Fungus toenails, treatment at home

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Nail Fungus - an unpleasant phenomenon, which can ruin the form of beautiful legs. Unfortunately, this disease is one of the most common. For the most part, fungal legs are not a threat to human health, but it can bring a lot of inconvenience. One in five people on the planet suffers from a fungus on his feet.

The illness develops due to pathogenic bacteria "red trihofiton", which affects the skin of the feet and the nail plate. This bacteria can sometimes "hooked" and other mold and fungi Candida. As a result of the defeat of the disease, a person reduces the body's resistance to external adverse factors, and even deteriorating metabolism. Early treatment in the home will help to effectively cope with the disease, especially in the early stages.

What is the risk of infection?

In addition to unpleasant external manifestations, fungus damages the whole body. Its main danger that chronic fungus causes serious morbidity of other diseases (diabetes mellitus, allergy, bronchial asthma). Gradually it completely affects the nail plate and apply to tissue in contact with the nail. According to experts, it is a kind of guide for other infections.

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Sometimes, on the background of reduced immunity fungus is able to penetrate to the internal organs and cause their defeat. Not last place in the list occupies intoxication. Some types of mushrooms throughout his life produce toxins that slowly poison the body of the patient. Nail fungus affects the mental well-being of people. Against the background of physical discomfort in the patient develops squeamish attitude toward himself, appear negative emotions, feelings about the development of the disease.

How to start treatment of a disease?

Contribute to the development of onychomycosis a number of diseases:

  • endocrine disorders (diabetes, pituitary dysfunction, and others.)
  • somatic diseases,
  • neurological diseases,
  • conditions with blood circulation in the lower extremities.

Therefore, before starting antifungal treatment, you must pass a series of examinations:

  • general analysis of blood and urine,
  • blood chemistry with the definition of AST, ALT, bilirubin and creatinine,
  • Ultrasound of the abdomen and kidney
  • take a pregnancy test (if necessary).

How does a fungus nails photo

Nails infected with the fungus, it is not difficult to distinguish from healthy - change their normal shape and thickness, there is a color transformation. Options for a picture of the disease may be very different, and about to see what was going on, help pictures.

Tablets of nail fungus

When the disease is already advanced or is developing very rapidly, the affected area is extensive, it can not do without systemic antifungals.

The most popular pills from a fungus on the hands and feet are such drugs:

  1. Ketoconazole means also provides an effective treatment of nails. Analogs - means Fungavis, Nizoral. Price - from 150 to 500 rubles.
  2. Fluconazole - a relatively inexpensive means, but positive feedback. It should be the drug of about 40 rubles. Its analogs are Diflucan tablets Flucostat, Mikosist, mikomaks, Forkan. Analogues have a higher value, for example, the price of Diflucan pills - about 500 rubles.
  3. Products that contain Terbinafine - Lamisil, Terbinafine, Onihon, Terbizil, Ekzifin, Fungoterbin. Price - from 400 to 2000 rubles.: Fungoterbin costs about 1,000 rubles, Ekzifin -. 600 rub. Reviews about these tools, evidence of their effectiveness.
  4. More expensive tablets containing as active ingredient itraconazole, - Orungal, Rumikoz, Kanditral, Itrazol, Irunine. Price - from 300 to 2500 rubles.
  5. 5 NOC medication in tablet form comprises the active component and nitroksolin acts on certain types of fungi.

There is a very large number of effective drugs, the price of tablets from fungus toenails varies greatly. But reviews suggest that such agents have a lot of contraindications and side effects are manifested reception (may suffer skin, disturbed function of internal organs, etc.). It is also possible incompatibility with a number of such tablets pharmaceutical remedies.

Lacquer against nail fungus

If you start treatment as soon as they appeared the first symptoms of the disease, then we can only do the local media. It is suitable special mortars and paints, for example:

  1. Lotseril. The active component is Amorlfin. This nutrient destroys cells that are in the fungal membrane.
  2. Mikozan. This means in the form of serum, the bundle includes ten nail files;
  3. Ciclopirox - a tool that is made in the form of varnish.

special adhesives also have that need to be glued to the nails. They provide exfoliation of the affected part. Therapy should be regular and continuous.


Preparations for the treatment of onychomycosis in the form of solutions are very popular.

The drug in liquid form penetrates more deeply into the lesion, making it a high concentration. As they are used alone only in case of destruction of the nail plate is not more than 2/3 of its area. It recommended as well to use these drugs for the purpose of disease prevention.

The most popular representative of this group is Exoderil solution.

The use of drugs for softening nails

The technique is used in severe recurrent fungal infections. When using Onihoplasta fingernail is applied over the damaged urea ointment which it softens and dissolves.

Iodinol softens the nail and promotes painless to remove it. It is used as a compress. Onihoplast is a thick mass. After application of the nail is sealed with tape.

Next, in the exposed portion is applied antifungal cream. Before applying keratolytic patch Onihoplast produced trimming nail plate.

running form

Treat patients at advanced nail best with a laser. Its advantages are obvious. If you do not help the medicine and folk remedies, you should use this method. Laser therapy is usually prescribed and conducted by a doctor.

  1. Source feet infections of the skin and nails under the influence of the laser beam is destroyed instantly.
  2. The laser does not damage healthy tissue.
  3. Suffice it to four laser treatments to get rid of germs.

laser therapy treatment - the most effective method of all, but he did not rule out a comprehensive intake of medicines and the use of ointments.

Preparations based on Terbinafine

Nail Treatment and foot, affected by a fungus, also carried out by means active substance which is composed of terbinafine. Such active substance affects the cell wall of fungi.

This means the following:

  • Terbinafine cream and ointment are not less effective than Lamisil, but much cheaper. Cream 115 rub., 60 rub ointment.
  • Lamisil sprays, gels, creams price from 300 to 600 rubles.
  • Fungoterbin cream 220 rub. Spray 240 rubles.
  • Termikon cream 160 rub. Spray 230 rubles.
  • Lamitel spray
  • Mikonorm cream
  • Terbizil cream 240-260 rubles.
  • Atifin cream 100-120 rubles.
  • Ekzifin cream 160 rub.
  • Terbized Adzhio-cream
  • Terbiks spray 140 rubles.

Medicines based on ciclopirox

Another group of drugs - means in the composition containing the active ingredient ciclopiroxolamine. Fighting fungus with the use of these drugs is effective only in the early stages of nail fungus, provoked by dermatophytes, moldy, yeast-like fungi, with the distal type defeat. It:

  • Batrafen cream 250-260 rubles.
  • Ciclopirox cream 250 rub.

On the basis of bifonazole

Means the active ingredient bifonazole have fungicidal and fungistatic influence, breaking the protective capacity of the cell walls of fungi. It:

  • Bifosin cream 30-40 rubles.
  • Mikospor cream 330 rub.

If carried out by the struggle to be effective, and anti-fungus acted, then gradually nail tissues affected by mycosis replaced healthy.

However, in order to ensure that the athlete's foot on the nail and under the nail is cured, laboratory research is necessary - to explore the blood and others. It should be noted that such a study is conducted twice, two weeks after initiation of therapy and one month. Verify the effectiveness of therapy possible after receiving negative results.

Other funds

Besides these means there are other as folk and "pharmaceutical" methods. The special facilities also practiced laser fungus treatment. It is important to be very careful about unproven drug. So widely advertised or Chinese means "magic" drop may actually turn out to be not only ineffective, but also provoke unpleasant consequences.

  1. Creolin. This tool is used in veterinary medicine. It is a powerful antiseptic, actively fight against various parasites, it has a disinfecting effect. Should be used with caution, watch out for the need that the means did not fall on the skin integument. To this end, around the nail need all the plaster and pasted on a daily basis over a period of three treated with intralesional. It is for this period there is a replacement of the nail. There are a lot of positive feedback about this preparation, people claim that the tool helped them to eliminate this infection.
  2. Fukortsin or "liquid Castellani". It is colorless or red with a specific smell. Sufficiently effective means, but also need to be careful with the skin around the nail, may be in contact with burns.
  3. Fundizol. As part of the facility includes nutrients that can help in getting rid of the fungus. the tool should be applied twice daily to the nail, to use a thick coating. Next, you are all well fastened with adhesive tape and leave it for five or six hours.
  4. Natural oils. The first manifestations of the fungus can be to try to eradicate using lavender oil and tea tree oil. It must be mixed in equal parts, these oil and olive oil, and then lubricate the affected area at night. This means effectively in the initial stages, for example, when seen yellow nail on the big toe, the little finger and on the other.

There is also a very effective old, time-tested means Berezhnova liquid. This solution can be ordered in a prescription pharmacy department, it has a complicated structure, and not every pharmacy can make it, since the old recipe and is currently little used.

Folk remedies

At home, help relieve symptoms and treatment of nail fungus folk remedies. However, there is no guarantee that even the best folk remedy will eliminate the bending without medication. But it will help to strengthen the treatment process, if practiced similar methods in the complex.

  1. Hydrogen peroxide. Means known for its disinfectant properties. Treatment of nail fungus using hydrogen peroxide efficiently at an early stage of the disease. It is used to create a special solution for warm baths. The pelvis pour hot water and add some 3% peroxide. The resulting solution was dip leg for 15 minutes. Then wipe them, not having washed with plain water.
  2. Tea tree oil. Lubricated several times a day of tea tree oil or mix it with sweet almond oil.
  3. Mix alcohol tincture of iodine, and apple cider vinegar in equal proportions. Obtained by means lubricate the affected nail fungus plate on the legs twice a day for six months.
  4. Iodine. The alcoholic solution of iodine has disinfecting and antiseptic action. It directly affects the fungus, killing it. Use of iodine is allowed in cases where no allergy to it. To do this, five percent iodine solution is applied on the affected nail is one drop twice, morning and evening. As a precaution, iodine-treated and healthy nails. A week later, should reduce the number of treatments. The course of treatment takes about twenty days to a month.
  5. Put soap in hot water, salt, baking soda, steam out of the foot. Cut nail scissors affected nail portion to a healthy portion (painless process). Apply the compress - a gauze soaked in apple cider vinegar, fasten a bandage or adhesive plaster. Treatment repeating until it begins to grow clean and healthy nail.
  6. Oil of celandine. It can be purchased at the pharmacy, or prepare yourself. If you go for a more complicated way, then proceed according to the scheme. Dry celandine, put it in a glass jar, pour any oil (e.g., sunflower, almond, peach). It should rise above the grass is 2-3 cm (remember the number). H, the mixture should stand in the heat, and then a week in a cool and dark place. After 7 days, added the same amount of oil. Now it is ready for use. Legs to steam, peroxide treated, whereupon nails process (remove the affected plate edge) and applied topically oil celandine. The course - until complete recovery.
  7. Iodinol. Moisten the cotton wool and a means to fix band-aid. Every day change bandage. Then, a few days to fix the gauze soaked in oil. After some time, affected nail will go smoothly.
  8. Propolic. It has a bactericidal, fungicidal and bacteriostatic effect. It relieves itching, inflammation, helps wound healing. For treatment use tampons with 20% alcohol tincture of propolis (look for it for a long time do not have to be sold at any pharmacy; price ranges from 20 to 30 rubles per jar 25 ml). In the treatment of fungal infections by this tinctures, diseased nails are eliminated, which provides update nail plates.
  9. St. John's wort. Lubricate the affected area twice a day with fresh juice of the plant, as well as do the bath with the infusion or decoction.
  10. Tea mushroom. Kombucha plate at night to fix on the affected nail fungus, polyethylene wrap, wrap. In the morning wash and lubricate iodine. After a few treatments begins to grow healthy nail.

Cure nail fungus helps the use of domestic baths:

  1. Dissolve in 1 liter of warm water 3 g of common salt, 5 g of baking soda. Put a foot in the tub for 20 minutes, rinse the end.
  2. Brew 3s.l. oak bark, 2s.l. eucalyptus leaves in 1 liter of boiling water, drain. Add the warm water bath to stop taking 20 minutes.

What other aids can be used, and how to do it, it will recommend a specialist.

Reviews for the treatment of fungus

We made a compilation of reviews of visitors affected by this problem.

  1. Reviewed by Ludmila. The fungus in my few years. All of these tips have long used and completely useless. Especially painful on the basis of vinegar, resulting in difficult to burn healed. Kombucha is only useful in the case of softening of the nail and remove it, if applied as it is written here, too, you can get burned. No folk remedies felt only in the early stages, and most importantly they can be infected but the infection can not spread so far, until a severe stress situation, and how it will happen soon no longer stop. Finally, I used everything, all the methods of traditional medicine there did not help anything.
  2. Reviewed by Maxim. There is a well forgotten and totally free 100% antiquated way of dealing with this infection. Try to drip on any insect of the cockroach and a drop of kerosene below and you will see how it is, make a stand, almost immediately "give the oak." The same thing happens with the nail parasites, quite a few times to lubricate the nail (five) ordinary kerosene, has one of the highest penetration ability. In the absence of kerosene can be used white spirit (is purified kerosene), but it evaporates quickly and simply require more lubricants. I do absolutely harmless and safe way to use it, if necessary, more than 50 years and it has never let me down. Try and forget about this problem at least at home, even in the field!
  3. Reviewed by Artem. I cured a fungus on the nail of the index finger !!!)) On the Internet read the tips that you need every day to wet the cotton portion swab vinegar 8%, and in the evening on 20 minutes with a plaster obvorachivat they nail and once the new nail will grow even longer and neat. I started doing as advised, and after a while became a cotton swab every morning and evening wet strong vinegar Occupational wet nail on top, especially near the damage on nail. Of course it happened that h-h and fell to the skin, but it's tolerable. But really, my eyes began to grow a new nail has rovnenko and clean, without any damage. WITHOUT ANY doroguschih DRUGS!!! I would be very glad if someone can help this advice.
  4. Reviewed by Olga. And I liked mikozan for the treatment of nail fungus. I have not tried other means, so this problem is not encountered Nicoletta. As mycologist appointed, and this was treated with serum. In general, I think, a set of well made - complete except for the serum even nail files are disposable and template to track the progress of the regrowth of healthy nails. With these templates progress is clearly visible at first. Indeed, so eager to nail health quickly grown. But, nevertheless, for 4 months I have grown nails are completely healthy. The affected part of the nail rasp in the process of regrowth of the nail, and now I'm back beauty.
  5. Reviewed by Eugene. I want to open you a terrible secret about the treatment of fungus, which stores all doctors and pharmacists. Fungus fears: dryness, salts, alkalis and acids. Therefore, it can be treated by available means and not to buy anything. Dryness provide elementary. It's enough to walk barefoot or in open shoes, and if you want to wear shoes, then pour into socks baby powder, talcum powder, chalk, calcined sand, dust, etc. Ideal - to walk on dry heated sand, swim in the salt water and sunbathe on sun. With salt solutions, alkalis and acids even easier. Suffice it to smear the affected fungus places appropriate solution or do the bath. For example, I use the usual lemon. Smear foot slice of lemon, wait 15-20 minutes and wash off with soap and water. After a few days it all goes. Usually enough 2-3 times a week. It is also possible to use vinegar, citric acid, sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid, etc. (In solution with water!). In addition, the solution helps conventional soap or soda (alkali). You need to chop the soap or sprinkle baking soda in the bath, dissolve and soak there feet for 20-30 minutes (as the alkali acts worse than acid). Then all the rinse water. And you can just wash your feet at night soap and rinse with cold water. Water have to be cold (it freezes soap) and then do not put on shoes, and do not wear anything, just sleep! In severe cases, you can hold your feet in a basin of formalin solution. Feeling at the same time, of course, unpleasant (everything burns), but it all goes for a couple of applications. Very effective! And the burns will be a week for yourself ...
  6. Reviewed by Sasha. + Ointment terbinafine tablets terbinafine (as instructed), the processing of all shoes and socks to wear comfortable shoes. If absolutely everything is bad then it is better to cut a patient or use a special nail polish for softening and peeling nails. In its place after about 5-6 months to grow a healthy new nail. Nail bed all the time to smear ointment, a tablet is better not to drink more than 3 months and that during this period to take breaks. They are different but usually the average price 70r ointment (enough for approximately 2 weeks), the average price of tablets 500r (missing somewhere in the three-week reception), a medical device for the 1600r shoes (but for a long time, 3 years minimum).

Would you like to share your experience in the treatment of fungus? Leave feedback in the comments under the article!


Dermatologists recommend to carry out the processing of shoes vinegar or formalin daily wear only his slippers when visiting the baths, pool or sauna. List of preventive measures to protect against fungus, contains the following tips:

  • wear quality shoes made of natural materials.
  • try on her in the salons, putting on socks.
  • regularly carry vitamin therapy courses.
  • nobody let your shoes more often to change it.
  • exercise regularly.
  • time to treat chronic infectious diseases - gastritis, tonsillitis, etc.
  • struggle with sweaty feet.
  • If you are forced to walk barefoot in a public place, treat the feet special antifungal.
  • apply deodorant for shoes.
  • Stick to the rules of healthy eating.

fungus treatment - a long and not always successful process. To protect themselves from infection will use a number of preventive measures, including the paramount importance given to hygiene.

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