Oatmeal, sir, or the effect of oat flakes on the male body

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Everyone from childhood remembers the taste of oatmeal and not everyone really likes it. It's a pity. Not for nothing because the traditional breakfast of English, among which the statistics shows the smallest number of gastrointestinal pathologies, is porridge porridge. Oat flakes provide the body with the richest vitamin and mineral complex and fiber, which is manifested by prolonged saturation and energy reserve for the whole day. Owing to the universality of their useful properties, oat cereals are used in many areas: in cosmetology, medicine, dietology, cooking, are part of the sports nutrition.

Oatmeal for men

Oatmeal is considered to be an excellent fortifying product, because microelements and vitamin compounds present in it actively participate in blood formation, increase the body's self-cleaning functions and tone it. Dishes from oatmeal are usually present in all dietary rations, because the mucus present in the oatmeal has a beneficial effect on intestinal functions. For its( mucus) digestion requires a minimum of gastric enzymes, while the gastric membrane is practically not irritated, and its walls do not contract, that is, digestion occurs quickly. Even a sunburn can be cured with oatmeal, for this, a compress of moistened oatmeal is applied to the affected area.

Ingredients of oatmeal

Porridge for breakfast Oatmeal is one of the most complex carbohydrates, making it an ideal breakfast. They are rich in fiber, providing fast saturation of the body, activates the processes of material exchange, helping to get rid of excess kilograms. In addition, porridge from oats provides the body with an energy charge for the whole day. Using it for breakfast, we strengthen the bones and teeth. In terms of aluminum content, oatmeal is the leader, and for magnesium and iron, copper, calcium and boron is the record holder.

Oatmeal is rich in useful fats, starch, protein. As part of cereals from oats, there are important amino acids for mental and brain activity, such as lysine or tryptophan. Contained in oatmeal and vitamins from group B, K, E, PP and containing nicotinic and pantothenic acid carotene. In addition, oat flakes are rich in zinc and magnesium, chromium and potassium, phosphorus and manganese, iron and sulfur, fluorine and nickel, iodine, etc. Oatmeal has a significant caloric content - about 350 grams per 100 grams, but the consumption of these calories does notleads to excess weight.

Regular consumption of dishes from oats helps reduce gastric acidity, normalizes the functions of the thyroid and liver, eliminates indigestion, difficulties with bowel movements and colitis, improves thinking and memory, helps to concentrate attention and concentrate.

In medicine, the useful properties of oats are quite actively used, for example, B-group vitamins are distinguished by their favorable effect on the nervous system functions, normalizing their activity. Proteins contained in flakes, restore and accelerate the processes of cell growth. Fiber fibers, like a brush, cleanse the intestines from slagging and toxic substances, reduce the content of harmful cholesterol and lead to a stable work of vascular and cardiac activity. The starch contained in the oatmeal maintains a normal glucose content in the blood, preventing its sharp fluctuations, which is very useful for diabetics. Thanks to manganese, flakes from oats( if eaten regularly) are an excellent preventive tool for bone pathologies.

Flakes from oats to help men

Ovsjanaja kasha Flakes give men endurance and strength, it's not for nothing that the second name of oatmeal flakes is Hercules - in honor of an ancient hero, distinguished by remarkable strength. Due to the rich content of natural antioxidants, oat flakes contribute to an increase in the body's resistance to various infectious pathologies, as well as to negative external influences( metal salts, radionuclides, stress effects, etc.).Regular consumption of flakes, due to the presence of calcium and phosphorus in them, promotes normal digestibility of iron, which excludes the development of iron deficiency anemia. These trace elements are also useful for the normal development of the skeleton.

Oatmeal has a beneficial effect on the mucous membranes of the stomach, providing them with an anti-inflammatory and enveloping effect that facilitates the condition with swelling and tenderness in the abdomen. Oat flakes perfectly clean the intestines, eliminating slagging and removing harmful substances, they stimulate the function of the gastrointestinal tract, reducing the possibility of cancer pathologies in this area, and also stops the further development of ulcers and gastritis. Biotin, which in flakes is not so little, helps to prevent dermatitis.

The medicinal qualities of oatmeal are mainly in the improvement of various material exchanges, which has a favorable effect on overall health, reduces the possibility of developing a variety of pathological conditions. Oatmeal facilitates and shortens the course of inflammatory pathologies, relieves gastrointestinal pain.

Because β-glucan is present in the flakes, regular consumption of oat flakes reduces the cholesterol content by almost a quarter, and the fiber maintains a normal sugar content. Therefore, nutritionists are advised to use oatmeal more often and add flour from the ground oats to baking. Oat flakes are considered dietary breakfast, and decoctions and infusions are recommended for insomnia, lack of appetite, as an antipyretic, diaphoretic and diuretic. Groats from oats are even added to the baths for pathologies of cutaneous nature, rheumatism, gout, sciatica, etc. And a large amount of iron and minerals in oatmeal reduces the risk of cardiovascular and bone pathologies, as well as diseases of the blood or musculoskeletal system.

Ovsjanka dlja uma With regular use of decoction or porridge from oatmeal, intestinal microflora is normalized, intestinal and stomach pain is eliminated, and similar use of oatmeal is recommended for asthenia, for recovery after a serious illness or with iron deficiency anemia. Functions shchitovidki and blood( its or her structure) considerably will improve, if regularly to eat oat flakes. This product improves the processes of carbohydrate-lipid absorption in the intestine. Studies show that the presence of oatmeal in the men's daily menu retains cellular youth and excludes the development of thrombosis. Recently Finns discovered the ability of cereal porridge to reduce the risk of developing bronchial asthma( in children in particular).Oatmeal and mental workers are useful because it improves mental activity and also improves mood.

Useful recipes

People who think that oatmeal are good for making porridge are mistaken. There are many recipes based on oatmeal, helping to cope or avoid a variety of diseases. As a restorative and aging-slowing agent, oat tea is very effective, for preparation of which for 12 hours you need to fill a large spoonful of cereal with 400 ml of boiling water.

Flakes of large size are considered to be the most useful, but they will have to be cooked for about a quarter of an hour, whereas small-sized oat flakes are cooked for only 3-4 minutes. To large flakes prepared faster, they are recommended to fill with water until morning, then they will take no more than 5 minutes to cook.

An effective laxative is prepared from flakes: a liter of water is poured into a glass of flakes and insisted for 15 hours, then used as a basis for jelly. Then the resulting mixture is taken three times a day. If the effect is needed more pronounced, then in the kissel you can add infusion of black currant leaves. If you regularly eat oatmeal, then you can avoid the development of urolithiasis. And if the patient has recently had pneumonia, then it is recommended to take a decoction of cereal with milk - it will help to restore the strength after the disease.

Get rid of liver and kidney pathologies will help the milk broth, which is prepared from a glass of milk and 100 grams of oatmeal. With cardiac and vascular pathologies, it is recommended to pour 100 g of oatmeal with a liter of boiling water, to insist 5 hours, then to boil and eat during the day. In general, oat flakes are used for nutrition with various diseases and for recovery after such.


Any even the most useful product to the body can be harmed if you use it in excessive amounts. Oat flakes are not considered an exception. Oatmeal unfavorably affects those people who suffer from gluten enteropathy or cereal intolerance( celiac disease).This pathology has a hereditary etiology. Exceptional consumption of oatmeal is fraught with complications, as it contains phytic acid, prone to accumulation in the body. If it accumulates too much, it is fraught with calcium washing out of bone tissue.

Add ingredients( like oil and salt, berries and fruits, honey and dried fruits, etc.) is recommended after cooking, so from the porridge will be more beneficial to the body.

Do not put special hopes on oatmeal products of fast cooking, or on oatmeal, which does not require cooking, because after special processing such product loses many vitamins and useful properties. Oatmeal, which has undergone similar processing, is not able to provide sufficient energy to the body and does not contribute to normal material exchange.

Although it will be fair to note that oat flakes, which are quite rare, have almost no contraindications. Therefore, oatmeal is considered useful, even an indispensable product and is a perfect breakfast.
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