Wheelchairs and wheelchairs for children with cerebral palsy

Child in a stroller Children are the future, the daily joy and pride of their parents. In them, the whole meaning of life, its worthy continuation and eternal hope.

When a child appears in a family, all care and attention is switched to him, as this crumb is the continuation of his parents, their light part. But there are black stripes in life: the baby appears not quite healthy, but more precisely to say "special", with manifestations of cerebral palsy.

From the first days, parents realize how serious they will have to be, how attentive to this little man with such characteristics.

Cerebral Palsy is not a reason to limit the whole child, because he also wants activity, he wants to know the world around him and touch every day everything that is nearby.

A child who is limited in something by nature, is no worse than other, more active children. All parents of such children should first and foremost take care that the crumb does not feel restrained and that wheelchairs and wheelchairs for children with cerebral palsy come to help in this.

Specially for such special babies, the models are comfortable, bright, some even not like wheelchairs. In such a stroller, the child will feel very comfortable.


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Need for a wheelchair - is there any doubt? The child with cerebral palsy is in most cases restricted in movement, so the first task of parents is to make his daily life more a wheelchair and a child active, fun and cognitive.

For this purpose, first of all, you need to get a wheelchair, which is made taking into account all the features of the figure, a growing body with specific deviations.

A stroller is not a luxury. This is an extreme necessity. At the moment there are a lot of varieties of wheelchairs for children with cerebral palsy on the market - these are the wheelchairs for the house, and walking options and for outdoor activities.

Functional and technical features of the

In order for the wheelchair for the child with cerebral palsy to be most comfortable, the designers provided various tricks and additional functions, thanks to which every day will give the kid something new and interesting, distracting from the limited movement:

  • backrest must be stiff. In addition, that it relieves the burden on the back, is also the prevention of kyphosis;
  • armrests are positioned so that the upper limbs are in a natural position;
  • leg support - adjustable: parents can choose the required height, depending on the length of the legs;
  • seat should also be as comfortable as possible: its width and depth should be calculated when choosing an armchair, depending on the age and height of the baby. The main thing that needs to be paid attention - knees and hip joints should be correctly bent;
  • in cases where the child needs to fix the body during movement, strollers can be equipped with special head, pelvis, arms, trunk ;
  • if necessary, you can count on the construction, which will fix the hips ;
  • for comfortable movement and stay in the wheelchair the backrest inclination is regulated by ;
  • in cases of especially severe in the wheelchair, is provided with a special pad for pressure sores ;
  • on the wheelchair there are handles for more comfortable transportation of chairs by accompanying persons;
  • some models are equipped with a special table , for which the child can learn, play or eat;
  • important function - availability of anti-tipping safety devices and brakes .

Wheelchairs can also be equipped with additional options: stroller for disabled child

  • cane holders;
  • electric accelerator of the wheels;
  • strap for fixing the feet;
  • fully folding back;
  • stand under the dropper.

But this is not the whole list of possible functions and accessories that are attached to the child's wheelchairs. All the features depend on the purpose of the chair, the manufacturer and the characteristics of the child for whom the stroller is selected.

Armchairs for children with cerebral palsy can be divided into two main types:

  • wheelchair;
  • wheelchair.


Wheelchair is a special rehabilitation device designed for people with disabilities that do not allow them to move around freely. Among all the variety of such vehicles for children with cerebral palsy, it is possible to distinguish such varieties.


  • for home use;
  • for walking;
  • power wheelchair.

For outdoor activities

The purpose of the stroller is to simplify the life of a child with disabilities and is intended for moving around the house, outdoors, to near and far distances( depending on the characteristics and severity of the disease).A baby carriage for a home apart from comfort is small in size, due to which it can freely pass into the doorways.

Unlike the wheelchair for the house, the analog for the street should be easier, and, consequently, maneuverable. Wheels in this case for the purpose of

Lisa Wheelchair

Wheelchair Lisa for children with cerebral palsy

better damping used pneumatic. Models basically have a folding frame for more comfortable transportation, multifunctional, have a bright design.

Some models of wheelchairs can be equipped with electric wheel drive - this greatly facilitates the operation of the wheelchair to an older child.

Wheelchairs for active recreation will help those children who dream of doing sports( tennis, basketball, rugby, etc.).The basis of such an armchair is not a cross, but a frame, with a seat built into it. Such a stroller is designed for movement over a hard surface for relatively short distances.

Choice of consumers

Like any product, there is a kind of rating of the product "wheelchair", which corresponds to the value of "price-quality."Such a TOP is determined by polling users.

So, based on our survey, the most popular models are:

  1. Cruiser Planar from Convaid ( USA) - the wheelchair is compact, thanks to the ability to fold into a cane. The backrest has three positions and a fixed seating angle of 30 degrees. Sheathing is removable and can be cleaned perfectly. The fabric does not interfere with the Cruiser Planar by Convaid air exchange. There are five body retainers. The weight of the stroller is 19 kg, and the maximum load-carrying capacity is 34 kg. The cost of a wheelchair is about 120,000 rubles.
  2. Kimba Neo from Otto Bock ( Germany) - wheelchair is ideal for home use. The design includes a headrest, height adjustment of the wheels, seat, belts for feet and belts for fastening in five points, there is a special restrictive handle for kids. The maximum load-carrying capacity is 50 kg. The cost is about 130000 rub. There are two options: for children from 0 to 6 years, from 6 to 10 years.
  3. Child Chair OSD ( Italy) - universal stroller: for home and street. Withstands up to 100 kg. Sheathing does not interfere with air exchange. Back and seat can be removed, armrests lift for more comfortable fixation of the child's hands. The footboards are transformed into one. There is a brake. This is the most budgetary option, since you can buy such a stroller for 20,000 rubles.

Basically, strollers for outdoor activities and sports are made by special order of the client, but there are a number of models that have proven themselves among themselves:

  1. Colors Hammer ( Italy) - a model for sports, in particular rugby. Has a rigid frame high maneuverability and ease of Colors Hammer control. The heavy-duty and light frame is easily transformed. It has a bright design. The cost is 30000 rub.
  2. Etac Elite ( Sweden) - a rigid frame with a folding backrest will make the active rest even more pleasant and easier. The frame is titanium. Pneumatic rear wheels. The cost is 45000 rubles.
  3. Progeo "EXELL VARIO" ( Italy) - ultramodern stroller, which is based on the latest technology and the highest quality. Cross-shaped frame made of aviation aluminum. The back is made of titanium tubes. The maximum load-carrying capacity is 125 kg. The weight of the stroller is 12 kg. Has an adjustable back, front and rear wheels, side shields and a footboard. The cost is 90000 rub.


Wheelchair chairs differ from wheelchairs in that they are designed for patients completely immobilized, with the most severe forms of cerebral palsy. Only an accompanying person can move a wheelchair.

Used for moving around the house, at a medical facility, in some cases for short walks. Also used to visit the toilet and shower.

People's rating

TOP - 3 best strollers based on consumer survey:

  1. Wheelchair for shower and toilet OSD-JBS 367A .Can be used for showering, toilet, and also as an ordinary wheelchair in the OSD-JBS 367A household. The chair has a metal frame, folding armrests with cushions for the hands, removable seat, adjustable footrest. All four wheels rotate. Two of them have a brake. The cost is 15000 rubles.
  2. Wheelchairs OSD Wave are easy to use for hygienic procedures and movement around the house. The material covering the chair is water resistant. The wheelchair has folding armrests, a removable seat, under which the ship is installed. The frame is aluminum, resistant to rust. All four wheels are swivel, the brakes on the two. The cost is 30000 rub.
  3. Transit fuselage OSD-MOD-7 - convenient not only for moving to a medical facility, but also for the home. Compact, with a folding frame. Armrests recline, the footrest is one-piece. Weight of the wheelchair is 7 kg. The maximum load-carrying capacity is 70 kg. The cost of 24000 rubles.

Features of choosing a wheelchair

There are a number of conditions that should be taken into consideration when choosing a wheelchair for children with cerebral palsy:

  • severity of the patient's condition: can he independently hold the pose and drive the stroller;
  • parameters of the living space - the child must pass through the rooms and corridors without hindrance;
  • how active the kid is;
  • possibility to devote maximum time to a "special" child;
  • the backrest of the stroller must be adjustable;
  • presence of a support for the head;
  • the presence of belts to fix the body in the correct position;
  • seat belts;
  • adjustable footrest.

Tips and opinions of parents

In the responses of parents you can find the opinion that without a wheelchair to do without having a child with cerebral palsy, it is impossible to do.

It is impossible to imagine the daily chores for caring for a child with cerebral palsy without a wheelchair. The child is quite active, inquisitive.

Only after the acquisition of the stroller, we were able to fully provide an opportunity to explore the world and lead a fairly active lifestyle.

Maria, 40

The daughter has a severe form of cerebral palsy, so she needs a reliable fixation of the position during the movement. Only after we bought Kimba Neo from Otto Bock could we untie our hands and give our daughter the opportunity to see the world around us and, at the same time, to fix the body in a natural position.

Ivan, 37

Stroller Umbrella, designed for children with cerebral palsy - user review and feedback:

A child with cerebral palsy is not a grief. This is a special baby, for which you need a special care. In order to make life easier for him and himself, it is necessary to have a wheelchair or wheelchair in the house with which you can fix a child, transport, take out for walks, play, feed and give daily joy to this sunny little man.

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