Skin mycosis: photo, treatment, drugs affordable and effective

Under the skin mycosis is meant a group of fungal pathologies. Fungi affect the skin, subcutaneous tissue, penetrate through cuts and sores. After the microorganisms settle on mucous membranes and accumulate in the lungs. Clinic severity of the disease process and caused by species of fungus, the localization of infection. Development can provoke any illness, which led to a decrease in immunity.

Against fungal diseases affected not only the skin but also the internal organs - violated the digestive process, increases the load on the kidneys, liver. Sometimes problems occur with the functionality of the joints and bones. The danger of fungal diseases lies in their chronic course. At the initial stage of suspected fungal infection is difficult, and when people already go to the doctor, then the process is running, there are a lot of symptoms. The risk group includes children and the elderly. The disease is diagnosed with equal frequency in men and women.

Consider the superficial and deep mycoses, what is the etiology of their development. Also, find out what is the essence of the national medical and treatment.

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What it is?

Infection of the dermis and its appendages caused by pathogenic fungi, called mycosis.

Types of the following pathogens:

  • fungi of Candida genus, grow in the skin, mucous membranes;
  • fungi Microsporum, Epidermophyton and Trichophyton affect the skin and its appendages - the hair and nails;
  • the upper layers of the skin and hair follicles affect fungi Malassezia furfur;
  • mold fungi of the genus Mucor, Thamnidium, Rhizopus, Penicillium, Aspergillus grow in nails and skin.

The genus Candida and molds can cause an entire organism.


Athlete's foot is the most contagious disease and spreads rapidly, not only in humans but also animals. Let us consider the causes of the disease and ways of transmission:

  • Weak immunity
  • HIV
  • treatment with antibiotics
  • varicosity
  • Diabetes
  • flatfoot
  • The tendency to tumors
  • Narrow interdigital space
  • Abrasions, ulcers
  • Increased body humidity, sweating
  • Contact with an infected person or animal
  • Wearing someone else's shoes
  • Using other people's toiletries, towels, linen
  • Unsterilized manicure tools
  • Restrooms, changing rooms on the beach, spas, swimming pools

If a person has good immunity engraftment fungus does not occur and the infection disappears. The incubation period of fungal diseases may last for several months, which makes infection more dangerous, as it becomes chronic at the point when the mold carrier does not even know about it available.


A fungal disease that can be found in the lists of the classifier ICD-10, are divided into several types. Each of them is characterized by certain symptoms by which professionals can supposedly identify pathology in his patient.

Tinea corporis issued the following symptoms that are characteristic of a certain type of disease:

  1. microsporia. Lesions identified by rounded kind on the skin. They usually do not exceed 2 cm in diameter and have a reddish hue. In the center of the centers may peel off. Gradually, the affected areas are merged and spread over the healthy parts of the body;
  2. Trihofitia. Characterized by the emergence of large inflamed lesions on the forearm, face and neck. The affected area is oval or rounded appearance with sharp edges and peeling in the center. On the hairy parts of the body may occur suppuration, which indicate a bacterial infection;
  3. Athlete's foot and toes. It has the form of peeling in the infected zones. The disease accompanied by a reddening of the skin;
  4. Pityriasis versicolor. The infected area covered with small spots. First, they have a pink color. After turn brown. Over time, the spots start to peel off;
  5. Candidiasis smooth skin. Identified by tiny bubbles in the affected area of ​​the infection. Not ruled out the redness of the skin. With the progression of the problem areas are beginning to peel off and get wet. In these zones formed sores.

The main symptoms of skin infections caused by fungi include such symptoms as itching and soreness.


When skin mycosis (see. photo) there are a variety of symptoms, but they are not immediate. Symptomatology in the initial stage depends on what part of the body was struck data infectious disease. If there was an itch and peel off skin cells on the face, arms, abdomen, back, legs - these are the first symptoms of athlete's foot. The patient should immediately contact the skilled person for diagnosis and treatment. This stage of the disease is very well treatable with antifungal drugs and, as a rule, does not cause complications.

Further, there are red spots plump oval or round shape. The skin is brown color and starts to peel off, reminding small flakes. There may be red follicular formation.

Tinea corporis-follicular nodular form is characterized by pustular rash. Infection can even hit vellus hair. Quite often there are diaper rash between the toes. It begins so the skin athlete's foot and toes. As the progression of pathology appear corns, and coarsens the skin on the feet. Besides peeling may occur symptoms such as painful pus bubbles, nails start to exfoliate, turn yellow and may significantly deteriorate.

Mycosis of the scalp is manifested not only peeling, but also tarnish the hair weakening. Particularly unpleasant skin disease. In general, the patient may increase the body temperature, cause pain and general weakness.

The problem is that the primary symptoms are so insignificant that the person does not pay attention to them and did not go to the doctor. At this time, the disease progresses slowly and then more difficult to cure it. If the disease is detected at an early stage, which is more likely to cure athlete's foot completely with no likelihood of recurrence. But without competent and timely treatment of disease can provide a large number of complications.

mycosis of the skin: the initial stage of the photo

What is skin fungal infection in the photo in the initial stages and the other can be seen below:


Skin diseases are doctor dermatologist. Upon detection of red spots on the skin, peeling, vesicles, crusts, seek medical advice.

For the diagnosis of mycosis lesions technicians take pathological material. Spots, areas of peeling, nails scraped with a sterile scalpel to obtain flakes. They are placed on the glass, add alkali, heat a little and mikroskopiruyut. Under high magnification visible yeast cells, mycelia, spores of fungi. Discharge from the erosions, blisters viewing under a microscope by adding special dyes.

Most wounded part of the body where the fungus proliferates - a leg. It should therefore be more careful to take care of your feet and wear only comfortable shoes.
For the purpose of the narrow treatment is necessary to determine the genus and species of the fungus. This is done by following inoculation of the nutrient mixture. Under laboratory conditions in special plates grow colonies of fungi which are detailed study and define the species.

Treatment of skin mycosis in the home

Athlete's foot and hand are successfully treated conservatively at home with the assistance of anti-fungal drugs for use inside and externally. This creams, ointments, gels, tablets and capsules are individually recommended by the attending physician.

In addition to the external antifungals general recommendations of experts are as follows:

  • need to observe good personal hygiene;
  • separate their household items, clothing, dishes and bath accessories;
  • excluded from the diet of sweet and savory dishes, stick to therapeutic diets;
  • with frequent relapses systemic mycosis necessarily use preparations;
  • use vitamins to strengthen the immune system.

Antifungal ointment for the treatment of mycosis

For the treatment of mycosis smooth skin with ointments with antibacterial, antifungal and bactericidal effect. Action medicines said mold release local penetration of the active ingredients in the systemic circulation minimum or completely eliminated.

With progressive mycosis well established pharmacological following positions:

  1. Clotrimazole. Ointment with a specific smell, which can safely treat the skin of hips, buttocks, and other hotbeds of disease on the body. The therapeutic composition is necessary to apply a thin layer to the area of ​​mycosis in the morning and evening, and after using the ointment smooth skin does not wash. The duration of intensive care - 2 weeks. Benefits - Fast, affordable price. Disadvantage - not suitable for all patients.
  2. Ekzifin. Ointment with significant antifungal effect required to apply topically on clean smooth skin morning and evening. duration of treatment - 1 - 2 weeks, can be longer. Advantages - quick results, a minimum of side effects. Disadvantage - selective effect in the body.

Preparations: cheap but effective

Pharmacotherapy smooth skin with pityriasis, and scaly patches necessarily includes the use of topical gels, ointments and creams with a pronounced antifungal effect (Zalain, Pimafutsin). This is the basis of intensive therapy of inflamed skin smooth.

Additionally mycologists appoint representatives of the following pharmacological groups:

  • inexpensive but effective antifungal drugs for skin mycosis for oral administration: fluconazole, Orungal, Levorinum, Pimafutsin;
  • probiotics to restore the intestinal flora: Linex, Bifidumbacterin, Normobakt;
  • topical antiseptics: 1% iodine solution, Castellani liquid can engage sulfuric or salicylic ointment.

Topical preparations

Provide quality processing pathology foci are antifungal creams and gels that are allowed to be used strictly according to instructions. The most effective if progressing fungal infection of the body are the following pharmacological position:

  1. Nizoral (cream). Successfully treat fungal infection of the skin, the dermis makes smooth and even. Apply a thin layer structure is required to 2 - 3 times per day for 3 - 4 weeks. Advantages - mild action and reasonable price. Disadvantage - a selective effect, the sensitivity to the active ingredients.
  2. Lamisil. Cream with a faint odor and sustained therapeutic effect. When avium said composition is required to apply a thin layer on the dried and cleansed skin gently rub capturing areas adjacent dermis. It is enough 1 admission per day, the rate of - 7 - 10 days. Advantages - pronounced effect drawback - price, side effects.

Folk remedies

It is strongly recommended that you consult with your doctor before to treat a disease in unconventional ways. Sometimes they do not help, but only worsen the situation. The best effect is achieved by the simultaneous use of folk medicine and pharmacy. A few tested recipes that are able to get rid of the disease:

  1. Tincture of pine cones. It will take 250 grams of cones and a little pine needles, and a liter of pure rubbing alcohol. Components insist 14 days in a dark place, out of reach of children, then filtered and cleaned in the refrigerator. The resulting solution is necessary to process the affected area (to avoid contact with mucous membranes and delicate skin) of 2 times a day until complete passage spots.
  2. Tub with vinegar. In one liter of warm water diluted 1 tablespoon of vinegar and kept in liquid lesion of about 20 minutes. On small spots you can put cotton wool soaked in the solution. After the procedure, it is necessary to lubricate the area of ​​cream or ointment against fungi. It prohibited in this way to treat fungal infection of the skin or genital organs.
  3. Home ointment made from natural products. Chicken egg in the shell (crude) must be filled with 100 ml of 70% vinegar, melt 200 g butter and also send to the tank. You should wait until the egg is dissolved (this will take about 7-10 days), and then salve the sore spots several times a day.
  4. Hair mask with a fungus. If there was a mycosis of the scalp, it is recommended to try this recipe. Equal amounts of lemon juice and garlic, olive oil mixed and then applied to the pockets. Wear a shower cap and keep one hour, after which you need a good wash your hair with any shampoo. It is advisable to wash the hair with a solution of ethyl - 1 liter water 2 tablespoons essences.

Traditional recipes do not always bring a positive result, and sometimes cause irritation or an allergic reaction. If the discomfort increased, it should immediately stop and find another tool in the procedure. Use aggressive methods to treat the disease in children on a smooth skin is prohibited, otherwise it may be burned.

Why is it necessary to treat athlete's foot

Fungal infection is not just a cosmetic defect.

In fact, it has a negative impact on the immune system. Against this background allergy increases in the affected area can get microbial particles and complicated course of the disease. Eruptions on the minor part of the body may soon become more extensive, switch to the internal organs.

People with advanced infections are a source of the spread of the fungus.


Understand how can be transferred tinea corporis, for their own health should be closely monitored to prevent the development of disease. Basic prevention rules:

  • personal hygiene;
  • minimum contacts with stray animals;
  • strengthening the immune system;
  • proper nutrition.

Children up to 6 years is necessary to explain in detail features of personal hygiene, and to prevent the child in contact with street animals.

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