Operation to increase growth. Price, reviews, how it is carried out

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  1. How much height can be increased
  2. Ways to increase growth using surgical interventions
  3. What is the principle of limb lengthening based on?
  4. Leg lengthening options, their features and differences
  5. What is safer, more effective to lengthen: thigh or lower leg?
  6. Is Height Increase Surgery Safe?
  7. Indications
  8. The consequences of trauma
  9. O-shaped and x-shaped legs
  10. Different leg length
  11. Body imbalance
  12. Congenital bone defects
  13. Contraindications
  14. How are legs lengthened, height is increased?
  15. Preparing for the intervention
  16. Hospitalization
  17. Leg lengthening process
  18. Consolidation (hardening)
  19. Removing the devices
  20. Is it painful to have an operation to increase growth?
  21. Consequences of growth surgery
  22. How much does the operation cost?
  23. Height Augmentation Surgery Video

According to medical records (December 5, 2020 report) South Korea, Germany, and the United States perform between 100 and 200 growth-enhancing operations each year. In other states, the indicators are much lower, but they also show a tendency towards an increase in clients who have decided on such a complex procedure.

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How much height can be increased

The amount of maximum elongation depends on the extensibility of the soft tissues. This parameter is individual for each person. If the purpose of the surgical intervention is to solve a cosmetic problem, then 6-7 cm will be enough for the client.

According to medical data, there were cases when a person was increased in height by 13 cm. This figure is an exception. Basically, the shin bones are lengthened by 7-8 cm. Only after a complete medical examination will it be reliably known how long the patient's height can be increased.

Ways to increase growth using surgical interventions

Height augmentation surgery is a complex surgical process that interferes with the natural constitution of a person. With the help of manipulations, 2 legs are simultaneously lengthened. This method appeared back in 1951. It was introduced by the orthopedic surgeon Ilizarov Gabriel, who worked in the Soviet period. An apparatus and method for increasing growth is named after him.

Since 1951 a lot of time passed, and the technique was improved. So, they use the apparatus of Veklich V. V. It was he who took the work of Ilizarov as a basis, modernized the equipment and corrected some of the disadvantages. Due to this, the trauma rate decreased, the time for the patient's rehabilitation was reduced.

What is the principle of limb lengthening based on?

The detailed process of increasing growth was described by Oleg Sokolovsky, professor of orthopedics and traumatology. In medical terminology, this operation is called an osteotomy.Operation to increase growth. Price, reviews, how it is carried out

The principle of limb lengthening is based on the following:

  1. Surgically, a fracture is made in the upper third of the bone tissue of the lower leg.
  2. The tibia and fibula of each limb are fixed in the Ilizarov apparatus (or other other device). This is done using needles or rods.

The patient is in this position for up to six months. At this time, a callus is formed. The doctor artificially stretches it, thus creating a growth focus.

At this time, the client can independently tighten the nuts on the device. These manipulations add 1 mm of growth per day. Potential to gain 20% to 30% of the original shin length.

Leg lengthening options, their features and differences

Medicine has many ways to increase a person's height. All the developed techniques are named by the specialists who have patented the corresponding apparatus. Some of them were created at the beginning of the 20th century. Over time, the most successful models were modified, which made it possible to make the process of lengthening the legs less traumatic.

The most famous ways to lengthen the limbs:

Technology Peculiarities
Lambotte The system was presented in 1906. According to the technique, the bone areas are fixed with 2 rows of rods without compression.
Anderson It was proposed by a doctor in 1934. method with a frame, with piercing rods. In addition, a plaster cast was used. Later this technique was improved. It began to be used as a primary tireless treatment.
Stader In 1937 g. the surgeon presented an improved Anderson apparatus. He modified it by adding threaded adjustment booms. With their help, compression or destruction was performed through the fracture site.
Hofmann The technique he proposed (1957) included universal rod AVFs. They are used in modern medicine.

However, the Ilizarov apparatus remains the most popular technique. The physician who developed this technique used the property of tissue. It regenerated itself in response to stretching. Bone tissue simply grew on the connective callus. Taking these features as a basis, Ilizarov developed a technique for stimulating osteosynthesis.

The bone fragments were connected and fused due to compression (squeezing) and distraction (stretching). Thanks to this, in 1952 the doctor received a patent for an apparatus based on metal rods, knitting needles and rings. All these details made it possible to fix bone fragments.

 In comparison with other devices, the device has several priority advantages:

  • The distraction process can be controlled very precisely.
  • It is possible to correct one-stage multiplanar changes in limb segments.
  • For 1 stage, you can lengthen the segment by 15-10% of its natural size.Operation to increase growth. Price, reviews, how it is carried out

Disadvantages of the Ilizarov apparatus:

  • The needles do not have a safety margin.
  • The device has spokes made of stainless steel. Each has 2 fixation points. They can injure nerves and blood vessels.
  • The device uses full rings, because of this, the client loses comfort.

Along with the Ilizarov apparatus, the Tsukanov method is very popular. Vladimir Evgenievich has developed a unique procedure that is based on a rod design.

Her advantages:

  • Less tissue trauma compared to the Ilizarov apparatus.
  • Lightweight construction, which makes it comfortable for patients.
  • Shorter treatment period. The residence time in the structure is 8 months, while in the Ilizarov apparatus from 10 to 12.
  • The exact timing of treatment is available to the patient, since 1 mm of length is steadily added per day.
  • The risk of infection is reduced due to a shorter treatment period.

The essence of the method is that lengthening begins as early as 7 days after surgery. When the treatment ends, the person returns to the normal rhythm of life. There is no need for crutches. Legs withstand the load immediately after removing the apparatus.

Another modification of the Ilizarov apparatus is the Veklich technique. It was developed by Vitaly V. Viktorovich, a surgeon in the field of traumatology and orthopedics.Operation to increase growth. Price, reviews, how it is carried out

The advantages of his technique are as follows:

  • The operation takes less than an hour.
  • The surgery is painless. Blood vessels are not injured, muscles and nerve tissues remain intact.
  • Spinal anesthesia is used during the procedure.
  • In the apparatus, a person retains the usual freedom of movement. Knee joints, hip bones are not constrained.
  • The device is made of titanium. It provides the structure with a high degree of strength.
  • The apparatus uses rods instead of spokes. This allows cosmetic surgeries to be performed. After removing the device, only 3 small fixation points remain on each limb.
  • The used half rings provide the client with maximum convenience not for the entire treatment period.

Most often, after applying the device, the patient remains under the supervision of a doctor for 4 weeks. After that, he goes home. Rehabilitation lasts 4 months. After the expiration of this period, the patient visits the clinic, he is given an X-ray. If the positive dynamics persists, then the apparatus is removed. Within 2 months after this, the patient is advised to exclude heavy physical activity.

What is safer, more effective to lengthen: thigh or lower leg?

An operation to increase growth is painful, because bone tissue is artificially destroyed. There is no unequivocal answer to the question of what is more effective to lengthen - the lower leg or the thigh. Orthopedic surgeons note that it is faster, easier and safer to carry out corrective interventions on the lower legs.

However, some devices are technically more convenient to use on the hips. For this reason, doctors recommend lengthening them. But, in turn, this can lead to complications inherent in this part of the body.

Is Height Increase Surgery Safe?

Any method of increasing leg length is fraught with complications. Nerves can be injured or there is a risk of blood clots. Also, in some cases, improper fusion of bone tissue is possible.

Hamish Simpson, a professor at the British Orthopedic Association, notes that the technology has improved markedly over the past 20 years. The operation is much safer than in the early 2000s. However, there are still risks of complications. Indeed, in addition to bone tissue, it is necessary to build up blood vessels, nerves, and skin. It is for this reason that the procedure is considered difficult. Therefore, there is a likelihood of complications.


Leg lengthening is cosmetic in many countries around the world. Operation to increase growth. Price, reviews, how it is carried outPeople go to this procedure to solve psychological problems associated with short body length. Doctors note that an indication for this type of operation can be a height below 140 cm in men and 130 cm in women.

The consequences of trauma

The Ilizarov apparatus is widely used as a remedy for open fractures. In the presence of such an injury, the site of the lesion cannot be fixed with a plate or a pin must be inserted. After all, most likely, the site is infected with dirt. For example, if an implant is placed, there is a risk of osteomyelitis. He, in turn, can lead to sepsis, and even death.

The Ilizarov apparatus is not used in the fracture zone itself, but above or below it. Bone tissue is fixed with wires attached to rings. The fragments are exposed relative to each other in a natural position. All this is fixed, and the person walks in this state until complete recovery. Not only open fractures are fixed with the Ilizarov apparatus. Closed injuries of the extremities are also effectively treatable.

O-shaped and x-shaped legs

With the help of the apparatus, it is possible to eliminate the curvature of the bone structure. For example, an indication for the procedure may be a diagnosis of x-shaped or o-shaped legs. Due to medical intervention, the limbs become even. Thanks to this, the legs are straightened, the growth of a person increases. The length indicator can vary from 4 to 7 cm.

Different leg length

An operation to increase height by shortening one leg is recommended, provided that the limbs have different lengths. During the procedure, the patient is placed on the shorter part. Due to the treatment, the difference in length is eliminated, both legs become even.

Body imbalance

If a person has a body imbalance, then the parameters are leveled by applying the apparatus to problem areas. In medical practice, there are cases when hands and collarbones were corrected. This made it possible to make the body beautiful and proportional.

Congenital bone defects

If a person has a deformation of the bone tissue, then with the help of the apparatus it can be corrected.Operation to increase growth. Price, reviews, how it is carried out

This happens according to the following algorithm:

  • Bone tissue in the problem area is partially removed.
  • Align areas of bones.
  • Connect the disconnected areas.

Due to these manipulations, it is possible to give the limbs the correct shape and eliminate deformations.


Contraindications to surgery:

  • Diseases of the nervous system, which are accompanied by seizures.
  • Sharp contamination of soft tissues.
  • Severe osteoporosis.
  • Infection of the fracture zone.
  • An open fracture with a large lesion area.
  • Severe pathologies of internal organs.
  • Decompensated vascular limb pathology.

Also, the operation may be refused due to the client's poor health. You cannot do the procedure during an exacerbation of chronic diseases or at the time of the inflammatory process. They also undergo surgery if a person is ill with ARI, ARVI, flu.

How are legs lengthened, height is increased?

Before the operation, the patient is consulted with an orthopedic surgeon. The person is told about the principle of treatment, all the information about the preparatory stage is given. It is necessary to assess the physical condition of the client, to make him an X-ray.

Preparing for the intervention

At this stage, doctors measure the proportions of the client's body. The maximum extension length is individually selected. This indicator depends on the soft tissues of the person and their extensibility.Operation to increase growth. Price, reviews, how it is carried out

Also, the patient needs to pass the following tests:

  • Urea.
  • Blood glucose.
  • ECG + decoding.
  • AST.
  • Total bilirubin.
  • Coagulogram.
  • ALT.
  • General urine analysis.
  • Blood creatinine.
  • Advanced blood count.

Only after receiving all the data, the doctor gives or denies permission for the operation.


After passing all the preparatory procedures, the person is hospitalized. The operation takes from 1 to 1.5 hours. In modern clinics, low-trauma technology is used. Due to this, blood loss is avoided. In the process of surgical intervention, external fixation devices are installed.

Leg lengthening process

The operation to increase the height is not dangerous. The person is not even put to sleep (in most cases). After the apparatus has been applied, the process of increasing growth begins. After 10 days, there is an addition of 1 mm per day. Operation to increase growth. Price, reviews, how it is carried outDuring the treatment, the person is under supervision. X-rays are taken to monitor the process.

Consolidation (hardening)

As soon as the bone tissue has reached the expected parameters, the stretching is stopped. Go to the regeneration stage. This phase is called hardening. Its duration depends on the obtained length to the initial parameters of the bone. This stage takes a different period for each person.

Removing the devices

To remove the device, you need to make sure the strength of the bone tissue, whether it can support the weight of a person. For this, a test is made. Fixation is removed on the apparatus for 2-3 hours. During this time, a person tests his body. After that, the patient is given an X-ray. Only after receiving a positive opinion, the doctor gives permission to remove the device. Operation to increase growth. Price, reviews, how it is carried outIts liquidation takes no more than 5 minutes. After that, the person can stay for some time in the clinic under supervision or go home.

Is it painful to have an operation to increase growth?

The operation itself takes place under anesthesia. Thanks to this, the person does not experience discomfort. Minimal incisions are made on the epidermis, therefore, after the completion of surgical manipulations, there are practically no wounds left. However, due to the fact that incisions are made in the bone tissue, the patient may feel pain.

In the first days after applying the device, edema may appear on the limbs. At this time, the patient is prescribed pain medications. With proper treatment, swelling and pain should go away 5 days after the intervention.

Unpleasant sensations begin when there is an increase in the length of the limbs. Doctors say that at this time, patients experience a little discomfort. When the bone tissue has already stretched 2-3 cm, the first, well-felt pain may appear. In this case, the daily gain is reduced from 1 mm to 0.5

Consequences of growth surgery

Leg surgery will increase the height by 5-7 cm. This is the most acceptable result and will not cause problems in the future. The effect of the surgery will last forever. Indeed, as a result, new bone tissue is formed. In this way, not only cosmetic problems are solved, but also pronounced deformities of the limbs.Operation to increase growth. Price, reviews, how it is carried out For example, varus or valgus pathology.

How much does the operation cost?

The cost of surgery and subsequent treatment must be agreed on an individual basis. The price of services is most often announced at the initial consultation. Only after visiting the doctor and assessing the patient's health, you can find out about the cost of the procedure.

It is worth noting that in some countries the operation is performed free of charge. The procedure is paid by the state. The reason for such a surgical intervention may be urgent medical care for fractures, short stature (official diagnosis), or pathology of the limbs.

Every year around the world, hundreds of people decide to undergo surgery to increase the length of their legs. To obtain the necessary growth parameters, patients are ready for a long stay in the apparatus and rehabilitation. However, surgeons have the right to refuse if a person's desire to be higher is a whim. For example, with a height of 167 cm, the client wants to become 7-8 cm longer. Therefore, the decision on the operation must be deliberate and have serious justification.

Height Augmentation Surgery Video

Surgical growth enhancement:

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