Urethroactive: real reviews about divorce or not, the price in pharmacies

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  • 1 Preparation Urethroactive - description of the product
  • 2 The mechanism of the drug Urethroactive effect on the body
  • 3 What are the indications and contraindications for use
  • 4 Price and where to buy medicine
  • 5 Real reviews of patients and doctors

When problems arise in the active functions of the male reproductive system, then modern pharmacology is ready to offer the drug Urethroactive - safe in its composition and effective in implementation their tasks. Erectile dysfunction is normalized, libido weakness is eliminated, and sexual intercourse, thanks to the medicine, is prolonged. But before purchasing such a drug, it is important to find out its general characteristics, what is the price of the issue, where the real drug is ordered and bought, and not a fake, and what contraindications may be.

Buy the drug Urethroactive for potency on the official website

The drug Urethroactive - a description of the product

Urethroactive for potency
Urethroactive is a drug for internal administration, which is designed to increase potency in men and normalize other functions in case of disorders of the reproductive erectile system. According to statistical data from medical research over the past 5 years, sexual and pathological conditions are found not only in men who are over 45-50 years old, but also young boys (19 years old and older) and young people aged 30-35 years. The problem is affecting all age groups.

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The medicine Urethroactive is designed not only to relieve any symptoms, but to help men fully recover, without disrupting the work of neighboring organs, the whole organism as a whole. In order to have a more complete understanding of the drug long before the start of its intake, you can study its general parameters and properties in detail. We present all the background information about the Urethroactive in a special table.

Table 1. General characteristics of the drug "Urethroactive"




Group of pharmacological agents

A specialized complex of food additives

A complex of substances of organic origin with nutritional activity and healing properties.

Release form


Powder is a dry concentrate of herbal products of the medicinal group.

Today, the manufacturer almost always produces a powdery product placed in metered-dose capsules.

Permitted age for admission

From 18 years old

The substance shows its effectiveness in the course of admission until late senile years.



- removes toxins;

- cleansing the body from slagging;

- improves potency;

- brings the production of hormones for the reproductive system to a more stable state;

- normalization of metabolism.


- has a complex beneficial effect on the male reproductive system;

- anti-inflammatory agent.

Tribulus creeping

It has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, removing psychological stress.

Oak bark

- prevents the development of impotence;

- restores an erection.

Vitamins D

- activates the work of the prostate gland;

- synthesizes a sufficient amount of the necessary sex hormones.


- helps in the production of sufficient testosterone;

- an auxiliary substance for sexual libido (attraction).

Package weight


The drug is not sold in tablets.

It can only be found in powders and capsules, inside of which there is also a powder.

The course of treatment for potency

1 month

To do this, you will have to buy 3 boxes of powder.

Repeated course of treatment for potency

1 month

The break between courses of treatment is 1 month.



The manufacturer's license can be checked by TIN 9705098802 or OGRN 1177746541730.

Drug status in Russia

The check in Rospotrebnadzor was passed successfully.

Approved for administration to patients and persons with dysfunctions of the male reproductive system.

In many ways, most of the natural plant components, in addition to their main healing properties, are also natural aphrodisiacs. The main advantages of the drug Urethroactive:

  • no addiction;
  • the simultaneous intake of other drugs and alcoholic beverages is allowed;
  • efficiency is classified as high - 98%;
  • high speed of the result;
  • helps at any puberty;
  • side effects - no.

Note! The properties and percentage of effectiveness are entirely based on the composition of the drug, therefore, all allergy sufferers to herbs or herbal ingredients need to take it with caution.

The mechanism of the drug Urethroactive effect on the body

To understand how Urethroactive works - divorce or not, is it true that there is a positive effect, it is necessary to understand the mechanism itself, by what principle such a drug works. It should be noted right away that the substances in the composition of the drug are responsible for the recovery:

  • spermatogenesis;
  • persistent erection, potency;
  • normal production of sex hormones;
  • metabolism (metabolism) in the reproductive system as a whole;
  • genitourinary system;
  • nervous system - brings to a pacified and calm state.

In addition, there are other factors supporting this innovative product. Thus, the products have the following production and consumer advantages:

  1. There is confirmation of scientific research on the drug with positive results.
  2. Mandatory testing of the drug before transferring it to the production line.
  3. Mandatory certification of finished products.
  4. Testing the effectiveness of the drug over time - it has been on the market for more than 5 years.
  5. Most of the positive reviews.

After taking the medicine, it begins to take effect in 5-10 minutes. Its effect on the body consists in the active production of sex hormones, which are able to "give a command" to all tissues and blood vessels of the male genital organs to function normally. In addition, it should be noted that natural substances in the composition of the drug are able to eliminate post-infectious infection of the body, remove a dangerous bacteriosis that causes prostatitis, impotence and others diseases.

What are the indications and contraindications for use

Indications for the use of Urethroactive are not only for those men who experience regular or frequent problems in the sexual or genital area. Men who have an infectious disease, dysbiosis, can also get help from this medication. The drug is of extensive exposure despite its narrow specification.

Note! There are no contraindications to the use of this drug. Urethroactive for potency can be taken by those men of sexual maturity who are susceptible to:

  • low libido - lack of attraction to normal sexual experiences;
  • low level of erection;
  • premature ejaculation;
  • significantly underestimated levels of the hormone - testosterone;
  • prostatitis;
  • urethritis;
  • weak immunity;
  • bacterial or infectious infection of the reproductive system;
  • load of the body as a whole with toxins, slags;
  • constant sexual dissatisfaction;
  • psychological panics, phobias arising from intimate relationships.

Buy the drug Urethroactive for potency on the official website

Important! The hormonal background should be normal not only in women, but also in men. So, in order to maintain their reproductive functions, anyone should monitor their testosterone levels, which play a key role in the genital area of ​​predominantly men. If women have high levels of this hormone, it will be extremely difficult for her to conceive children and even be attracted to men. If a man has low testosterone, then he has poorly developing or already progressive impotence.

Recommendations of specialists for use

Instructions for use of the drug Urethroactive consists of the following standard capsule intake rates, calculated for one sexually mature person:

  1. The daily intake is 1 capsule per day.
  2. The whole course is 3-4 weeks.
  3. Regulation of the duration of the course - depends on the effect and individual characteristics.

The standard powder intake is as follows:

  1. The daily dose is 2 scoops, 2 times a day.
  2. The entire course is 1 month.
  3. Regulation of the duration of the course - depends on the individual susceptibility of the organism to the components of the drug.

Before using the medicine, you must first carefully read the instructions. When used in powder form, use a 5 g special measuring spoon. After that, the powder should be poured into a glass, where clean drinking water is poured, and everything is drunk. When capsules are taken, they are simply washed down with clean water. It is allowed to drink the medicine with juices without pulp or not hot tea.

Price and where to buy the medicine

The drug is sold in pharmacies licensed to carry out their activities. You should not buy such a drug in questionable pharmacies, pharmacy kiosks or stalls. Residents of the Russian Federation and citizens of neighboring CIS countries have full access to the purchase of Urethroactive on pharmacy shelves.

Do not forget that the purchase of a medication at a retail outlet such as a pharmacy will be somewhat more expensive due to the extra charge. The cheapest way to buy is to use the manufacturer's official website on the Internet.

The cost of the drug largely depends on the region of sale, markups made by intermediary dealers, markups from suppliers, used advertising, on which the distributor spends his money and others factors. Consider a table of prices that are presented from various sources where you can purchase such a product.

Table 2. Prices for Urethroactive

Sales source

Terms of sale




With extra charges, but no pre-order


Pharmacies of small settlements

With extra charges and pre-order.

From 3500

Official portal "Urethroactive"

In the non-promotional period


During the promotional period


Price from intermediaries

With extra charges, prepayment, pre-order and the possibility of delivery to the address.

From 3800

The price of Urethroactive in a pharmacy will always be an order of magnitude higher than the prices on the manufacturer's website - 60-70%. But we also need to remember that the order on the site is made with a pre-order. This means that the product will come to you by parcel or courier. And the customer will have to pay for delivery services on their own from their wallet.

Therefore, it is worth counting - if even with a courier or mail, the cost will be an order of magnitude lower than pharmacy units of products, then it makes sense to refer to the interactive registration of the application on the website manufacturer.

Buy the drug Urethroactive for potency on the official website

Doctors recommend the official website

If one of the patients of urology or sexopathology does not know where to buy Urethroactive via the Internet, then you can ask the doctor himself about this, who prescribes this drug to restore sexual erections. Usually, all doctors strongly recommend pre-ordering and buying a medicine through the manufacturer's own website, and not through intermediary channels. Here are the features of buying a drug from intermediaries and from a direct manufacturer:

  1. Firstly, the goods are always much more expensive from intermediaries.
  2. Secondly, no one knows whether they are selling genuine medicines.
  3. Third, intermediaries are not always honest about drug expiration dates.
  4. Fourth, there is a big risk of being caught by scammers - paying a small amount for a product, and ultimately getting a fake.
  5. And, fifthly, the purchase of products from the manufacturer himself will give a full guarantee that the medication will fulfill its intended purpose at the highest level.

Output! If someone finds a Urethroactive at a price lower than that offered on the website of the direct manufacturer, he should be careful not to buy such a product. Most likely, in this case, swindlers are wielding who will sell not a real drug at a low price. It goes without saying that such a Urethroactive will not work, the indicators of its effectiveness will be extremely small.

Real reviews of patients and doctors

Real reviews of the drug Urethroactive from users help still undecided buyers to turn their attention to this product. Medication is not always used for the sake of pleasure, sometimes urology patients also take it for to remove an infection from the genitals, a bacterial infection, which usually causes dysfunctions in the potency of the genital member. Here are some examples of reviews from people who have already experienced the drug on themselves several times.

Review number 1

“After being diagnosed with chronic prostatitis, I couldn’t come to my senses for a long time. I work as an installer at a construction site. The doctor said that, most likely, I could get cold at work. The doctor recommended Urethroactive took 1 month - it did not help very much at first. But by the end of the month I felt better, and then the tests showed that everything was normal.

One thing I can say, the whole month was just some kind of hell for me - I really wanted a girl, but could not because of an illness. If any of my friends have problems with potency - I will definitely recommend Urethroactive - it has shown itself too actively!

Pavel, 34 years old - St. Petersburg

Review number 2

“It was very upsetting when I began to notice malfunctions of my penis in bed with my beloved woman. Any "Viagra" and so on have not seduced me for a long time. But then he collided himself, and on you! I decided on Urethroactive - from the first time I realized that things would go well with this drug. And the most interesting thing is that along with excitement, a burning desire arises at once - everything is like at 25! ".

Sergey Pavlovich, 55 years old - Moscow

Review number 3

“After about 50 years I have already begun to notice that the potency is gradually decreasing. From time to time it was completely very disgusting in my soul from the realization that you were some kind of inferior man. Somehow we opened up with a friend, and he advised me to Urethroactive. Honestly, I did not go to the doctor for a consultation, somehow I immediately believed my friend.

I bought it, tried it - it works great! There are no side effects after 2 courses passed. It's already been 8 months - like a hot stallion, it's half past five! Great thing! Recommend!".

Oleg Emelyanovich, 62 years old - Novosibirsk

In addition to reviews from men, you can also listen to several opinions from the doctors themselves. The doctors' comments about Urethroactive is already a professional opinion that you just can't ignore.

Expert review # 1

“I consider Urethroactive as an advanced agent for the treatment of bacteriosis of various groups and infections. But the key task of this drug is to stimulate an erection, with which it does an excellent job. Most of my patients fully recover their reproductive functions within a few months.

At the same time, there are no violations or disorders in neighboring organs. It is especially important that such a remedy is not addictive and gives full-fledged opportunities to older men. "

Boyko V.N., 34 years of experience in sexopathology - Moscow

Expert review # 2

“In my practice, I have even met young men, aged 30 or more, who fell ill with prostatitis, started it, did not want to treat it, and therefore lived to see the signs of impotence. After such an innovation in the pharmacology of urethrology, as "UrethroActive", I began to prescribe the drug to my patients.

Many of them came to me to share their enthusiastic impressions. Infections and inflammations can be removed perfectly! No addiction found, no intestinal or stomach side effects found. Patients not only recover, but also restore their potency by 100%! ”.

Burdenko P.I., in urology and scientific activity for 8 years - St. Petersburg

Buy the drug Urethroactive for potency on the official website

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