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Laktofiltrum and alcohol: Compatibility is taken before and after

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Description of the preparation

One popular enterosorbents is Laktofiltrum. It is found that the medication is 6 times better than all the usual carbon.

The drug helps to clear the organism from pathogenic microorganisms (bacteria, viruses), and accelerates the removal of toxic compounds. Furthermore, it is recovered through the normal intestinal flora, which is usually destroyed after application of certain drugs. Another advantage laktofiltrum - eliminate the symptoms of poisoning after consuming alcohol.

Agent refers to the combination. It is not only enterosorbent, but also has the effect of prebiotics parallel. Laktofiltrum molecule binds toxic compounds which have penetrated into the body or have been formed therein.

The active ingredients in the composition of medicines accelerate reproduction of beneficial microorganisms in the gut, strengthen the immune system, stimulates the protective mechanisms that reflected well on the human condition. Laktofiltrum often recommended in the acute form of poisoning caused by the consumption of alcohol.
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It means sold in pill form. They are supposed to be dissolved in water before use. Due to the active ingredients will rapidly penetrate into the intestine.

Laktofiltrum active compounds do not pass into the bloodstream and excreted with the feces after about 2 days.

The drug composition includes the following components:

  • Lignin. The compound of vegetable origin, which belongs to the category of cellulose. It absorbs metabolites, removes the symptoms of poisoning, and outputs allergens, toxic compounds, bacteria. Lignin does not penetrate into the circulatory system and is completely eliminated from the body.
  • Lactulose. The substance is an artificial prebiotic. Has a mild laxative effect, prevents decomposition and creates a good environment for the development of beneficial intestinal microflora.

Thanks to this unique composition Laktofiltrum eliminates symptoms of poisoning after consuming alcohol, establishes the whole body, restores the functioning of its systems, improves intestinal microflora. Also scours agent eliminates, reduces blood cholesterol concentration in blood has a shielding effect.

Typically, the drug is prescribed in complex therapy. Its supposed to alternate with other drugs. But we must remember that the pause between meals means must be at least 60 minutes.

The analogue can use such means as the IVF Laktofiltrum. It is sold as a dietary supplement. This agent is used in powder form. Its structure includes further special additives, and flavors, whereby the tool is much more pleasant to taste.

Laktofiltrum, according to the instructions in the following cases:

  • dysbiosis of any nature, including those caused by the use of antibiotics;
  • irritable bowel syndrome;
  • maldigestion;
  • dyspepsia;
  • colitis;
  • an allergic reaction on the skin;
  • liver pathology.

In addition, Laktofiltrum helps to cope with poisoning due to the use of alcohol, removes hangover (as in mild and severe).

But it is not always allowed to use this medicine. Contraindications include bleeding or obstruction of the digestive tract. As for side effects, the negative effects on the body by the use of such a preparation is minimal.

Rarely can appear complications such:

  • elevated levels of gas formation in the intestine;
  • an allergic reaction to any degree of intensity;
  • abdominal pain;
  • deterioration absorbability nutritional compounds (including vitamins, calcium, and other things), if a long time to take the drug.

Usually such unpleasant phenomena arise because of poor tolerability of the individual drug or its components.

Laktofiltrum compatibility with alcohol

Many people are concerned about whether it is possible to take Laktofiltrum and drink alcohol. During therapy, the use of this medicine may be the last, but in moderation. Those. confirmed the compatibility of the drug with alcohol Laktofiltrum.

Tool can be used before the planned feast with drinking alcohol. Laktofiltrum after drinking alcohol is also assigned. In this case, a means of quickly removes hangover.

Beer with laktofiltrum as any other alcoholic drinks, does not cause side effects to the human body. On the contrary, the drug helps to get rid of the toxins from the body. Improves bowel function, its microflora. Effectively helps Laktofiltrum hangover and quickly get rid of diarrhea, which is caused by alcohol poisoning.

To action of the drug is maximized, it is required to take over alcohol Laktofiltrum after such a feast, and then still further before going to bed.

In the morning, too, it is recommended to drink enterosorbent to enhance the therapeutic effect. Due to this unpleasant symptoms do not appear, because the probability of a complete elimination of toxins and degradation products increases. By the way, a similar action also have drug Filtrum-STI.

How to apply Laktofiltrum

When alcohol poisoning Laktofiltrum prescribed as with weak toxicity and strongly pronounced symptoms. Recommended tablet or chew, or mixed with water before use.

If a person has a severe form of poisoning, the dosage is about 10 tablets. When intoxication alcohol moderately, it is sufficient to take 2-3 tablets 3 times a day. The same applies to the situation of a minor form of hangover. The maximum daily allowed 50 tablets. Laktofiltrum need to be used after a while after the meal - have to wait about 1.5 hours.

In laktofiltrum alcohol and good compatibility, but it is best not to drink alcohol such tablets. In addition, experts do not advise to immediately use mineral water. The latter is due to the fact that in a fluid contained in a large amount of salt ions, which can reduce the influence of active compounds on the human body.

According to the instructions, Laktofiltrum should be taken as long as it will be the consequences of poisoning. As a rule, the course lasts for 3-4 days, but can last longer. To get rid of the symptoms of poisoning and restore intestinal microflora, it takes about two weeks.

Still can not take advantage of the tablet form of the drug, and take Laktofiltrum IVF. It is sold in powder form. It requires dissolved in about 100 ml of lukewarm water and stir thoroughly. It is this form laktofiltrum has a much better impact and good results of treatment after alcohol. The powder is assumed to take about 4 times daily for 1-2 bag every time.

If Laktofiltrum use a long period, it is further necessary to take preparations containing vitamins of group B. This is due to the fact that a long course can cause anemia as a side effect.

A few hours after application enterosorbent affected recommended to empty the intestine to avoid reverse acting drugs and toxins in the blood admission.


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