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Reduxine hypothyroidism: why not, the consequences of receiving

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Reduxine is a drug for weight correction. The medicine has a central effect, so it can not take in all patients. Reduxine hypothyroidism is not used as a medicine may interfere with the production of thyroid hormones. If you need to use the tool for weight loss, then you need to wait for compensation of hypothyroidism.

The characteristics of the drug

Reduxine manufactured as a capsulated form (10 mg, 15 mg) and tablets or capsules (example: Reduxine Meth). Active component is sibutramine. The substance has central effects. It reduces the activity of the center of hunger, increases satiety. Due to central action on the brain drug can cause a large number of adverse events (Increased heart rate, vestibular disorders, changes in the concentration of thyroid-stimulating hormone, headaches and others).

The drug is indicated for the correction overweight (BMI from 30 kg / m2) and obesity in combination with diabetes (BMI of 27 kg / m2). The medicine should not be used if mass index figures less than 27 kg / m2. It can harm health.

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The drug is not used for patients with diseases of the internal organs (adrenal gland tumor, kidney and liver damage, brain damage to organic tissues, thyrotoxicosis and other). You can not apply the remedy for benign prostatic hyperplasia. The tool is not used in patients in the following age groups: 65 years of age, under 18 years of age.

Reduxine not use diet during gestation. During pregnancy in general can not lose weight. The tool does not show the time of breastfeeding.

Using Reduxine in the presence of a history of hypothyroidism

When hypothyroidism is not recommended to drink Reduxine. Reduxine able to disrupt the formation of TSH (increases). If the patient has hyperthyroidism, then the drug is prohibited for use. In the presence of hypothyroidism, may use the drug only when TSH is normally held. This suggests the disease compensation.

Impossible Reduxine hypothyroidism when TSH levels greater than 4 mU / l. If Reduxine was appointed, and the diagnosis of hypothyroidism diagnosed after the onset of weight loss therapy, the drug it is necessary to cancel. Hypothyroidism is brought to the stage of compensation. The patient should normalize TSH performance, minimize thyroxine dosage. The cause of obesity is often very hypothyroidism. Adequate dosages Thyroxine can reduce body weight.

After reaching a compensation preparation hypothyroidism can drink under the standard scheme. Reduxine initially take 10 mg. If the effect of the treatment is weak (weight loss is less than 2 kg within 3 months), the dosage is increased to 15 mg. With good effect on the treatment of drug taking during the year.

During therapy Reduxine in patients with compensated hypothyroidism endocrinologist conducts control of TSH, T3, T4. If TSH indicators are overweight, Reduxine treatment should be stopped, adjust the dosage of thyroxine. After reaching the compensation of hypothyroidism can continue therapy Reduxine again.


Reduxine can not drink in hypothyroidism, if the disease is under sub-compensation and decompensation. Right tactics in the presence of hypothyroidism is to achieve its compensation, then you can begin treatment Reduxine. Patients with hypothyroidism medication may provoke subcompensation or decompensation, so it is better not to use Reduxine for the treatment of obesity with reduced thyroid function.


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