Nootropic drops in the nose Semax: instructions for use, reviews, analogs

Semax drops in the nose Semax is a domestic medicinal product that belongs to the class of regulatory peptides. The drug has a nootropic, psychostimulating, neuroprotective, antioxidant and antihypoxic effect on the human body.

Also, the drug is quite actively used to improve and stimulate brain activity and physical performance.

The preparation contains such components:

  • methionyl-glutamyl-histidyl-phenylalanyl-prolyl glycyl-proline is an active substance;
  • methyl parahydroxybenzoate;
  • water.

The drug is produced in a transparent bottle, the volume of which is 3 milliliters.


  • Pharmacological profile
  • Scope and contraindications
  • Instruction for use
  • Overdose and side effects
  • Special situations and patients
  • Practical experience of using
    • Conclusions from practice
  • Purchasing and storing medicines

Pharmacological profile

Semax is an active stimulant that does not possessquite standard mechanism of influence on the body, including, on the central nervous system of man.

This drug is an analogue of corticotropin, it is a nootropic drug that is characterized by completely absent Psychostimulator for the brain hormonal activity. That is, the medicine does not affect the processes of memory formation and learning.

These nasal drops are also capable of increasing attention in the training and analysis of information, improves the consolidation of a memorable track in patients after neurosurgical interventions, the generation of craniocerebral trauma, suffering from cerebrovascular diseases, including discirculatory encephalopathy.

Semax is a domestic preparation that is on the list of vital drugs in Russia. But, in the medical practice of other countries, it does not apply.

After applying more than 70% of the drug for a few seconds, it is absorbed by the nasal mucosa, and the rest has a cumulative effect.

Semax quickly spreads throughout the nasal cavity and penetrates deeper across the blood-brain barrier. Well, after the effect of drops on the body is completed, they fall into the blood, and after an hour are excreted by the body through sweat and urine.

After the drug has been applied and absorbed by the nasal mucosa for 3 hours, these drops have a stimulating and nootropic effect on the body.

Scope and contraindications

Semax droplets are prescribed in such cases:

  • in order to improve the supply of oxygen to the brain after a craniocerebral trauma;Recovery of the brain
  • in the presence of vascular diseases of the brain;
  • period of recovery after a stroke or heart attack;
  • for circulatory disturbances in the brain;
  • also helps the drug to adapt to extreme conditions in various situations, leveling and bouncing back, which helps to prevent loss of consciousness or oxygen starvation;
  • drug helps to cope with memory impairments that were caused by oxygen starvation of the brain;
  • if, the patient has circulatory disorders and discirculatory encephalopathy, then Semax is also recommended for use, as it restores blood supply in this area;
  • is also recommended for use in neuralgic disorders of unexplained genesis;
  • if, it is to be a monotonous and tedious work, then these drops will help to revitalize the organism and protect it from fatigue, as they not only improve the supply of oxygen to the brain, but also have an energizing effect that will help to avoid the progression of neuralgic and psychiatric disorders caused on thissoil.


  • is an individual intolerance to any component of the drug, as this can lead to a severe allergic reaction;
  • acute psychosis caused by various external stimuli( the drops are contraindicated in this case, since they have an energizing effect, which can only exacerbate the patient's psychosis);
  • uncontrolled convulsions and abnormalities in coordination.
In addition, the drug is contraindicated for children under 5 years and pregnant, as well as mothers during active lactation.

Instruction for use

Semax is administered by intranasal route( drops are digested into the nose), depending on the percentage content of the active ingredient solution, the preparation can be used as follows:

  1. 0.1% solution. In one drop of the drug is less than 50 milligrams of the active substance. The permissible dose of the preparation intranasal application at a time is 2-3 drops( that is, 100-150 milligrams).The daily dose should not exceed more than 2000 milligrams. The drug is administered throughout the day from 3 to 5 times as needed. In addition, a 0.1% solution can be used for intranasal electrophoresis, which is used in the treatment of neuralgic disorders.
  2. Solution 1% .By the method of application, it does not differ in any way from a less concentrated nasal solution, but changes in dosage are certainly present. So, in one drop of the solution contains already 500 milligrams of active substance, which means that the daily maximum allowable dosage of the drug is 1000 milligrams( 2-3 drops).If the nasal spray is used to treat a stroke that was caused by oxygen starvation, then the minimum dosage of the drug is increased to 4 drops per day.

Dosages with TIA

Overdose and side effects of

If, above the manufacturer's recommended volume of nasal drops, then nothing terrible will happen, since the negative effects did not come to light even after a tenfold excess of the dosage. The only thing that a patient can feel is excessive cheerfulness.

If the drug is overused, the patient may experience the following side effects:

  • excessive activity and agitation, which can lead to chronic insomnia;
  • increase in blood pressure;
  • is an allergic reaction that is displayed in inflamed rashes on the skin.

Special situations and patients

During clinical trials, it was found that drinking alcohol does not affect the effect of the drug on the body.

Despite the fact that the drug is excreted through the urine, it minimally loads the kidneys, which means that its use in this situation is allowed. Children under 5 years are not recommended to take Semax.

Practical experience of using

The review of the drug by a doctor and patient feedback will help to make a complete picture of the effectiveness and safety of the Semax preparation, both for children and adults.

The drug of neo -otropic effects Semax is the newest pharmaceutical domestic development aimed at treating a wide range of diseases. The main advantage of the drug is its beneficial effect on the blood circulation of the brain, the supply of oxygen and a large list of indications for use. Disadvantages of the drug is not found.

Nikita Vangeliev, neurologist, 42 years old

After neurologic trauma and hospital stay, my husband diagnosed neurasthenia( after the transferred stress, the body did not fully recover).

Because of this, he was assigned nootropic drops of Semax, which restore blood circulation and absorb brain cells with oxygen. After a 2-month course of treatment, my husband returned to normal life.

Olga, 32 years old

The same type of work of the manager makes itself felt, as it gives not a frail burden on the brain due to what I have against this background neuralgic neurosis, which is characterized by fatigue, irritability and in some cases unreasonable and even excessive aggression.

Quickly realizing that it will not lead to anything good, I turned for help to a specialist who, instead of assigning me any soothing pills, recommended me a drop of Semax. At first I was surprised, but then only thanked the doctor.

It turns out that they restore the supply of oxygen to the brain, tones up the body and have a beneficial effect on blood circulation. After 2 weeks of treatment, there was not a trace left of my problem!

Nikita, 30 years

Conclusions from practice

The drug is not recommended for simultaneous use with vasodilator drugs, as this can cause headache Nasal Nootropism pain.

Pros of medicine:

  • natural composition;
  • is a large list of indications for use;
  • a small number of contraindications and side effects.

No breaks in Semax. The only drawback associated with its use is a possible allergic reaction, which may be associated with individual intolerance to the components of the drug.

Therefore, to avoid unpleasant consequences, it is recommended to take an allergen test from a city allergist.

Purchase and storage of medication

Zilt In the pharmacy the price of Semax is from 1500 rubles. The drug should be stored in an enclosed space in order to avoid direct sunlight.

It is also worthwhile to protect children under 5 from using this medication. Drops are stored for up to two years at temperatures up to +20 degrees Celsius. The drug is dispensed in any pharmacy without a prescription.

Foreign analogues of Semax on the effects on the body:

  • Agregal;
  • Sibazon;
  • Zilt.

To date, the domestic development of Semax is the only such nootropic medicine in our pharmaceutical market.

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