Nurofen tablets: composition of the drug, components

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  1. Active ingredients
  2. Ibuprofen
  3. Excipients
  4. Croscarmellose sodium
  5. Sodium lauryl sulfate
  6. Sodium citrate dihydrate
  7. Stearic acid
  8. Colloidal silicon dioxide
  9. Shell composition
  10. Carmellose sodium
  11. Talc
  12. Acacia gum
  13. Sucrose
  14. Titanium dioxide
  15. Macrogol 6000
  16. Video about the drug Nurofen

Nurofen tablets are a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. Such remedies are able to relieve pain, inflammation and fever. The detailed composition of the tablets is published later in the article.

Active ingredients

Nurofen contains the main active ingredient and several auxiliary ones at once. Together they make the remedy effective. The composition of the drug from different manufacturers is practically the same. It changes in contrast to the form of the drug. After all, the product is available not only in the form of tablets, but also in the form of capsules, suppositories, gel, syrup.


"Nurofen" - tablets (the composition of the drug can be studied below), which primarily include the main active ingredient. This is Ibuprofen. It reduces fever and pain. Eases the condition with osteochondrosis, menstruation, migraine.

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The component quickly copes with unpleasant symptoms. For example, toothache, high fever and painful sensations with it.

This list also includes:

  • joint and muscle pain;
  • lumbar pain;
  • inflammation of the peripheral nerves;
  • painful sensations of unknown origin.

But the component does not cure the underlying disease. Funds with it are prescribed as auxiliary in complex therapy. For example, for colds and flu - to reduce body temperature and alleviate the general condition of the patient. In parallel with this, other effective, more targeted drugs are prescribed.Nurofen tablets: composition of the drug, components

The component is capable of causing various side effects.

The table will help to deal with them:

Possible side effects Frequency
Headache Rarely
Dryness of the oral mucosa Often
Nausea, vomiting Rarely
Pressure rise Often
Dizziness Rarely
Rash Very rarely


The composition of Nurofen tablets also includes additional components. They serve different functions in the preparation. For example, they enhance the action of the main substance, give the tablets color or help to maintain their shape.

Croscarmellose sodium

It is a white or gray powder, which is often added to the composition of tablets, capsules, granules. The substance does not heal or relieve pain, but accelerates the process of disintegration of the drug and the release of the main active component from it. The process is organized in an aquatic environment.

Sodium lauryl sulfate

White powder. It is a synthetic stabilizer. Has no therapeutic effect.

Sodium citrate dihydrate

This is the sodium salt of citric acid. The dry powder of the substance interacts with water to form a dihydrate. The component enhances the effect of the main ingredient of the drug.

Stearic acid

Tasteless powder. In the production of tablets, it is used as a filler. It is necessary for the drug to acquire the desired form, to keep it well.

Colloidal silicon dioxide

It is a form of silicon dioxide. It is an active effective enterosorbent. The component binds and removes other substances from the gastrointestinal tract.Nurofen tablets: composition of the drug, components

It acts as follows:

  1. First it enters the stomach and intestines.
  2. Promotes a ligament in the gastrointestinal tract of other components of the drug and their more active action.
  3. It removes toxins and already spent substances from the body.

Such a substance is often used in the manufacture of various drugs to normalize the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, to eliminate diarrhea.

Shell composition

"Nurofen" - tablets (the composition of the drug is described in detail above), which are covered with a dense shell. Usually white or off-white. The name of the drug is printed on one side of it. When analyzing the composition of the drug, one should also take into account the substances used in the manufacture of the shell.

Carmellose sodium

White or gray powder, tasteless and odorless. It dissolves well in water. Possesses excellent thickening ability. For this purpose, it is added to the composition of the shell for tablets.


Used to prevent caking and sticking of tablets. Increases the shelf life of the drug. Makes the tablet surface non-tacky.

Acacia gum

It is a solid transparent resin. It is made from dried sap of different types of acacia trees. Collected from wild trees in Africa. Used as an emulsifier. The component stabilizes the rest of the components without changing their consistency.


This sugar is familiar to us - beet or cane sugar. Gives the shell a pleasant sweetish taste.Nurofen tablets: composition of the drug, components

Titanium dioxide

A safe additive that is actively used not only in the production of tablets, but also in the food industry. Allows you to make the shell of the drug snow-white.

Macrogol 6000

A substance that forms hydrogen bonds with water molecules in the intestinal lumen. It also improves intestinal motility.

It is important to carefully study the composition of Nurofen tablets for each patient planning to take the drug. This information will help you understand if the medicine contains ingredients that are harmful and dangerous to humans. As well as components that can cause allergies.

Video about the drug Nurofen

Nurofen headache, toothache:

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