Estrogen drugs for women

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  1. The effect of estrogen on the female body, which leads to an excess and lack of the hormone
  2. Why are estrogen drugs prescribed for women?
  3. Contraindications
  4. Daily intake rates
  5. Which is better: phytoestrogens or hormones?
  6. Estrogen drugs
  7. Estrogens in birth control pills
  8. Preparations with estrogens in hormone replacement therapy
  9. Estrogen patches
  10. Table of preparations with phytoestrogens
  11. The cost of drugs
  12. Video about estrogen drugs

For women, hormones play an important role in the general condition of the body. Not only the ability to conceive and bear a child depends on its balance, but also the appearance (weight, condition of the skin, hair, nails), psychological state and immunity. Considered female estrogen hormones (they also exist in men) are responsible for the activity of the body from the moment of puberty to menopause. In case of imbalance, doctors prescribe hormonal drugs to normalize the balance.

The effect of estrogen on the female body, which leads to an excess and lack of the hormone

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Estrogen drugs for women are prescribed by specialists when a hormonal imbalance is detected. In a woman's body, estrogens are produced mostly by the ovaries. The amount of hormones produced is constantly changing, depending on the phase of the menstrual cycle and age. Estrogens are not just one hormone, but 3.

A brief description of the group of estrogenic hormones:

  • estradiol. It is the most active of this group and is considered a hormone of childbearing age. He takes part (in adolescence) in the formation of female sexual characteristics (breast growth, the onset of menstruation), and also affects sexual desire, conception and bearing of a child. Hormone deficiency is the main reason for the development of pathologies in the uterus and neoplasms;
  • estrone. The hormone is weaker than etradiol, but it is he who is responsible for the state of the body during the development of menopause, when the amount of the first considered hormone begins to decrease;
  • estriol. The hormone differs from the above in that it is produced by the body only during the period of gestation and is responsible for the normal course of pregnancy. Estriol is formed in the placenta.

All 3 representatives of estrogenic hormones are important for the female body and are responsible for the following "parameters":

  • sexual attraction;
  • the possibility of conception (preparation of the uterus for the attachment of a fertilized egg, contraction of the fallopian tubes to promote sperm) and bearing a child;
  • stability of the menstrual cycle, in the absence of pregnancy;
  • maintaining the elasticity and strength of blood vessels;
  • normalization of the amount of cholesterol in the blood;
  • protection against the development of inflammatory processes;
  • bone density;
  • skin condition (elasticity, moisture, susceptibility to ultraviolet radiation);
  • memory, as well as perception and assimilation of new information;
  • normal sleep;
  • normal heat exchange;
  • development of inflammation processes.Estrogen drugs for women

A decrease, as well as an increase in the amount of estrogen, negatively affects the activity of the body.

Hormonal imbalance is dangerous with the following deviations:

List of deviations when changing the amount of estrogen in the body

Hormone deficiency
  • fragility of bones (observed in women after 40 years, after a decrease in estrogen production);
  • development of endometriosis;
  • the formation of neoplasms;
  • inability to get pregnant or carry a child;
  • chest pain and heart failure;
  • increased susceptibility to pain;
  • deterioration of thermoregulation, manifested by increased sweating;
  • the risk of developing infectious diseases in the genitourinary system increases;
  • violation of the menstrual cycle and the amount of discharge, the complete cessation of menstruation is possible;
  • dryness in the vagina, as a result, intercourse can be painful;
  • sudden changes in mood;
  • lack of sex drive;
  • decreased memory and attention;
  • violation of fetal formation, including the birth of Down;
  • overmaturity of the child;
  • acne on the face;
  • early aging (wrinkles, deterioration of hair, nails);
  • the figure becomes closer to the male (small chest, narrow pelvis, the appearance of facial hair).
Excess hormones
  • weight gain without lifestyle changes. The amount of adipose tissue in the pelvic region is especially increased;
  • violation of the menstrual cycle;
  • swelling and soreness of the mammary glands;
  • increased emotionality;
  • frequent and severe headaches;
  • hair loss;
  • development of neoplasms;
  • sleep disturbance;
  • the risk of thrombosis increases;
  • fast fatiguability;
  • high blood pressure;
  • memory impairment.

Bottom line. For the normal functioning of the body, it is important that the hormonal balance is normal, since a deterioration in the condition is noted both with an increase and a decrease in the amount of estrogen.

Why are estrogen drugs prescribed for women?

The main indication for the appointment of estrogen drugs is to identify the deficiency of these hormones.

The following are the most common abnormalities for which estrogen hormone therapy is used:

  • not carrying a child. Use drugs with estriol in the composition, which is responsible for the course of pregnancy;
  • the development of inflammation, neoplasms and other pathologies in the reproductive organs, the cause of which is a decrease in estrogen in the body;
  • violation of the menstrual cycle or its absence (during the formation of menstruation or during its completion);
  • mitigation of symptoms during menopause (sweating, irritability, slowing down of aging);
  • the girl's figure is close to the male physique, due to the late development of secondary sexual characteristics;
  • decreased sex drive;
  • lack of conception;
  • sudden mood swings, accompanied by insomnia;
  • early development of menopause;
  • surgical removal of the ovaries, which are the main organ for the production of estrogen;
  • decreased bone density.

Estrogen drugs are prescribed for the above pathologies, only in cases where it is confirmed that the cause of their development is a decrease in the amount of estrogen in the body. Otherwise, taking medications can lead to an unnecessary increase in the amount of estrogen, which is also dangerous to health. In addition, hormonal agents can be prescribed by a specialist to prevent unplanned pregnancy.


Estrogen drugs for women can only be used as directed by a doctor and only if the woman does not have contraindications, which include:

  • diagnosis of cancer (especially if the pathology is localized in the mammary glands or reproductive organs) or suspicion of its development;
  • detection of thrombosis;
  • severe heart failure, including a recent heart attack or stroke;
  • severe disturbances in the work or condition of the liver or kidney tissues;
  • severe bleeding from the uterus or vagina of an unexplained nature;
  • high pressure indicator;Estrogen drugs for women
  • anemia;
  • violation of blood coagulation;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • pronounced violation of fat metabolism;
  • smoking, in cases where a woman smokes more than 1 pack of cigarettes per day, since an addiction provokes the risk of developing tachycardia and thrombosis;
  • The tabletting form is prohibited in diabetes mellitus, since glucose is often included in the tablets as a preservative.

Estrogenic agents are not prescribed if a woman has hypersensitivity to the composition of the drug.

Daily intake rates

The daily intake, as well as the duration of the use of estrogen drugs, is set individually and strictly by the attending specialist, since before prescribing a medication, the following number of factors must be taken into account:

  • how much estrogen is underestimated in the body;
  • in what period of menopause there is a decrease in the rate of estrogen;
  • which of the 3 representatives of estrogen is less;
  • the patient's age (in women of reproductive age, the indicator should be about 480 pg / ml, after menopause from 20 to 140 pg / ml, and during pregnancy 30,000 pg / ml);
  • the body's response to the prescribed treatment (changes in hormone indicators are checked no earlier than after 3 months, although the standard course lasts approximately six months).

You should also take into account the reason for the decrease in the level of estrogen in the body (menopause, gynecological diseases, severe stress, and others). Combination therapy is often prescribed.

Which is better: phytoestrogens or hormones?

Estrogenic drugs are divided into 2 main types: phytoestrogens and hormones. Where phytoestrogens are plant-based non-hormonal agents, they partially replace estrogen deficiency in the body. Their advantage is a minimum of side effects and contraindications, as well as a mild effect on a woman's body, a minus is the average efficiency.

Hormones are used as hormone replacement therapy. This group includes synthetic drugs containing small doses of estrogenic hormones that make up for the deficit of their own. The advantage of the funds is high efficiency, and the disadvantage is a large number of side effects, contraindications and a "rough" effect on the body.

In connection with the above information, the choice of the drug is carried out by the doctor, taking into account the severity of the pathology and the patient's age. For example, with menopause, it is better to use phytoestrogens, since they can be used for a long time (for the entire post menstrual period, which can last up to 10 years) without harm to the body. Hormonal agents are less suitable, since it is undesirable to take them for more than 5 years.

But in the treatment of pathologies of the reproductive organs (which are caused by estrogen deficiency) in a severe form, it is advisable to use hormones. They give faster results and can completely eliminate the cause of the development of hormone deficiency.

Estrogen drugs

The doctor can prescribe drugs with estrogen from the list of drug groups, which are discussed below with a description of the rules of admission, therapeutic action, duration of the course, and also with examples of names.

The doctor selects all the drugs considered below, taking into account the following parameters:

  • age;
  • neglect of the disease;
  • the number of pregnancies and abortions;
  • profusion of discharge during menstruation;
  • the presence of pathologies in the small pelvis;
  • frequency of sexual intercourse.

The specialist must exclude all contraindications that are indicated in the instructions for the drug.

Estrogens in birth control pills

Estrogen drugs for women, used to prevent pregnancy, may also be prescribed to increase hormone levels when hormones are deficient. The composition of contraceptive pills includes not only estrogens, but also progesterone, which is responsible for conception, and also reduces the risk of developing neoplasms in the uterus.

Contraceptives with estrogen are divided into 3 types: single-phase, biphasic and three-phase.

Brief characteristics of contraceptive pills by type:Estrogen drugs for women

Kind of pills Description Pill lists
Single phase The tablets contain the same amount of estrogen and progestogen. They are used more often to compensate for estrogen deficiency in girls.
  • Novinet (1250 rubles);
  • Regulon (550 rubles);
  • Logest (830 rubles).
Biphasic The amount of estrogen in the tablets remains constant, and the value of the gestagen changes depending on the phase of the cycle.
  • Femoston (1130 rubles);
  • Sequilar (1200 rubles);
  • Binovum (950 rubles).
Three-phase The amount of estrogen and gestagen in the tablets is as close as possible to the natural hormonal level.
  • Trikvilar (600 rubles);
  • Three Regol (400 rubles);
  • Three Merci (800 rubles).

Synthetic estrogen - ethinyl estradiol, has an inhibitory effect on the maturation of the egg, and also thickens mucus in the vagina, slowing down the movement of sperm, as a result, its fertilization is not happens.

When choosing a contraceptive pill with estrogen, the following pros and cons of the means should be considered:

  • normalize the menstrual cycle and the amount of discharge;
  • protect against unplanned pregnancy;
  • prevent the development of cancer in the mammary glands and ovaries;
  • accelerate the resorption of existing formations.Estrogen drugs for women

The disadvantages of tablets include poor compatibility with other medicines, the need to strictly observe the hourly intake, and the presence of side effects.

Preparations with estrogens in hormone replacement therapy

Hormone replacement therapy is based on replenishing estrogen deficiency using hormonal drugs that contain only estrogen or estrogen with a progestogen (or androgen).

Estrogen-containing drugs are prescribed by doctors for the following deviations:

  • early menopause (38-45 years old);
  • absence of menstruation during reproductive age;
  • estrogen deficiency caused by removal of the ovaries.

Before starting the course with the use of hormone replacement drugs, doctors must conduct a complete examination of the woman (tests, ultrasound, mammography). And only in the absence of contraindications and confirmation of the deficiency of estrogen hormones, the selection of suitable drugs is made.

The most popular hormone replacement therapy medications are:

  • Premarin. Estrogen is produced from mare urine (3000 rubles);
  • Hormoplex. The medication is also produced on the basis of mare urine (150 rubles);
  • Divina. A product based on estradiol (1000 rubles);Estrogen drugs for women
  • Clinonorm. A drug based on estradiol (1000 rubles);
  • Divitren. Based on estradiol (900 rubles).

All of these drugs must be combined with gestagenic agents, otherwise the severity of side effects increases.

Important. The use of the listed funds can cause:

  • swelling and soreness of the mammary glands;
  • headache;
  • nausea, and very strong;
  • swelling of the limbs.

These signs do not require discontinuation of treatment and gradually disappear.

But if the patient has:

  • intolerable headaches;
  • vision and hearing deteriorate;
  • there are signs of thrombosis;
  • yellowing of the skin and eye sclera as a result of liver dysfunction;
  • the development of seizures of epilepsy.

In these cases, the use of hormone replacement therapy drugs should be discontinued immediately. In addition, it should be borne in mind that the funds used as hormone replacement therapy can cause the development of endometrial cancer.

Estrogen patches

Estrogen preparations for women are even produced in the form of a patch, the action of which is identical to hormonal pills. Estrogen does not enter the bloodstream orally, but through the skin directly into the vessels. The remedy is used both to prevent unwanted pregnancies and to increase estrogen levels.

Estrogen drugs for women
Klimara - estrogenic preparations for women in the form of patches

When using the drug, in order to achieve maximum effect, the following rules must be observed:

  • it is required to attach the patch to clean skin. There should be no damage to the epidermis, otherwise more hormone will enter the bloodstream, which means that an overdose of the drug may develop. The place of attachment of the drug is the upper part of the shoulder, buttocks or abdomen. Shoulders are considered the most comfortable;
  • the skin should be dry. If it is wet, the patch will quickly come off;
  • within 3 weeks, change the patch every 7 days, a break is needed in the fourth week, at this time menstruation passes;
  • when replacing the patch, change the area of ​​the epidermis, for example, one week the shoulder, the second for the buttock, and the third for the stomach.

Estrogenic patches have indications, side effects and contraindications similar to hormonal pills.

The tool has advantages:

  • ease of use, you do not need to observe the time of taking the drug, as with tablets;
  • when using a patch, water procedures are performed in the usual manner;
  • it is allowed to use the patch for 6 weeks (longer is prohibited) in order to postpone menstruation (for example, during a planned trip to the sea).

The disadvantages include an overestimated dosage of estrogen in the product (if it is reduced, then the desired result through the skin is not achieve), therefore, if the drug is attached to a wound, then its use can cause serious harm to the body.

At the moment, there is only one estrogenic patch Klimar, made in Germany, on sale. Price per package from 1200 rubles.

Table of preparations with phytoestrogens

Phytoestrogens are natural drugs that help normalize the body's estrogen levels. Means are more often used to eliminate the symptoms of menopause, and they can be used from the very first symptoms. Phyto preparations do not contain real estrogens, so their effect is weak.

The most popular pharmacy phytoestrogens include:

  • Tsi-Klim. Tablets based on cimifuga rhizome extract (410 rubles);
  • Estrovel. Capsules with a combined herbal composition (600 rubles);
  • Klimadinon. Tablets with extract of cimifuga rhizomes (500 rubles);Estrogen drugs for women
  • Compliment (+45). Tablets with a multicomponent vitamin preparation (400 rubles);
  • Ladys formula (menopause day-night). Multicomponent herbal preparation (800 rubles).

Phytoestrogens, in addition to medicines with a natural composition, are contained in the following products:

  • cereals (wheat, barley);
  • legumes (lentils);
  • fruits (apples, pomegranates);
  • vegetables (carrots);
  • drinks (beer, bourbon).

It is important that the sooner you start taking phytoestrogenic drugs with menopause, the more effective their effect will be. The funds not only normalize the level of estrogen, but also help to strengthen the immune system.

The cost of drugs

Prices for all estrogen-containing products are quite high (on average, from 500 rubles), in addition, drugs (except for phytoestrogens) can only be purchased with a prescription from a doctor. It is important that when choosing funds, one should focus not on the price category, but on indicators, side effects and contraindications. That is why the funds can only be selected by a doctor.

For women, a change in estrogen in the body means not only the ability to conceive and bear a child. The hormone is responsible for bone strength, weight, appearance, as well as the functioning of the heart and blood vessels. That is why, when menopause or revealing a hormone deficiency, doctors prescribe estrogen drugs.

Author: Kotlyachkova Svetlana

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