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Protein Collagen

Protein Collagen: giving such a complex

People seriously involved in sports, to replenish energy costs take Protein Collagen. Balanced sports nutrition - a source of important substances for the body, allowing to fill expended proteins and amino acids, to accelerate the formation of the relief of muscle. Collagen, a protein complex, in addition to the athletes, can be used by persons who want to reduce weight without harm to health.

Collagen and Protein Characteristics

Protein- whey protein, which is a "building material" for muscle and other cell structures. Protein compounds are digested much faster than vegetable or animal proteins. Eating Protein after a large load allows the protein to satisfy hunger and accelerate the formation of muscles.

Collagen- a protein hydrolyzate, which contains the essential amino acids. Under the action of digestive juices collagen breaks down into amino acids, which increase bone strength, increase joint flexibility and improve skin turgor.

Despite the fact that collagen and proteins are protein compounds, this is not a single species. The difference between the protein and Collagen that protein is used to prevent protein malnutrition and replenish spent energy and Collagen is a provider of essential amino acids.

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What gives the joint reception

Consider what effect is achieved if you eat Collagen Protein:

  • accelerate muscle growth;
  • improve metabolism;
  • compensate for the lack of amino acids;
  • strengthened ligaments, joints and bones;
  • It decreases the amount of adipose tissue;
  • stimulated by the work of the brain;
  • increases the immune response;
  • improve athletic performance;
  • recovering energy expended.

Competitors are advised to take Collagen-protein complex after a great physical effort.

People who want to lose weight, it is advised to replace the eating dinner cocktail.

Recommended sports supplements

Protein taken with Collagen better in a balanced protein-collagen cocktail. Buy the drug can be in sports nutrition stores. Preference should be given to mixtures which contain protein isolate (protein quality protein).

It is worth paying attention to the products of the following manufacturers:

  • It contains a complex of proteins, collagen and glutamine. It has a vanilla flavor.
  • Cocktails are available with banana taste, chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.
  • Collagen Mixture of glutamine, Collagen and Protein tasteful Belgian chocolate.
  • Collagen Ironman-C. In addition to collagen proteins into a powder to prepare a beverage Ascorbic acid is added.

All these preparations contain proteins with various degrees of release. This allows the body to gradually absorb the protein compounds.

Lose weight and become beautiful

Probably every woman's dream to get rid of excess fat and avoid the unpleasant feeling of hunger. This is possible thanks to the gradual assimilation of proteins. After drinking a sports drink sensation of hunger disappears for 4 hours or more, and the lack of oil revenues will force the body to spend its own fat tissue.

Collagen improves the condition of connective tissue elements, increase the elasticity of the dermis. Through this component cocktail avoids ugly sagging skin that happens with weight loss.

A balanced mixture of collagen and proteins help strengthen joints and ligaments, improve the condition of the muscles and get rid of excess body fat. It is only necessary not to save on their health and choose high-quality products.



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