Candidiasis in men: symptoms, photo, treatment, symptoms of candidiasis

Male Candida - infection caused by fungi of the genus Candida, which provided full health must be present in the body in a minimal amount. The first mention of the yeast microflora was made in 1839 by 29-year-old assistant professor and lecturer University by the name of Bernhard von Langebek, who later became one of the greatest German surgeons XIX century.

Despite the primacy of women predisposed to infection by pathogenic pathogen, in men, this infection also occurs. It affected primarily head of the penis and the foreskin (prepuce), if present. Not to be confused thrush, manifested rash and inflammation of the glans penis, and jock itch (tinea), occurs in the form of itching around the genitals.

What it is?

The fungus Candida - microscopic simple organism consisting of one cell and belonging to the class of fungi. There are over 150 species of organism, 20 of which have been successfully propagated in the human body surface and its mucous membranes.

Candida cell has an oval shape. When ingested, it is determined by human habitat is favorable or unfavorable. In the first case the fungus begins actively proliferate, increasing the number of microorganisms. This leads to the formation of a large amount of degradation products, thereby causing the intoxication of the human body and initial disease process. In the second case, when the breeding ground for candida unfavorable, and the body's immune successfully cope with fungal bacteria, it is covered with a dense shell and waits for the right moment to activate the process reproduction.

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Candida are widespread in the environment, especially in sweet and alkaline, so the way infection can be quite varied - from simple handshakes to the eaten fruit purchased in shop. However, 95% of the transmission method is denoted by sexual intercourse.

Causes of

Development of the disease contribute to a number of factors:

  1. Receiving antibiotics. In a normal human body contains a small amount of fungi Candida, but they are in balance with the useful microflora. Admission specific drugs destroys the beneficial and harmful bacteria, disrupting the balance. The process becomes a cause of infection.
  2. Anemia, cancer diseases and other diseases increase the chance to become the owner of candidiasis. Not a terror themselves illnesses and ways to treat them, aggressive drugs negatively affect the body's defenses, reducing the resistance to fungi.
  3. Failure to observe personal hygiene. Fungi love damp and warm environment, the lack of a regular shower or wipe the genitals after taking bath creates a favorable environment for the reproduction of pathogenic organisms. An important role is played by the use of shower gels, lotions with various fragrances. In some cases, the chemical ingredients cause irritation, causing candidiasis develops with greater force.
  4. For diabetes (type 1-2), HIV infection, as a result of lowered immunity can not cope with the reproduction of pathogenic organisms. Men who have severe disease are at risk of thrush.
  5. Obesity. Overweight a person is characterized by the presence of large amounts of fatty tissue under the skin, which creates favorable conditions for the development of thrush. In addition, uncontrolled weight provokes the development of various diseases of organs and systems.

Particular attention should be paid to the fact that candidiasis can be transmitted through sex during sex with an infected partner. At the first sign of the disease it is very important not to self-medicate and do not exercise undue restraint and seek medical advice.

Symptoms of candidiasis, photos

Depending on the localization of fungi are several forms of candidiasis in men for each of which are characterized by their symptoms:

  1. Urethritis. It occurs when fungi colonize mucosal urenty and provoke the development of inflammatory response. Urination in this form becomes painful, can pus. The latter resembles a thick whitish mucus that day becomes almost transparent.
  2. Balanoposthitis (symptoms and photo). It affected all the same foreskin, but previously called symptoms joins some complexity expose the head and the impossibility of psychological relaxation and achieve physical comfort ejaculation. It is worth noting that sexual desire does not disappear, quite the contrary: because of the constant irritation of receptors on the head is significantly increased.
  3. Balanitis (see. photo) - a form that affects only the glans penis. Characterized by swelling and a gray-white coating on the penis, mild redness. In the chronic stage redness and lesions arise in the groin.

When the head of the penis to the gray-white pasty mass, which is none other than the exfoliated epithelium, sexual intercourse due to thinning of the layer of the skin becomes painful. Violation of protective functions of the skin leads to erosion, which indicate damage to the deep layers of the skin. Erosion transformed into painful cracks, fissures - in the rumen, and they in turn lead to a narrowing of the foreskin.

If you find yourself in these symptoms:

  • Urethra morning glued with thick mucus;
  • urethral orifice was bright red;
  • The head of the penis was swollen and covered with small pimples;
  • The penis becomes hot to the touch;
  • Under the foreskin appeared cheesy white discharge,

So you need to address to the urologist. He will confirm or refute candidiasis.

chronic candidiasis

Transition of candidiasis in men chronic - frequent enough phenomenon. The main causes of chronic process:

  • a significant decrease in immunity;
  • incorrect, not fully spent treatment;
  • not started in time to treatment failure of men from the visit to the doctor.

Factors contributing to the development of chronic yeast infection in men:

  • failure to comply with rules of personal hygiene;
  • work in hazardous environments, contacting with certain chemicals;
  • chronic malnutrition, inadequate diet, hypovitaminosis;
  • smoking;
  • Frequent use of alcohol;
  • unprotected sex.

These factors hinder the effective treatment of candidiasis, as a result it becomes chronic. It takes a long time, with periods of improvement and exacerbations.

Factors that can provoke an aggravation:

  • infections of the genitourinary system;
  • increase in blood sugar levels;
  • co-infections;
  • treatment of antibacterial drugs;
  • genital herpes;
  • hormonal disorders in the body.

Chronic candidiasis lends itself to more complex treatment than acute. Therapy should be integrated and adjusted individually. It includes antifungal agents and general topical formulations that enhance the immune system, treatment of opportunistic diseases and background, diet.

Treatment of candidiasis in men

If you experience symptoms of candidiasis is assigned to a complex treatment of infection, it must include both the application of external funds to the affected site and the use of oral medications. The only way to alleviate the patient's state of health and eliminate the symptoms of the disease.

Since candidiasis develops against the backdrop of a weakened immune system, it is necessary to raise. To do this, you can take a tincture of ginseng, drug Immunal. Usually, the doctor prescribes receiving vitamin-mineral complexes.

drug therapy

Topical therapy involves the use of various ointments and creams. In the treatment of used tools, which have antifungal effect. These preparations contain the active drug substances that are detrimental to the causative agent.

Drugs destroy the fungus cells and contribute to his death. Typically, such ointments include in its composition imidazol substance which neutralizes pathogens.

Among the more effective it may be noted cream containing imidazole:

  • clotrimazole;
  • econazole;
  • ketoconazole;
  • miconazole;
  • Nystatin (refers to a special class of antifungal agents, commercially available under numerous brand names).

Even if candidiasis symptoms were found in men before, he definitely need to consult with a specialist. Also, do not neglect a visit to the doctor with the ineffectiveness of the procedures already.

An integrated approach - the combination pill and external creams and ointments, ensures rapid recovery, reduces the risk of recurrence to a minimum.

Enormous popularity of such drugs:

  • Diflucan;
  • forkan;
  • fluconazole;
  • Flucostat and others.

Suffice receiving one pill, prescription medications for a full recovery. Drugs are well tolerated by the body, rarely cause side effects. To buy their own, to take any medications prohibited. Only qualified personnel after the necessary tests, prescribe the right course, the necessary dosage.


If thrush is found in the early stages, when its manifestations are moderate, the treatment does not necessarily require hospitalization. It is quite self-improvement (if authorized specialist).

It's enough good hygiene, which not only treats but also prevents thrush because all yeast infections develop in moist warm places. Additionally requires application of antifungal creams and drugs equally effective in terms of destruction of fungi.

Can a man to infect a woman during sexual intercourse?

Despite the fact that urogenital candidiasis is an infection that attacks the organs of the urogenital system, it does not refer to infections, sexually transmitted. Ill are as sexually active men and those who have never had sexual intercourse.

If the man is healthy, and their partner has candidiasis genitalia (usually vulvovaginal candidiasis - vagina and vulva defeat), it is not necessary to begin treatment in the absence of symptoms of fungal infection. The very fact of sexual contact with a sick woman will not necessarily lead to the development of infection in men - as a rule, for that he should still be lowered immunity.

However, you should avoid unprotected sex with a partner, in which there are signs of urogenital candidiasis, for as long as it is not an accurate diagnosis will be established.

Nutrition and diet

During the treatment of candidiasis special attention to men should be paid to your diet:

  1. It is not recommended to take in food dairy products (lactose-free products is only permitted), as well as vegetables from the family Solanaceae - potatoes, squash, tomatoes.
  2. Excluded from the daily diet flour products, fried meat, hot spices, smoked products, canned food, sweets and alcoholic beverages.
  3. Included in the daily menu of fresh fruit and vegetables such as cabbage, cucumber, green salad, garlic.

Candida is not difficult to avoid, above all, respect for the state of his health.

preventive measures

To avoid the disease with the disease should be carried out the following recommendations;

  • the same effect are red peppers, cranberries, grapefruit juice, tea tree oil, etc .;
  • eutrophy, use of yogurt with live lactobacilli;
  • often eat garlic in the food: it has antifungal properties;
  • unacceptable random sex;
  • male body weight must not exceed the recommended for his age group;
  • if a man has an allergy to rubber or latex condoms, they are replaced with polyurethane;
  • desirable to use underwear of cotton fabric;
  • Treatment with antibiotics should be performed only under the supervision of a physician;
  • without a doctor's recommendation not to do douching, or you may damage the internal flora.

If any of the symptoms of male candida species, it is imperative to seek medical advice and to conduct a survey. The sooner a man will start to treatment of the disease, the greater the guarantee of successful treatment.

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