Tablets for ARVI in adults are inexpensive, effective

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  1. Classification of drugs
  2. Etiotropes
  3. Neuraminidase inhibitors
  4. Ion channel blockers
  5. RNA inhibitors
  6. Interferon series
  7. Interferon inducers
  8. Symptomatic remedies
  9. Antigrippin ANVI
  10. TeraFlu Extra
  11. Homeopathic remedies
  12. Anaferon and Ergoferon
  13. Sandra 0.25 No. 30
  14. Aflubin No. 12
  15. Hyporamine 0.02 No. 20
  16. Immunal No. 20
  17. The best drugs
  18. Ingavirin
  19. Kagocel
  20. Arbidol
  21. Anvimax
  22. Bronchomunal
  23. Dibazol 0.02 No. 10
  24. Video about drugs for ARVI

The frequency of respiratory diseases is explained by the variety of pathogens - about 200 viruses cause symptoms, which are usually called "colds". A mild course of the disease with a runny nose, sneezing goes away on its own in a week. Prolonged cough, high fever, dyspepsia indicate damage to other organs and require serious treatment. The pills prescribed by the doctor will protect the adult from the dangerous consequences of ARVI.

Classification of drugs

The destruction of viruses, the removal of painful symptoms, the prevention of deterioration in health are the goals of taking medications for respiratory diseases.

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In accordance with the appointment, medications are:

  • antiviral;
  • symptomatic;
  • for the treatment of complications.

Antiviral pills are divided into etiotropic agents that affect the infection itself, and the interferon series, which increases the body's defenses.


The mechanism of action of chemotherapy drugs is associated with the destruction of structures that help viruses penetrate and multiply inside a person. It has been proven that COVID-19, the culprit of the epidemic, attaches to the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract with special spines. Other causative agents of acute respiratory viral infections and influenza act in a similar way, differing in aggressiveness, spectrum of destruction.

Neuraminidase inhibitors

The enzyme found in the spines of the virus damages the membranes of human cells and opens the entrance for the virus. Scientists in Switzerland have created a substance known in the world as Tamiflu, which neutralizes the effect of this protein. The drug is relevant, although it cannot be called inexpensive. The Russian analogue of Oseltamivir Akrikhin is more affordable: 10 generic capsules cost 440 rubles.Tablets for ARVI in adults: effective and inexpensive

The effectiveness of Tamiflu as a prophylactic agent is 80%, and the frequency of severe ARVI from the drug is reduced by 85%. Side effects were observed only in 6% of cases.

Ion channel blockers

Tablets for ARVI in adults reduce intoxication, the severity of the disease. The drugs inhibit the multiplication of viruses by destroying the channels responsible for the energy and acid balance of the envelope. The Rimantadin category representative saved many lives during influenza A epidemics.

Intolerance to rimantadine causes disorders of the digestive system, neurological reactions. The medicine is contraindicated in pregnancy, hepatic and renal failure, thyrotoxicosis. The advantage is the price - Rimantadin Avexima 50 mg No. 20 costs 250 rubles.

RNA inhibitors

Ribonucleic acid is responsible for the reproduction of hereditary information. Violation of RNA synthesis stops the multiplication of the virus. Triazavirin and Ribavirin in capsules used by China together with Arbidol against coronavirus have such an effect. In Russia, hepatitis C remains the main indication for the use of Ribavirin.

Interferon series

The severity of ARVI depends on the body's immune response to the introduction of the virus.

Factors of the 1st line of defense are interferons (IFN), which perform the functions:

  • antiviral protection;
  • cessation of cell division of the pathogen;
  • creating secondary immunity;
  • accelerating recovery from illness.Tablets for ARVI in adults: effective and inexpensive

In case of insufficient production of IFN, drugs containing interferons or their inducers are prescribed. The first group - products of genetic engineering that increase resistance to infection, stimulate the body's immune cells. There is no tablet form, available in the form of nasal aerosols, drops, suppositories.

An effective prophylactic agent during epidemics is Grippferon, which consists of alpha interferon. The representative of gamma interferon is Ingaron, recommended for acute respiratory infections, including COVID-19. In case of illness, the solution is dripped in 2-3 drops into the nasal passages, freed from mucus, 5 times a day, 7 days. The cost of one bottle is 240 rubles.

Interferon inducers

Tablets in this category are widely used for the treatment of acute respiratory viral infections in adults. The second group includes natural and synthetic compounds that activate human immune cells.

The benefits of endogenous interferon:

  • is related to the body;
  • does not lose activity for a long time;
  • concentrates in the affected organs, increasing the effectiveness of the drug;
  • starts the rest of the immune processes.

The range of interferon inducers is growing, but 60% of doctors still prescribe a drug created 15 years ago for patients with viral colds. Cycloferon received the Russian Pharma Awards for the Most Prescribed Drug in the Treatment of Influenza and SARS.Tablets for ARVI in adults: effective and inexpensive


  • double action - on viruses and inflammations;
  • immunomodulatory effect;
  • clinical researches;
  • good tolerance;
  • affordable price - 220 rubles. for 10 tablets.

Contraindications: pregnancy, allergies, liver cirrhosis. Take 3 tab. every other day, course - 20 tab.


The latest generation inductors combine the stimulation of the production of their own interferons with the properties of inhibitors. Antiviral and immunomodulating drug Tiloron activates the body's defenses, while simultaneously suppressing the multiplication of viruses in the blood and intestines.

Tablets for ARVI in adults take 125 mg for the first day, then every 2 days.Tablets for ARVI in adults: effective and inexpensive

Course: one package, 750 mg. The medicine is effective and low toxic. Dyspepsia, short-term chills are manifested with allergies to components. Contraindications: childhood, pregnancy.

Pharmacies offer analogues: Amiksin, Levomax. The cost is 500-700 rubles. can be called average, given the effectiveness of Tilorone. Patients note that relief comes after the first pill.

In 2020, Kagocel, consisting of a combination of a natural component with a nanopolymer, was recognized as the No. 1 antiviral drug according to Smartpharma Awards. Taking the drug after 48 hours induces the maximum amount of interferons in all immune cells, which lasts 4-5 days. The effectiveness is combined with a moderate price: 10 tablets cost 200-300 rubles. More information about Kagocele is in the "Best drugs" section.

Analogues of antiviral drugs:

Name Price, rub. Cheap analogue Price, rub.
Tamiflu 75 mg No. 10 1070 Oseltamivir 75 mg No. 10 440
Triazavirin 0.25 No. 20 1306 Ribavirin 0.2 No. 30 150
Amiksin 0.125 No. 10 1040 Cycloferon 0.15 No. 10 220
Trekrezan 0.2 No. 10 577 Kagocel 0.012 No. 10 250
Ingavirin 60mg No. 10 606 Arbidol 0.1 No. 10 270

Symptomatic remedies

Human defenses connect all systems to destroy viruses and bacteria that have entered the body. The purpose of the complexes to eliminate the manifestations of acute respiratory viral infections is to help the immune system, to alleviate the course of the disease.

Antigrippin ANVI

The drug consists of capsules of different colors with powders. Each component has its own purpose.

Tablets for ARVI in adults: effective and inexpensive
Antigrippin - tablets for ARVI

Green capsules contain aspirin, ascorbic acid, rutoside. The action of this part of antigrippin is aimed at stopping fever, neutralizing viruses, and strengthening blood vessels. Filling white capsules reduces headache and muscle pain, relieves swelling of the nasopharynx, sore throat. The negative side of the complex composition is the risk of side effects with increased sensitivity to the components.


  • ulcerative lesions of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • severe disorders of the heart, kidneys, liver;
  • urolithiasis disease;
  • low blood clotting;
  • pregnancy, breastfeeding;
  • age up to 15 years.

TeraFlu Extra

The French powder for the common cold comes in single-use sachets. Consists of a combination of paracetamol with antiallergic and vasoconstrictor agents. At the first signs of virus infection, taking TeraFlu relieves unpleasant "flu" symptoms: sneezing, runny nose, chills.

Application: a solution is prepared from the contents of the sachet in a glass of hot water, taken three times a day. Paracetamol overdose is dangerous for the liver and kidneys. TeraFlu causes drowsiness, dry mouth, gastrointestinal disorders. Similar in composition, but more economical options: Coldakt, Rinza, Coldrex. Symptomatic remedies immediately bring clear relief, but if the condition worsens after 3 days, additional medical attention is required.

Homeopathic remedies

For an organism weakened by concomitant chronic diseases, synthetic antiviral drugs will be additional stress. Homeopathy, included by WHO in the development plan for 2014-2023, helps.

Positive aspects of this category:

  • natural raw materials;
  • soft impact;
  • lack of addiction;
  • effect on the entire body.

The representative of the group - Oscillococcinum, has undergone clinical trials in Germany and France. Tests have shown a positive effect on the course of ARVI and a decrease in the risk of complications.

Anaferon and Ergoferon

Medicines contain antibodies to human interferon gamma and are homeopathic inducers of IFN. At the same time, they reduce the concentration of viruses, remove toxins from the blood. Tablets for ARVI in adults: effective and inexpensiveUsed for the treatment, prevention of ARVI in adults and children. The advantages are non-toxicity, price.

Sandra 0.25 No. 30

A homeopathic remedy of 10 natural ingredients removes severe ARVI symptoms: fever, weakness, headache. Prophylactic reception on 1 table. Protects against infection 4 times a day. For a therapeutic effect, the drug is absorbed 7-8 times for the first three days, then a maintenance dose is taken - 4 times a day.

Aflubin No. 12

The Austrian complex, which includes 5 substances, reduces intoxication and cough, relieves swelling of the nasopharyngeal mucosa, and stimulates the immune system. It is prescribed from infancy, has no side effects. Tablets for ARVI in adults are combined with herbal adaptogens. Sea buckthorn, eleutherococcus, echinacea enhance the effect of chemotherapy drugs.

Hyporamine 0.02 No. 20

Indications: acute respiratory diseases, influenza A, B. Sublingual tablets with sea buckthorn extract, taken in the first hours of the disease, exhibit the effect of a neuraminidase inhibitor, increase the production of interferon.

Immunal No. 20

The active ingredient is dried echinacea juice. The drug suppresses the multiplication of viruses, stimulates the growth of immune cells.


  • frequent colds;
  • prevention during influenza epidemics;
  • removal of side effects from taking synthetic antiviral drugs;
  • long-term antibiotic therapy.Tablets for ARVI in adults: effective and inexpensive

Summary table of prices for homeopathic and herbal medicines:

Name Manufacturer Price in rub.
Ergoferon No. 20 Materia Medica 400
Anaferon No. 20 Materia Medica 280
Aflubin No. 12 Austria 280
Hyporamine 0.02 No. 20 Pharmacy center VILAR 204
Sandra 0.25 No. 30 Pharmacy center VILAR 135
Immunal No. 20 Slovenia 300

The best drugs

For several years in a row, Kagocel and Ingavirin have held the leading position in the sale of antiviral pills.

Sometimes a doctor is confused by the lack of an international certificate, and patients do not always get a quick result.

Answers to frequently asked questions:

  1. Why is there no foreign registration?

An international certificate is not required for Russian medicines. The absence of these documents does not affect the quality.

  1. The drug did not help much.

The greatest effect from antiviral drugs is obtained when used in the early stages of infection. Another reason: the individual susceptibility of the organism, the characteristics of the immune system.

  1. Which is better: Ingavirin or Kagocel?

The choice depends on the form of ARVI, the condition and age of the patient.


It belongs to the group of inhibitors - it disrupts the synthesis of viruses in infected cells. At the same time, it activates a person's own immunity, suppresses inflammatory processes.Tablets for ARVI in adults: effective and inexpensive

Tablets for ARVI in adults after clinical trials are approved by the State Research Institute of Virology.

Benefits of the drug:

  • wide antivirus spectrum;
  • reception - 1 tablet per day;
  • quick relief of ARVI symptoms;
  • no side effects, low toxicity.
  • reducing the risk of bacterial complications.

Disadvantages: not under 18 years old, price.


Representative of interferon inducers that stimulate the immune system. The basis of the Russian antiviral drug is a combination of gossypol, a plant substance from cotton, with a polymer carrier. The resulting complex has lost its toxicity, while retaining its beneficial properties. Kagocel is used in pediatric practice, as it is safe for children from the age of three. The development of our own interferons against any viruses creates secondary immunity and reduces the risk of complications by 51%.

For the treatment of ARVI, four days are enough, with a gradual decrease in the dose from 6 to 3 tablets per day. Kagocel is a proven prophylactic agent. During epidemics of influenza, seven-day cycles of protection against infection are used: for two days, 2 tablets are taken, a 5-day break, if necessary, repeat several times. Contraindications: children under three years of age, pregnancy. The price of Ingavirin and Kagocel is lower than the cost of similar imported drugs.


The effectiveness of this immunomodulator that destroys viruses has been confirmed by laboratories in numerous countries. Facilitates the course of the disease one day after the start of therapy. Due to the wide range of action, Arbidol can be prescribed for ARVI without preliminary examinations. The medicine helps against viruses that have developed resistance to other drugs, including against the pathogens of "swine" flu.

Tablets for ARVI in adults: effective and inexpensive
Arbidol for adults

Adults take Arbidol 0.2 g every 6 hours, 5 days. For prophylaxis, one tablet per day is enough.


A combined remedy that fights against both the symptoms of a cold and the cause of the disease. The complex composition includes components that quickly relieve fever, headache, nasal congestion. Rimantadine supplementation has antiviral and antitoxic effects. Anvimax awakens its own immunity and shortens the time of illness.

Indications: treatment of acute respiratory viral infections and influenza, for prophylaxis is not accepted. Not for pregnant women and children under 14 years old, patients with stomach ulcers, arrhythmias. Use with caution in severe kidney and liver damage, thyroid diseases. Dosage: 2 sachets per day, the course is not more than three days. Dissolve in 100 ml of warm water before use.


Viruses penetrate through the nasopharynx, trachea, bronchi. The emergence of a new immunostimulant that works on the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract is a promising direction in the treatment of ARVI. The Swiss drug consists of lysates, inactivated probiotic elements.

Beneficial peptides:

  • increase the production of interferons;
  • activate b-lymphocytes that synthesize antibodies;
  • protect from complications on the lungs.Tablets for ARVI in adults: effective and inexpensive

Dosage: 1 capsule in the morning on an empty stomach for 10 days.

Dibazol 0.02 No. 10

Dibazol, a mildly acting, inexpensive immunity stimulant, has been unfairly forgotten. Prophylactically prescribed 20 mg per day, for treatment - three times a tablet, 4-5 days.


  • age up to 12 years, pregnancy;
  • chronic severe kidney disease;
  • hypotension, severe angina.

The price of 10 tablets is 70 rubles. During epidemics, the nasal mucosa is protected with 0.25% oxolinic ointment, Evamenol. An early start of treatment will save you from complications, and a variety of ARVI pills will help both adults and children cope with the disease.

Video about drugs for ARVI

Medicines for the prevention and treatment of ARVI:

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