Is Adaptol prescription or not? Side effects


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Adaptol is called "soft" or a "daytime" tranquilizer. This is a psychotropic drug prescribed to adult patients with neuroses, irritability, anxiety. Whether it is prescription or not, and where it is better to buy the product, is described later in the article.

Terms of sale

Adaptol is considered a safe tranquilizer with a minimal list of side effects and contraindications. Therefore, patients can start taking it even on their own decision. For example, during periods of severe stress, acute anxiety and other uncomfortable psychological conditions.

Adaptol for a prescription or not in each individual country - the pharmacist of a particular pharmacy will tell you. So, in Belarus since 2019. the drug is freely sold without a prescription. In Russia, the terms of its sale depend on the region. In some cities of the country, a prescription is required when buying a drug. And, for example, in most of the capital's pharmacies, it is released freely.

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Adaptol is on sale today:

  • in regular pharmacy stores;
  • in online pharmacies.

At the same time, it is much more convenient to choose the second option for purchase. Most online pharmacies across the country offer Adaptol without a prescription. At the same time, it is often possible to receive the drug on the same day or the next day after ordering.

To purchase Adaptol in an online pharmacy, you need:

  1. Go to the selected site and send the desired drug to the basket.
  2. Checkout.
  3. Choose a convenient format for receiving the goods - wait for home delivery or visit the pick-up point yourself.
  4. Pay and pick up the order.
Is Adaptol prescription or not? Side effects
Adaptol prescription

Despite the relative safety of the drug and the ability to use it in difficult nervous situations, even without consulting a specialist, it is still worth consulting a doctor first. The doctor will tell you if there is an indication for taking the drug. Or he will offer to choose more gentle soothing and normalizing the work of the nervous system means.


Adaptol is a rather expensive drug among popular modern tranquilizers. Especially if you consider the admissibility of taking 5 doses at once per day.

Today one can observe a serious difference in drug prices in pharmacies. Moreover, its cost depends on several factors at once. First of all, this is the dosage. Adaptol is on sale in capsules and tablets. They are found in 2 variants. The first one with a dosage of 300 mg of the main active ingredient per 1 tablet, the second - 500 mg. The higher the number, the more expensive the pills are.

Also, the price depends on the manufacturer. Today, in pharmacies, you can most often find a drug released in Latvia or Belarus. The second option turns out to be more expensive at any dosage.

Another important point is the pharmacy where the medicine is sold. To find the optimal cost of the drug, it is worth visiting the site with a comparison of prices in different outlets. Information on such resources is usually updated daily and allows you to perfectly navigate the prices of tablets in any city. Here you can usually check the availability of the drug in the right place and the number of packs remaining on sale.

The table will help to understand the prices for Adaptol:Is Adaptol prescription or not? Side effects

A drug Release form Dosage Price
Adaptol (Olainfarm Latvia) Capsules 300 mg From 450 to 800 rubles.
Adaptol (Olainfarm Latvia) Pills 500 mg From 600 to 1200 rubles.
Adaptol-bt (Biotest Belarus) Pills 500 mg From 700 to 1500 rubles.

Adaptol is usually sold in packs of 20 capsules or tablets. Inside the cardboard packaging, there are 2 tabs of 10 pcs at once. The buyer, if desired, can purchase either a whole box or half - 1 sheet with tablets or capsules.

Indications for use

Adaptol in different dosages and forms is prescribed to patients to stabilize the nervous system. There are different indications for taking it. First of all, these are neuroses and neurosis-like states.Is Adaptol prescription or not? Side effects

The latter include:

  • unreasonable fear (especially for a long time);
  • anxiety;
  • irritability;
  • emotional instability;
  • nervousness;
  • tearfulness.

Also, the drug is often prescribed as an additional tool in the fight against bad habits. Especially often - with smoking. In this case, the patient receives a variety of complex therapy. At the same time, Adaptol improves a person's condition and helps to reduce his cravings for tobacco. The patient feels calmer and more confident in the process.Is Adaptol prescription or not? Side effects

Another common cause is improved tolerance to more serious tranquilizers and antipsychotics. The drug is able to completely eliminate or mitigate the side effects from them. For the same purpose, Adaptol is prescribed as a mandatory addition to antidepressants in the first 7-20 days of their intake.

So the body gets used to the new drug easier and faster, the patient feels more comfortable and easier to cope with anxiety. Further, his condition gradually stabilizes and Adaptol is canceled. But this should not be done immediately, but slowly reducing the initial dosage.

Side effects

Whether or not Adaptol is prescribed is important for every patient who decides to take such a drug. Equally important information is about the side effects of the drug.

When taking the drug, some patients may experience:

  • dizziness and headache (rare cases);
  • decrease in pressure (it is prohibited to increase it with drugs in this case, the indicators will recover on their own);
  • diarrhea, pain in the abdomen, nausea and vomiting, bitterness in the mouth, regardless of food intake;
  • allergies (most often - rash, itching, swelling of the eyelids, lips, tongue and face in general);
  • difficulty breathing, bronchospasm;
  • increased urination (especially at night);
  • decrease in temperature and weakness, loss of appetite.

Is Adaptol prescription or not? Side effectsIf you notice any side effects while taking the drug, you should consult your doctor as soon as possible. Often, patients experience a decrease in blood pressure and body temperature. But usually the indicators change only by 1-2 degrees. This phenomenon does not require discontinuation of the drug or the search for its analogues. After the end of the course of treatment, the indicators will return to normal on their own.

An urgent cancellation of the tablets is required if any allergic reactions to the product occur. There is a possibility of individual intolerance to the components of the drug.

Today Adaptol is often prescribed to patients to normalize the functioning of the nervous system and support it in difficult life periods. It is dispensed from the pharmacy by prescription or not, the pharmacist will tell the buyer exactly.

Video about the drug Adaptol

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