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Propolis tincture for weight loss: how to take

Help in solving the problem of excess weight can be folk remedies with addition of bee product such as propolis. Useful micronutrients in its composition have a positive effect on all body systems, eliminating the violations that lead to weight gain. Propolis slimming are used in pure form or in the form of tincture or elixir.

Propolis benefits

Various pathological processes in the body, become a cause of increase in body weight of human and obesity.

The healing properties of bee products allow you to use it not only for medicinal purposes, but also for weight loss:

  • restore hormonal;
  • normalization of metabolic processes. Amino acids and vitamins in the composition of Propolis heals bodies, improving their functioning, which beneficially affects the rate of metabolism;
  • elimination of toxins produced during the life of disease-causing microorganisms and purification of vessels from cholesterol. This contributes to the overall absorption of beneficial nutrients of low-calorie products;
  • accelerating the splitting of body fat by reducing the concentration of PPAR-gamma protein responsible for the accumulation of lipids in tissues. Reducing its level activates the process of self-destruction of fat cells;
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  • speed increase energy formation in the body that allows a person to lead a more active lifestyle;
  • improvement of mental and emotional state and reducing the risk of depression or other psychiatric disorders, due to which the increase in weight occurs;
  • It restores the elasticity of the skin, making it taut, which allows to get rid of cellulite and improve its condition in the process of weight loss, during which she becomes flabby;
  • slowing down the aging process which occurs during pathological changes in the body's systems to facilitate the deposition of body fat in an excess amount.

Losing weight with the help of Propolis will further strengthen the immune system, improve the condition of hair and nails, normalize bowel movements and reduce the risk of various complications arising in the background overweight. Taking it for weight loss can be avoided debilitating diets, which do not always lead to the desired result.

Recipes use Propolis slimming

Water or alcohol tincture of bee products can be purchased at any pharmacy.

On its basis, prepare an effective folk remedy for weight loss:

  • you need to add in a glass of milk or clean water 1 tsp (25-30 drops) means. 2 r drink it. a day before meals. Diet propolis tincture should be used within 2 weeks. Then make a break for 1-2 months. and if necessary, repeat the course;
  • Propolis toothpaste slimming suits people who, for some reason, forbidden to use agents with the addition of alcohol. For its preparation of 3-4 tablespoons liquid honey mixed with 20 drops of tincture. Use agent before meals 3 r. per day for 1 tsp a glass of water.

Propolis in alcohol for weight loss has a higher efficiency because the aqueous solution contains a lower concentration of bee product.

On the basis of the tincture prepared cream for the skin, a condition which needs to be restored in the weight loss process:

  • mixed white petrolatum or lard with propolis tincture in a proportion of 5: 1, and put in a water bath container for 20-30 min. Next, the filtered and cooled in the refrigerator. Skin smear this cream 2-3 p. per day;
  • 20 g of almond oil is placed in an enamel pan and poured to 10 ml of tincture. Capacity put on low heat and stir until a paste-like mass. It was then whipped in a blender for 5 minutes. and set for 1 min. in the refrigerator. Such manipulations need to be repeated several times until the cream does not acquire dense texture. Agent is applied to the skin 2-3 p. in a day.

Propolis tincture for losing weight will get rid of the extra kilograms, subject to proper diet and perform the necessary exercise.

For the purpose of slimming small pieces Propolis need to chew for 30 minutes. 2-3 p. per day. It can also be used for the preparation of a special infusion, helps to reduce body fat. You need to mix 2 tsp honey, 1 tbsp. l. of pure water, 20 g and 20 g Propolis fungus in particulate form. The resulting mixture is poured boiling water, heated to 45 degrees. Pushing means for 24 hours. Drink consumed before a meal to 2 tablespoons 3-4 p. per day for 1 month. During this period the person is guaranteed to lose from 4 to 5 kg of excess weight.

To prepare the elixir slimming 100 g Propolis pour 200 ml of water and put in a water bath container. After 10-20 min. it is removed and the resulting filter media. Use it for 30 minutes. before meals for 2 tablespoons 3-5 p. per day. Slimming course lasts 4 weeks, and then make a break for 14 days and repeat the reception of the elixir. Store it in a cool dark place for no longer than 3 months. In the opinion of many people, this recipe has helped them lose weight in a relatively short period of time.

In addition, in order to eliminate cellulite and extra kilos, you can use a compress with propolis polozhkom, which is a linen cloth impregnated with bee products (beeswax, propolis, pollen). The tissue beekeepers put on the roof of the hive to prevent drafts and bees disinfect it. In this way an effective external agent, which helps in the treatment of various diseases and rendering fat burning action during slimming.

Propolis polozhok applied to the wrong side of the body portion problematic for 1-2 hours. and wrap the cling film to enhance the thermal effect. The procedure is carried out 1 p. 2-3 days for 3 months. It is important to remember that failure to comply with these rules can cause burns, so be careful when using such a folk remedy to lose weight. As its application volume of adipose tissue is reduced by 1-3 cm and noticeably smoother skin.


Slimming take Propolis is prohibited in the following cases:

  • idiosyncrasy;
  • predisposition to allergic reactions;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • acute pancreatitis;
  • Propolis tincture based on alcohol slimming contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation, as well as the presence of severe liver and renal pathologies.

Before the start of its use, doctors recommend to spend a provocative test that will help identify the possibility of an allergic reaction. To do so, a few drops of propolis tincture to put on the outside of the elbow grease it or mucous sky. If after 20-30 minutes. in these zones will be no signs of irritation (redness, burning, itching), the folk remedies based on Propolis can be used for weight loss.

Features weight loss using Propolis

If you decide to lose weight, recipes using alternative medicine with the use of propolis, then you must follow these rules:

  • slimming drink Propolis is necessary before a meal;
  • receiving national funds should be combined with exercise and a waiver of fatty foods;
  • in detecting pathological causes weight gain Propolis taken in conjunction with conservative therapy;
  • alcohol tincture drink only in diluted form. For this purpose, milk or water;
  • before slimming pass diagnostics in a medical facility, which will ensure that there are no contraindications, as well as perform allergy tests.

The use of folk remedies based on Propolis is not always possible to achieve quick weight loss. But unlike medications they do not exert adverse effects on the subject to the correct dosage and rules for their use. Thanks to the useful substances in the composition of Propolis people get rid of the extra kilos and get healthy appearance.


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