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Neuroma Morton or why the foot is sore - symptoms and treatment of the syndrome

the Morton Mortom's neuroma is a fairly common form of the disease, which manifests itself in the form of a thickening of the nerve of the foot and is accompanied by unpleasant pain sensations.

In most cases, Morton's syndrome manifests itself in women due to constant high-heel walking, but this disease can affect men as well.

The foot neuroma is localized mainly between the third and fourth toes, with one-sided nerve damage occurring, only in very rare cases is it possible to have a bilateral one.


  • Causes disease Morton
  • Symptoms and signs
  • diseases Diagnostic techniques
  • How to treat neuroma Morton
    • Non-surgical treatments
    • Surgery
  • Treatment folk remedies
  • Complications and consequences of the disease
  • Prevention
  • Video: Morton's neuroma or why sore feet

Causes disease Morton

The main reasons provoking the development of this disease is:

  1. Excess weight. This reason can be called one of the most common. On his feet is a lot of pressure, which leads to this disease.
  2. Various kinds of injuries, bruises , leg diseases or infections that are chronic.
  3. Flat feet. At first glance, this disease does not represent anything dangerous to health, but in fact it can cause far more serious consequences. Morton's disease often refers to them.
  4. Constant wearing of shoes on heels - leads to inflammation of the nerve of the foot.
  5. Tight shoes can also cause permanent pain( nerve fibers are squeezed).
  6. Tumor of the foot.
  7. Overloads of stops , due to long standing in a standing position.

Symptoms and signs of the disease

At the first stages of the development of foot neuromas, patients often do not notice any special changes, only weak pains are noted when the area between the fingers is squeezed.

The foot neuroma has such symptoms:

  • pain and burning between the third and fourth finger;

    The photo shows where the most frequently concentrated Morton's neuroma

  • is a slight tingling;
  • feeling of discomfort when walking;
  • decreased sensitivity in the region of the third and fourth fingers;
  • numbness of the foot;
  • there may be a sensation of pain giving away in fingers or feet.

These symptoms of Morton's neuroma may eventually subside and not be remembered for several years.

Pains appear only when walking on high heels, in tight or narrow shoes, when they are removed, discomfort immediately disappears.

But do not forget that the longer the treatment of Morton's neuroma is prolonged, the more symptoms will appear, and the pain will begin to appear regardless of the shoes that you wear.

Diagnostic techniques

First of all, the diagnosis of Morton's neuroma occurs on the basis of complaints and symptoms.

The physician should conduct an survey to find out which shoes the patient is wearing, how often the foot loads are applied, whether leg ailments( eg, muscle ailments, arthrosis, arthritis) have been transferred, injuries or bruises, and then, if necessary,other methods of diagnosis.

In order to ascertain the correctness of the diagnosis, the physician examines the foot, during which the palpation of the most painful places occurs.

If the doctor does not come to an unambiguous decision, he can prescribe an X-ray or an MRI.The problem of diagnosing the foot neuroma is that its symptoms are very similar to other diseases, for example, with arthritis, fracture, arthrosis.

In order to locate the neuroma, inject anesthetics.

How to treat Morton's neuroma

foot massage Treatment of foot neuroma is of two kinds - is conservative and surgical.

The first method is conservative. It is aimed at facilitating the work of the foot and reducing the load on the legs without using operations.

This method of treatment will help if the foot neuroma is in the initial stages, otherwise only surgical intervention can relieve the patient of pain and discomfort.

Non-surgical methods of treatment

Conservative treatment of foot neuroma includes such elements:

  • wearing comfortable shoes preferably on a flat sole;
  • use of orthopedic insoles;
  • use of special spacers for fingers, so that they do not deform when walking;
  • reduced load on the legs, it is desirable to spend less time in a standing position;
  • give preference to orthopedic shoes;
  • foot massage.

If these rules are complied with, the pain should be resolved within 2-3 months, if they become worse, then pain medication is administered.

To reduce pain, can also be used as:

  • nimesulide;
  • kodelak;
  • solpadeine;
  • terpin code;
  • diclofenac.

According to reviews, the treatment of Morton's neuroma by such methods has its pros and cons. So the advantages of this technique can include:

  • the absence of painful sensations that arise during surgical intervention;
  • no rehabilitation period;
  • possibility to carry out treatment without disturbing the habitual rhythm of life.

Regarding the disadvantages of this treatment, they are concluded in as follows:

  • for a long period of treatment;
  • is a more expensive treatment;
  • because of the use of various drugs may interfere with the work of other organs.


The second method of treatment for Morton's syndrome is the carrying out the operation .This method is used in case of ineffectiveness of conservative treatment. There are several types of fighting this disease through surgical intervention, is:

  1. Simple removal of the neuroma. For this, a cut is made between the third and fourth finger, the neuroma is withdrawn and removed, then the foot surgery with neuroma overlaps, which can be removed after 2 weeks.
  2. Excision of the inflamed area of ​​the foot. This method is considered the most radical and is used in exceptional cases. As a result of this operation, numbness of the finger occurs, and the patient no longer feels pain.
  3. Artificial bone fracture. This method is used in rare cases, since rehabilitation can be delayed for a whole month.

The benefits of surgical intervention include in the itself:

  • the opportunity to go home 2 hours after the operation;
  • is a rather economical way of treatment;
  • is more likely to fix the problem.

With regard to cons, is:

  • long-term rehabilitation;
  • first time there is a certain discomfort when walking.

Treatment with folk remedies

The biggest misconception of patients is that the treatment of Morton's neuroma with folk remedies can be effective, but in fact it eliminates only the symptoms and the causes remain.

Because of this Morton's neuroma can progress and lead to undesirable results.

This does not mean that such a method is strictly prohibited, its can be used as an auxiliary to the main method of treatment.

For example, various dressings, herbal or flower compresses are used to relieve pain. Most often make lotion from wormwood.

For this, the plant is grinded, the resulting mass is put on a bandage and applied to the foot for the night, with the pain gradually starting to go away.

Folk methods should be used only with the consent of the doctor, otherwise there is a risk of worsening your condition.

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Complications and Consequences of

Disease With conservative or surgical treatment of , the cause of the disease is eliminated, therefore in almost all cases the predictions are very comforting. After the rehabilitation period, you can again walk painlessly, run, wear model shoes.

But when you delay the trip to the doctor or self-medication, you may have serious problems, for example, pain will increase or the spread of inflammation will continue.

In such cases, conservative treatment is worth forgetting, so if you want to do without , it is worth consulting with your doctor when the first signs of Morton's disease appear.

Prevention of

Prophylaxis of foot neuroma is simple enough and does not require much effort. First of all, it is aimed at reducing pain and stress on the legs. It is worth remembering and adhering to certain rules:

  • wear comfortable shoes;problems with wearing shoes with heels
  • do not forget about flatfoot prevention;
  • after wearing heels take relaxing foot baths;
  • do not forget about foot massage;
  • need to monitor the weight, because with excessive body weight, the legs have a heavy load.

These tips are simple enough, and their observance will not bring any special difficulties.

It is important to remember that neglecting the first manifestations of the disease, you can face more serious consequences, from which it will be much more difficult to get rid of.

Video: Morton's Neuroma or why the feet hurt

If you often have foot pains, and if they become worse during walking, this may be a sign of Morton's disease. What methods of treatment and prevention exist.

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