How to choose a rehabilitation bike for children with cerebral palsy

child on a bicycle Who among us did not like to ride a bicycle in the summer or in the autumn. How many pleasant emotions this simple entertainment brings. In addition, the bicycle strengthens muscles, forms a correct posture.

Learn how to ride a bicycle in childhood. The child will spend more time in the open air, computer and tablet games will be forgotten for some time.

But what if the child is sick and can not walk normally, let alone skating. One of the diseases associated with impaired motor activity is cerebral palsy( cerebral palsy).But even with such a diagnosis, children can and should ride a bicycle, first with the help of adults, and later on independently.


  • Bicycle - invaluable assistant
  • Features of bicycles for disabled
  • Operational capabilities
  • From the practice of parents
  • Our choice is the TOP-5 of the best
    • Angel Solo
    • Bike "Start"
    • Vermeiren Happy
    • Rift - for severe cases
    • Vermeiren Sporty
  • Pair tipsin dogonku
  • Bites the price. ..

Bicycle - invaluable assistant

The disease is congenital. First of all, it is a disorder of movement, psyche, speech. There are different degrees of severity. Sometimes, a child can not even hold a pen or pencil in his hands.

The main task of parents is to help a child develop physically and mentally, without prejudice to the psyche. Such children, even more than healthy, need physical exercises that will strengthen the muscles.

A bicycle can become an indispensable assistant in the struggle for the health of such children.

Ten reasons why children with disabilities need to ride a bicycle:

  • feel the same as other guys who ride bicycles;
  • learn to overcome difficulties and develop strong-willed character ;bicycles for the disabled
  • will appear more occasions for smiles and joy ;
  • to force weakened muscles to work .Even if the child can not himself pedal and everything is done with the help of loved ones, the legs still move, hence, the muscles begin to work;
  • will learn to balance and coordinate the movements of ;
  • develop the observation ;
  • muscles will relax and strain , the positive effect will not be worse than with the massage.
  • strengthens the muscles of the back and legs ;
  • the child will see and recognize more, and how much joy will bring the first independent, albeit small, trip;
  • is very important psychological aspect of .If you treat a sick child as healthy and help him do what ordinary children do, he will be easier to cope with the illness, self-confidence will grow stronger and the day when he can not only ride a bicycle, but also walk, will notbeyond the mountains.

Features of bicycles for the disabled

The bicycle for disabled children with cerebral palsy is certainly different from the usual bicycle. Its features:

  • all parts are made of quality and durable materials;
  • the steering wheel is not attached to the pedals, the pedals are controlled separately;
  • hands are fixed on the handlebars;
  • seat is wider and more convenient than a conventional bicycle;
  • can be adjusted height;
  • has a handle for controlling the accompanying person;
  • feet and shins are securely fixed by elastic fastenings;
  • all the main parts can be adjusted for a specific child;
  • bicycle is bought for growth, as the child grows up, it is regulated;
  • there is a manual brake;
  • is a device that allows you to convert a bicycle into a special simulator and back.

When selecting such a bicycle, be sure to pay attention to the following items: cycling

  • availability of a handle for an accompanying person;
  • wide and comfortable seat;
  • wheels do not have to be curved, and the steering wheel or other parts are bent;
  • if you have narrow doors, then you need to choose a more maneuverable model or one that will allow some parts to be removed;
  • all fixatives must be strong;
  • is best to choose a model that combines the advantages of a bike and a simulator.

Operational capabilities

Operating instructions:

  1. Can be used both indoors and outdoors .A low frame allows the child to easily sit on the bicycle with the help of relatives if he does not walk well.
  2. Supporting clamps on all sides will fix the baby , they are quickly adjustable and extremely durable.
  3. Before operation, it is necessary to adjust the height of the , this is not difficult to do.
  4. No tools are needed to set the required height and use .
  5. Unfortunately, most models have a lot of weight, in the high-rise buildings you need a freight elevator .

Parental Practices

Parents who purchased a bicycle for a child with cerebral palsy are simply happy, they literally opened a new, happy world for their baby and for themselves, which is confirmed by numerous reviews.

Have got a bicycle for your girl, she is three years old. The first time she was put on a bicycle, she could not understand for a long time what to do with the pedals, but when she realized it was impossible to remove it from the bicycle. Now she is already 5 years old, she skates alone, but we are still in the vicinity for safety. Thanks to everyone who invented such a vehicle for our children.

Alina, 34

Bought a bicycle Rifton for a child of 7 years. Yulechka could hardly walk, she was sad. It's only been two months, but my daughter is already taking the first steps, and she can ride her own bike. Happy, all the time laughing and now we even have a boyfriend in friends, together ride. But, of course, I'm nearby. I recommend to all parents to try to acquire such a miracle. You can put the baby on its feet.


I bought a bicycle for my son. I spent a lot of time on my choice, I studied sites, reviews of other people. Has stopped the choice on a bicycle of manufacture of Belgium. There was no bicycle of the required design, I had to order it.

I did not have to wait very long. But, this is not the main thing. The son was delighted. He put him on a bicycle, but he could not move the pedals, his legs did not obey. The bicycle behind had a handle that I used. For a walk he was so happy, he smiled. I recommend to buy such a bicycle to all parents.

Sergey, 47

Our choice is the TOP-5 of the best

We consulted with experts, studied a lot of materials and chose the top five bicycles, which in our opinion are best for children with disabilities with cerebral palsy.

Angel Solo

Angel Solo Bike

The first place can be safely given to this model. Its advantages:

  • strong straps;
  • in addition to the ability to ride, even the opportunity to engage in the simulator;
  • low price, in comparison with others;
  • two brakes: manual and parking;
  • can additionally be equipped with various devices: a mirror, a basket for toys, small things;
  • three large wheels enable the child to train independently;
  • is designed for years of operation.

Bike "Start"

Takes second place in our rating:

  • convenient handle for support;
  • seat orthopedic;
  • the strengthened fastening of hands on a wheel;
  • with the help of a pen for assistants, you can control the front wheels.

Vermeiren Happy

For active movement of children with disturbed functions of balance, its characteristics:

  • bright, colorful design is designed to make the baby happy, the name justifies itself;
  • many additional functions;
  • adjusts the length of the pedal lever;
  • is also used as a simulator;
  • melodic calls: giraffe and dolphin.
  • absolute safety while driving.

Rifton - for severe cases

Designed for children who can not stand or sit themselves can not.

Thanks to this bike: Rifton

  • the child can not only sit, but also ride;
  • has a brake on the rear wheels, for better control and assistance accompanying;
  • it is possible to attach various accessories for additional support of the kid;
  • is a good simulator for all muscle groups;
  • seat, equipped with elastic, heavy-duty clamps.

Vermeiren Sporty

Despite the fact that this model is on the fifth place, it is very popular among parents, thanks to:

  • three types of steering: flat, classic and urban, you can choose any when buying;
  • special sandals for supporting the lower leg;
  • there is a rear-view mirror;
  • LED lights;
  • large selection of additional features.

A couple of tips in catching up

Models there is a large number. But it's better to choose those that combine the advantages of the simulator. On the street the child goes, and at home gives a load on the muscles and prepares them for the trip. Fitness bicycles can be ordered individually.

The frame has a special design, which is adjusted for the growth of the child. Beginning learning to ride a bicycle is worth from the simulator. He will gradually prepare the muscles of the child for additional load, you can imitate the trip at home. Exercise bike will remove fear of travel.

When the first time you take the baby out into the street, let him just sit and feel more independent.

It is not necessary to ride a bike on the first day, the child will have many new impressions.

velodoktor bicycle for dtsp

Bicycle for children with cerebral palsy of the Ukrainian company Velododor

Biting price. ..

Unfortunately prices for these bikes are very high, but a wide range of prices from 25,000 to 150,000 and above, this difference allows you to purchase goods for families with different levels of income.

The spent money will pay off with happy children's laughter, and when the kid begins to travel independently, all expenses will be forgotten instantly.

The bike not only helps to become stronger and more hardy, but it trains the spirit, endurance and teaches children to cope with the disease.

The child begins to believe that he can recover. And faith, as you know, can work miracles and give unlimited opportunities.
The child must learn and explore the world, give your child this opportunity.

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