Hemorrhoids - treatment, symptoms, causes, prevention, diet, home treatment

Causes of hemorrhoids

The main causes of the disease include:

  • age;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • is a passive lifestyle;
  • stool disorders;
  • improper power;
  • frequent pregnancy;
  • frequent delivery;
  • weight lifting;
  • hard work;
  • psychological causes( emotional stress, frequent stresses).

How does hemorrhoids look like, you can imagine, according to the attached photo. ..

Symptoms of hemorrhoids

Patients with hemorrhoids indicate the following signs of the disease:

  • prolapse and swelling of hemorrhoids;
  • itching in the anus;
  • pain;
  • bleeding.

According to medical directories, hemorrhoids are divided by the location( location) of the hemorrhoids into:

  • internal;
  • outdoor;
  • combined.

Internal hemorrhoids is characterized by the location of hemorrhoids in the lumens of the rectum. They appear as a result of protrusions on the surface of the cavernous plexus.

Internal hemorrhoids occur as a result of reduced physical activity of a person, prolonged stays in a standing or sitting position.

External hemorrhoids is caused by venous blood congestion in the anal area. The surface of the hemorrhoidal nodes is covered with skin, and they themselves are outside the anal opening under the skin of the perianal and anal area. If the patient is in a calm state, the hemorrhoidal nodes( the so-called cones) do not bleed and cause other unpleasant sensations.

Combined hemorrhoids is a consequence of the simultaneous occurrence and development of the first two types of hemorrhoids.

The stages of hemorrhoids


The first stage( initial).Internal hemorrhoids.

The hemorrhoidal node has emerged and protrudes in the lumens of the rectum. Symptoms of hemorrhoids are minimal and are not present at all.

The second stage.

During defecation sessions or severe straining with constipation, the hemorrhoidal nodes extend beyond the anus and are easily retracted.

Third stage. External hemorrhoids( external hemorrhoids).

Nodes acquire the ability to self-fall out( after physical exertion) and do not retract.

Fourth stage. Acute hemorrhoids.

Dropped hemorrhoids are not corrected at all, the intestinal mucosa and anus are gaping. This stage of hemorrhoids is accompanied by ulceration and thrombosis.

Hemorrhoids is a typical chronic disease, so its aggravation is accompanied by constipation and bleeding during hemorrhoids, caused by festive meals with alcohol, spicy and spicy food, as well as exacerbations of hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

Hemorrhoids in men

Some reasons for the appearance of hemorrhoids in men are similar to those in women, however, there are factors specific only for men:

  • lifting of weights;
  • alcohol abuse;
  • "male professions"( programmers, computer specialists, taxi drivers, drivers);
  • use of spicy food.

Hemorrhoids in women

Women are susceptible to hemorrhoids, due to the following reasons:

  • "female" professions( accountants, sellers);
  • mastering of men's professions by women;
  • high emotionality;
  • diets leading to constipation;
  • monthly;
  • hemorrhoids may occur during pregnancy or after childbirth;
  • fitness halls.

All people who suffer from hemorrhoids are trying to find out quickly how to cure hemorrhoids, is it possible, and how can you get rid of it?

Treatment of hemorrhoids

In order to find out how to treat hemorrhoids, you should contact a specialist doctor - a proctologist.

He will acquaint you with the disease, tell you about the methods of treating hemorrhoids and will answer all your questions.

Usually, hemorrhoid treatment begins at any stage, but the sooner this is done, the better.

Sudden exacerbation of hemorrhoids occurs after sudden increases in severity, heavy physical labor. Acute hemorrhoids are treatable, according to specific signs of the disease. After the signs of hemorrhoids disappear, the patient needs to follow a balanced diet and minimal physical strain.

In the chronic course of hemorrhoids, various therapies are used.

Hemorrhoids of the first or second stage require medical treatment, which allows for years to contain the disease in the initial stages.

The main thing here is to follow simple rules:

  • to refuse anal sex;
  • not to eat spicy, fatty and spicy food;
  • is not supercooled;
  • to avoid a sedentary lifestyle;
  • does not lift weights.

Compliance with these rules will allow you to reduce the frequency of exacerbations of hemorrhoids, but does not guarantee full recovery.

In order to get rid of the pain, apply all kinds of medications( suppositories, gels, cream, ointments).

These include:

  • ultraproject;
  • anesthesin;
  • lidocaine;
  • bupivacaine.

With unbearable pain, a doctor can make a new canine blockade of the anal passage.


Candles Relief in hemorrhoids have a pronounced effect:

  • immunomodulating;
  • hemostatic;
  • wound-healing;
  • analgesic;
  • is anti-inflammatory.

Relief candles refer to topical preparations:

  • therapeutic effect on wounds and fissures of the anus;
  • itching and burning;
  • fight against internal and external hemorrhoids.

If the pain is caused by an anal fissure, then the following remedy for hemorrhoids is applied:

  • spasmolzone;
  • baralgin;
  • plaster with nitroglycerin.

To stop bleeding, use a styrene preparation called Vikasol.

Tablets with hemorrhoids

The following tablets for the treatment of hemorrhoids can be distinguished:

  • Hemorrhoid( phytopreparation);
  • Litovit-B;
  • Detraleks;
  • Askelazan-A;
  • Mil Par;
  • Pilex;
  • Ginkor fort.

Hemorrhoids tablets contain chemical and natural components that effectively heal wounds and ulcers that arise "due to" hemorrhoids.

If the patient suffers from bleeding, apply:

  • suppositories with adrenaline;
  • sponges are collagenic.

The main medicines for the treatment of hemorrhoids are drugs that increase the tone of the veins( Endotel, Cyclo-3 forte, Glivenol, Ginkor forte, Detralex).

Treatment of hemorrhoids at home

A correct and balanced diet prescribed by a doctor plays an important role in the home treatment of hemorrhoids.

It is impossible not to recall such a wonderful treatment as ice. For a long time people have been using ice as an effective tool for treating hemorrhoids.

Ice has excellent properties with:

  • stop bleeding;
  • narrowing of blood vessels;
  • removal of pain.


Today, on the basis of cryo-functions of ice, a remarkable Krinus apparatus was created.

The plastic manipulator of the Krinus is easily and simply inserted into the anal opening and contacts the colon of the rectum.

The impact of this manipulator can bring relief, but not cure the disease.

Hemorrhoids at home can be treated with herbal infusions, which are used for recumbent and sedentary baths.

You can buy a pharmacy ready to collect antihemorrhoidal herbs, and you can use one of the following:

  • pepper mountaineer;
  • sheet of alder;
  • nettles;
  • clover.

Infusion of these herbs can be frozen and applied the resulting phyto-ice to the anus.

If therapeutic and folk methods of treatment do not help get rid of the disease, then go on to the following methods of treatment.

Minimally invasive methods for getting rid of hemorrhoids

These techniques are used to remove hemorrhoids of the first-third stage.

Hemorrhoids are eliminated with latex rings.

The patient is given a small cleansing enema. Then takes the ligator with a latex ring put on it.

The hemorrhoidal node is sucked into the middle of the ligator, and the ring covers the base of the node.

After removal, the hemorrhoidal node falls off on its own.

The wound remaining after it is sewn.

In the first-second stage of hemorrhoids, sclerotherapy is used:

, a solution of phenol( 5%) in peach oil is injected into the hemorrhoidal assembly, causing evacuation and rejection of the node.

The effectiveness of sclerotherapy is quite high, and therefore it is used in an unsuccessful conservative treatment.

Thrombosis of the hemorrhoidal node does not allow the use of minimally invasive methods.

In order to prevent thrombosis, the following applies:

  • bezornil;
  • nigepan;
  • hepatothrombin G;
  • troxevasin;
  • heparin.

Removal of hemorrhoids - hemorrhoidectomy

Hemorrhoidectomy is used in 3-4 stages of hemorrhoids.

642й Hemorrhoidal nodes are corrected.

The skin area next to the anal opening is then cut with the rectum and the site is removed.

After surgery, an anesthetic nitroglycerin cream is used.

The method of treatment, which is necessary for you personally, is able to choose the right doctor only.

Treatment of hemorrhoids after childbirth

To get rid of postpartum hemorrhoids, you should choose the right treatment strategy.

In whatever form and at whatever stage the hemorrhoids are, its treatment must include complex methods, including:

  • drug therapy;
  • diet food;
  • folk treatment;
  • therapeutic exercise.

In the treatment of postpartum haemorrhoids, a painless laser coagulation technique is possible.

Hemorrhoids in children

Features of children's hemorrhoids are:

  • possible injury of the rectum;
  • infection of the formed wounds;
  • temperature rise is possible;
  • bleeding;
  • no pain.

Children-schoolchildren must spend too much time in a sitting position, their diet is completely broken, some schoolchildren are exposed to smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages.

All this can provoke the appearance and development of hemorrhoids in a child.

Prevention of hemorrhoids

The measures to prevent hemorrhoids include:

  • proper nutrition;
  • regular bowel movement;
  • a flexible way of life;
  • rejection of hard work;
  • aqueous perineal and anus procedures with cold water;
  • performance of special physical training.

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I have an initial stage of hemorrhoids.

Tell me, please, than I can be treated at home?


I've heard that duck fat or shark oil helps well from hemorrhoids.

True, I have not tried it myself. Good luck!


I'm afraid to be not original, but in my opinion, surgical intervention in this case solves all problems.

Chick! And all. ..


With anti-hemorrhoidal ointments and candles, and if the case is started, it's good to try a laser.


And I would advise ice and grated potatoes.

But the best advisor in this case, of course, can only become an experienced proctologist.


Prices for hemorrhoid treatment in Moscow( and not only) fluctuate significantly.

The cost can be calculated in tens of thousands of rubles.

For example, in the center of the proctology "MED square" the treatment of hemorrhoids by surgical method( removal of internal or external nodes) is 37 200 rubles.

Addresses of the center:

Kurkino, Landyshevaya street 14, building 1.

Telephone: 7( 909) 629 29 25;

Kashirskoye shosse, 74, building 1.

Phone: 7( 909) 629 29 25.

Take care of yourself.

Stay healthy!

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Hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids( pochechuy) - a common disease associated with inflammation, thrombosis, abnormal veins, leading to the formation of hemorrhoids along the perimeter of the rectum.

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