Hypertension grade 2: symptoms, treatment and risks

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Hypertension is 2 degrees to moderate hypertension form. Upper blood pressure (systolic) is 160 - 179 mmHg and the lower blood pressure (diastolic) - 100 - 109 mm Hg. At this stage of the disease pressurization periods longer than 1 degree in hypertension. Arterial hypertension grade 2 rarely returns to normal.

Depending on the rate of change of the degree of hypertension, we can speak of normal and malignant arterial hypertension. In the second case, the disease progresses so quickly that often is fatal. Hypertension is dangerous because the increase in blood flow rate through the vessels leads to thickening their walls, and further narrowing of the arteries.

The risks of developing hypertension

The risk of developing high blood pressure or hypertension - high blood pressure - is made up of a number of factors. Accordingly, the more of them, the greater the likelihood that the person will become hypertensive.

Risk factors for developing hypertension:

  • stress (stress hypertension) and mental strain. Quickens the heartbeat stress hormone - adrenaline. He instantly constricts blood vessels;
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  • certain medications, such as oral contraceptives, and various nutritional supplements - dietary supplements (iatrogenic hypertension);
  • male gender;
  • age over 35 years;
  • pregnancy;
  • diabetes;
  • endocrinopathy adrenal, pituitary, or thyroid;
  • hypothalamic diseases;
  • pyelonephritis;
  • renal failure (nephrogenic hypertension);
  • inactivity. Hypodynamy accompanied by sustained metabolism - the metabolism - and gradually weakens the body as a whole;
  • excess of salt in food. Salt provokes spasm of arteries and delays in the body fluid;
  • overweight. Each extra kilogram increases blood pressure 2 mm Hg - mm Hg .;
  • sudden change in the weather;
  • genetic predisposition. Danger sick higher for those with hypertension among first-degree relatives: father, mother, grandparents, brothers or sisters. The more close relatives suffering from high blood pressure, the greater the risk;
  • harmful habits such as smoking or alcohol abuse. tobacco components provoke the blood vessel spasms - involuntary reduction in their walls. This narrows the lumen of blood flow;
  • ateroskleroz- occlusion vascular plaques. Total cholesterol should not exceed 6.5 mmol / l blood;
  • chronic sleep deprivation and other "agents provocateurs".

Depending on the combination, and the degree of manifestation of the above factors, as well as the likelihood of cardiovascular complications in the next decade are 4 types of the risk of arterial hypertension:

  • Low (risk less than 15%);
  • medium (from 15 to 20%);
  • high (more than 20%);
  • very high (over 30%).

Risk factors for the emergence of hypertension is also divided into two kinds of possible remedies: correctable (corrected) and no. For example, a person may well quit, but changed his ancestry, he is unable to. The magnitude of risk is summarized from a number of indicators. A patient with hypertension 1 degree, which will begin to abuse alcohol, significantly increase the percentage likelihood of complications.

The danger of high pressure

The main danger of hypertensive disease lies in its complications, leading to disability and death.

The most serious complications:

  • from the heart - heart attack, arrhythmia, heart failure;
  • in areas of the brain - a stroke, loss of memory and intellectual abilities (dementia);
  • The eye - severe vascular disorders of the retina;
  • Kidney - occurrence of failure;
  • vessels - aneurysm (expansion of the bag) of the aorta, which gap leads to virtually instantaneous death.

What is hypertension grade 2

Hypertension 2 degrees - a condition characterized by a persistent increase in blood pressure to levels above and 160/100. At the same time blood pressure rarely returns to normal on their own, be sure to need medication to correct the patient's condition.

Hypertension 2nd degree is more common in patients older than 50 years and this is understandable. With age, there are changes associated with the deposition of cholesterol plaques and narrowing of the lumen of blood vessels, increases the load on heart, who has to work harder to pump the blood, and there are conditions to increase blood pressure.

Symptoms of hypertension grade 2

Hypertension grade 2 symptoms and treatment is controversial. The increase in pressure can be accompanied by signs:

  1. Throbbing pain in the temporal region;
  2. Swelling of the face, especially the eyelids;
  3. The facial skin is hyperemic, eventually manifest vascular mesh;
  4. Swollen hands;
  5. Darkens in the eyes periodically flicker "fly";
  6. At the same time there is a nagging pain in the back of his head;
  7. Upon awakening, there is no vitality, fatigue and apathy persists throughout the daytime;
  8. Periodic noise in my head;
  9. Emotional lability - low threshold of excitability;
  10. Vasodilation eye (sclera);
  11. Sealing ventricular wall (offset resistance to blood flow);
  12. Involuntary urination in renal failure;
  13. Heart rate quickens the slightest load;
  14. There are problems with memory.

Hypertension grade 2 symptoms can vary depending on its features: the primary independent form or secondary, as a complication of another disease.

2 risk in hypertension grade 2

In establishing the risk characteristic of the disease, doctors take into account age, gender, presence of chronic diseases in the body of clinical patient. This information helps to predict clinical outcome, reduce the chance of serious health complications, disability. 2, with the risk of hypertension grade 2 means that the irreversible processes in internal organs under the impact of blood pressure spikes are observed only after 10 years, the risk of stroke and heart attack It is 20%.

№3 risk for hypertension grade 2

When physicians assess the risk of regression factors for heart by 20-30%, establish the diagnosis "hypertension grade 2, 3 the risk." The list of diseases accompanying the patient already has diabetes and atherosclerosis, damaging vessels. Parallel renal pathology progresses. Worsening coronary blood flow, provoking ischemia, already 30 years makes it possible to diagnose hypertension grade 2 risk №3 with disabilities in the future.

Arterial hypertension grade 2 risk 4

Risks of hypertension grade 2 Presence "bouquet" of diseases (atherosclerosis, diabetes, ischemia) suggests that the patient has got the diagnosis "hypertension grade 2, 4 risk." Hypertension at this stage only complicates the situation. Such a diagnosis is obtained, patients who have experienced myocardial 1-2, regardless of the affected area.

It is necessary to clarify the risk of a hundred - the concept of predicted, rather than absolute. He only indicates the likelihood of developing complications. If the patient is aware of the danger of their situation and take appropriate action, and the diagnosis can be adjusted. Patients with high blood pressure, adhering to a healthy lifestyle, constantly monitoring his condition, could live long and full.

While burdened with history and a high risk of life expectancy is significantly shorter. Timely diagnosis and adequate treatment is aimed at reducing the rates of blood pressure, can prolong his life and improve quality of life.

Treatment of hypertension grade 2

How to treat hypertension grade 2? Scheme is local therapist. If necessary, appointed consulting cardiologist and a neurologist. Traditional methods of treating hypertension grade 2 comprises:

  1. To eliminate the blood density (thin out the blood stream), it should take aspirin Cardiomagnyl, Heparin, Aspikard.
  2. To normalize the pressure is prescribed such diuretics (diuretics) as Diuver, furosemide, piretanide, torasemide Veroshpiron, Ravel.
  3. At the specified diagnosis recommend such thiazides (thiazide preparations) as Arifon, chlorthalidone, indapamide.
  4. To reduce cholesterol in the blood is necessary to take lipid-lowering drugs such as atorvastatin, Atoris, Lipitor, Zovastikor.
  5. In order to extend the receptacles prescribed antihypertensive drugs such different groups as Fiziotenz, Artil, bisoprolol, Lisinopril.

It is important to bear in mind that the quality of treatment depends largely on compliance with instructions for use. To self-medicate with hypertension dangerous. Similar experiments can result in disability. Regimen physician selected individually, taking into account age, body type, and other features of the health of the individual patient.

hypertension diet

To renal vessels operated in normal mode, with hypertensive disease of any stage should adhere to certain rules supply. For example, it is important to control water and salt balance of the body, to prevent the formation of stagnation and, as a consequence, hypertensive crisis 2 degrees. Fall under the ban fatty, fried, smoked and sweet dishes.

Seven products that lower blood pressure:

  1. Blueberries - Blueberries berries are rich in natural substances called flavonoids
  2. Fresh green sheet such as fenugreek leaves, cauliflower, mint leaves, patchouli leaf green fennel leaves mustard, curry leaves, beet greens, Swiss chard, arugula, broccoli, celery and spinach are high in potassium
  3. Potatoes - contains a lot of potassium and magnesium
  4. Beet - nitrates in beet juice is known to reduce blood pressure
  5. Skimmed milk - an excellent source of calcium, plus a low level of fat
  6. Oatmeal - products with high fiber, low fat and low-sodium
  7. Bananas - add potassium to your diet.

Medical nutrition in hypertension grade 2 menu allows low-fat varieties boiled meat, cereals, vegetables and fruits. Useful properties has green tea, herbal tea diuretics.

Folk remedies

In the treatment of the disease at home many people prefer to use folk remedies. This therapy involves the use of herbs that have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system.

You can treat the disease these recipes:

  1. Treatment can be carried out and peppermint, bloodroot goose, camomile, yarrow. These herbs are perfectly combined.
  2. Prepare a decoction of Leonurus, horsetail, Cudweed, valerian root. All plants need to take the same amount. Such means of raids diuretic effects and helps to cope with single blood pressure jumps.
  3. Active in the treatment of hypertension used bee products and citrus fruits.
  4. Can treat the juice of Viburnum. To lower blood pressure it should be consumed three times a day for a quarter cup.

Folk remedies to help cope with the unpleasant symptoms of the disease and accelerate the effectiveness of traditional therapy. These recipes have proven benefit for many centuries. For such therapy treat people whose body does not tolerate drugs. But it is important to remember that the treatment of the disease can be carried by folk recipes only after consulting your doctor.


Your doctor will likely also offer a variety of lifestyle changes, including:

  1. Maintaining a healthy weight;
  2. A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and low fat dairy products;
  3. To give up smoking;
  4. Limiting salt intake in the diet;
  5. Limiting alcohol consumption. For most adults, this means that normally use to drink one drink a day for women of all ages and men over the age of 65 years, and up to two drinks per day for men 65 years or younger;
  6. Exercise at least 30 minutes a day. These include walking, jogging, weight training, yoga, cardio exercise, such as cycling.

On your side is required the systematic observance of medical recommendations and the organization of the correct mode. It is a healthy way of life - the path to recovery. Keep this in mind.

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