How to treat liver diseases with soda, including cancer and cirrhosis, according to Neumyvakin?

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bicarbonate Potassium bicarbonate or baking soda is often used to treat various diseases. Treating the liver with soda also takes place, and its application gives good results. Many doctors argue about the benefits of this product, but, one way or another, real feedback about liver soda treatment indicates its high efficiency. But before resorting to treatment with this remedy, it is necessary to consult the attending physician and learn more about how soda affects the liver.

How does baking soda work on the liver?

Treating the liver with soda Liver treatment with

soda The liver is involved in the process of digestion, hematopoiesis, metabolism and cleansing of the human body from toxic substances. Not always medicines are effective in treating the liver, and in such cases, bodily soda comes to the aid of a person.

Soda have anti-inflammatory, antihistamine, antibacterial, anthelmintic effect, and also neutralizes acid and promotes the preservation of calcium. Thus, soda treats the liver, cleansing it, stimulating the outflow of bile, helping to get rid of stones and stopping the development of cancer cells.

How is liver sonic cleaning done?

Baking soda dilutes and refreshes the structure of the blood. Its effectiveness can be noticeable after the first application and a reaction occurs, as a result of which the acid-base balance is normalized, and the blood cells begin to be purified.

As most patients experience a violation of the acid-base balance, soda becomes the most effective means of traditional medicine.
The indicator should ideally remain unchanged throughout the life of a person and, if it exceeds the 14 mark, the patient has a serious ailment that, if untimely, can lead to death.

Treatment of sperm with soda by the method of Neumyvakin


Professor Neumyvakin for many years has argued that potassium bicarbonate is a universal medicine for folk medicine and it can be used to treat and prevent numerous ailments. The author devotes a few years of his life to developing a unique scheme for treating liver with soda. Ultimately, Neumyvakin developed his method of treating the liver with this effective means, so that the acid-base balance always remained normal.

According to his intake schedule, the dosage should be gradually increased. To begin with, you need to dissolve a quarter teaspoon of soda in a glass of non-stirring milk or water and take 2 cups of the finished product per day( for the elderly, 3 glasses each).After 3 days, you need to increase the dosage and dissolve in a glass of liquid a tablespoon of soda.

The drug should be consumed twice a day, a couple of hours after the meal and 60 minutes before it starts. On the table spoon the agent should be taken during the next 3 days, and then take a break for three days and continue taking with an increased dose. After a break, you need to take the medication 20 minutes before the start of the meal or a couple of hours after the end of the meal.

Professor Neumyvakin recommends a certain diet for a week before starting to treat liver with baking soda and refusing to eat fatty, fried foods, alcoholic beverages and meat. It is also necessary to carry out a special cleaning of the liver. During the next 3 days you need to use only natural juice from apples or a decoction of vegetables, and after awakening, make an enema with water. On the 3rd day before going to bed, it is necessary to lie down and apply a warm water bottle to the liver area.

It is also desirable to drink a remedy based on olive juice and lemon juice in an amount of 1 cup. Warmer should be held for about 3 hours, and then go to bed. Immediately after awakening, it is necessary to make an enema. After emptying the bowels, you need to have breakfast with a small portion of the vegetable dish.

Professor Neumyvakin also recommends preparing a special decoction of vegetables. For him, you need to take 1 kg of potatoes, which must be previously rinsed, and, without cleaning, cut into pieces and put into a container. To the potato, you need to add 5 small carrots, a little parsley root, a large onion( cut into several pieces).

All vegetables should be poured with water and cooked on low heat for about 60 minutes. Ready-made broth should be consumed at a time and cooked every day, so that cleaning the liver with potassium bicarbonate was the most effective.

Treatment of liver cancer with soda

soda and lemon juice

Baking soda creates an environment in the body that prevents the development and reproduction of cancer cells. Soda in liver cancer is used quite often and it is possible to prepare several simple and effective remedies based on it.

  1. On the basis of soda, you can prepare a healing drink with lemon juice. Half a teaspoon is dissolved in a glass of water and 2 spoons of juice. The finished product should be consumed 1 time per day.
  2. To prepare the next effective remedy, you need to take soda and honey in a ratio of 1: 3.Ingredients should be placed in a container and put on a slow fire to lightly heat. The finished product can be stored in the refrigerator and taken daily.
  3. The following remedy will help in the treatment of liver cancer: one and a half tablespoons of soda is mixed with a glass of hot milk and drunk every day before the start of the meal.
  4. Treatment of liver cancer can also be done with soda and hydrogen peroxide. This tool should be used with caution and to begin to dissolve just one drop of peroxide and a teaspoon of soda in 50 ml of liquid. Drink the resulting remedy 3 times a day. Every day, the peroxide peroxide should be increased by 1 drop per 40 ml of liquid until the number of drops reaches 10.

Continue to increase the dose can not, because the opposite effect may occur and the use of the product will negatively affect the acid-base balance. The medication should be taken on an empty stomach 30 minutes before the start of the meal.

Baking soda for the liver: a bath, an enema

soda for the liver

For the treatment of baking soda, you can use not only broths, but also healing baths. They help in the work of the liver and clean the pores. Before taking a soda bath you need to drink a glass of non-stirring mint tea. The bath should not be warm and in any case not hot. In it you need to pour a third of a glass of soda. Take a bath about 30 minutes during the week.

Sodium enemas can be used as an additional method. Before using this remedy, you need to starve for a day. To prepare an enema, you need to add a teaspoon of potassium bicarbonate to a liter of warm water. The person should lie down on the right side for the introduction of an enema.

The injected liquid must be stored inside for about 10 minutes. After soda enema and bowel movement, you can enter a cleansing enema. In a day, the enema needs to be repeated. The course of soda enemas should be about 3 enemas with interruptions.

Before you start using a prescription based on soda for liver treatment, you need to visit your doctor.


It should be taken into account that soda can not be used for stomach ulcers, diabetes mellitus, stage 3 cancer, increased or decreased acidity, and pregnancy.

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