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Reduxine and monthly: can there be a delay

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Ruduksin considered sufficiently harmful drugs for human health, especially for women. The drug has a central effect on the brain. If taking means patients with a body mass index of less than 27 kg / m2, it could harm. Reduxine at monthly taking is allowed but under the special scheme. Some patients 1-2 months of therapy, there were delays and disruption of menstruation cycle. This undesirable effect is not observed at all.

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Rudeksin sold in pharmacies in the form of capsules. In Pharmacy you can find several kinds of medication (Reduxine Light, Reduxine Met). Active drug component is sibutramine. He actively reduces the severity of hunger, accelerates the onset of saturation. The drug has a central effect on the brain, so it has a large number of limitations and undesirable effects.

The drug used for patients with obesity as well as obesity, which is accompanied by diabetes mellitus. The drug is administered at a BMI of 27 kg / m2 (diabetic) and by a BMI of 30 kg / m2. If the BMI is less than these figures, it should not use the drug.

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Reduxine can not drink in patients with liver disease, kidney, prostate, heart. Do not use the medication in drug addicts, alcoholics and patients with psychiatric pathologies (schizophrenia, tics, neuroses and other). Patients with mental health medication for weight loss may aggravate the disease.

Ruduksin not used during gestation. Do not take the drug while breastfeeding. Lose weight on Reduskine impossible to elderly patients and children less than 18 years of age. Means not shown in the new formation of the adrenal gland, glaucoma and other diseases.

Effects on the menstrual cycle

There is an opinion in patients taking Reduxine that the drug can reduce the effectiveness of oral contraceptives. According to the instructions, the drug does not reduce the contraceptive effect, so it may be combined with birth control pills. If the background of the use of funds ceased menstruation, pregnancy occurred, it is likely caused by a breach of contraceptives.

Women often complain about the violation of the cycle in the application of drugs for weight loss. Reduxine affects the monthly, not all women. Since the drug has a central mechanism, it can affect not only the center of saturation, but also to reduce or impair the function of other parts of the brain.

If you use drugs, some women may reduce the synthesis of sex hormones, the TSH level change. If the formation of these hormones is disrupted, then the woman may receive monthly delay.

Violation of the cycle may be due to the fact that a woman is sharply thinner. This is usually the main cause of the delay menses in patients receiving Reduxine. If there was a violation of cycle, you need to stop taking the medication, to be examined.

When monthly take Reduxine possible. The instructions are no data on the reception of the drug during menstruation. Some experts believe that treatment Ruduksinom better to start the day after the end of the month. This is due to the fact that blood is dominated by estrogen.

After ovulation, the progesterone concentration begins to rise. During this period a woman is difficult to restrain the diet. Just at this time the mood swings are severe. Rudksin can enhance these manifestations if assign it to the second half cycle (after the ovulation).

During menstruation can drink Reduxine, if the body is already accustomed to the drug. Generally, adaptation to a drug lasts up to 1 month, and the drug women begin immediately after menses. During the adaptation period has already gone (decrease) adverse events.

Should start receiving a dosage of 10 mg once per day. At the end of 3-4 months, the dosage can be increased if the patient gains weight, or reduces its bad (less than 2 kg for 3 months). Dose increased to 15 mg per day. If there were undesirable effects or no effect of therapy, the medication you want to cancel. Term Therapy with good efficacy is 1 year.


Reduxine need to properly accept, especially in women. Can Reduxine cause a delay menstruation? Means rarely provoke disruption of the menstrual cycle. This occurs in those patients who have a tendency to irregular cycles. To reduce the severity of the undesirable manifestations, including a delay of menstruation, it is necessary to begin therapy immediately after the end of menstruation. Before using the drug to come to the doctor for the purpose of adequate dosage.


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