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Malocclusion end caps. Price for adults, children, reviews, photos

The causes of malocclusion often perform genetic factors. However provoke breach may be other circumstances, such as prolonged use of pacifiers in infancy, biting pencils and other items.

Malocclusion - not only aesthetic defect, but also cause problems with the teeth and oral cavity, therefore it must be necessarily correct. For this purpose, it is recommended to apply the caps, which are different design, manufacturing and material cost.

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  • 1 What is a capacitor? Differences from the brackets
  • 2 Benefits
  • 3 disadvantages
  • 4 testimony
  • 5 Contraindications
  • 6 Forms and materials kap
    • 6.1 standard
    • 6.2 customized
    • 6.3 Silicone
    • 6.4 polyurethane
  • 7 The cost of making caps for adults and children?
  • 8 Duration of bite correction
  • 9 Price correction
  • 10 How to care for your teeth and end caps
  • 11 Videos about CAPAJ to correct bite

What is a capacitor? Differences from the brackets

Capa appeared relatively recently, about 15 years ago. This device, which is also called aligners, is an alternative to braces. The product has the form of a colorless cap, elastic solid materials which are used for manufacturing. Capa wear on the teeth for the purpose of alignment.

The device allows to correct minor defects as it is used as a supporting means after the braces are removed. The materials of which produce aligners are different elasticity, but it does not injure the gums. Each cap has an individual shape and determine the impact on the teeth, so is their displacement.

Hardware products are changed every 2 weeks. In order to achieve the result you may need 20 to 40 Cap. It is worth a lot of device - for aligner for one jaw will have to pay the same amount as for the braces to both.

Malocclusion end caps (the price - not the only difference between the product of the bracket) and has other features:

  • the device should be removed, taking food. It was then put back after brushing. Braces non-removable, they remain on the teeth for the duration of therapy;
  • Unlike braces, using a cap is not necessary to abandon the consumption of nuts and other hard or sticky foods, and do not need to cut pieces of vegetables and fruits;
  • aligners need to be cleaned. Procedure must be used 2-3 times a day with a soft toothbrush. At the same time take care of the braces difficult and it requires a large number of hygiene products. If insufficient hygiene when wearing braces increases the risk of tooth decay;
  • aligner treatment is faster than braces;Malocclusion end caps for adults and children. Price, reviews
  • visit the hygienist patient is in normal mode (every 6 months), whereas when wearing braces - 1 every 4 months;
  • for the purpose of control therapy for consultation to the dentist need to come every three months. Inspection lasts a quarter of an hour. Man with braces will have to visit the doctor once a month, consultation takes about 40 min .;
  • Difficulty can arise with addiction. Some patients even in the early days can change the pronunciation.

The advantage of the product, compared with braces, is its transparency, making it almost invisible on the teeth. In addition, the effect after treatment end caps longer, although they need to be constantly changing.

Selection and installation of the product take place in 3 stages:

  1. On the first appointment the doctor will create a plaster model of the patient's jaw and the scheme will be further therapy.
  2. Next cast ready to send experts who will be engaged aligner modeling allowing for the bite. For the manufacture of caps will need 2 weeks.
  3. Once the device is ready, the dentist will install retention fasteners, and then will issue a set of worn cap, which should be changed regularly.


The use of aligners, except for aesthetics, ease of wear and care, has other advantages:

  • not having discomfort and pain;
  • does not erase the tooth enamel, they are not spoiled by the product;
  • there is no need to change the way of life, to give up some of the products, in addition to care for their teeth;
  • no need to grind your teeth before using a capacitor;
  • gums device are not injured;
  • predictable results since the beginning of therapy doctor is treating a computer model, which can be found if desired.


Malocclusion end caps has its drawbacks:

  • price. The product is much more expensive than braces. In this case, the cost will be higher if there are serious violations, as it is necessary to change a lot of aligners;
  • inefficiency in advanced cases and major defects. In such cases it is recommended to use braces. It can also be used combined therapy - correction braces begin, end - end caps;
  • probability neglect to therapyAs most have to set the patient, remove and care for the product. Not everyone wants to use the device daily cleaning, and someone may forget to put it on. Such situation leads to a decrease in the effectiveness of treatment;
  • the need for constant wear special tank and brushes for cleaning articles, as necessary to perform a purification procedure after every meal. However, over time it becomes a habit and not annoying;
  • insufficient experience of use in dentistry;
  • the possibility of losing a removable productFor example, leaving him in a cafe.


Malocclusion end caps (the treatment price will vary depending on the nature of the violation) is recommended for:

  • abocclusion. Characterized parted lips, facial asymmetry, speech defects, discomfort during meal times;
  • cross bite. In this case, the lower jaw is shifted with respect to the top. The patient can chew on only one side, it is often a headache;
  • mesial bite. For such a defect is characterized by a strong protrusion of teeth forward;
  • deep bite. In this case, the lower jaw incisors closed upper incisors.Malocclusion end caps for adults and children. Price, reviews

Also recommended when wearing cap and curvature crowding teeth enamel weakness, and if there shcherbinki between teeth. Detachable design is often used when the child's baby teeth erupt properly.

It is important to bear in mind that to align any particular tooth does not work, have to rectify the entire dentition, because the result can be obtained only by the combined action. In addition, when there is a defect in one of the jaws, the device will have to be worn on both, the voltage was properly distributed.


Aligners can not be used when:

  • absence of teeth;
  • pathologies of alveolar tissue;
  • solid plaque;
  • caries and periodontal diseases;
  • abnormal structure of the jaw.

Forms and materials kap

Malocclusion end caps (the price of different products is different) is carried out using various techniques, depending on the purpose, age and other characteristics.


The manufacture of such serial devices. In order to align the teeth of selected size. It is not always possible, leading to poor fixation structure and chafing gums.


Such products are the most expensive. For their production requires a lot of time. First, make measurements, and then create a precise 3D-model. With the help of individual cap can cope with serious defects.

They are comfortable to use, because exactly the same shape as the dentition and provide an opportunity to achieve positive results in a short time. The thickness of the products may differ depending upon the desired result.


These aligners can not be worn around the clock. The material of manufacture is silicone. Malocclusion end caps for adults and children. Price, reviewsTransparent device, its price is not high. Typically, such devices are recommended for children to wear in the final phase of treatment, to fix the result.


For the manufacture of aligners used bioplastic material is hypoallergenic. The device creates customized using 3D-technology. Treatment lasts 10-24 months, at the same time you may need more than 25 Cap. In addition, the device can be night and the clock. The latter are 22 hours with a pause at 4:00. Longer rest lowers the therapeutic effect.

Night products often designed to consolidate the achieved results of therapy. Sometimes they are used to correct for minor infractions. aligners can also be adults and children. They differ only in size.

The cost of making caps for adults and children?

Price aligners, for both adults and children is different depending on the manufacturer.

Cost of products from different manufacturers:

Manufacturer price, rub.
Star Smile from 8000
Invisible All-In from 23,000
Orthosnap from 22,000
Invisalign® from 17,000

Duration of bite correction

Duration of bite correction is determined individually.

The duration of treatment is influenced by:

  • the structure of the dental system;
  • the complexity of the diagnosis.

The average treatment lasts 10-24 months, provided that the patient responsibly fulfills all the recommendations of the expert.

Malocclusion end caps for adults and children. Price, reviews
Malocclusion end caps. Before and after

At first, the result is hardly noticeable, since in the first place there is not the most straightening crooked teeth, and those who are near, in order to show the space, making it possible to adjust defect. The changes can be seen after about 10 cap change.

After treatment the last article that the patient wore, remains as the retainer. Ego can be worn only at night, to avoid recurrence.

Price correction

Malocclusion end caps, for which the price is high enough, will be costly. One of the factors that affect it, - the level of health care facility where the patient will be treated. One article is worn about 2 weeks, then it should be changed.

In some clinics Wiz just 4 aligners for 2 months for self-use, and in others it is recommended to visit the doctor 2 times a month to monitor the therapy process that requires additional expenses. Also, the price of the products affected by the number, the complexity of the diagnosis.

Typically, the total cost of the therapeutic course is indicated in the clinic a price. Some companies, for example, of Invisalign, are added to the price of even the cost of shipment and images of 3D-models. aligner treatment of this manufacturer will be about 200 thousand. rub.

Company Orthosnap shipment takes into account, so treatment will cost about 140 thousand. rub. The cheapest will be domestic products. Thus, the course of therapy Star Smile end caps will cost 120 thousand. rub., even if the state is running too.

During treatment, be sure to follow the dynamics and adjust therapy, if necessary. It may even require making new molds and cap. Usually this is included in the total cost of the treatment and does not require any new financial costs. The problem may occur if the real tooth movement for some reason was different from the programmed.

How to care for your teeth and end caps

Products do not require special care. It is enough to wash them regularly using cool clean water, and clean with a toothbrush with soft bristles and toothpaste. Hot water is undesirable to use, which may result in deformation of the product.Malocclusion end caps for adults and children. Price, reviews

Keep the device in an individual box in which there are special holes for ventilation. They can accumulate microbes, however, 2 times a week is desirable to resort to antiseptic treatment device by lowering it in a weak solution of chlorhexidine.

During the meal, the device should be removed, and before putting on should rinse it with water. To preserve transparency unit, it is better not to use coloring liquid (coffee, juices, Coca-Cola) and do not smoke. We should not forget that it is necessary to clean the teeth themselves. Hygiene procedures when the morning and evening, and after eating.

It is important to avoid severe bends aligners that do not appear microcracks. If the product is damaged, you must visit a doctor without waiting for the scheduled reception. To use such a device can not be, the effect is not of such treatment.

Malocclusion end caps effective in uncomplicated cases. Products advantage in ease of use and maintenance, but its price is high enough. Before starting the treatment, need to find good specialist, who will pick up the device and recommend correction circuit.

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Videos about CAPAJ to correct bite

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