CoaguChek for measuring INR. Instruction, price, reviews

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  1. general characteristics
  2. Appointment
  3. Configuration options
  4. Test strips
  5. Distinctive features
  6. How to use
  7. Contraindications
  8. Advantages
  9. disadvantages
  10. Where can I buy
  11. CoaguChek device video

"KoaguChek" is a reliable assistant that will help you take care of your own health. Accuracy is key when choosing a portable device. INR measurement can be spend anywhere, any time, without waiting for a long result.

general characteristics

The CoaguChek INR measurement is a proven, compact device that enables accurate INR analysis. It helps patients who require regular monitoring of INR and prothrombin index data to monitor their own health. At the same time, a portable device is used in almost all medical institutions around the world.

It is permissible to use the device independently, since it is convenient and simple enough to use. It is necessary to connect the device by inserting a test strip into it and applying 1 drop of blood to its surface. The exact result will be shown on the display after a few minutes.

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The memory of the device is capable of storing up to 100 readings of measurements, fixing the time and date of their execution. Thanks to this, it is possible to control the INR data, as well as their changes. Despite the high cost, when buying a device, you can quickly and quickly track blood coagulation.CoaguChek for measuring INR. Instruction, price, reviews

General characteristics:

Device type It is a portable automatic coagulometer.
Measurement method It functions by activating blood clotting with recombinant human thromboplastin.
Sample type Fresh whole blood from a vein without direct anticoagulants is suitable (except for heparin with a concentration of up to 1 U / ml), as well as fresh whole capillary blood.
The minimum volume of a drop of blood that is required It is required to take up to 8 μl of blood.
measurement range The prothrombin time according to Quick is from 120 to 5%, in seconds - from 9.6 to 96 seconds. INR ranges from 0.8 to 8.0.
Measurement error For venous blood up to 3.5%, for blood from a finger up to 4.5%.
Maximum measurement duration Can last for 60 seconds.
Non-volatile memory Capable of storing up to 300 measurement information by recording time with date.
Nutrients Requires 4 x 1.5V alkaline pinky batteries.
Battery life Capable of performing approximately 60 measurements.
Automatic device shutdown After 3 minutes. disconnection occurs.
Connecting to a laptop You need an infrared port through the CoaguChek XS Connect device.
Instrument coding With a code chip.
The weight Without batteries, the weight of the device reaches 127 g.
Dimensions (edit) 13.8x7.8x2.8 cm.


A portable meter and test strips allow you to determine the INR level. Analysis of the data obtained makes it possible to control blood clotting for those who take indirect anticoagulants, for example, Warfarin or its analogues.

The device can be used by patients with different indicators for anticoagulant therapy, as well as a heart valve prosthesis or atrial fibrillation.

Configuration options

"CoaguChek" for measuring INR has 2 types of models, which differ in configuration and purpose:

  • CoaguChek INRange. Allows you to independently control INR and prothrombin time. Set includes storage bag, coagulometer, 20 pcs. CoaguChek Softclix Disposable Lancet, User Manual, 4 AAA Alkaline Batteries, 1.5 V, USB cable and CoaguChek XS skin lancing device, supplemented instructions.CoaguChek for measuring INR. Instruction, price, reviews
  • KoaguChek XS. It is a portable device that allows you to monitor INR at home. The set consists of a portable coagulometer, 20 pcs. CoaguChek Softclix XL lancet, CoaguChek Softclix finger puncture devices, 4 AAA batteries and storage case.

CoaguChek Softclix lancets are available separately and are suitable for taking a drop of blood while using the CoaguChek XS skin lancing device Softclix.

Test strips are not included with any coagulator model, so they must be purchased separately.

The delivery set will consist of:

  • 24 pcs. CoaguChek XS PT Test PST test strips in a plastic container
  • a code chip that contains the lot number of the test strips;
  • leaflets.

The kit must include up to 24 test strips, which allow you to determine blood coagulability, and a chip, on which the lot number is given, so that during the measurement it is possible to compare the lot on the standard device and the test strip.

The test strips have a shelf life of up to 1 year from the date of manufacture. In this regard, the kit can be purchased for those who irregularly take measurements or wish to purchase an INR for periodic changes in blood clotting for prevention.

Each test strip package contains an individual code chip that contains information about the individual parameters of a particular lot of test strips. When using a code chip from one pack with a different lot of test strips, the device will not function, which is considered one of the common mistakes when interacting with the CoaguChek device.

Test strips

Test strips inserted into the coagulometer make it possible to determine the INR analysis. Measurement of readings allows you to monitor blood clotting for those who use indirect anticoagulants.CoaguChek for measuring INR. Instruction, price, reviews

The device makes it possible:

  • determine the data within 1 minute;
  • apply only 1 drop of blood for analysis;
  • transfer information via Bluetooth wireless technology to a mobile application.

Test strips used with portable devices CoaguChek XS and XS Plus determine prothrombin time from blood from a vein or from a whole capillary.

A modern apparatus for measuring the prothrombin index is in great demand among consumers. It can be used by patients and clinical laboratories as the device is simple to operate and allows painless and fast INR measurement.

To perform the analysis, a test strip system is required, which is intended to be used specifically with the coagulator at the stage of the study. Test strips are disposable and must be disposed of after use. This prevents the contact of different portions of blood and obtaining inaccurate data.

One package contains 24 disposable strips. Each test strip system contains lot-specific electronic chips. This allows accurate measurement information to be obtained and inaccuracies to be prevented. If you use different chips and test strips from more than one batch, the portable device will not function. In this regard, in order to solve the problem that has arisen, it is recommended to first check the coincidence of the applied chip devices.

Distinctive features

"KoaguChek", based on the information of certification tests that were carried out in Russia, the USA and Germany, has a maximum INR measurement error of 3.5% for blood from a vein and 4.5% for capillary blood.CoaguChek for measuring INR. Instruction, price, reviews

Distinctive features of the device:

  • Provides automatic quality tracking with every exam. The device does not need to perform control systematic measurements using special solutions, because the quality control of the readings is carried out automatically with each measurement. This is because each test strip contains a special control element. At the same time, before each new test, the temperature and shelf life of the test strip, as well as the state of the device's hardware, are automatically checked. Multi-criteria control allows you to get a completely reliable result.
  • Fingerstick blood sampling is painless. To measure prothrombin time with a handheld device, you only need a small drop of capillary blood drawn from a fingertip. Disposable sterile needles and a lancing device are included for collection.
  • Easy to use. The device is equipped with a simple menu, large buttons and numbers. Due to the well-thought-out ergonomics, the device is easy to use, so it can be used by both children and the elderly.
  • Contains a journal for 300 studies. The device has a built-in memory for 300 studies, which record the date and time. At the same time, there is a function that allows you to translate any saved analysis into one of three possible measuring units - percent by Quick, seconds or INR.
  • It is a reliable machine with a five-year warranty. Since the manufacturer of the device is fully confident in its reliability, in 2018 the warranty period was increased from 2 to 5 years.

How to use

Step-by-step instructions for using a portable device:

  1. To automatically turn on the meter, insert the test strip into the meter.
  2. Use a lancing device to prick your finger.
  3. Place your finger on the test strip so that the drop of blood is transferred to it.
  4. After 1 min. the exact information of the INR level is displayed on the display of the device.CoaguChek for measuring INR. Instruction, price, reviews

Interaction and restrictive measures when using the device:

  • Apply at least 8 μL of blood to the test strip. It takes no more than 15 seconds from the moment of puncture to apply a drop of blood to the test strip.
  • After removing the test strip from the plastic container, it will be usable within 10 minutes. From the moment of cure, it is required to immediately close the container.
  • If the hematocrit is between 25% and 55%, the measurements will show the stated accuracy.
  • The excess of the coagulation period can be mistakenly affected by antiphospholipid antibodies, for example, to lupus. If such antibodies are available, prothrombin time analysis is required using laboratory analyzers that are insensitive to antiphospholipid antibodies.


It is contraindicated to use "CoaguChek" for measuring INR at the stage of pregnancy, since it may show incorrect results due to the changes occurring in the woman's body. If the benefit outweighs the potential hazard, the portable device should only be used after consulting a doctor.

It is necessary to correctly correct the coagulation units, since the device provides 3 options:

  • INR;
  • interest on Quick;
  • seconds.

In this regard, it is required to first consult with a specialist regarding the choice of measuring units. Otherwise, the readings obtained will be incorrect.


"CoaguChek" for measuring INR allows patients to perform self-diagnosis of prothrombin time readings in any time and place, using only one drop of capillary blood, which can be obtained with the help of lancet.CoaguChek for measuring INR. Instruction, price, reviews

Self-control benefits:

  • it is enough to perform a few simple manipulations, and after 1 min. get reliable information from the INR;
  • you can easily and on an ongoing basis check the coagulation index, making changes in anticoagulant therapy as needed;
  • you can clearly adhere to medical prescriptions, since it is permissible to actively participate in the treatment and maintenance of your own health;
  • you do not need to visit a doctor every day or break a busy work schedule, since you can independently measure the data.

Self-diagnosis with a coagulator provides easy access to INR analysis, simplifying and improving quality of life.

With a handheld device, healthcare professionals can quickly get accurate information about prothrombin time, making immediate amendments to the treatment course, as well as discussing them with the patient throughout one reception. This systematic approach to therapy helps to reduce the incidence of adverse events in patients. At the same time, the doctor can promptly correct anticoagulant therapy on the spot, providing a slight inconvenience to the patient.

Benefits for healthcare professionals:

  • it is permissible to promptly correct the therapeutic course due to an instant result, while a second consultation is not required;
  • no need to take a blood sample from a vein, it is enough to take one drop of capillary blood from a finger;
  • experienced patients are able to independently measure anywhere and anytime.

CoaguChek for measuring INR. Instruction, price, reviewsIn 1993, the CoaguChek family of coagulometers set the standard for the accuracy of the INR level at the point of treatment for patients using oral anticoagulants. This allows professionals to more confidently make important therapeutic decisions.


Despite its popularity and widespread demand, the portable device has a number of disadvantages that every patient should be aware of:

  • test strips are very sensitive to changes in temperature, moisture and light;
  • defective strips may come across in the package;
  • it is necessary to adapt to squeezing out a good drop of blood within 20 seconds;
  • The device may immediately display an error if the wrong blood volume is entered or the drop of blood does not touch the test strip incorrectly;
  • the device and consumables are very expensive;
  • the device requires the use of one type of test strip and a chip, because when using strips from one bundle and a lot from another, the chips will not match.

Where can I buy

There are 3 ways to purchase a portable device of the CoaguChek family:

  • purchase online with home delivery by ordering goods through the online store;
  • book at a pharmacy by placing an order at a pharmacy that is close to the house;
  • use the map by finding the nearest pharmacy where the goods are in stock.

The cost of the CoaguChek INRange coagulometer is about 39,900 rubles, the portable device CoaguChek XS - 35,000 rubles.CoaguChek for measuring INR. Instruction, price, reviews

The price of CoaguChek XS PT Test PST test strips is about 7 180 rubles. Disposable CoaguChek Softclix lancets can be purchased for 385 rubles.

CoaguChek is an accurate and reliable device designed to measure INR on your own at home. It makes it possible to analyze INR with a high accuracy rate in a matter of minutes. For the analysis, only 1 drop of blood is required, which was obtained from a finger.

CoaguChek device video

KoaguChek video instruction:

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