Treatment Of Thrush In Infants Miramistinom
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Miramistin thrush in infants

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Many nursing mothers have to deal with thrush in the mouth of the child. This is due to the reproduction of class Candida bacteria. This disease does not bear any particular risk with proper treatment. Doctors prescribe Miramistin thrush in infants.

How do you recognize thrush?

The symptoms of candidiasis in the mouth appear as white deposit, which is easily confused with milk residues. An experienced mom can diagnose the disease on their own. But it is better to consult a specialist.

characteristics of disease

  • The initial stage of the disease goes unnoticed. On the upper sky and gums appear white dots. After 1 - 2 days they burst;
  • Sky baby covered with white film, which are formed by micro redness and sores. May develop stomatitis;
  • Further plaque covers an area of ​​the tongue, cheeks, throat;
  • Untreated compacted consistency plaque forming curdled allocation throughout the oral cavity.

At such moments, toddler losing appetite becomes restless, sleeping poorly. Refusal to breastfeed or bottle triggered by intense itching and burning in contact with food in irritation of the mouth. There is a danger of proliferation of bacteria through the esophagus. In this case, the probability of fungal attack internal organs.

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The cause of the child's illness can serve as the presence of bacteria in a woman during pregnancy or after giving birth, when pathogenic flora gets to the baby through breast milk. Carrier of the fungus can be a man. When close contact can occur through mucosal infection from entering.


Doctors recommend the use of Miramistin thrush in the mouth in infants. This solution for topical use, has no color to foam when shaken. The active ingredient of the drug - benzildemitil. It has aggressive influence on the group of parasites such as Ascomycetes, yeast, yeast-like fungi, viruses. Means destroying yeast infection of the pathogen at the same time, it is safe for the baby's microflora.

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For the benefit of treatment with this tool say the following properties:

  • It works with all strains of pathogenic microbes;
  • It stimulates regenerative processes in damaged tissues;
  • It does not cause side effects and allergic reactions except in cases where there is an individual intolerance of components of the drug;
  • It can be used at any age;
  • Simple treatment process.

Should be given Miramistin infants from yeast according to the doctor's recommendations. As a rule, it is recommended to handle the drug affected area several times a day after feeding.

In most cases, treatment of thrush in infants Miramistin gives a positive result. Depending on the stage of the disease course of treatment may be from 5 days to 2 weeks. In mild candidiasis, a full recovery has been observed for several days after the beginning of application.


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