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The best remedies for colic in the tummy for newborns: drugs, drugs, drops, tea

1 Causes of symptom

Colic - this is an intestinal spasm. The appearance of colic in newborns is provoked by several factors. The digestive system in newborn babies is just beginning to form. Because of its immaturity, it does not have digestive enzymes in the necessary quantity to process incoming food. For the same reason, infants often have bowel motility disorder. The situation is exacerbated by increased gas formation, which appears due to maternal malnutrition and swallowing baby air during feeding or screaming. Gases burst the intestines of the baby, and he suffers from attacks of sharp pain.

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Colic in most children appear at 3-4 weeks of life and lasts up to 3-4 months. But some children start to suffer from them before. Some babies suffer all 3 months, and others 1-1,5 months. Boys are more often and more strongly affected by bloating.

Attacks appear in newborns during or immediately after feeding. They are more pronounced in the evening.

Doctors believe that the vast majority of children( 70-90%) suffer from infantile colic.

When a child suffers from colic, he constantly cries, knocks and pulls them to the tummy, his face turns red. The feet of the newborn become cold to the touch, his hands tightly pressed against the body, and the stomach becomes swollen and tense. With colic rare spitting is possible. Because of the belly gas, the child can not eat, repels the breast or bottle. He can not sleep properly and rest. Some children do not get relief for several days in a row. The child is exhausted and exhausted by the mother.

Some parents believe that colic needs to just wait out. But this painful condition can lead to negative consequences. Due to persistent colic, the child's digestion and digestion of nutrients are disrupted, the regurgitation and vomiting syndrome is gradually forming due to increased intra-abdominal pressure. The child can develop rickets and hypotrophy - a chronic digestive disorder. How can I help a newborn?

2 Folk remedies

Folk remedies have long been used to treat various diseases. The old proven remedy for colic for newborns is dill water. It is given to babies from the first days of life. Ready-made dill water or a dill instant powder can be bought at a pharmacy. You can prepare dill water yourself. It is made from fennel seeds. This plant looks very much like ordinary dill, but it differs in taste and smell. Fennel tea is recommended for infants and mothers. It will help the digestive tract digestion and reduce gas production. A nursing agent will increase lactation.

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Fennel seeds must be ground to a powdery state on a coffee grinder.1 tsp.powder poured 1 tbsp.boiling water and boil for 5 minutes. It is better to cook the infusion on a water bath( it will take about 15 minutes).The amount of liquid is brought to the same volume by adding boiled water. Give the dill water gradually, starting with a small dose. First, approximately 0.5 tsp.before feeding 3 times a day. Gradually increase the dose to 6 tsp.in a day.

If there is no fennel, you can prepare similarly dill water from normal dill, but the effect of this remedy for colic will not be so strong.

Toddlers on breastfeeding dill better to give from a spoon, and not from a bottle.

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Chamomile officinalis works great against colic in newborns. Infusion of chamomile is given to babies as tea. To make tea from chamomile, 1 tsp.dry flowers chamomile pour 1 tbsp.boiling water and insist. When the infusion cools down, it is filtered and given to the baby before feeding 3 times a day. Begin to give tea from chamomile need from small doses, gradually increasing portions to a tablespoon.

If the taste of herbal infusions is unpleasant to a child, they can be mixed with breast milk or a mixture.

3 Simeticone preparations

Simethicone is a carminative agent that helps in the fight against increased gas production. He is referred to as "defoamers".Gases, because of which the child suffers, accumulate in the intestines in the form of foam."Defoamers" destroy foam and release gases. The released gases freely flow outward in a natural way or absorbed by the body. This is an effective remedy for colic. Simethicone based on the following drugs for bloating:

  • Espumizan L;
  • Espumizan 40;
  • Sub Simplex;
  • Bobotik.

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If necessary Espumizan can be taken for a long time.

All products for neonates based on simethicone have flavor additives. Usually, children readily accept such medications. When taking funds for colic, you need to closely monitor the health status of the baby. If there is a suspicion of an allergic reaction, the drug should be discarded.


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The effect of treatment comes on 3-5 days. More than a week to give carminative funds is not recommended. It is necessary to correct the treatment of colic.

4 Enterosorbents

If simethicone-based products do not help, you can give the baby enterosorbents. Enterosorbents are substances with a porous structure that absorb toxins, allergens and gases, and then leave the body together with them in a natural way. They are harmless to health and not absorbed into the blood. For babies appoint Enterosgel. Unlike other drugs, Enterosgel absorbs only harmful substances and gases, without capturing useful substances and microflora. It does not adhere to the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract, as activated charcoal, and does not damage it due to the gel basis.

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Smecta has similar properties. It perfectly suppresses the fusion of gas bubbles, without worsening the motility of the intestine. Smecta is available as a powder. The contents of one sachet are dissolved in water, in infant formula or in breast milk. Smectu is given to the baby for 3 days. If necessary, the course is extended to 7 days, but not more. If the baby has constipation, the remedy for colic for the newborn should be made less concentrated.

5 Probiotics

With a clear deficit of probiotic microorganisms( lactobacilli and bifidobacteria) in the intestinal microflora, probiotics are prescribed. More than one decade of mothers rescues Lineks. This is evidenced by numerous reviews of parents.

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This preparation is a capsule with a powder of lebanin. Lebenin contains live cultures of bifidobacteria, enterococci and lactobacilli. Bacteria contained in the drug help the baby digest food and normalize the balance of microflora in the intestine. For infants, the contents of the capsule are diluted with breast milk or a mixture.

Bifidumbacterin contains a huge amount of bifidobacteria that envelop the walls of the intestine and stabilize its work. The drug is available in the following types:

  • candle;
  • tablets;
  • capsules;
  • powder.

The most common pharmaceutical form is powder. The powder is mixed with breast milk or a mixture.

Lineks and Bifidumbacterin quickly dissolve in the liquid, their taste is perceived by children well. The effect of the use of drugs appears in the coming days.

6 Ways to treat

A gas pipe can help to get rid of gas. It gives an instant result. Before use, the gas outlet pipe should be boiled for 10 minutes and cooled. A crash is spread on the back on a changing table, its legs are pressed against the tummy. The tip of the tube is smeared with petroleum jelly or baby cream, and gently injected rotational movements into the rectum to a depth of 2-3 cm. It is left in the gut for 5-10 minutes, waiting for the release of gases. After that, the tube is carefully removed.

Figure 6

No less effective enema and suppositories with glycine. But such methods are used in rare cases. Do not use them all the time, so as not to injure the mucous membrane and not cause the body to become addictive.

You can give your baby ready-made herbal tea made by Hipp and Nutricia. Tea is produced in the form of granules, it is easy to cook even in the conditions of the hospital, filling the granules with warm boiled water.

With colic the phytopreparations made on the basis of medicinal herbs help well. Plantex, BabyCalm and Heppi-Baby contain fennel essential oil. The components of BebiKalm and Heppi-Baby are also anise and mint oils. BebiKalm and Heppi-Baby are drops. A few drops are brewed with boiled water and give to drink to the baby. Drops sometimes cause allergic reactions.

Plantex is a granular powder based on fennel seeds. The contents of one sachet should be filled with 0.5 cups of warm water. During the day, newborns can drink tea from 1-2 packets in several stages during breaks between feedings. Plantex contains lactose, so it is not prescribed for children with lactose intolerance.

If nothing helps, and the child's colic is very painful, the pediatrician can prescribe antispasmodics - No-spa or Papaverin. These are the agents that suppress the muscle spasm.

The remedy for colic in newborns can be prescribed only by a doctor. He also recommends dosage and determines the duration of the course of treatment. Treatment should be carried out under the supervision of a pediatrician and gastroenterologist.

Colic is treated when other, more dangerous conditions are excluded. Similar symptoms can be a sign of serious illnesses.

7 Warm bath

Long since the colic in newborns were disposed of with heat. The diaper, heated on a battery or using an iron, was folded into several layers and applied to the baby's stomach. The diapers changed the extent of their cooling.

Figure 7

Some babies help mother's warmth. The child's tummy is pressed against the mother's body.

Reduces pain from colic in newborns with a warm bath. If you add decoctions of medicinal soothing herbs to the water, the child will relax and calm down. This will improve his psycho-emotional state and help him get enough sleep and rest.

When the baby is less ingesting air, bloating will torment him much less. To a child less swallowed air, it should be fed in a slightly elevated position - so that the head was above the rest of the body. It should be watched how the baby grasps the nipple. With proper feeding, the child captures not only the nipple, but also the nasal region. With this capture, air will enter the digestive tract of the baby much less often. After feeding, you need to hold the crumb with a column. It will help to get out the air that he managed to swallow.

If the newborn is on artificial or mixed feeding, colic in the abdomen may occur due to improperly selected infant formula, as well as due to improper preparation. The mixture can be highly concentrated.

Before each feeding the baby should be spread on the stomach for ten minutes. Then stroke the stomach clockwise.

You can get rid of colic in newborns by changing your mother's diet. From the menu, products that increase gas formation should be excluded. These are all kinds of cabbage, beans, grapes, apples and kvass. All vegetables and fruits are preferable not to eat raw. It is better to bake or cook them. Also, we must give up black bread, yeast baked goods and chocolate.

Noticeable relief of a child's condition often occurs after the application of a set of measures.

Contents of
  • 1 Causes of symptom
  • 2 Folk remedies
  • 3 Simethicone preparations
  • 4 Enterosorbents
  • 5 Probiotics
  • 6 Treatment methods
  • 7 Warm bath

Fortunately for parents there are funds for colic in the tummy for newborns, drugs are prescribed to young children with caution. Some babies are so tormented by pain that they can not sleep or eat. Newborns are scared to give medicines. Which ones are safe for crumbs?

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