Hormonal gymnastics for women in menopause, after 50 years


  1. Beneficial effect on the body
  2. Contraindications
  3. Exercises
  4. Tibetan gymnastics
  5. Physiotherapy
  6. Yoga
  7. Video about hormonal gymnastics

Menopause is considered a difficult life-changing stage for every woman. after 50 years. Hormonal changes will affect not only the appearance, but also the general well-being. To maintain energy and full-fledged life, experts recommend adhering to an active lifestyle. At the same time, at the stage of menopause, women should do simple fitness exercises, yoga or Tibetan gymnastics.

Beneficial effect on the body

Hormonal gymnastics for women consists in massaging or rubbing biologically active points that are located throughout the body. Thanks to this, a certain process is activated, namely the production of oxytocin. The hormonal system with the endocrine glands gives the organs and systems vigor. The body is toned and energized. In this regard, hormonal gymnastics is also called harmonizing.

The benefits of hormonal gymnastic exercises during menopause are as follows:

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  • promotes better waking up in the morning;
    Hormonal gymnastics for women in menopause, after 50 years
  • gives an energy boost and improves mood;
  • frees the body from toxic substances;
  • normalizes lymphatic drainage;
  • has a rejuvenating effect;
  • improves hearing and eliminates ear inflammation;
  • maintains blood pressure at the proper level;
  • tightens the skin;
  • helps to improve joint mobility;
  • helps to improve mental performance;
  • normalizes blood circulation;
  • helps to cleanse energy channels;
  • improves vision;
  • improves the functioning of the digestive system;
  • eliminates sinusitis and runny nose;
  • eliminates constipation;
  • participates in the production of the hormone of happiness.

To achieve a positive result, you need to do various exercises on a regular basis. They can be healing or yoga poses. Taking breaks is not recommended. Everyday exercise of gymnastics accumulates in the body a healing and positive effect, which can be disturbed by long breaks.

You can make a small rest in 2 days. If you exceed the interval of 1 or 2 months, you need to start all over again. However, if there was an exacerbation of chronic pathologies, the break should be forced. The visible result from hormonal gymnastic exercises will be noticeable after 6 months.


Hormonal gymnastics for women has a number of contraindications that must be taken into account when exercising sports activities:

  • stomach ulcer;
    Hormonal gymnastics for women in menopause, after 50 years
  • Parkinson's disease;
  • hypertensive crisis;
  • diseases associated with the vertebral region;
  • acute stage of arthritis;
  • acute heart disease;
  • postoperative period.

Hormonal gymnastics is recommended for 5 minutes. daily. To do this, it is advisable to carry out it after waking up, or better at 6:00 in the morning. Since the set of exercises is quite simple, it is permissible to carry out it without getting out of bed. However, training should be done with pleasure or not at all.

In addition to hormonal gymnastics, yoga and fitness classes should also be performed.


Women at the stage of menopause during the implementation of various physical activities need to observe a sense of proportion. If earlier sport was not a criterion of life, and everyday strength loads are given hard, it is advisable to train gradually and carefully. Initially, in the first weeks, you need to give preference to long walks, then you can turn on swimming, cycling or light jogging with fitness.

Hormonal gymnastics for women in menopause, after 50 years

It is also necessary to carry out hormonal gymnastics based on rubbing body parts. If you feel pain in the muscles after exercise, it is recommended to take a rest. The load needs to be increased slowly, so that the body can more easily adapt. Gymnastics during menopause is characterized by a number of features. It is undesirable to do strenuous sports activities. The complex should be aimed at strengthening muscles, stretching and training the heart.

A set of activities for menopause is considered an active morning exercise, which is desirable to be carried out near an open window or in the fresh air. The complex can include both light inclinations with squats and complex exercises that can involve auxiliary sports equipment in the form of dumbbells, a jump rope or a ball.

When choosing an occupation, it is necessary to take into account concomitant diseases and physical abilities:

Pathology What can you do
Joint pain It is necessary to stretch the limbs and squat more.
Osteochondrosis The workout should be aimed at strengthening the back muscles and stretching.
Pathologies associated with cardiac activity It is recommended to move around more and do light jogging.

Morning exercises should be regular and aimed at a gradual increase in loads. For example, if today you perform any exercise 5 times, tomorrow you need to do it 6 times. You can replace the morning sports complex with Scandinavian walking. It has a beneficial effect on bones, blood vessels and heart, and also removes nervous tension. If there are health problems, only an exercise therapy medical worker should appoint a schedule of classes.

Tibetan gymnastics

Hormonal gymnastics for women includes a set of exercises, which includes 10 sessions aimed at massaging, rubbing, shaking and pumping some parts of the body.

Hormonal gymnastics for women in menopause, after 50 years
Tibetan hormonal gymnastics for women, exercise.

To carry out Tibetan gymnastics, you need to do the following:

  1. While in bed, it follows about 7 seconds. rub your hands so that your palms become hot. If they become hot and dry, then the energy is normal. If the palms are warm, therefore, the biofield is slightly lowered. If the palms cannot be warmed or are wet, there are health problems.
  2. At the end of rubbing, palms should be applied to the eye area, slightly pressing on them. For 30 sec. it is required to perform 30 similar actions. At the end of the lesson, it is recommended to leave your palms on the eye area for about 30 seconds. If vision is poor, the time can be increased up to 2 minutes.
  3. Next, you need to pump your ears, pressing them with your hands. The fingers should be located at the back of the occipital region, and the palms are pressed against the ears. In 30 sec. it is necessary to carry out 30 movements. With continued use of this exercise, symptoms of chronic diseases associated with the ears may develop. However, the exercises should still be done, but more gently if pain sensations arose. After a while, all symptoms will disappear.
  4. To tighten the contour of the facial area, the hands need to be clenched into a fist, placing the thumb behind the auricle. Movements should be directed from the chin to the ears. The procedure must be carried out 30 times. At the end of the workout, you will feel a rush of blood to the face area. Due to this, lymphatic drainage can be improved.
  5. After the facelift, the forehead should be massaged. To do this, the right palm must be applied to the forehead, covering it with the left hand on top. The palms should be moved from one temporal zone to another. You do not need to touch the skin. Within 30 sec. 30 repetitions are required. Thanks to this, the sinuses of the nose can be cleared by activating the activity of the pituitary gland.
  6. Next, you need to massage the parietal region. First, you need to put a roller or pillow in a folded form under the neck. Hands should be taken in the ring so that the right palm is below, and the left palm is on top. Hand movements are required at a distance of 2 cm from the head from the frontal part to the occipital region. There should be 30 repetitions in total. At the last time, you should hover over the parietal region for a few seconds, after which you can move your hands from one ear to the other for 30 times. Thanks to this, blood pressure is normalized, the mobility of the joints and muscles of the hands increases.
    Hormonal gymnastics for women in menopause, after 50 years
  7. To massage the thyroid gland, the right palm will need to be laid on it, covering it with the left. The latter must move from the thyroid gland to the navel without touching the body. The movement consists of 30 repetitions. At the end of the exercise, the left hand should be returned to the right, holding it in this position for about 7 seconds.
  8. Having folded their hands on top of each other, they need to slowly slide onto their stomach, performing 30 movements in a circle in a clockwise direction. Massaging the abdomen can eliminate chronic constipation and improve bowel function.
  9. Initially, you need to take a lying position. Hands with legs should be raised up, feet with palms should be directed parallel to the floor covering. The legs with wrists need to be rotated, then they need to be shaken for 30 seconds. It is advisable to carry out classes at night. Thanks to this, small energy channels are cleared and blood circulation in the capillaries is normalized.
  10. In a sitting position, it is necessary to massage the feet in turn. If there are pain points, they need to be massaged more thoroughly. This is due to the fact that there are active points on the feet. At the end of the exercise, it is required to completely grind the lower limbs.
Hormonal gymnastics for women in menopause, after 50 years

After training, it is advisable to drink 250 ml of warm water. With the constant exercise of gymnastics for 6 months, you can improve health and eliminate diseases.


Hormonal gymnastics for women can include several fitness-related exercises.

To complete 1 exercise, you must do the following:

  1. Initially, you should lie on the floor with your legs drawn in and your arms along your body.
  2. At an angle of 15 ° from the floor, you need to raise two legs up.
  3. The caviar muscles need to be tightened and the feet extended forward. Then you need to take the starting position.
  4. The lesson should be repeated 5 times.

Exercise number 2 is based on the following actions:

  1. Initially, you should kneel down with your hands at the seams.
  2. It is required to carry out inclinations to the right and left sides. In this case, the arms must be extended forward, leaning forward and downward with the body.
  3. 10 tilts are required in each direction.

Exercise # 3 is as follows:

  1. In the prone position, it is necessary to fix the ball between the shins.
    Hormonal gymnastics for women in menopause, after 50 years
  2. Holding the sports equipment with your feet, the limbs must be raised above the floor 10 times at an angle of 15 °.
  3. Lifting should be carried out on inhalation, and on exhalation, take the original position.

Exercise number 4 should be performed as follows:

  1. In a straight position, you need to spread your legs wide.
  2. Keeping your hands in the lock in front, your palms should slightly press your stomach.
  3. Without changing the position of the feet and hands, it is required to perform 5 incomplete squats.

Exercise number 5 consists of the following actions:

  1. You need to stand up straight with your legs wide apart.
  2. Keeping your hands in the lock behind the dorsal region, with your palms you need to press a little on the lumbar region.
  3. Having fixed the position, you should make 8 forward bends.

Exercise number 6 should be done as follows:

  1. You need to take a prone position. Having placed the legs one on top of the other, they should be squeezed.
  2. The leg, which is on top, needs to be bent at the knee, and then straighten forward without stopping. The move must be direct and energetic.
  3. The cycle consists of 4 approaches. Then you need to lie on the other side, performing similar movements with the other leg.


With prolonged practice, yoga can restore vitality, as well as normalize all internal systems of the body. However, women who have not previously adhered to sports activities should be very careful and know when to stop.

Hormonal gymnastics for women in menopause, after 50 years

In the process of hormonal changes, the bones become very fragile, and the ligaments with the muscles begin to lose elasticity with age. In this regard, in the implementation of various activities, you must adhere to the utmost care. It is recommended to practice yoga daily, setting aside a certain period of time for practice. All loads should be phased and moderate. If any discomfort occurs, the exercise should be stopped immediately.

Yoga classes during menopause are initially recommended under the guidance of a teacher. He will guide you which muscles should remain tense and which should be relaxed. Later you can do them yourself at home.

With menopause, it is necessary to perform lighter yoga poses. To do this, you can choose several options or stop at two poses, having fully mastered them.

The following asanas are mainly performed:

  1. If there is emotional instability, you need to get down on all fours. During inhalation, the knees with hands need to be straightened. In this case, the body should form a pyramid, where the top will be the pelvic region. The front part should rest on the blanket that lies on the floor covering. The head should be relaxed. The neck muscles should be relaxed. The exercise lasts 1 minute, after which you need to take the starting position.
  2. To calm the heartbeat and relieve anxiety, you need to take a straight position with your feet shoulder-width apart. The hands should be applied to the abdomen with light pressure. Having fixed the position, you need to perform 6 squats.
  3. To improve coordination of movements, it is necessary to stand on the mat, placing your hands along the body. During inhalation and exhalation, you need to tilt in different directions. In total, 10 such movements should be performed. The body should go forward and slightly down.
    Hormonal gymnastics for women in menopause, after 50 years
  4. To eliminate painful sensations and improve blood supply to the reproductive organs, you need to lie face down. Hands should be extended along the body, palms clenched into fists. During exhalation, you need to rest your hands on the floor, lifting one leg above the floor. After a few seconds on exhalation, the leg must be returned to its original position. The procedure must be performed several times, alternately changing the lower limbs.
  5. To restore performance and normalize well-being, you need to stretch your arms along the body in a prone position. On the count from 1 to 10, the limbs are required to strain as much as possible, then relax. In the process of relaxation, it is required to stop breathing, imagining soaring in zero gravity.

Every woman after 50 years has a period of menopause. As a result of the restructuring of the body, the appearance and general well-being deteriorates. To maintain health at the proper level, doctors recommend that patients engage in Tibetan hormonal gymnastics, yoga or light fitness. Thanks to this, you can maintain vigor and energy.

Video about hormonal gymnastics

Hormonal gymnastics for women:

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