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Albucidum eyedrops. Instructions on the use of children, adults. Price, reviews, analogues

Problems with the bodies of significantly impair the quality of life of any person. To get rid of them in the short term, there are drugs - eye drops. The most popular and accessible of these is sulfacetamide.

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  • 1 Release form and composition sulfacetamide eye drops
  • 2 pharmacological properties
  • 3 Pharmacodynamics and Pharmacokinetics
  • 4 Indications
  • 5 counterindication
  • 6 At what age can use the drug
  • 7 Instructions for use, the dosage of the drug
  • 8 Side effects
  • 9 Overdose
  • 10 special instructions
  • 11 drug interactions
  • 12 analogs
  • 13 Terms, conditions of sale and storage
  • 14 Price in drugstores of Moscow, St. Petersburg, regions
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Release form and composition sulfacetamide eye drops

Drops for eyes Albucidum are liquid having a pale yellow or colorless, transparent. This preparation having antibacterial action, Was used in ophthalmology for the treatment of pathologies of organs of vision and prevention of inflammation caused by infections. It is used after eye surgery to prevent possible complications.

they usually come in sterile plastic vials-droppers, convenient to use anywhere at any time. The volume of the vial - 5 ml or 10 ml, however it can be worn continuously carried and used as required.

The composition includes a basic substance drops - sulfacetamide sodium monohydrate in an amount of 200 mg, and auxiliary components.Albucidum eyedrops. Instructions on the use of children, adults. Price analogues

base material Excipients Function
sulfacetamide sodium monohydrate bacteriostatic antimicrobial
Sodium thiosulfate pentahydrate (1.5 mg) anti-inflammatory, disinfectant properties and Burns
hydrochloric acid (aqueous hydrogen chloride solution) an essential component of the composition of human gastric juice
Purified water (1 ml) needed to prepare the corresponding concentration of the solution

pharmacological properties

Albucidum - eyedrops, a second name which - sodium sulfatsil. They relate to antimicrobial agents, stopping reproduction of pathogenic bacteria belong to the group of sulfonamides.

The drug is freely enters the bodies of tissue, is readily soluble in water, used only topically. This drug is a derivative of topical sulfanilamide - a substance that suppresses the growth of bacteria.

It is often used by ophthalmologists as sulfacetamide prized for a wide spectrum of antimicrobial action. The basic composition of the substance (sulfacetamide) actively resists gram-positive (of Clostridium perfringens, Actinomyces israelii) and Gram-negative bacteria (Vibrio cholerae, Yersinia pestis Yersinia pestis).Albucidum eyedrops. Instructions on the use of children, adults. Price analogues

Albucidum manifests its activity against various bacteria causing several diseases: Streptococcus, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Chlamydia (Chlamydia spp), Staphylococcus and E. coli (Escherichia coli), Bacillus anthracis, the causative agent of diphtheria (Corynebacterium diphtheriae), bacteria of the genus Shigella (Shigella spp), the causative agent of toxoplasmosis (Toxoplasma gondii).

Pharmacodynamics and Pharmacokinetics

The action of this drug is based on a) a reversible interaction with para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) and b) inhibition of the bacterial enzyme digidropteroatsintetazy.

As a result of these actions is an infringement dihydrofolic acid formation and, consequently, tetrahydrofolic acid (dihydrofolic acid metabolite). This metabolite is needed by the body to form compounds of complicated biochemical - purines and pyrimidines.

In microorganisms sensitive sulfacetamide, disrupted the formation of substances necessary for the existence of them, - nucleic acids (RNA and DNA). Soon bacterial cells stop multiplying. Pathological process stops - and the person recovers

Thus, the drug substance entering the body (eye tissue), begins to actively suppress the bacterial action. Its ability to spread to other tissues, sulfacetamide has a local effect, but a small part of the active substance still enters through the conjunctiva into the blood.

After topical drops sulfonamides maximum concentration observed for half an hour in the cornea and iris. Tissue of the eyeball contains the substance for another period of 3 - 4 hours.


The main indication for the use of sulfacetamide eye drops - these are different diseases:

  • age;
  • purulent ulcers of the cornea;
  • century shell rear surface (conjunctival) - conjunctivitis;
  • the front of the choroid and lacrimal ducts;
  • inflammation of the edges of the eyelids (blepharitis);Albucidum eyedrops. Instructions on the use of children, adults. Price analogues
  • Eye gonorrhea in adults and infants;
  • chlamydial lesion eyeballs;
  • corneal inflammation (keratitis).

These diseases are caused by organisms susceptible to sulfacetamide. Drops should be used in the treatment of these pathologies. In addition, they are required to treat burns or injury of various organs, as well as for prevention to avoid infection.

Albucidum used to prevent ophthalmia (purulent inflammation of the mucosa) in neonates.

After the birth of each child in the Russian Federation, the doctors carry out preventive measures to prevent gonoblennorei in newly born children. Such actions are the implementation of the order of the Ministry of Health.

Blennophthalmia - a disease of the organs of vision, caused by a gonococcus. If not promptly take action in newborns can be serious complications. Although this disease is now rare, prevention is mandatory.

This is due to the fact that the fetus is passing through the mother's birth canal, which is not enough sterile, may be infected due to vaginitis or endocervicitis.

All of these are medical procedures with the consent of the child's mother, who signs the relevant document when entering the maternity ward or being directly in the delivery room.


Albucidum (eye drops) is contraindicated for those who have an increased susceptibility (hypersensitivity) to the components of the drug as well as sulfonamides.

These droplets can not affect the rate of reactions. But we can not rule out the side effects. As there may be a decrease in visual acuity (the mist in his eyes), tearing, this may not be the best way impact on the vehicle administered. Therefore, drivers and people who have to travel by car or other vehicle, it is necessary to refuse treatment sulfacetamide.

With the same purpose, the drug is not recommended use to those who work with dangerous machinery. In addition to individual intolerance, drops are not administered to children under 2 months.

At what age can use the drug

Sulfacetamide eye drops approved for use in ophthalmic treatment of adults and children from 2 months of age, as well as carrying out preventive measures in the newborn.

Instructions for use, the dosage of the drug

Terms of use of the drug depends on several factors, including the dosage form and release. The dose for each individual patient determines a doctor. Self and properly selected dose may have a negative impact on human health and exacerbate the situation.

Albucidum eyedrops. Instructions on the use of children, adults. Price analogues

Typically Albucidum instilled in the eye (in the lower conjunctival sac) in an amount of 1 - 2 drops as treatment of eye diseases in adults and children. The daily amount of such manipulations - 4 - 6 times.

But if the eye doctor recommended the drug as a preventive measure, for example, Prevention of Infections in newborn children, these children show 2 drops immediately after birth. The procedure is repeated after 2 hr.

Side effects

When applying eye drops side effects can occur as with any other drug. Usually this manifests itself as a skin hyperemia (redness), itching, swelling of the eye.

People who are susceptible to the components of this medication may experience:

  • Burning of eyes.
  • Blurred vision.
  • Itching.
  • Hurt one's eyes.
  • Lacrimation.

These symptoms last a short time. If as a result of sulfacetamide experience any unusual reactions, you should immediately report them to your doctor. The specialist will assess the situation and decide whether to continue treatment or prescribe another medication.


Sulfacetamide - eye drops that are recommended for the topical treatment in small doses. Therefore, if you observe all the rules of its use, that overdose can be avoided.Albucidum eyedrops. Instructions on the use of children, adults. Price analogues

If Albucidum accidentally hit the body, the patient should wash the stomach to take a certain amount of activated carbon. This enterosorbent absorb all toxic substances and bring them out. Thus, to reduce the negative effects of drugs to the eye on the human body.

More often than recommended by your doctor to use a drop is not necessary. If for some reason got a large amount of drugs, it will cause a burning sensation, tearing, and swelling of the eye. In this case, you need to rinse the eyes and wait will be unpleasant symptoms. The next time should reduce the amount of material and frequency of instillation.

special instructions

Today there is no data about the effect of the drug on the body of pregnant and lactating women (these tests were not carried out). Therefore, we can not say definitely whether it can harm the female body during these life stages. It is therefore considered that the use sulfacetamide as eye drops are allowed only if the benefit outweighs the risk of complications in the development of the child to the mother.

Sulfonamides tend to penetrate into breast milk and through the placenta to the baby. Treatment of women sulfanilamidnymi drugs in tablets during pregnancy increases the risk of kernicterus in infants at birth. Nor can we rule out the development of this disease in newborns, if a woman uses eye drops, in which also includes the component.

A woman can drip eyes for the first time a small amount of the drug and to monitor closely the reactions. If you encounter any problems or ailments should immediately stop treatment and seek medical advice.

It is necessary to be careful in the treatment of sulfacetamide people who have increased sensitivity to certain groups of drugs:

  • furosemide (a diuretic);
  • carbonic anhydrase inhibitors (agents that reduce intraocular pressure);
  • sulfacetamide (antimicrobial drugs that have local action);
  • thiazide diuretics (diuretic drugs);
  • sulfonylurea (drug substance that reduces blood sugar levels).

Warning for those who wear soft contact lenses: according to the instructions for use of eye Albucidum droplets, can not allow the drug had direct contact with the contact lenses. This negatively affects the transparency of these devices. Therefore, before you drip the medicine, the lenses must be removed carefully and put on only after some time.

If a person has a purulent inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eyes, then wear these lenses are contraindicated.

Especially cautiously it is necessary to use eye drops for those people who have a predisposition to allergic some groups of medicines (diuretics thiazide group, glibenclamide and derivatives sulfonylureas). Taking both these medications and eye drops, there is a likelihood of cross-allergic reaction.

In addition, sulfacetamide is not sufficiently effective, if at the same time with its application to use local anesthetics.

The above instructions should be studied and strictly carry out, so as not to complicate the situation.

drug interactions

Sulfacetamide - eye drops, which are not positively interact with all medications. It can not be used if a person uses a topical silver salts and anesthetics, such as procaine. In the treatment of eye diseases used tetracaine, which is instilled in the eye for anesthesia, sulfacetamide with him as incompatible.Albucidum eyedrops. Instructions on the use of children, adults. Price analogues

Patients who are treated with drugs that reduce blood clotting, to be careful to use sulfacetamide as its constituent sodium sulfacetamide enhances the effect of anticoagulants.


Sulfacetamide, like many drugs, has analogues. A complete analogue of this drug is Sulfatsil sodium (Albucidum) eye drops 30%. These two drugs have the same concentration of active ingredients, release form (plastic vial 10 ml), and dosage. It is made in Ukraine.

The instructions stated that the medicine is intended for adults, but it can be applied to newborns, but only as a preventive measure against blenorei.

Precautions should be taken to the eye care these drops drivers and allergies, and pregnant and nursing - only with permission of a doctor.

A similar therapeutic effect has Sulfatsil eye drops. Unlike previous analog therein lower concentration of active ingredient (200mg / ml). It is sold in a vial of 10 ml. It can be used by adults and children (including a newborn).

Albucidum eyedrops. Instructions on the use of children, adults. Price analogues
Sulfatsil and sulfacetamide eye drops - complete analogues

Belarus has made another medication as close in their properties, composition and characteristics of the application to sulfacetamide. This Sulfatsil sodium-containing active substance in an amount of 1500 mg 0. Moreover, it is composed of a solution of hydrochloric acid, sodium thiosulfate and distilled water.

It differs from Albucidum consists in the fact that it is used exclusively to treat eye diseases caused by the action of bacterial infections. But it can not be used in the treatment of viral and fungal diseases of the organs of vision. Sulfatsil sodium is used as a component of complex therapy of adults and children.

The manual says that using this drug in patients may experience growth microorganisms which are not sensitive to the active substance, and also possible to increase the concentration of fungal flora.

Terms, conditions of sale and storage

Kept this drug to the eye in a certain temperature range (from +8 to + 15 ° C), the violation of which may lead to negative consequences. It is important not to allow children to a place of storage.

Sulfacetamide shelf life - 24 months after opening the bottle it is reduced to 4 weeks. Therefore, after the first administration of the drug in the vial is necessary to note that date. At the end of the shelf life of sulfacetamide it becomes unusable.

Price in drugstores of Moscow, St. Petersburg, regions

Sulfacetamide is available without a prescription. It is inexpensive and available drug, which is sold in any drugstore. It is widely represented in the drugstores of Moscow and St. Petersburg. The price of the eye drops in the pharmacy network in Moscow is from 27 to 60 rubles. on eye drops prices in St. Petersburg, only slightly higher and ranges from 29 to 75 rubles.

Eye drops should be in the medicine cabinet in every home. In many diseases Albucidum will provide first aid and get rid of unpleasant symptoms.

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