor defects and fresh scars. Moreover, the period of its application is much shorter, and the effect is observed earlier.

The gel has a proven clinical performance. It helps to remove even long-standing scars. Moreover, the scope of its application is much broader.

However, the choice of one or another drug should be agreed with the attending physician after the diagnosis of the disease.Imoferase or Contractubex: which is better for scars, post-acne, burns

Which of the means will be the most effective depends on the portability of the components. For patients with hypersensitivity or predisposition to the development of allergies, it is recommended use Imoferase as it is better tolerated and has fewer side effects effects.

With extensive lesions, as well as in difficult cases, Contractubex should be used. However, the final choice must be made by the dermatologist.

Drug prices

The cost of funds differs from each other and depends on the specific pharmacy network and the volume of the tube. At the same time, Kontraktubex has 2 dosage forms, which also affects its final cost.

You can find out the exact price of drugs at any pharmacy located in the patient's place of residence:Imoferase or Contractubex: which is better for scars, post-acne, burns

Product name Dosage form / dosage Price
Contractubex Gel, 20 g 525-650 rub.
Contractubex Gel, 50 g RUB 720-910
Contractubex Plaster, 12 × 3 cm 1080-1350 rub.
Imoferase Cream, 30 g RUB 650-870

Before using Kontraktubex or Imoferase, you must carefully read the instructions for their use and consult a dermatologist, since only a specialist can determine which of the drugs will be better in one or otherwise.

Video about the drug Imoferase

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