Lac from fungus toenails, very good and inexpensive

Quickly get rid of athlete's foot, hit the nails on the fingers or feet, will help an antifungal nail lacquer. This is the most practical and convenient medicine for local therapy because, unlike medications that have kremo- or gel texture, it is not erased.

Varnish should be used, if the nail area, damaged by the fungus does not exceed 60%. It is used as a standalone tool that can be administered as part of combination therapy.

Advantages and disadvantages of varnishes

Lucky from nail fungus have a liquid structure, which allows them to penetrate into the very depths of the nail plate and fight infection more effectively. On the surface of the nail is formed protective film. It prevents the entry of oxygen from outside, which is disastrous for mycotic microorganisms. Furthermore, owing to this film, the concentration of drug in the nail remains high.

Most nail fungus nails is not only struggling with the disease, but also can improve the plates. The nails become stronger, healthier and stronger. More often than not allowed to apply varnish to prevent fungal infections. They are invisible, so you can use them when visiting swimming pools, gyms and other public places where an increased risk of infection.

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The main disadvantages of the nail fungus nails:

  • Lucky for the treatment of nail fungus are expensive. In addition, they all have contraindications.
  • Some paints contain toxic compounds in its composition, so they are not recommended for the treatment of children and pregnant women.

In general, the varnish for the treatment of nail fungus - is an effective means allowing qualitatively rid of the disease.

Preparation for the procedure

Preparation for the application of the drug is needed to improve its efficiency. The easiest option - steaming using therapeutic baths.

They are carried out as follows:

  • The hot water is added for selection, a few tablespoons of sea salt, essential oils, shaving soap;
  • Bath taken for 15-20 minutes;
  • After the procedure, feet carefully dried with a towel;
  • Nails trimmed, rasp. Eliminates calluses.

Then, the plate must be treated cloth soaked in an alcoholic solution. It is necessary for disinfection. To facilitate the penetration of active ingredients can be to file the nail on the outside to make it rough. Using the varnish does not require removal of the plate.

some recommendations

Some advice from the expert:

  • Before starting the treatment is necessary to obtain expert advice that will tell exactly how a strain of the fungus struck the nail;
  • In lesions of the nail plate growth area, treatment should be complex. In addition to the use of external funds for the complete destruction of infection intake required antifungals;
  • Do not be discouraged if after a course of treatment will remain on the nail lesions. Most likely, the fungus itself is already dead, and under the nail still have its waste products. In this case, it will help medical pedicure.

Treatment with antifungal lacquer has many advantages. The use of these drugs is effective, convenient and comfortable, allowing you to lead an active life without any loss of comfort!

List of the most effective coatings - which would be better?

To find the best and most effective antifungal lacquer, it is important to know the characteristics of the particular agent. We have compiled a list of the most popular coatings, through which will be able to cure onychomycosis (fungal nail infections):

  • Lotseril - antifungal nail with the active substance amorolfine. This is analogous to Oflomil drug. It is intended for the treatment of nail mycosis when fungus struck no more than 2/3 of the nail. Effective against various kinds of fungi: Candida, Epidermophyton, Cryplococcus, Pityrosporum, Mycrosporum, Alternaria, Hendersonula, Scopjlariopsis, Coccidoides, Cladosporium, Fonseceae, Sporothrix. Cost of varnish - 1500-2200 rubles.
  • Demikten. Cosmetic antifungal agent based on polyvinyl acetate emulsion and aldehyde formic acid. After application quickly creates on the nail plate protective film. Effective with widespread fungal infection on the nails, eliminates not only fungal but also a bacterial infection. The therapeutic agent is released Russian pharmaceutical companies, so its price is quite acceptable. The manufacturer recommends the use of lacquer in combination with an antifungal solution and ointment. Agent is applied to the nails daily, regular use allows for a short time get rid of the inflammation, remove redness and swelling, get rid of unpleasant odors by nails. Demikten has no contraindications and side effects, it may be applied to the nails as the basis for a decorative paint. Price - from 280 to 400 rubles.
  • Oflomil - cheap analog Lotseril varnish based on amorolfine. The drug neutralizes harmful infectious agents and slows the spread of the disease. Buy a medicament bottle can be 800 rubles. Because of the phonetic similarity of the names of users is often called Oflomil Aflubin, but it's a completely different drug. If the first drug refers to antimycotics, the second is the means of influenza, the common cold, acute respiratory disease and strengthen weakened immune diseases.
  • Batrafen - effective for the treatment of nail 58 species of fungi that provoke the development of fungal infection in the nails of hands and feet. Its active ingredient - Cyclopirox. therapy scheme is designed for 3 months. The price of the drug - from 1100 to 1300 rubles.
  • Neil expert. The drug is quickly stop the spread of fungal infection and prevents its re-emergence, particularly active with respect to yeasts. Unique formula therapeutic agent includes silicone oils which create on the nail surface a protective and impermeable film nutrients regenerating damaged cells. In addition, the varnish composition includes glycerin and D-panthenol promoting hydration of the nail plate and prevent its brittleness. Varnish is used twice daily, special pre-treated nails nail file. The cost of the drug - from 150 rubles.
  • Oflomil - lacquer with active ingredient amorolfine, which is active against yeast, molds, dimorphic fungi, dermatophytes, actinomycetes. Often confusing name lacquer called Flamilom. Effective when struck by at least 2/3 of the nail plate. The cost of the drug - from 800 rubles.
  • Aventis - an antifungal lacquer imported, effective against most pathogenic fungi (except pyogenic infections forms). It can be used even in advanced forms of treatment of fungal infections of the nails and cuticles. In the initial stages of the disease effectively destroy the spores of the fungus and prevent the further spread of the disease. It can be used not only in medical but also as a preventive measure. The drug is completely safe and is recommended for use in children and pregnant women. varnish cost - from 1600 rubles.
  • Demikten - Russian antifungal lacquer, a more affordable cost and analogue means Lotseril Batrafen. As the active component it contains aldehyde formic acid. Apply the product daily for 1 month. Price - from 280 to 400 rubles.
  • Belvedere - new nail polish, which is effective for the prevention of athlete's foot. Therapeutic properties it does not have, but with regular use prevents the spread of infection of the extensive portions of the nail plate. The composition contains vitamins, keratin, silicon, extracts of coral. lacquer Price - from 120 rubles.
  • Nail Defender - is considered an effective remedy by onychomycosis. The drug is not only destroys the fungal spores, but also strengthens the structure and rapid regrowth of healthy nail plate. In the initial stages of the disease prevents delamination, prevents the change of nail color. Produced in different colors, so it can be applied to the nails as a decorative lacquer. The cost of the drug - from 100 rubles.
  • Mikozan - is an anti-fungal product developed from natural ingredients. It intended to kill different species of fungi. The course of treatment involves applying a varnish to the surface of infected nails twice a day 4 weeks, without missing a day. lacquer Price - from 600 to 850 rubles.
  • Lamisil - curative varnish with active ingredient Terbinafine. Effective against yeasts and molds, dermatophytes. It is being used as a monotherapy or in combination with ointments, pills. Apply it twice a week. Treatment lasts 6-12 months.

Contraindications and side effects

In therapy we should not forget the fungal infection on the nails that the fungicidal varnish - a therapeutic rather than cosmetic. Therefore, they should be used strictly according to instructions, and after consultation with the doctor. Most paints have the same contraindications. They can not be used during pregnancy and lactation, early childhood (up to 4 years) and intolerance to the therapeutic agent components.

In some cases, patients with increased sensitivity, use nail fungus can cause adverse allergic reactions, manifested by redness of the skin, itching, hives. Therefore pay heed to their own health and use antifungal agents in strict accordance with the recommendations of experts.


Some testimonials of people who treat nail fungus using varnishes.

  • My mother enjoyed the lacquer from nail fungus Batrafen. Means expensive, but with the unpleasant symptoms does well. It has a pleasant smell, and after application to the affected nail, creates a feeling of coolness, passes unpleasant itching and other discomfort. I can say that toenails mom cleansed, and because the treatment was necessary on a daily basis to care for them, but now looks a lot better than before treatment. Varnish creates a durable film on the nail and you can no longer fear that the fungus will spread further.
  • Once I discovered at the problem and went to the doctor. He recommended me a cheap analogue "Lotseril" - "Oflomil". Judging by the description, the drug is concentrated and very effective. The problem with a fungus eliminated this week.
  • Used Demiktenom, like not bad. If you see that the thick mixture in the bottle, covered with yellowish liquid, do not worry J, because it should be. I have been amazed by the big toes of their nails, sometime 4 weeks agony and anointed them, and all passed. But I cut off the nail well before smear.
  • And I do not really like oflomil. Ekzoderil, in my opinion more effective. Or maybe just it acts on different pathogens. Oflomil I myself bought at the pharmacy on the advice of the pharmacist, but no improvement has not come for two months, then already went to the doctor, he told me, and appointed ekzoderil varnish, but with him gone the fungus quickly. Most likely, there's simply my mistake is, first it was necessary to see a doctor, and then to treat, but would like a hurry, and did not think that the fungus - is one common name of various pathogens.

Most people are positive about the treatment lacquers. The only significant disadvantage of these compositions - the high cost.

preventive measures

A large number of therapeutic agents are used extensively not only for the treatment of fungal diseases, but also for the prevention of fungal infections in people who are predisposed to such diseases.

It should be borne in mind that almost all the antifungal lacquers contain large amounts of toxins, so before starting preventive measures advised to thoroughly read the instructions and composition facilities.

As a preventive measure it is recommended:

  • wear shoes on the beach, in the pool, sauna or bath (preferably closed and rubber);
  • use cotton socks, which the Council changed daily;
  • do not wear your shoes are not;
  • after a shower and bath treatments should carefully wipe the feet and hands;
  • keep hands and feet dry.

At present, anti-fungal coatings have become very popular and have received lots of positive feedback, both from doctors and from the people who use them.

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