What is somnambulism - the causes and treatment of sleepwalking in children and adults

somnambulist Sleepwalking, somnambulism and dreaming concepts that describe the same condition. It is a disturbance( breakdown) of sleep and associated waking.

Most often, these disorders occur in children and are accompanied by performing actions on the "machine" during sleep. In the morning, people who have this kind of frustration do not usually remember what is happening.

Actions that are performed during the conflict look quite adequate and purposeful. In fact, they completely depend on what is currently seen in a dream. Sleepwalking usually occurs during incomplete awakening during the deep phase of slow sleep. A person in this state is in the border state of half-sleep-half-awake.

During a person's eye, the eyes of a person are open, the actions performed by him can be complicated, so avoiding obstacles and answering questions to him is not at all a problem. To wake up at such a moment a person is very difficult, the most correct option is to escort him to bed and put him to bed again.

Somnambulism and dreaming are concepts that are used in medicine and science, while the habitual "sleepwalking" comes from the representation of ancient peoples that the phases of the moon affect the human psyche and are literally translated as insane( the moon).


  • Myths and Reality about Sleepwalkers
  • What is the seriousness and danger of the disease
  • Causes of
  • in adults Diagnosis and collection of anamnesis
  • How to get rid of sleepwalking?
    • Acupuncture
    • Taking medication
    • Recommendations of traditional healers
  • How to be relatives
  • What parents need to know about children's sleepwalking
  • Prevention and precautionary measures

Myths and reality about sleepwalkers

There are lots of myths about sleepwalkers in the world, for example, what's onman is likewise affected by the moon and its phases. Undoubtedly, the new moon and the full moon affect the person, but not in this way. Scientists have proved that somnambulism is one of the forms of a nervous breakdown.

The following myth - the sleepwalker can not be awakened, as it is possible to damage his psyche. In fact, it is unrealistic to wake such a person: at the time of the dream he is very sound asleep.

There is also an opinion that sleepwalkers can walk on roofs, drive cars and fly airplanes and even if such a person is

sleepwalker on the roof

. Sleepwalking is dangerous - you can fall from the roof or out of the window

will drop out of the window, nothing can happen to it. It's nothing more than fiction. Indeed, behind the wheel of such a person can sit down, but he will not budge from his place, as all reflexes in his blunted.

In reality somnambulists can cause themselves serious harm and injury, since very often they confuse windows with doors and can fall out of them. In addition, such people can do harm not only to themselves, but also to others, especially those who want to help him and put him to bed.

Thus, somnambulism is a common and interesting phenomenon, but it can be quite dangerous.

Interesting videos about sleepwalking:

What is the seriousness and danger of the disease

In the world, about 2% of the population have ever made walks in a dream, and among children this statistic is much higher( the only plus is that with age, childish sleepwalking usually passesand does not carry danger).

If such a story is observed in an adult, then his health should pay close attention. Somnambulism can be caused by neuroses and other kinds of disorders of the nervous system. Lunatics can be people who are overly emotional or have a predisposition to the problem at the genetic level.

little sleepwalker It is important to pay attention to the problem in time, because often sleepwalking can be a harbinger of a developing disease - epilepsy. Moreover, it can be observed several years before the first attacks and other symptoms of the disease.

Although most often from the point of view of health, sleepwalking is not dangerous. More frightening is the problem by the fact that in 25% of cases a person injures himself and others. There are cases of murder in this state, but the somnambulist does not remember anything in the morning, since this occurs in the unconscious. Fortunately, such terrible cases occur extremely rarely.

Consequences of the failure are mainly in obtaining different types of injuries. Although the movements of the sleepwalker seem logical, they do not control themselves, and therefore they can harm themselves.

Causes of

Adult Sleepwalking Sleepwalking is most common in children and the main reason for this is the immaturity of the nervous system. So, the brain can not adequately assess and balance the processes of inhibition, excitement, which becomes the impetus for the emergence of such disorders.

Sleep agonies in adults have not been studied as well as children and adolescents, but in this age group the causes of this problem are identified:

  1. Hereditary factor .If in the family at least one of the parents suffers from a sleep, the possibility of a disorder in their child is increased. If the problem is actual for both the father and the mother, 60% of the cases of children will be subject to demotion, and this fact can manifest itself at a very different age. And if the children are twins, the percentage is even higher.
  2. Daytime violation of .Constant stress, nervous overstrain, a long time without rest, affect the phases of sleep and wakefulness. An increase in the number of cases of falling can be frequent changes in place, sleep time, noisy environment, forced insomnia.
  3. Gender .According to statistics, sleepwalking is more susceptible to women, especially during menstruation and pregnancy, because at this time the psychological state changes, neurological problems arise.
  4. In people who are prone to this problem, sleeping can manifest when taking various medications : antihistamines, narcotic analgesics, hypnotics, tranquilizers and neuroleptics.
  5. A number of diseases can accompany sleepwalking: : asthma, mental disorders, nocturnal cramps, arrhythmias, nocturnal heartburn, breathing stops during sleep( periodic).
  6. Nightmares .

Diagnosis and collection of an anamnesis

Not in every case of manifestations of a passing need to go to the doctor. If the failure occurred after a nervous overstrain, diagnostics of the conflict fatigue, a stressful situation and was a one-time phenomenon, you can not worry, most likely it is the consequences of the transferred stress.

If the situation repeats several times - this is a serious reason for going to a specialist. In this case, you need to contact a neurologist, psychiatrist or psychoneurologist who will help determine the nature of the problem in each case and the way to solve the problem with prescribing medications.

To diagnose the problem, the following methods are used:

  • a questioning of the patient and his relatives for obtaining the fullest possible information about the peculiarities of the occurring demarcations;
  • for the determination of blood flow in the vessels of the brain is assigned the passage of the ultrasound probe ;
  • to calculate epileptic foci by examining the electrical activity of the brain electroencephalography will help;
  • neoplasms of any nature are determined through the use of MRI ;
  • for a deeper study of the course of sleep and its patient disorders for the night is placed in the special sleep laboratory , where the dreamer is connected to sensors that will notify the changes occurring in the nervous system;
  • consultation of related specialists ( cardiologist, lung specialist, endocrinologist) will help diagnose somatic diseases that could trigger a sleep.

How to get rid of sleepwalking?

If the disease is of a regular nature, a person needs to take care of his health, adjust his lifestyle and daily routine, be examined by a specialist and start different methods of treatment to achieve maximum effect.

Correction of the

mode of life Normalization of the day regimen:

  • a person should restore a normal full sleep, which excludes lack of sleep or overflow, and accordingly will minimize the reasons for sleepwalking;
  • before going to bed it is necessary to exclude the viewing of programs that provoke vivid emotions;
  • eliminate stressful situations;
  • family members who monitor the patient should record the indicators: when the confusion began, how much it ended, how much he fell asleep, according to such indicators, the doctor will be able to follow the development of the disorder and prescribe adequate treatment.
There is a treatment option for a premature awakening: 15-20 minutes before bedtime( when it usually happens), the patient is awakened and given to sleep only after the onset of the time when his circulation ends.

Taking medications

Sleeps on the street For a start, the cause of the appearance of sleepwalking is determined, if it lies in any associated disease, the treatment is directed to getting rid of this problem.

If the cause of the disorder is the taking of any medications, then their dosage should be reduced.

Sleepwalking on the background of epilepsy is treated by taking antiepileptic, anticonvulsants.

Somnambulism, the cause of which is neurosis is corrected by tranquilizers or antidepressants.

Recommendations of traditional healers

For the restoration of the nervous system and strengthening the body as a whole, baths and baths are used with decoction of medicinal herbs( St. John's wort, melissa, mint, sage).The bath should be taken before bedtime for 10 minutes. The water temperature is not more than 40 degrees.

To reduce the manifestations of the disorder will help the oil of St. John's wort. The flowers must be filled with a transparent vessel and poured into the edges with vegetable oil. Cork and insist for 10 days. After this, you can take the medicine: one large spoon three times a day.

How to be relatives of

If one member of the family suffers from somnambulism, everyone else should be as attentive and understanding as possible to this tracking slezopodimetsom person.

If the disorder is observed in the child, it is advisable to cover all dangerous objects at night with fences, doors and windows tightly closed and fixed. Children are sometimes even tied to a bed.

If sleepwalking in adults, then they also need to be monitored to prevent damage to yourself and loved ones.

It will not be superfluous to draw up a schedule of lifting and putting the sleepwalker in bed, as well as his walkthrough, to the point that you should describe the behavior characteristics - this will help the doctor in the appointment of treatment.

What parents need to know about children's sleepwalking

Sleepwalking in children can appear as a result of a number of reasons:

  • stress, anxiety;
  • acute reaction to the conflict in the family;
  • of the weak nervous system;
  • of neuroses;
  • overload in training;
  • epilepsy;
  • craniocereberal trauma;
  • is a chronic disease.

A child, as well as an adult, can rise in the middle of the night and perform meaningful actions, answer simple questions, sit in a dream, sleep with his eyes open. After awakening, the kid does not remember anything of what happened at night.

Child somnambulism in the process of growing up most often by itself passes, so often treatment is not assigned. Parents of small lunatics are important to observe the rules:

  • of the child must be protected from distress, stressful situations;Moonlight Night and Child
  • a toddler's dream should be long, full;
  • before going to bed it is desirable to prepare a warm drink with melissa;
  • a warm bath with lavender will calm a small fidget;
  • pastime before bedtime should be organized correctly: it is necessary to exclude the viewing of programs, games at the computer, it is useful to read a fairy tale for the night or sing a lullaby;
  • if the child has no allergic reactions to flavors, essential oils can be used that will help to relax and fall asleep more quickly in a sound healthy sleep;
  • in cases where the baby's walking is too frequent, you can use hypnosis.

Prevention and precautionary measures

The most important thing in the prevention of sleepwalking is a healthy sleep and nervous system. Therefore, as seriously as possible regarding the regime of the day and observe the simple rules:

  • for 3 hours before sleep tune to rest;
  • take a walk before going to bed;
  • refuse to watch TV;
  • exclude alcohol;
  • mute the light in the room;
  • visit a doctor who will conduct a survey on the possibility of development of the dream.
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