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Why the child is silent - signs, symptoms and treatment of sensory and motor alalia

silence of the child What is alalia in children? Alalia in children is the undeformed or underdeveloped speech due to damage to the cerebral cortex.

This problem can be called one of the most insidious, because to recognize this defect is not so simple.

In general, parents do not notice that something is wrong with the child, and after the symptoms have acquired a pronounced character, panic and the baby begin to lead the doctors.

Worst of all, when parents are negligent enough to treat their child and do not try to observe his health and behavior.

The earlier this disease was discovered, the more chances the child has for a full recovery. For example, at the age of about 5-7 years, the treatment of alalia in children is problematic and not always effective.

Many people believe that the only symptom of alalia is that the children are not at all able to talk , but it is not.

In fact, babies just do not talk like their peers, even the slightest deviation in speech development can indicate this disease.


  • Classification alalia
    • Motor alalia
    • Touch alalia
  • reasons
    • disease risk groups
  • How to recognize the disease - symptoms and signs
  • Diagnostics alalia
  • Therapies
    • Classes with a speech therapist
    • Pharmacotherapy
  • disease prevention
  • Conclusions
  • Video: Session with a speech therapist atmotor alalia

Classification of alalia

Alalia can not appear by itself, most often it appears due to damage to the speech centers of the brain.

Depending on which particular center of the cerebral cortex was damaged, three types of alalia are identified:

  • sensory;
  • motor;
  • and sensorimotor alalia.

Motor Alalia

As for motor alalia, in this case the child fully understands the speech of his parents, but can not express his own feelings or emotions on his own.

This is due to poor language proficiency, ignorance of elementary concepts or a small vocabulary.

Motor Alalia has such signs:

  • delay in speech formation( about 5-7 years);
  • incorrect construction of sentences or phrases;
  • not enough vocabulary for this age;
  • poor concentration;
  • inhibition of intellectual development.

Sensory alalia

Sensory alalia is characterized by a difficult understanding of speech, that is, the relationship between words and their meaning is broken. Although in this case, the ability to form speech remains.

Very often with sensory alalia, the work of the intellect is disrupted, because the child can not perceive words, does not understand their meaning. Learning decreases, which leads to a delay in mental development.

For sensory alalia, such symptoms are characteristic:

  • mixing or merging words into one incomprehensible mass;
  • echolalia - recurrence of other people's words;
  • in some cases, the child is difficult enough to silence.

These two types of alalia are similar in that in both cases the area of ​​the cerebral cortex is affected and therefore the speech abilities of the child are violated. communication with the child

But the difference is that with sensory alalia the child does not understand what is being said to him, and when the motor is on the contrary - the kid understands, but can not say it.

Sensory motor alalia combines the characteristics of two types of this speech disorder.

Causes of the disease

There are many causes that can cause this disease. The following are considered to be the main factors:

  1. Possible intrauterine damage to the central nervous system that occurs as a result of severe pregnancy or childbirth.
  2. Head injuries received by a child in the first years of life, which could damage the speech centers of the brain.
  3. In some cases, the heredity factor may be considered, that is, if there were any problems with the development of speech in parents, this could negatively affect the baby himself.
  4. Intrauterine diseases or early childhood illnesses that could cause complications on the brain.
  5. Adverse conditions in which the fetus or child developed.
  6. Severe diseases that could occur in a woman during pregnancy.
  7. Exposure to toxic substances.
  8. Harmful habits of a pregnant woman.

risk groups. Mostly, this disease affects children who, during childbirth, suffered suffocation or head injuries, as well as children who were exposed to intrauterine diseases.

This may be encephalitis, meningitis or another type of CNS disease.

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How to recognize the disease - symptoms and signs

Symptoms primarily depend on the type of alalia. Motor alalia has the characteristic symptoms:

  • slight development of hand movement;
  • poor coordination;
  • poor performance;
  • speech can only show up to 4 years;
  • inability to express one's thoughts in words;
  • replacing one word with another;
  • incorrectly constructed sentences;
  • reluctance to talk;
  • sensitivity, isolation, aggressiveness.

In children with sensory alalia, such symptoms manifest themselves:

  • impaired speech perception;communication with parents
  • is a repetition of someone's words;
  • closed;
  • change of letters in words;
  • merging several words into one;
  • impulsivity, increased activity, but at the same time the child can be closed or something suppressed;
  • no connection between the object and the word that it stands for.

Diagnosis of alalia

Diagnosis is usually done by a speech therapist, but in some cases, parents turn to pediatricians, psychologists, neurologists or other specialists.

The main diagnostic methods for are:

  • MRI;
  • radiograph of the skull;
  • EEG;
  • audiometry;
  • study of the function of the organs of hearing.

Also conduct and diagnose the oral speech of the child. Especially doctors pay attention to how the child builds sentences, on his correct pronunciation and understanding of words.

Methods of treatment

Treatment of both motor and sensory alalia is to correct and improve the speech of the baby. Some methods can be used for this.

Classes with a speech therapist

Treatment of alalia in this way is the most common and takes place in several stages.

The first stage in alalia- is the occupation with the doctor , and the second is the independent sessions of parents with the child .

During the procedures it is possible to achieve such results: classes at alalia

  • vocabulary development;
  • a coherent speech appears;
  • occurrence of speech activity;
  • understanding of the meaning of words.

Therapeutic massages are aimed at improving the performance of the speech muscles.

Medication treatment

Drug treatment is prescribed as an additional method, doctors can prescribe such preparations:

  • vitamins;
  • cogitum;
  • ceraxon;
  • cortexin.
Electrophoresis, hydrotherapy, magneto- and laser therapy are also used to improve the baby's condition, but they are used as an auxiliary treatment.

Prevention of illness

In order for your child to be healthy, prevention must begin before his birth.

A future mother should be very careful and follow all the recommendations of doctors to avoid serious injuries during pregnancy and childbirth.

It is worth sticking to these tips:

  • is often visited by a gynecologist during pregnancy;
  • be attentive to your kid's health and health;
  • Drink medicines and vitamins, which are prescribed by the attending physician;
  • if the term of labor has passed, then in no case should one postpone stimulation.

But this is not all, because after the birth of a child, it is necessary to create favorable conditions for its development.

Adhere to these simple rules, and your child will not lag behind in development from other children, and you will not have any reasons for experiencing.


In most cases, with timely treatment, children recover, and eventually the speech becomes understandable, and for intellectual development such a child will not lag behind their peers.

But in some cases, because of the neglected form of alalia or the poor state of speech of the , doctors can not guarantee the complete cure of this ailment .In this case, sensory alalia is treated much faster than motor alalia.

Do not delay the trip to the doctor or aggravate the situation, because the child's health for parents is the most important thing in life.

Video: Occupation with a speech therapist in motor alalia

. The child is 3 years old with motor alalia in a speech therapist. How to pass classes can be seen in the video.

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