Reflux esophagitis. Treatment with folk remedies, the best

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  1. How to get rid of reflux esophagitis?
  2. Treatment with folk remedies
  3. Enveloping products
  4. To reduce the acidity of gastric juice
  5. To improve the motor function of the gastrointestinal tract
  6. Treatment of acute pathology
  7. Applesauce
  8. Propolis
  9. Microclysters
  10. Healing remedies
  11. Chronic pathology treatment
  12. Chamomile for chronic reflux esophagitis
  13. Liquorice root
  14. Peppermint
  15. View about reflux esophagitis treatment

In acute or chronic inflammation of the mucous membrane of the walls of the esophageal tract, reflux esophagitis is diagnosed. Functional disorder is manifested by burning pain in the chest area, difficulty swallowing, increased salivation. Treatment by some folk remedies relieve symptoms.

How to get rid of reflux esophagitis?

The pathological process is associated with the return of stomach contents into the esophageal lumen due to dysfunction of the separating valve.

Traditional medicine offers the use for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes:

  • Diet food. Painful manifestations of reflux esophagitis are suppressed by oatmeal, ginger, bananas.
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  • Enveloping herbal ingredients. They contain flax seeds, cereals.
  • Reducing the acidity of gastric juice. This category of unconventional recipes includes baking soda, vegetable juices from carrots, beets, and potatoes.
  • Means for improving gastrointestinal motility. This includes numerous herbal collections from St. John's wort, tansy inflorescences, and other medicinal plants with similar properties.
  • Antibacterial agents. To eliminate chronic or exacerbated reflux esophagitis, applesauce and propolis are used.
  • Healing recipes. Vegetable raw materials with pronounced regenerating properties are used - sea buckthorn, linseed oil.
  • Anti-inflammatory unconventional drugs. To get rid of the symptomatic manifestations of reflux esophagitis, they take pharmacy chamomile, licorice root, peppermint. Plantain and calendula have a similar effect.

Reflux esophagitis (treatment with folk remedies involves the use of tinctures, decoctions and syrups), according to the etiological factor, are divided into alimentary, allergic, infectious.Reflux esophagitis. Treatment with folk remedies, the best

The effectiveness of the method of non-traditional therapy depends on the severity of the course of the disease, the cause and morphological signs, in accordance with which gastroenterological disorder is:

  • edematous;
  • catarrhal;
  • hemorrhagic;
  • erosive;
  • pseudomembranous;
  • fungal;
  • necrotic;
  • phlegmonous;
  • peptic.

The variety of forms of the disease does not allow the use of one universal folk remedy to get rid of all varieties of reflux esophagitis. An integrated approach is used, including dietary correction, intake of biologically active plant products, smoking cessation and alcohol consumption.

Treatment with folk remedies

Such recipes were created by the empirical experience of generations. They were finalized, changed, adjusted to the urgent needs. Before using non-traditional recipes, a consultation with a gastroenterologist is required.

The individual tolerance of the agents used, the clinical picture, the presence of side pathologies should be taken into account. Traditional methods are used exclusively in addition to the main course of drug treatment.

Non-traditional recipes are unable to fully replace the conservative therapy prescribed by the doctor. The effect of herbal remedies is aimed mainly at relieving painful symptoms and eliminating unpleasant manifestations.

Appropriate alternative medicine recipes eliminate residual pathological effects after a course of medication. Below are the best methods for treating reflux esophagitis symptoms without medication.

Enveloping products

Dysfunction is considered to be the leading cause of the reverse reflux of hydrochloric acid from the stomach into the esophagus. dividing valve caused by physiological or infectious factors, mechanical damage.

The secret that dissolves food provokes inflammation of the mucous membrane. Herbal remedies with enveloping properties are saturated with starchy substances that absorb excess liquid and acquire a gel-like consistency.

They cover the walls of the esophageal tract with a thin protective layer, preventing their destruction. Flax seeds have these properties. The components included in them, which have a therapeutic value in reflux esophagitis, are presented in the table.

Substance Biological properties
Pectin A polysaccharide of the category of water-soluble carbohydrates, which improves intestinal peristalsis, normalizes microflora balance and accelerates the evacuation of toxins.
Cellulose Under the influence of a liquid medium, it swells and effectively cleans the canal affected by inflammation. Does not break down under the influence of digestive enzymes.
Fatty acid Strengthen the cell membranes of the epithelium, reducing the destructive effects of gastric juice and waste products of bacteria.
Selenium The trace element is part of more than 200 enzymes and hormonal compounds. Reduces the pathological effect of mycotic agents, improves protein and carbohydrate metabolism.
Potassium The chemical element stimulates intracellular reactions and regenerative processes. Improves the functioning of the smooth muscle fibers of the walls of the esophageal canal.

Reflux esophagitis treatment with folk remedies using flax seeds will not completely eliminate, but will significantly reduce the painful manifestations of the pathological process.Reflux esophagitis. Treatment with folk remedies, the best

  1. To obtain a viscous enveloping solution 2 tbsp. l. fresh plant materials are poured into 500 ml of boiling water.
  2. The infusion is brought to readiness in a water bath for 20 minutes.
  3. After cooling, the viscous linseed jelly is filtered through cheesecloth.

A folk remedy is taken between meals 3 times a day for 2 weeks. The symptoms of reflux esophagitis are mitigated by a decoction of oat grains.

  1. To prepare a thick enveloping jelly, a glass of product is poured with 700 ml of boiled water.
  2. To enhance the therapeutic effect, add a crust of rye bread to the solution.
  3. The agent is insisted for a day under the lid, then filtered through cheesecloth or a fine-mesh sieve.

In order to improve the taste of the drink, you can add honey or berries to it. Take a folk remedy in a similar way to the previous one.

To reduce the acidity of gastric juice

Frequent manifestations of gastroesophageal reflux are heartburn and burning pain in the chest area. Such symptoms are provoked by the penetration of acidic gastric juice into the esophagus.

To eliminate discomfort, traditional medicine recommends using sodium bicarbonate - baking soda. The substance is a weak alkaline base that reacts with hydrochloric acid.

It should be borne in mind that baking soda has a destructive effect on the walls of the stomach and is capable of provoking ulcerative destruction. The remedy is allowed to be used to suppress heartburn no more than 1 time per week.Reflux esophagitis. Treatment with folk remedies, the best

The drinking solution is prepared by diluting 1/3 tsp. l. sodium bicarbonate per 100 ml of warm water. Vegetable juices are considered a safer and no less effective symptomatic remedy for reducing the acidity of gastric secretions.

These drinks have slightly alkaline properties. Beet, potato or carrot juice is used. The washed and peeled vegetables are passed through a fine grater.

The resulting mass is rubbed through 2 layers of gauze. The vegetable concentrate is diluted with water in a 1: 1 ratio. Take the remedy with meals 3-4 times a day. The duration of therapy depends on the need.

To improve the motor function of the gastrointestinal tract

Special herbal preparations for reflux esophagitis accelerate the evacuation of stomach contents, eliminate congestion.

This popular and powerful recipe includes:

  • perforated St. John's wort, which has mild anti-inflammatory and pronounced analgesic properties;
  • three-leaf watch - saturated with glycosides, tannins, alkaloids;
  • inflorescences of tansy, which have an anthelmintic effect and increase the secretion of bile enzymes to accelerate the breakdown of food;
  • valerian root, which combines a mild sedative effect with an antispasmodic;
  • calamus contained in the composition of numerous pharmaceutical preparations for gastroenterological purposes.

Plant raw materials are mixed in equal proportions.

  1. To obtain a medicinal folk remedy 1 tbsp. l. the product is diluted with 400 ml of boiling water.
  2. It is convenient to use a thermos for brewing. You need to infuse the drink for 1.5-2 hours.
  3. Such a herbal collection is taken in a form cooled to a comfortable temperature and strained through cheesecloth, 100 ml for 1 hour before eating.Reflux esophagitis. Treatment with folk remedies, the best

A mixture is considered effective for inflammatory lesions of the esophageal mucosa:

  • dandelion root;
  • sage leaves;
  • erect cinquefoil;
  • heart-shaped linden flowers;
  • dill grains.

Reflux esophagitis is often associated with suppression of gastrointestinal motor function. Treatment with such a folk remedy allows you to quickly restore or partially improve the performance of the organ.

  1. Crushed and mixed dry plant materials are poured with boiling water at the rate of 3 tsp. l. natural product for 2 glasses of steaming liquid.
  2. The medicinal drink is insisted for 1 hour under a lid, then filtered.
  3. Use the remedy in an identical way to the previous one.

Treatment of acute pathology

Such a course of the disease is often provoked by bacterial-fungal agents or chemical irritants. Treatment with non-traditional methods and traditional medicine requires the use of herbal formulations that neutralize the effect of toxins and suppress pathogenic microflora.


It is considered an effective and safe treatment for acute symptoms of reflux esophagitis.Reflux esophagitis. Treatment with folk remedies, the best

The substance formed during the fermentation of apple juice contains:

  • fruit acids that create conditions in the digestive lumen unsuitable for the reproduction of microorganisms;
  • vitamins that improve cell proliferation, accelerate metabolism and stimulate nervous activity;
  • enzymes that help break down food and bind toxic compounds;
  • mineral components that improve the functions of smooth muscle fibers of the canal walls.

For the treatment of acute pathology, apple sauce is mixed with bee or lime honey. You can enhance the healing effect of a folk remedy by adding St. John's wort, which has pronounced anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties.

  1. The thoroughly mixed composition is kept for 5-7 days in dark cool conditions.
  2. Add 1 tbsp to 100 ml of applesauce. l. dried St. John's wort.
  3. After aging, the product is filtered and mixed with 100 ml of honey.

A water bath is used to accelerate the dissolution of natural ingredients. The resulting product has a gel-like consistency. It is absorbed in the mouth 3 times a day 1 hour before meals.


The beekeeping product is an adhesive substance for sealing and disinfecting honeycombs. Propolis exhibits increased inhibitory activity against a wide range of pathogenic microorganisms.

A tincture is used to suppress the symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux. The method of preparing an unconventional remedy requires pre-freezing propolis. The substance becomes hard and brittle, which allows it to be passed through a grater.

  1. The resulting mass is poured with cool water, the floating litter is collected and thrown onto a fine sieve.
  2. The dry residue is mixed with 100 ml of vodka, simmered in a water bath for 10-15 minutes.
  3. Tincture in the amount of 15-20 drops is consumed 1 hour after the morning meal, adding to any non-alcoholic drinking liquid - juice, compote, fruit drink.

The standard course of treatment with such a means of exacerbating gastroesophageal reflux is 10-14 days.Reflux esophagitis. Treatment with folk remedies, the best


  • inhibits fungal and bacterial pathogens;
  • eliminates heartburn;
  • relieves sour belching after eating;
  • relieves painful sensations in the chest area.

An unconventional propolis-based remedy restores the swallowing function, which is disturbed during an exacerbation of the pathological process. Additionally, the beekeeping product has an immunostimulating effect, activates the process of hematopoiesis, strengthens the vascular walls.


In acute inflammation of the esophageal tract, herbal medicine is combined with rectal agents. Microclysters are especially effective for the catarrhal form of pathology.

Reflux esophagitis (treatment with folk remedies is not recognized by evidence-based medicine) in the acute stage is eliminated with a solution from:

  • birch leaves;
  • plantain;
  • oregano;
  • dry powder of St. John's wort;
  • calendula;
  • pharmacy chamomile;
  • turns;
  • celandine;
  • yarrow.

The ingredients are mixed in equal proportions, poured with boiling water and insisted in a sealed container for 1 tsp. Microclysters are installed daily at bedtime for 7 days.

Healing remedies

The acute phase of the pathological process is often complicated by erosive damage to the mucous membrane of the walls of the esophageal tract. With such a clinical picture, oil pomace from sea buckthorn or flax seeds is used.

Reflux esophagitis. Treatment with folk remedies, the best

The first traditional medicine is considered a plant with a special biological value and increased physiological activity.

Sea buckthorn is saturated:

  • carotenoids;
  • vitamin B compounds;
  • ascorbic acid;
  • tocopherol;
  • flavonoids;
  • numerous mineral components.

The plant has regenerating, wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties. In the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux, sea buckthorn oil is taken orally for 1 tsp. l. in 20-30 minutes. before meals.

An indicative course of alternative therapy is 3-4 weeks. The tool is able to eliminate cicatricial narrowing of the esophageal lumen. Sea buckthorn oil increases the elasticity of the canal walls.

The product is sold in pharmacies ready for use. Flaxseed oil pomace has similar properties. It saturates the body with fatty acids, vitamin and mineral components.

With an exacerbation of gastroesophageal reflux, flaxseed oil accelerates the regeneration of epithelial cells of the walls of the esophageal tract. The product regulates the absorption of vitamins of groups A, B and E. It is important to avoid oxidation of the flax oil pomace.

The product should be stored in a tightly sealed glass container at temperatures up to + 15 ° C. Do not expose linseed oil to direct sunlight. Take the remedy for 1 tsp. l. 2 times a day.

Chronic pathology treatment

A tincture of calamus and caraway root is used. In large doses, this remedy causes nausea and vomiting. Moderation is important. Symptoms of chronic gastroenterological disorders are effectively suppressed by a tincture of marshmallow root.

Reflux esophagitis treatment with folk remedies will not completely eliminate, but will significantly reduce the clinical manifestations of the pathological process. Infusion of cumin is used to relieve pain during erosive destruction of the mucous membrane of the esophagus.Reflux esophagitis. Treatment with folk remedies, the best

  1. Dry product in the amount of 1 tbsp. l. pour 250 ml of boiling water.
  2. Insist 15 minutes. under the lid, filtered through cheesecloth.
  3. The drink is taken 3 times a day for 2 weeks.

Calamus root has a relaxing effect on the smooth muscle fibers of the walls of the organ, activates metabolic reactions and digestive processes. The remedy is most effective for stagnant gastroesophageal reflux.

  1. Crushed plant materials in an amount of 10-15 g are diluted with 400 ml of boiling water, insisted under a lid for 1 hour.
  2. The product is taken in 100 ml before lunch and dinner.
  3. The duration of the course of treatment is 30 days.

Chamomile for chronic reflux esophagitis

The medicinal plant relieves spasmodic pain, has an anti-inflammatory effect, and has pronounced bactericidal properties. Pharmacy chamomile contains a unique essential component - chamazulene.

The substance restores the morphological structure of the epithelial membrane of the esophageal canal walls damaged by the inflammatory process. Chamomile has a synergy with lemon balm, which enhances the antiseptic and regenerative effect.

The ingredients of the medicinal composition are mixed in equal proportions and poured with boiling water. It is convenient to infuse the drink in a thermos. Melissa has mild sedative properties and gives the product a pleasant taste.

Liquorice root

The medicinal plant serves as a source of saponins, flavonoids, and other biologically active substances. Licorice root contains ascorbic acid, known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Tannins bind toxins, toxic compounds and neutralize microbial waste products. A decoction of licorice root envelops the walls of the esophageal canal, preventing them from further damage.

The natural product strengthens smooth muscle structures, expands the blood vessels of the organ sphincter, enhances the secretion of protective mucus by epithelial cells. In chronic gastroesophageal reflux, a decoction is prepared from licorice root.

  1. Chopped vegetable raw materials in a volume of 1 tsp. l. pour 200 ml of boiling water.
  2. Insist the mass in a tightly sealed vessel (bottle or thermos) for 40 minutes.
  3. Take a folk remedy for chronic pathology should be 50 ml 3 times a day before meals.


The plant is considered a famous heartburn provocateur. Menthol, which is part of peppermint, relaxes the muscles of the esophageal valve, which leads to leakage of gastric secretions into the lumen of the tract.Reflux esophagitis. Treatment with folk remedies, the best

Properly cooked hardwood has the opposite effect. Raw materials suppress the inflammatory process, relieve painful spasms, and improve the conduction of nerve impulses.

For the treatment of chronic reflux esophagitis 1 tsp. l. peppermint is poured over 250 ml of boiling water and insisted under a lid for 30 minutes. A folk remedy is taken 50 ml before each meal and bedtime. The course of chronic pathology can be alleviated with a syrup based on dandelion juice and linden honey.

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