Remo-Wax for children. Price, instructions for use, reviews

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  1. Indications for use
  2. Compound
  3. In what form is it produced
  4. Pharmacodynamics
  5. Pharmacokinetics
  6. Application for children under 18 years of age
  7. Contraindications
  8. Overdose
  9. Side effects
  10. Special recommendations
  11. Drug interactions
  12. Storage conditions and periods
  13. Conditions of dispensing from pharmacies
  14. Analogs
  15. Otosan
  16. Audi Spray
  17. Vaxol
  18. Video about remedies for sulfur plugs

Remo-Wax is ear canal care product, used for children and adults in order to prevent the formation of sulfur plugs and remove them without harming the tissues of the ear. The cost of the product is high, but it is justified by its effectiveness. The solution is used often, it does not provoke complications when used correctly. Despite this, a preliminary examination by a doctor is required to determine the need for prescribing a solution.

Indications for use

The product is an ear drop that helps dissolve earwax and improve the overall health of the tissues in the ear canal. It is used for carrying out hygiene procedures in patients of different ages.

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The main indications for prescribing a medication:

  • Accumulation of large amounts of wax in the ear canals.
  • The need to dissolve the plugs of faith, which cannot be eliminated with the help of ordinary hygienic procedures.
  • The tendency to form large amounts of sulfur.
  • Diseases with congestion of the ear. In the presence of a large amount of sulfur, the course of the disease worsens, therefore it is important to prevent such complications by using special medications.

The drug can also be used if it is impossible to wash the ears in the usual way or if the effectiveness of such a manipulation is low.


Remo-Wax for children (the price of the product is quite high) contains several ingredients that have the main effect. The substance allantoin has a beneficial effect on the tissues of the ear canal, helps to dissolve sulfur plugs.Remo-Wax for children. Instructions for use, price, reviews

The composition also contains the substance benzethonium chloride, butylhydroxytoluene, phenylethanol. These ingredients soften the effects of the base substance and help prevent the re-accumulation of large amounts of sulfur. Sorbic acid in the composition also has a beneficial effect on tissues.

Mink oil and liquid lanolin, purified water are present as auxiliary ingredients in the composition of the healing solution. Contains fillers and emulsifiers in small amounts. Auxiliary ingredients do not have therapeutic properties, they are present in the composition to preserve the chemical formula.

In what form is it produced

The medication is available to patients as topical ear drops. They are a standard solution without a strong aroma, packaged in ordinary 10 ml bottles. Each bottle is equipped with a dropper for ease of use, a description is attached to it, indicating in detail all the nuances of use and possible contraindications.

The container with drops is placed in a small cardboard box. This prevents damage to the bottle during transport. The cost of a medicine differs in different pharmacies and regions. On average, it is 400-480 rubles.


Remo-Wax for children (the price of a medication is considered one of the few disadvantages) is used quite often, since it has positive properties. It helps dissolve accumulated earwax, which relieves tissue strain and improves hearing. As a result, the likelihood of developing complications is significantly reduced against the background of the accumulation of large amounts of sulfur.

Remo-Wax for children. Instructions for use, price, reviews
Remo-Wax for children

The components of the composition have a beneficial effect on the tissues of the ear canal, soften them, and prevent the formation of crusts. A positive effect of substances on metabolic processes in tissues is also noted, signs of inflammation, which develops with a negative effect of sulfur on tissues, are eliminated.


When applied topically, the drug is almost not absorbed into the systemic circulation, which eliminates the risk of complications from internal organs and systems. The drug does not accumulate in the tissues of the ear canal, even with prolonged use.

The lack of systemic absorption helps to avoid negative reactions, but does not exclude their occurrence. Only with prolonged use is it possible to detect insignificant concentrations of ingredients in the blood, which does not weaken the therapeutic effect and does not lead to a worsening of the condition.

In the presence of lesions on the tissues, the absorption of ingredients into the blood occurs more intensively.

Application for children under 18 years of age

The pharmacological agent is indicated for use by patients from birth, as it is considered safe and effective. Before starting use, it is better to visit a doctor who will determine the need for an appointment and warn about possible complications. The procedure must be carried out correctly in order to achieve the maximum therapeutic effect.

After examining the doctor, the child can be manipulated at home, observing the following sequence of actions:

  1. The child takes a comfortable position. Experts recommend lying on your side, which will affect one ear canal.Remo-Wax for children. Instructions for use, price, reviews
  2. Warm the solution to room temperature. For warming, you cannot use devices or hot water; it is better to hold the bottle in your hands for some time. This will avoid overheating the solution.
  3. In the supine position, it is necessary to drip from 10 to 30 drops along the wall of the ear canal. The amount of solution depends on the age of the child, since the length of the ear canal differs in patients of different ages. Doctors do not recommend administering less than 10 drops. This significantly reduces the effectiveness of therapy. When instilling it is important to monitor the level of the product in the ear canal. It should reach the level at which the passage passes into the auricle. The solution should not be poured out, but the minimum amount will not help to get the result.
  4. For 20 minutes after instillation, the child should be in the supine position. If there are large and dense plugs, the exposure time to drops is increased to 60 minutes.
  5. Change the position of the body carefully when the solution has already had an effect so that the agent flows freely from the ear canal. Repeated rinsing with clean water is allowed. It should not be cold, the procedure should not provoke discomfort.
  6. In the same sequence, the manipulation is carried out for the second ear canal, if necessary.

The procedure is recommended to be repeated no more than 1 time in 3 days, if such a need arises. Usually, this frequency is required if the patient has any complications accompanied by increased sulfur production. For prophylactic purposes, the agent is used no more than 1 time in 30 days. After removing the solution from the ear canal, experts do not recommend using cotton swabs. This can provoke a deterioration in the condition of the tissues and the development of complications against the background of the addition of an infection.

Depending on the purpose of using the solution, the duration of the course may differ.

Purpose of application Manipulation frequency
Prevention of sulfur accumulation To prevent the appearance of traffic jams, the agent can be used once every 2 or 4 weeks, the frequency depends on the rate of sulfur formation
The need to remove the sulfur plug The procedure for such a violation is carried out once, after which prophylactic applications can be prescribed 1-3 times a month.
Intensive formation of sulfur against the background of various factors With such a deviation, the application of the solution is repeated once every 7 days. The procedure is carried out according to the standard scheme.
Remo-Wax for children. Instructions for use, price, reviewsRemo-Wax for children. Instructions for use, price, reviews

Experts draw the attention of patients to the fact that drops belong to hygiene products, therefore they can be used on an ongoing basis, if the patient has no contraindications, and negative reactions do not develop during use.

For adults, the drug is prescribed according to the same scheme, but the amount of solution when administered is usually at least 30 drops. Depending on the condition of the ear canal, the nuances of the application may differ.


Remo-Wax has not so many contraindications as some other products from this group, the price of which is somewhat lower.

For children and adults, there are several obstacles that prevent the use of the solution:

  • Identification of intolerance to any ingredient of the composition or a tendency to such manifestations in the patient's history. Despite the relative safety of the solution, it can provoke various negative reactions.
  • Damage to the tympanic membrane. With such a violation, the components are more intensively absorbed into the patient's blood, which can provoke systemic negative reactions.
  • Diagnosis of the inflammatory process of the outer or middle ear. The drug is considered safe, but its components in the presence of inflammatory signs can aggravate the condition.
  • Purulent pathologies, accompanied by the discharge from the ear canal of pus, blood in varying amounts. Usually, patients with such a violation are worried about pain, so you should not carry out manipulations that increase the painful sensations.
  • Viral damage to the tissues of the ear. Such disorders are rare, but can significantly worsen the patient's condition, especially when using the solution.
  • The presence of a shunt in the eardrum. After removal, the use of drops is possible no earlier than 6 months later, but sometimes it is required to abandon the procedure for 12 months. In each case, it is necessary to consult a doctor who will determine the appropriateness of the appointment.Remo-Wax for children. Instructions for use, price, reviews

If patients have any discharge from the ear canal, it is worth stopping use immediately. If this is revealed before the start of application, it is necessary to abandon the manipulations until the condition is normalized.


Minimal systemic absorption of ingredients helps to avoid the development of complications in the form of overdose.

Even with frequent and prolonged use of the solution, such reactions are not observed in patients of different ages. Despite this, experts do not recommend using the product uncontrollably without preliminary examination.

Side effects

Remo-Vax for children (the price of the drug for many patients is considered a reason for refusing to use it) is often used, since negative reactions develop in some cases. Almost always, their appearance is associated with violations of the doctor's recommendations, but sometimes complications arise when all the rules are followed.

The most common negative symptoms are:

  • Itching in the ear area that occurs immediately after instillation or after a few hours.
  • Peeling of the skin. In this case, the symptoms can spread not only to the affected area, but also to the face and other areas of the skin.
  • Rash in the ear, on the skin of the face, limbs, neck. Long-term persistence of symptoms provokes the spread of the rash to large areas, which only worsens the condition.
  • Headache and dizziness. The disorder arises against the background of local negative reactions, disappears after their elimination.
  • Loss of appetite and upset stools.
  • The spread of an allergic reaction to the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose and mouth. In this case, food intake is complicated, there is lacrimation and a large amount of mucus from the nose.Remo-Wax for children. Instructions for use, price, reviews

Systemic disorders do not arise on their own. They are associated with exacerbation of local reactions. If complications appear, the drug should be discontinued. After that, the patient must listen to his own well-being. Perhaps special therapy is not required to normalize the condition. It is impossible to ignore the manifestations, especially when they are aggravated.

It is important to visit a doctor who will determine the appropriateness of using medications to normalize the patient's condition. It is especially dangerous to ignore complications in children.

Special recommendations

The drug is considered safe, but its use must be agreed with a doctor. After suffering any inflammatory disease, the use of the solution is allowed only with complete recovery. If there are any residual symptoms, it is best to skip the procedure.

The appearance of discomfort during the manipulation is considered a reason for refusing to use the solution. Perhaps the patient has any latent diseases, the course of which can be aggravated by the introduction of drops.

When instilling the solution, do not direct the dropper to the center of the ear. This can provoke the formation of an air lock and the development of complications. It is better to inject the solution along the wall of the ear canal.

Drug interactions

Remo-Vax for children (the price of the product may differ in different regions) is used in combination with other drops or systemic medicines. The components of the composition do not affect the work of internal organs.

That is why a combination with medicines from different groups is allowed, but after consulting a doctor. If it is necessary to use the solution with other ear drops, it is worth taking a break for at least 30 minutes.

Storage conditions and periods

It is allowed to store the product in a dark and cool place for 4 years. After the expiration date, the use of the medication is not allowed. The production date is indicated on the packaging.

Conditions of dispensing from pharmacies

Today, medicine can be purchased at various pharmacy points without presenting a certified prescription form from a doctor.


If it is impossible to use the original for various reasons, substitutes with similar therapeutic properties may be prescribed.Remo-Wax for children. Instructions for use, price, reviews


Ear drops based on vegetable oils and other natural ingredients, which are actively used to dissolve sulfur plugs and prevent their reappearance.

The cost of an analogue is approximately 500 rubles, but the price differs in different pharmacies and regions.

The medication is considered relatively safe, can be used for prophylactic and therapeutic purposes.

Features of use in each case are different, which depends on the individual patient. When used, negative reactions rarely develop, since the product has a natural composition.

Audi Spray

Preparation in the form of a spray for topical use, which is a solution based on seawater. The medication has a positive effect on the tissues of the ear canal, helps to soften sulfur plugs, and prevents their appearance.

The product is considered safe and can be used for children from birth and adults. It rarely provokes negative reactions, even with constant use. The spray price is about 600 rubles.


Spray for topical application, the cost of which is approximately 400 rubles. The product contains olive oil, which softens the sulfur and naturally removes it from the ear canal.

The use is recommended for the purpose of removing plugs or preventing their appearance. The drug is allowed to be prescribed to children from birth, as it is safe and effective.

Analogues have a different composition, therefore they are used after visiting a doctor, despite the relative safety for children of different ages.

Remo-Wax is considered one of the most popular wax and congestion removers for children and adults. The price of the drug is high, but it is justified by its effectiveness, fast action and safety.

Video about remedies for sulfur plugs

Instructions for removing sulfur plugs:

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