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Men in ancient times were looking for different recipes for stimulants of sexual desire and sexual activity. There are many natural aphrodisiacs that can support the sexual health of men. A special place among them is the root of ginseng.

male power

Ginseng for men is considered a true natural treasure, capable of restoring sexual functions.

Today, ginseng is referred to as endangered plants, which practically do not occur in nature, except for the Khabarovsk Territory and Primorye, Korean and Japanese provinces, so it is actively cultivated for the production of natural medicines.

After 35 years in the male body, the production of androgens begins to decrease, which immediately affects the sexual life, manifested by erectile dysfunction and a decrease in sexual desire. Especially decreases the production of testosterone. Cop

e with this situation can be, taking various medications, but no less effective in solving such problems has ginseng.

Healing properties and composition of the plant

The plant contains fats and carbohydrates, proteins, pectin, fatty acids and vitamin compounds, resins, tannins, alkaloids, etc. Thanks to this multicomponent composition, ginseng is used as an anti-inflammatory, antitumor, tonic and stimulant.

The field of application of ginseng is very extensive, the plant is used in the treatment of a variety of pathological conditions:

  1. Joint pain or arthralgia;
  2. Anemia;
  3. Impotence and other disorders of erectile function;
  4. Diabetes;
  5. Headaches;
  6. Asthma;
  7. Prophylactic measure against cutaneous, pulmonary or hepatic oncology;
  8. Loss of appetite;
  9. Improvement of well-being with hangover syndrome;
  10. Gastritis.

Ginseng root is used to restore full-fledged reproductive activity of a man, is used to eliminate erectile problems and other areas of health. No less significant is the effect of the ginseng components on the nervous system activity, so the root is used against psychophysical stress disorders, fatigue and nervous exhaustion. As you know, stresses strongly affect the potency. By eliminating stressful symptoms, improving the emotional and mental background, normalizing the general state of health, sexual opportunities improve and reproductive functions recover.

Due to the content of substances similar to steroids, the use of ginseng root has a beneficial effect on persistence and endurance and will provide antidepressant effects.

Ancient legends tell us that ginseng relieves innumerable ailments, it can cure even fatal diseases. Ginseng quenches the pain and tones, takes out bile, normalizes pulmonary gas exchange, promotes increased efficiency. In addition, the components of ginseng lower the concentration of sugar, normalize blood pressure, normalize endocrine functions. Medicines based on the root have a calming effect, because they are recommended for taking with neuroses, depression and mental disorders. Moreover, ginseng is actively used in complex hypotonic therapy.

Ginseng and potency


The fame of ginseng was ensured by its ability to stimulate sexual attraction. It instantly acts on the body, and on several systems at the same time, what causes a man a burst of sexual desire and an increase in orgasmic sensations. In the process of many years of research, the plant has repeatedly confirmed its ability to increase the sexual function and sexual capabilities of the representatives of the strong half. Ginseng exerts a stimulating effect on the fat-and-fat activity, which favorably affects the health of the entire genitourinary system.

The plant contains many ingredients that have a vasodilating effect, which is important in the treatment of impotence. These components improve the blood supply to the penis, thus contributing to an increase in the duration and persistence of the erection. In addition, a favorable effect is on the sperm, because the mobility and activity of spermatozoa under the influence of ginseng increases significantly, increasing the quality characteristics of the seminal fluid.

The beneficial effect of the ginseng root on sexual health and the erectile function of a male is explained by the presence of saponins in the plant. These substances have an incredible ability to stimulate male sexual activity.

Preparations based on the ginseng root have an incredible benefit for erectile function, and there are almost no adverse reactions to plant intake( provided that the dosage is strictly observed).

Advantages of ginseng root

Modern pharmaceutical structures offer simply a huge selection of synthetic drugs for increasing sexual possibilities, but experts still recommend choosing ginseng products, because:

  • Such a medicine can be produced on its own from raw materials purchased at the pharmacy;Ginseng preparations are distinguished by high efficiency, which is proved by the centuries-old experience of using this plant in folk medicine;
  • Ginseng is a completely natural natural remedy, therefore it has a minimal amount of contraindications and side reactions;
  • Many men are uncomfortable acquiring drugs at the pharmacy to stimulate sexual functions, and ginseng - a means of universal use, and therefore you can buy it without any uncomfortable sensations.

Thanks to the above factors, ginseng preparations are able to create competition for many known stimulants of libido and potency.

Useful and effective recipes

Healing medications based on ginseng can easily be prepared by yourself. Raw materials for cooking are available at any pharmacy. There are several proven ways to use the root: in the form of alcohol and honey tincture.

Ginseng Viagra

Ginseng root is washed with running water, dried and finely crushed or ground with a blender. The received weight I fall asleep in a three-liter jar, and pour vodka to top. The mixture is insisted for 12 hours. Take the drug you need to 50 grams per day.

Attention! Such a drug based on vodka and ginseng can not be strictly accepted for people suffering from alcohol dependence, because there are high doses of alcohol.

If there are contraindications to alcohol, you can prepare a similar infusion on the water. Instead of vodka 3 liters of water are taken. The crushed ginseng mass is poured and put on gas, cooked, until about 200 grams of broth remains in the pan. This means take a large spoon three times a day. To increase the effectiveness and taste, honey is allowed to be added.

Honey-ginseng hood

One ginseng root, washed and dried, is ground in a coffee grinder or in a blender. Then the mass is poured in 1 kg of honey liquid heated in the bath( do not heat above 50 ° C).The mixture is diluted with agitation and allowed to stand for 2 weeks. A single dosage is a teaspoon, taken three times a day.

Traditional spirituous tincture

An established way of preparing a ginseng tincture is as follows:

  • Ginseng root( 150 g) is carefully washed under a running water stream, dried and ground with a grater or blender;
  • The resulting mass is poured with a bottle of vodka and removed for aging in a dark locker for 40 days;
  • During the aging process, the bottle is periodically shaken. The finished medicine has a pleasant tea shade.
  • Take ginseng tincture 4 weeks of 25 drops daily.

Important cautions

Ginseng is an effective stimulant for many body systems of natural origin, but not all patients can apply it. It is forbidden to take drugs with ginseng:

  1. Persons under 16 years of age. Experts do not recommend taking such drugs to people under 40, if they do not have the corresponding diseases;
  2. The duration of plant treatment in young patients should not exceed a monthly course;
  3. You should not choose these drugs in the presence of hypertension;
  4. It is recommended to strictly observe the recommended proportions and dosages, as the abuse of ginseng can provoke migraine and headaches, tachycardia, insomnia, weakness and BP changes;
  5. Strongly can not be treated with ginseng during exacerbations, characterized by fever with the formation of abscesses and the release of pus;
  6. It is not recommended to take ginseng medications for hyperthyroidism;
  7. It is not recommended to use such drugs in the treatment of people suffering from frequent seizures, a tendency to bleeding;
  8. Treatment of ginseng and alcohol - things are incompatible, so for the duration of treatment for alcohol should be discarded;
  9. In rare cases, the use of ginseng causes side reactions such as gastrointestinal disorders and nausea-vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, pressure surges and rapid heartbeat, increased nervous excitability, sleep disorders, urticaria and nasal bleeding.

Even a useful plant such as ginseng should be taken in moderate doses, because it is still a serious medicine. Before starting a ginseng therapy it is recommended to get a doctor's consultation.
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