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Biotin And Collagen

Biotin and Collagen: in what form is better to use

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Biotin is a combination of collagen and can be found in the description of the composition of the packaging with capsules of beauty, wellness cocktails and means of hair care products. But is it useful combination and whether the use of dietary supplements will not harm the body? Consider the composition of dietary supplements and the effect of each of the components.

As "working" components of the formulation

If you read the annotation to drinks or tablets, it is seen that in addition to Biotin Collagen almost all funds contain vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. In some formulations also added vitamins and minerals, or alpha-lipoic acid. Consider the effect on the body common components.


Hydrolyzed protein, which increases the elasticity of the ligaments and improves the condition of the cartilage and dermis. The skin is smoothed when using collagen and firmer, wrinkles disappear, increases elasticity. In the digestive tract of the collagen protein is split into the amino acids necessary for the regeneration of damaged cells.

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Additional benefits Collagen is a protein that prevents leaching of calcium compound and preserves bone strength.


Another name biotin - vitamin H. Biotin strengthens the nails and returns the hair shine. When receiving Biotin passes seborrhea, improving skin conditions.

hyaluronic acid

The component helps the cells of the epidermis to retain moisture. Because of this preserved elasticity and wrinkles become less.

Vitamin C

Ascorbic acid is essential to improve the absorption of collagen and hyaluronic acid. In addition, the vitamin C stimulates the natural production of collagen proteins in the body.

Collagen with biotin and other additives can be bought in specialized departments or on the official website of the manufacturer.

Cocktail or tablets

In what form to take Biotin with Collagen it depends on personal preference.

To restore health and beauty proven manufacturers offer:

  • Collagen Drink Mix. Cocktails with orange flavor.
  • Neocell. Useful Beauty Biotin-based drink with collagen. Neocell can be purchased in tablets.
  • Collagen Beauty Builder. Convenient tablet further containing alpha-lipoic acid and hyaluronic.
  • Mason made capsules.

Deciding to drink cocktails or take a pill, it is worth to be patient. 2-3 months is required for the recovery of health.

When will be the result

If a woman uses shampoo with collagen and biotin, the effect will be noticeable after the second or third application. ogx shampoo has a local effect, nourishing and strengthening the hair.

But the rate of positive changes at the domestic reception depends on the existing collagen in the body, and biotin. Ingestible substance, first of all, are delivered to the bones, ligaments and vital organs. A positive effect on your skin and hair will begin when the supply of amino acids join the internal systems. In some early signs of improvement in appearance observed after 2 weeks, and the other until a result will have to wait longer. It is important not just seeing positive changes, not throwing money reception.

Popular combination of Biotin Collagen is used in the manufacture of cosmetics and dietary supplements. The combination of useful elements for the body helps to strengthen bones, increase flexibility of the joints, get rid of wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin. But it should be remembered that the immediate effect is possible only if external use cosmetics. Cocktails or tablets are slow, providing overall revitalizing effect.



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