Plantar warts: photos, home treatment

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Plantar warts are benign tumors of the skin of viral origin. They identified almost 10% of the world's population, predominantly in young adults. They do not pose a risk to life and have low onkopatogennost.

However, it is desirable to remove them to see a doctor, preferring recommended by official medicine and effective minimally invasive techniques. This tactic minimizes the risk of recurrence and helps prevent the development of complications.

What it is?

Plantar warts - a benign epithelial tumors caused by human papilloma virus, which, in turn, revealed more than 118 types. Each subtype may have a preference for certain areas of the body.

  • For example, plantar warts often caused by papilloma viruses subtypes 1, 2, 4, 27 and 57, while most anogenital warts caused by virus subtypes 6 and 11. HPV is transmitted by direct skin contact, including person-to-person, but can also be acquired when walking barefoot on contaminated surfaces, such as public toilets, locker rooms, or dirty Earth.
  • The virus can live for several months without a carrier, which makes it extremely contagious. It attacks the skin during direct contact, entering through the possible tiny cuts and abrasions in the stratum corneum (the outer layer of the skin). After infection, warts may even occur after several weeks or months. Due to the pressure on the foot and toes wart can be pushed inwards and the horny layer may grow on it. Plantar warts can cause pain if not treated. Warts can spread through autoinoculation, infecting those around the skin. Thus they may be combined to form clusters mosaic.
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With age, people make the immune system, so the infection is more common in children than in adults.


Medicine, there are several varieties of skin appendages, which are called warts:

  • plantar (shipitsy, "chicken ass") - thick round growths on the bottom of the foot and toes;
  • whiskers - elastic thin growths that appear on the face and skin folds;
  • vulgar - small growths with a hemispherical rigid surface, usually grow on the fingers and hands, but can appear on the knees and toes;
  • flat - protruding spots rounded, occur in adolescence;
  • senile warts (age keratomas) - dark spots, covered with greasy scales appear on the skin of people 40 years and older.
  • genital warts - elastic protuberances in the form of cones or cauliflower affecting mucous membranes intimal area and genitals;

Of these species, only senile warts are caused by functional disorders in the skin.

What is plantar wart: photo

The photo below shows how the disease manifests itself in humans.

So, the following symptoms:

  1. When it appeared plantar wart look like small corn, which eventually begins to itch and ache during the walk.
  2. After 10 - 20 days, the corn on top becomes rough, with black patches and chapped skin around the edges.
  3. The buildup extends into the skin, so the pressure on it (when walking with footwear friction) is pain, feels similar to baking.
  4. Neoplasms may appear in a single copy, and eventually increase in size and in number.

Although the causative agent of skin lesions is the same - HPV, wart distinguish from papilloma easy in appearance and symptoms.


Usually, the diagnosis of plantar growths enough treatment by a dermatologist and a visual inspection carried out by them.

But sometimes you have to use additional methods:

  • to better explore the neoplasm, dermatologist gently scrape the upper horny scales. The presence of thrombosed capillaries confirmed that this is a wart;
  • PCR diagnostics detects the presence of HPV;
  • for determining the depth of build-up may be assigned US. His data will need to select a method of treatment;
  • Sometimes plantar growths resemble the manifestations of syphilis. Then the required screening for this disease.

Such extensive diagnosis is used only in severe cases.

Methods for removing plantar warts: the top 5

The advent of modern methods of removing warts replaced traumatic scalpel.

  1. Laser. A very common modern method. It operates in dot eliminating infected tissue and without touching the healthy skin around the heel warts. At the moment, the laser is the best mechanical means of getting rid of skin growths.
  2. Cryotherapy. This method is used widely for the treatment of many diseases. Liquid nitrogen freezes the affected tissue, which was later updated.
  3. Electrocoagulation is based on the elimination of formations by the direction they high-frequency currents. The process is quite painful that requires local anesthesia.
  4. Radionozh. It is used for non-excision of large warts on the heel and elsewhere. Parallel excision cauterize the capillaries surrounding the wound - it blocks the further spread of the virus through the bloodstream.
  5. Surgery. Such intervention may be necessary if the warts on your feet have grown strongly and cause severe pain.

To get rid of growths on the skin are a variety of opportunities - the only question is the availability of these methods in the area of ​​patient residence.

Home Treatment

Procedures for folk remedies for warts on their feet before bedtime conducted with previously steamed and stops for a long time. Protect your hands during the manipulation of latex gloves from further infection, disinfect all equipment used and things to prevent contamination of loved ones.

List is considered an effective way of getting rid of people's feet from warts:

  • Acetic acid can be used in different embodiments. It is recommended to insist onions in acid for 2-3 hours, and then attach the night as a compress. You can drip acid pipette directly into the education center. A traditional recipe: slurry from flour and vinegar (70%).
  • Juice of celandine is one of the best remedies. It is pushed from the basal portion of the stem plants (orange juice); desirable recently excavated. Juice spread on growths after steaming stops in water with the addition of soda. The procedure should be carried out 2 times a day on a daily basis;
  • Aloe juice is used as a compress or when warts superimposed longitudinally cut plant leaf, and fixed with a bandage. The procedure is done before bedtime daily.
  • Garlic is used daily by rubbing the affected area or in a compress. In the latter case, on the steamed legs superimposed squeezed garlic and foot wraps a bandage. Treatment is carried out daily for 3-4 weeks.
  • Dandelion (juice) should be used in the breeding of small young growths;
  • Gruel of rowan berries used similarly dandelion.

The most common means of pharmacy plantar warts - salicylic acid. It is applied in a specific order. Each day, the feet are kept warm water for 10 minutes and dried. Rubbing the affected area pumice exfoliating dead tissue. Thereafter, the salicylic acid is applied, and on the foot bandage. Using a pumice stone every day can remove wart tissue softened acid. The course of treatment - 3 months. To facilitate the treatment of realized sticky bandages impregnated with salicylic - Galmanin, Mozolin, Urgokor. Such a dressing is applied for 2 days.


The emergence of plantar warts - is not cause for panic. many people face with them. And the prognosis of this disease in the most favorable cases, since the plantar wart possible to derive the bulk of patients. You can even get rid of multiple and long-standing uncomfortable growths on the feet.

High risk of relapse and the emergence of multiple-growing secondary warty lesions observed only in people with compromised immune systems. Therefore, they are assigned a comprehensive treatment that includes, along with the removal of education receiving immunomodulatory and antiviral agents, ozone therapy and even hypnotherapy. This makes it possible to effectively prevent the recurrence of the disease.

In addition, more than 30% of plantar warts disappear on their own within a few months, even without the use of radical removal techniques. Such spontaneous resolution usually occurs in patients with a sufficient force on the immune response and the lack of background dermatological disorders of the feet.


The need for the treatment of plantar warts is obvious, but do not forget about preventive measures:

  1. Refusal to close uncomfortable shoes.
  2. Obligatory personal hygiene.
  3. Processing the slightest damage to the skin of the foot (wounds and abrasions).
  4. The use of individual protective footwear in public places such as swimming pool, sauna, etc.
  5. Maintaining the pH using dampening stop means on skin care products.
  6. The use of vitamins.

Since the main cause of this disease is a virus, the main preventive measures are aimed at maintaining the immune system. Therefore the main recommendation - a healthy lifestyle and personal hygiene.

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