Sinusitis: symptoms and treatment at home, folk remedies

The term "sinusitis" is known to all. Many people to this illness is referred not only to inflammation of sinuses, but the pathology of the frontal sinuses (A type of sinusitis), prolonged rhinitis (inflammation of the nasal mucosa) and even shortness of breath due to injury nose.

At the same time the fear that the doctor will puncture, causes patients to neglect qualified help. Knowledge of typical sinusitis and effective methods for its treatment of the signs to avoid unpleasant consequences, seriously threatening the health.

What it is?

Sinusitis - is one form of sinusitis. He rarely appears alone, often the disease is a complication of other diseases and conditions the treatment of which has been lost. Despite the prevalence of the disease, do not know all is why there is sinusitis, what it is and it can lead to consequences.

The maxillary sinuses are cavities that communicate with the nose through a narrow opening. Equalizing the pressure between the intracranial cavity and the atmosphere and participating in phonation, maxillary sinus addition humidified air entering further into the lungs. Due to blockage with the nose hole communicating the sinus mucus accumulates, which leads to inflammation and characteristic symptoms.

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The most common cause of sinusitis are considered bacterial infections arising on vone viral diseases. The catalyst of the disease process are staphylococci, streptococci and pneumococci.

Very often, sinusitis preceded ARI different etymological nature, diseases of the teeth, bathing in very dirty and full of bacteria water nosebleeds. The infection in this case can penetrate through the nose by direct contact and by transport through the blood vessels. In some cases, additional factors contributing to the development of sinusitis may be allergic reactions, trauma to the nasal area, congenital or acquired curvature of the nasal septa, developmental disorders of the nasal cavity structure, so on.


As a rule, everything starts with a runny nose. If you notice a long and never-ending runny nose for a month, you should immediately consult a specialist. Long rhinitis - this is the first bell.

Particular attention should be paid to the consistency of the mucus. Even if it is transparent, it is not necessary to sigh with relief and do not pay attention to it. Allocation may be different in content.

Microorganisms emerging in maxillary paranasal sinuses, specific toxins isolated penetrating into human blood. Signs of this process can cause general malaise. Possible sharp rise temperature to 40 degrees. Often, all this accompanied by a general lethargy and fatigue. Therefore, when these symptoms, you should immediately head to the doctor.

symptoms of sinusitis

In adults, the typical symptoms of sinusitis is the appearance of pain in the nose and around the nasal area, which is gradually increasing. Less severe pain in the morning, picking up - by the evening. Then the patient begins to lose a specific location with the discomfort and headache. If the process is one-sided, then Pain are marked on one side.

sinusitis disease is accompanied by certain signs:

  • nasal congestion;
  • memory impairment;
  • feeling strong pressure in the nose, which is increased when the head is tilted;
  • appearance of mucous secretions of the nose (eventually they may be present particles of pus);
  • fatigue;
  • temperature rise (often temperature may rise up to 40 degrees);
  • development of a protracted rhinitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis;
  • sleep disturbance;
  • labored breathing;
  • loss of working capacity;
  • appearance chills;
  • lethargy, weakness and malaise;
  • frequent coughing;
  • loss of appetite (as full and partial);
  • pain in the nose spread to other parts of the body (forehead, gums, orbit, etc...);
  • severe headaches, worse even with a slight rotation of the head.

Hue voice patient becomes nasal, stuffy nose, difficulty breathing through the nose. Can be alternately right and left nasal nose halves. Also, the patient is constantly tormented by a runny nose. There mucous (transparent) or purulent (yellow, green) discharge from the nose. This symptom can not be, if the nose is badly laid.

Patients improved temperature: sometimes it reaches 38 degrees, and sometimes higher. This temperature happens to people who are sick with acute sinusitis. If the process is chronic, the highest temperature appears rare. Patients experience discomfort, which is expressed in fatigue, weakness, patients refuse to eat, sleep disturbed.

The symptoms of the chronic form of sinusitis

Chronic sinusitis can be both self-disease form and the treated result from bad acute sinusitis. There are three forms of chronic sinusitis:

  1. Catarrhal form - is characterized by virtually asymptomatic, but occasionally patients may complain a feeling of heaviness in a particular part of the face, on a periodic disturbance of nasal respiration, a malaise to the end of the day. When viewed from the nose ENT doctor can detect cyanosis of the mucous membranes of the nasal passage. Radiography can not give results, but CT can show thickening of the mucosa of the maxillary sinus at the point of inflammation.
  2. Purulent and polypous form - unlike these forms in that in addition purulent exudate with polypous form on the surface mucosa of the maxillary sinus are formed also so-called polyps (something like warts, but more size). Polyps in the maxillary sinus are no different from polyps, which often grow in the nasal passages, and look well.

Patients in these forms hr.gaymorita complain:

  • fatigue,
  • putrid odor,
  • periodic pus from the corresponding half of the nose,
  • temperature of 37.5 - 37.8.

The diagnosis is based on the symptoms, radiography or CT data.


ENT conduct diagnostic tests that will establish or refute the presence of disease in a patient. From basic doctors diagnostic methods use the following:

  • rhinoscopy - examination of the nasal passages using a special mirror;
  • if you suspect the presence of pus in the sinuses, it may be invited to the passage of X-rays;
  • in severe cases, when the disease is caused by trauma or congenital changes in the nasal septa, the doctor may recommend the passage of MRI or CT;
  • general blood analysis;
  • if necessary, surgical intervention can be taken puncture of maxillary sinuses;
  • in specialized clinics can use thermal imaging, or thermography.

sinusitis treatment

It is quite difficult and time consuming process. In adults, the treatment of acute inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, provides as follows:

  • conducting detoxification activities;
  • antiinflammatory agents;
  • intensive antibiotic therapy. Initially, it is chosen blindly, but after receiving a patient swab culture results recommend the optimal formulation;
  • burying a special nose drops which reduce swelling and inflammation;
  • at full stihanii inflammatory process is a physical therapy;
  • when expressed purulent process carried puncture the maxillary sinus special needle. The contents of the cavity is sucked, and the antibacterial agent is introduced instead.

It should be remembered that the entire treatment period (especially if it falls on a cold time of year) the patient should be highly zamatyvat face with a scarf to avoid hypothermia. A full course of treatment of acute process can last up to 2 months.

Chronic sinusitis is quite difficult to treat due to the fact that the microbes in long-term stay in body acquired a certain resistance, and therefore their response to drugs significantly reduced. Antibiotics in this case, are appointed only after sowing. Various supplements, vitamins and other stimulants protective forces of the organism can be used in the future. Useful may also be treated using laser: it leads to a final subsiding inflammation.

sinusitis treatment at home

Tips for the home treatment of acute and chronic sinusitis:

  1. Rinse nose. For this purpose, special containers, which can be bought in pharmacies. You can use distilled water, which is sold in bottles or ordinary tap water, after passing it through the filter and boiling water. After each use, the capacity for nasal lavage should be thoroughly cleaned and dried.
  2. Drink plenty of fluids. Suitable juice or plain water. This will help make the mucus thinner and improve its flow. Avoid alcohol and coffee. Alcohol increases swelling sinus mucosa. Caffeine has a diuretic effect, thereby reducing the amount of fluid in the body and makes more viscous mucus.
  3. Get plenty of rest. If you are - be sure to visit the doctor and get sick. Rest will help your body to quickly deal with the infection and recover.
  4. Make a warm compress on your face. Place around the nose, on the cheeks and around the eyes moist warm towel. This will help reduce the pain.
  5. Moisturize your airways. You can breathe the steam over a bowl of hot water, cover with a towel, and inhale the warm moist air, taking a hot shower. This helps reduce pain and facilitate mucus drainage.
  6. Sleep with your head elevated. This will help to ensure that in the nasal cavity and sinuses will accumulate less mucus.

When you can not be treated at home:

  • against the background of home treatment there is no positive effect within 3 days;
  • If during treatment with increased body temperature above 380 C.;
  • bleeding from the nose or nasal bleeding have streaks;
  • you are concerned about severe headaches and nasal lavage does not bring relief;
  • if there was a putrid smell from the mouth or nasal discharge;
  • It impairs the general condition (severe weakness, loss of consciousness, and so on);
  • if sinusitis caused by problems with the teeth (odontogenic maxillary sinusitis);
  • self-treatment can not deal with children and pregnant women, and HIV-positive people and those suffering from other forms of immunodeficiency.

These measures are not an alternative and complement to the treatment, which is prescribed by the physician. In any case, you need to visit an otolaryngologist.

Folk remedies

Symptoms of sinusitis can identify yourself, but to treat the disease, not addressed to the doctor, is simply unacceptable. However, there are means by which you can reduce the severity of the disease on their own. To do this, we introduce you to several traditional medicines.

  • Effective remedy for headaches, often accompanied by inflammation of the sinuses, is a juice cyclamen root. In both nostrils of a patient instilled 2 drops of juice, while the patient is in the supine position. Five minutes later, the patient has a reaction in the form of sneezing, coughing and fever. Following this procedure for as many days out of the nose of the patient pus. There is an easing headaches, normalizes sleep. There is also a pharmaceutical preparation based on root juice cyclamen - Sinuforte.
  • Propolis tincture. Boil vodichku in the tank and adding to it about 3 grams of alcohol 30% propolis tincture. The patient will have to carry out inhalation of this broth.
  • Take a two percent solution mummy. Use it at home, like drops: bury your nose for three to four p / q.. At the same time, take on 0.15 g mummy. Treatment lasts 10 days. - Prepare an infusion of rose hips at home, at the rate of one hundred grams per half liter of boiled water.
  • Celandine, honey and aloe. By combining these ingredients can obtain excellent drug mixture at home. It is not necessary to bury more than 5 times per day to 10 drops into each nasal passage.
  • Hard rub garlic on the skin inflammation site, and then rub into these places birch charcoal and juice Lopukhovs root. Half an hour later wash and spread nourishing cream. It is better to do 2-3 treatments.
  • Sea buckthorn and wild rose. A very effective method is considered nasal instillation of such oils views. Up to 8 times a day are allowed to dig, to cure acute or chronic sinusitis.
  • Ointment from honey. It is very effective. At home, preparing fast enough. You need to grate a tablespoon of baby soap without fragrances. The same number you need to take vegetable oil, honey and milk. Everything is mixed and heated in a water bath - it is important that the soap is completely melted Next poured alcohol and tablespoon tool is removed from the heat. It is necessary to pour the cream into a jar and cool. Further cotton swab dipped in ointments and are introduced into the nasal passages 15 minutes. Repeat such a procedure followed for 3 weeks. The jar should be kept in the fridge, in a closed form.
  • When sinusitis can also boil half a kettle of water, to put 1 tablespoon of honey and then cover with a towel and breathe in turn, then right, then left nostrils. Such procedures need to spend 9.

Important! During acute exacerbation of chronic sinusitis or absolutely can not heat the area of ​​maxillary sinuses with salt, hot egg and other folk remedies. This will create additional conditions for the accumulation of pus and increased inflammation. Such methods may use non-acute period and only after consultation with your doctor.


Rinsing the nose in the home

You can use 20.0 ml syringe, syringe, tea and other containers. Before the procedure, it is necessary to drip nose Farmazolinom, naftizina, or other vasoconstrictor drops.

Prepare a solution for washing:

  • Furatsilinom - diluted 1 tablet in 100.0 ml of boiling water, then cooled;
  • weak solution of potassium permanganate;
  • sea ​​or iodized salt - 1 teaspoon to 200.0 ml water;
  • physiological solution of sodium chloride, 0.9% - Finished Pharmaceutical form;
  • extracts of hypericum, calendula or series - 1 tablespoon poured 200.0 ml of boiling water and insist 30 minutes;
  • broth chamomile - 1 tablespoon of chamomile flowers to insist 200.0 boiling water bath for 30 minutes.

The administered liquid must be warm, about 37 ° C. Solution with a syringe or a syringe is introduced into the nostril of the nose or retracted, the head must be tilted forward (back can not tilt head). Blow fluid through the other nostril. Then, similar manipulation is repeated on the other side.

Nasal drops

Drops in the nose in the sinus are effective because of their local impact can quickly relieve inflammation and prevent bacterial growth. Allocate the following permissible in the treatment of drugs:

  1. Rinopront - is a combination tool that provides a vasoconstrictor and antihistamine effects.
  2. Drops with antibiotics - used to kill bacteria in the sinuses. For such are Izofra, Polydex and others.
  3. Dr. Theiss Nazolin - drops from sinusitis with vasoconstrictor and anti-bacterial effect.
  4. Nose drops with essential oils - are used for long-term use because constituents components help narrow vessels to eliminate swelling, promote healing of damaged mucous.
  5. Sinuforte - at the heart of the composition is the juice of a cyclamen, which when released into the sinuses contributes to liquefaction purulent accumulations and their active removal. In most situations, this process is an invaluable aid in the removal of pus, resulting in removing the need to puncture. He is allergic to the drug, so it is with the careful use of people with hypersensitivity to the constituent components.

Unable to determine the most effective nasal drops, because they all involve a distinctive impact. This determines the appointment of drugs depending on the type of sinusitis.

Inhalation via nebulizer

The nebulizer is a special inhaler which atomizes drug solutions, translating them into a fine state. The patient then inhales through their nose. By means of a nebuliser conduct "cold" inhalation, therefore it is possible to resort to even purulent process, when the maxillary sinus can not be heated.

Medications that can be inhaled using a nebulizer:

  • vasoconstrictor drugs (decongestants);
  • antimicrobials for topical application to the nasal mucosa;
  • preparations of adrenal hormones (corticosteroids);
  • interferon - antiviral drug.

However, it is not necessary to self-medicate: inhalation sinusitis should be done only on prescription.

Antibiotics for sinusitis

Used only after determining the sensitivity of microorganisms to active ingredients. Depending on the specific type of bacteria by examining antibiotics are the following:

cephalosporins medicines to stop the growth and allow the number of streptococci, Haemophilus influenzae, Klebsiella, Moraxella. Among the drugs belonging to the group of cephalosporins, cefixime isolated, Pantsef, Supraks.
Penicillin this group of drugs used to combat Haemophilus influenzae, streptococci, staphylococci, and other types of cocci. Here stands out the most effective: Amoxiclav, Ampisid and unazin by intramuscular injection.
fluoroquinolones their action is carried out on the DNA of microorganisms, whereby they may provoke insensitivity to the antibiotic and useless application. Among effective means to allocate ofloxacin, norfloxacin, and others.
macrolides discount producers mainly in the form of suspensions. The most effective include azithromycin, clarithromycin, Josamycin and other drugs.

It is also used to treat sinusitis antibiotics topical administration - fusafungine, Izofra, framycetin. They are presented in the form of drops for instillation into the nose, which can slow the growth of microorganisms, and quickly and efficiently.

homeopathic remedies

Homeopathy is very popular, because it is the basis of medicinal plant extracts.

But the good treatment of inflammation is only possible when you contact an experienced homeopath. It is not necessary to choose such means, they are used at home after a doctor's examination and passing tests. If you choose the right tool, it will remove the symptoms of sinusitis and increase the level of immunity. And then it will be possible to avoid a puncture.

We must remember that homeopathy requires a lot of time to heal. The main symptoms of the disease disappear only after two weeks of beginning treatment.

nose Propyvanie: Cuckoo method

Many patients with childhood sign of nasal washing method and paranasal sinuses using a device called a "cuckoo". Among physicians, this technique bears the name Proettsa.

The described method is much more comfortable puncture, however, it can be used only in the early stages of the disease, as well as in those patients who remain fairly pronounced local immunity. In some cases, flushing of the maxillary sinus described method combined with laser therapy. This gives a more pronounced effect and contributes to the speedy recovery.

The essence of Proettsa washing procedure is that the catheters are introduced into both nasal stroke. After one of them is supplied with a drug solution, and the other carried through aspiration inputted contents. During this manipulation of the patient lying on his back must often enough to say "cuckoo". This is to ensure that the drug did not fall into the lower airways and cause suffocation. As a rule, for the relief of the inflammatory process is enough 6-7 procedures. However substantial improvement comes after the first session.


Physiotherapy is used as part of a comprehensive treatment. Carry out such a method of treatment can be at any degree of sinusitis. An exception is the acute stage of the disease, as in this case fizioprotsedury permissible only if carried outflow of the contents of the cavities.

The following types of procedures:

  • electrophoresis;
  • phonophoresis;
  • vnutripazushny phonophoresis;
  • ultrasound therapy;
  • Infra-red laser therapy;
  • helium-neon laser therapy;
  • flyuktuorizatsiya sinus area.

However, physical therapy as a self-treatment is not used. Their naznachaenie can improve the effect of other therapies.

Installing YAMIK catheter

YAMIK catheter is used both for diagnosis and for treatment of sinusitis. With its contents via pathological sinus discharged outside. This therapy is carried out from 3 to 6 times.

The procedure is performed as follows:

  • the nasal cavity is injected an anesthetic;
  • to the nasal cavity catheter;
  • by means of special cylinders clogged nasal cavity and nasopharynx of air entering from the outside;
  • through a special opening of the resulting space between the extracted air cylinders;
  • when the cavity is formed in the vacuum begins to leak the contents of the sinuses to the nasal cavity and removed therefrom by means of the same opening and syringe.

This procedure lasts until the moment when the syringe stop flow of pus and mucus.

Puncture in the sinus

Currently value puncture (puncture) the maxillary sinus as a method of treatment of sinusitis is somewhat exaggerated. In Western countries, it is mainly used as a diagnostic procedure.

Indications for puncture of the maxillary sinus with maxillary sinusitis:

  1. Lack of effect of antibiotic therapy;
  2. Severe acute pain;
  3. Sinusitis is accompanied by high body temperature.

How is the puncture of maxillary sinuses?

  1. Before the procedure, the nasal cavity is cleaned of mucus. Bury vasoconstrictive drops in order to relieve the swelling.
  2. Carry local anesthesia of the nasal mucosa with 10% lidocaine and 2% tetracaine solution.
  3. Special needle is introduced nose and puncture the wall between the nasal cavity and the maxillary sinus. The doctor makes a puncture strictly in a certain place, where the bony wall of the thinnest.
  4. Then the needle is connected to the syringe and pump out the contents of the sinus.
  5. Carry sinus lavage solutions and administered pharmaceuticals.

Reviews for the treatment of sinusitis

Detailed reviewed by Oksana:

  • I also had a problem since childhood. Then my mother where she found the treatment of the recipe - a very simple, but so effective!! Forget about punctures, headaches and all associated sinusitis. You will need Kalanchoe sheet, aloe, sea buckthorn (now, not aromatic. In general, it is desirable to prepare the most oil from buckthorn berries as did my mother, and now I do, but you can and buy at the pharmacy, just look, take it now !!) and streptocid powder, which is also sold in pharmacy. Take aloe leaf and leaf Kalanchoe (we have two plants now living at home in pots on the window), cut upper knife skin along the sheet so that it was possible to cut the soft gruel, which is located within the sheet, and squeeze the tea juice spoon. Same with breaching Kalanchoe. Now you take the pipette and dial juice Kalanchoe gruel and drips into both nostrils. After a while due to start sneeze. Strong sneezing will clear your sinuses and prepare them for further procedure. Once you prochihalis and prosmorkalis properly, it is necessary to mix a drop of sea buckthorn oil with a drop of juice Aloe and drip into the nostril, then mix again and drip into the other nostril. Even to lie down for a while. You will feel how the drug comes right up to the throat. After a couple of minutes, pour the powder on the tip of a spoon streptotsida (by handle), to bring the right nostril and draw a powder. Do the same with the other nostril. Not very pleasant, but you must! So it is necessary to do 3 times a day. After 3-5 days you will notice how your mood has changed, and in a couple of days of your sinusitis there will be only bad memories)) I hope someone can help this tool is simple and is effective !!

Comment from Ludmila:

  • I cured sinusitis daughter 15 years, which until then 3 times he was sick, when the exit of the children for a month in Yevpatoria, it was in 1998. We went at random and we were lucky. We drove through the city taxi driver who said he was tortured sinusitis half his life, until he moved to Yevpatoria and settled to live near the estuary. Zhivitel ny air around this salt lake on the edge of town, in the air flying the evaporation of salt water, and that person at all without any treatment forgot about the same torment, and before that, said, without end punctures. We're the kids 10 days went to the resort clinic for procedures, then just otdyhali- swam in the sea and ate delicious local fruit. It was July and August. So do not despair, increase immunity quality food (not from a supermarket and from the village), breathing exercises, and drive to the resort. Well, the good doctor to help you. Yes, and more. Do not do evil to others, and God will help you.

Another tip from Madinka:

  • I had sinusitis in December 2007, and at first thought it was just a complicated runny nose, and when she did rengen, it turned out that there already and sinusitis It began in the left sinus, generally in the hospital, where did rengen, skazali- "pack bags and go to the hospital for a puncture," I'm a terrible alarmist, hospitals can not stand, moreover knew that the puncture is a no way out, my brother made a puncture in 15 years, now he is already 35 and is constantly tormented with the nose, runny nose is often 1-1.5 months. I was advised to go to the family friend Laura, he made me 10 washes "cuckoo", even prescribe anti-inflammatory injections 2 times a day, do at home. After that, make a check rengen almost all gone. Then another went to the UFO laser and -10 procedures. True temperature was 37.1-37.2 almost a month since the beginning of the disease. 3 years are not worried about anything, not even a runny nose is rare and quickly. All good luck and good health!

Has its own experience in the treatment? Write in the comments!

Complications and prevention

In the absence of effective treatment, sinusitis causes very serious complications, which in turn can significantly impair quality of life and even lead to death.

  1. On the part of the auditory organs - purulent otitis
  2. On the part of the skeletal system - osteoperiostit.
  3. On the part of the blood system - sepsis.
  4. On the part of the central nervous system - neuritis of the trigeminal nerve and meningitis.
  5. From the visual organs - from simple swellings fiber as a response to inflammation to adjacent organs visual vein thrombosis and chronic inflammatory processes in the corneal tissues.

By following the basic rules of prevention, it is always possible to protect yourself from this insidious and unpleasant disease. People who follow these rules, have a low risk of catching sinusitis:

  • wash your hands after visiting public places, toilets, street;
  • do not smoke, avoid smoking areas;
  • clean air dry and avoid contaminated air;
  • do not abuse alcohol;
  • engaged in fitness, to harden, to eat right, to own immunity was at the highest level;
  • regular walks in the fresh air, take vitamins;
  • correctly and in time to treat all infectious and viral diseases, runny nose.

Also try to limit the impact of allergens on your body by minimizing contact with those suffering from colds and flu. Do not forget about oral hygiene: when brushing your teeth regularly and use antibacterial liquid mouthwash, you svedeto to minimize the possibility of infection in the cavity and its transition to the maxillary sinus. Give up smoking, irritating the mucous membranes, and drink less alcohol.

How to recover from sinusitis?

These tips will help to quickly recuperate from illness:

  1. Avoid contact with sick virus infection.
  2. Finish the full course of therapy, a doctor's appointment, especially antibiotics and drugs, thinning mucus (Sinupret, Sinuforte and others).
  3. Well take a course of multivitamins (Bovital, Revit, Undevit, Duovit, Supradeks and so on).
  4. Eliminate factors that provoke the exacerbation of sinusitis (trip to the dentist, the treatment of concomitant diseases, correction of a deviated septum and so on).
  5. Healthy lifestyle, avoiding harmful habits, physical activity, good nutrition, balanced for protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.
  6. Administration of drugs that stimulate the immune system (Arbidol, Amiksin, Anaferon, Timolin, Echinacea, Uracil, and so forth), especially during outbreaks of respiratory viral infections.
  7. In chronic sinusitis a rehabilitation period worked well physiotherapy (SoLux, UHF, etc.).
  8. Hardening of the body can begin no earlier than one month after recovery, this can be done pour water from warm, gradually increasing the area of ​​the body and poured lowering the temperature water.

As promptly seek medical attention for symptoms associated with the ear, throat, nose.

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